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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

2 September 2014. A Point from My Correspondence…

00 kramatorsk. yuliya izotova. uniate victim. 06.05.14


I wrote this to a friend:

X and I have corresponded, and we’re friends! I keep all my friends under wraps… it drives the plug-uglies CRAZY. They always guess wrong on my informants (Tosi and Potapov are particularly chowderheaded in this… Paffso’s worse, but he’s out of power). Y’ never know what EVIL lurks in the hearts of men (generic, of course… and ironic… satiric… laughing… not serious). Remember, the real Church is a BIG TENT. If you find people pushing “me n’ thee, and me n’ thee only”, they ain’t Orthodox. I have a lot of Pravoslavny contacts on the other side (one in Podkarpatskaya keeps me up on things… they can’t find out much because of the Gestapo-like control of the junta… the UGKTs pigs tried to take over their parish lately, but the people threw ‘em out… that’s all too common today).


That’s all me… what my interlocutor said was personal, so, we ain’t goin’ there!

Spare a thought and prayer for the suffering canonical Orthodox people of the so-called “Ukraine”… it’s worse than the Nasty 90s… back then, the commies stood tall for the Church and the Komsomoltsy defended the churches from Uniate and schismatical slimers paid by Langley. Today, the commies are underground… the Anglo Americans show themselves ever more the true enemy of Christ’s Church (the “Evangelicals” are the worst of the lot). Sadly, in the 90s, the ROCOR helped the Americans knife the Ukraine in the back… some of those who did so haven’t repented… they’re still amongst us, a Fifth Column of the Godless West (but they had to do it, don’t you see… they had homes in the Maryland burbs to pay for).

Our co-religionists hang on the cross! You wouldn’t know it to look at the main official websites. In the liturgy, we’re supposed to pray “for the Christ-loving forces, that God may subdue their every adversary”. This goes double for a situation where Uniates deliberately target Orthodox churches and monasteries for destruction, and target Orthodox clergy for death. The Church in the Ukraine is undergoing worse persecution that than handed out by the Reds… so-called “Christians” are carrying it out! Note the silence of our hierarchy… the silence of our official Church… the traitorous mixing with Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox”. The dead of Novorossiya will accuse these bastards on the Last Day… it’s rather too much of a muchness, isn’t it? It’s “1612” and they go off to schmooze with Uniates and other enemies of the Church. None dare call it evil…

St Germogen the Confessor or Iosafat the Apostate… which do YOU venerate? That IS the choice…


Monday, 1 September 2014

Junta Takes Leave of Reality… It’s Time for Diaspora Russian Orthodox to Break ALL Ties with “Ukrainian Orthodox” and “Ukrainian Catholics” Immediately and Completely

00 The Night of the Lving Dead. Kiev. 10.05.14


Junta strongman Poroshenko is a gibbering idiot… read this. Novorossiya didn’t invade the Ukraine… the Ukraine invaded Novorossiya. Novorossiya didn’t deliberately target civilian neighbourhoods in the Ukraine… the Ukraine deliberately targeted civilian neighbourhoods in Novorossiya. Novorossiya didn’t bomb civilians in the Ukraine… the Ukraine bombed civilians in Novorossiya. The Ukrainian government is the result of an illegal and violent coup against the legitimate president and his cabinet. The Novorossiya government is the result of a peaceful referendum amongst the people, who voted to leave the Ukraine. I seem to think that if there’s any accusation of “terrorism”, it lies at the feet of the Ukrainian putschist junta, NOT the popularly elected Novorossiyan people’s government.

Furthermore, a putschist leader ranted that there would be tens of thousands of casualties in a coming war. At present, the junta forces are on the run… its soldiers don’t want to fight, there are growing protests in the Western Ukraine, Rusin soldiers left the front and went home to Podkarpatskaya. With what means is the junta going to wage such a war with? It doesn’t have the trained manpower… its army melts away via desertion, casualties, and “Order Nr 1″-style disobedience. It doesn’t have the resources… adulterated bread is on sale in Kiev and there’s no hot water in working-class districts. It doesn’t have popular support… most men dodge the draft and most people openly are against the war (there are pockets of “support” in Kiev and the Lvovshchina, but friends inform me that most of that is insincere… “When the fascists roam the streets with clubs, normal people repeat what the fascists want to hear”).

There has been NO condemnation of this from the UGKTs and the schismatical conventicles of “Ukrainian Orthodox”. It’s time for all good Russian Orthodox in the diaspora (ROCOR, MP, and OCA) to break all ties with the UGKTs and all “Ukrainian Orthodox” groups. They refuse to condemn evil… indeed, through their support of the junta, they give overt and willing support to evil. Unfortunately, the hierarchy and clergy of so-called “Byzantine Catholics” in the USA support the junta. A friend of mine in Pittsburgh PA tells me that the ordinary believers are for Holy Rus… the priests and bishops kiss the junta’s ass… openly and without reservation (my contact was especially bitter about a married priest from Eastern Europe who wouldn’t stand up for Rusin people and their rights). We should break all ties, official and unofficial, formal and informal, institutional and personal, with the UGKTs and with all “Ukrainian Orthodox”… they support those who literally attack the canonical Church, kill and brutalise its clergy, and destroy our parishes and monasteries. We should break all such ties with the Byzantine Catholic hierarchy, its clergy, and all of its institutions… they should know that supporting evil has its consequences. The only innocents are most of the Byzantine Catholic believers… whom we should encourage to “come home”.

Evil is evil… well, the UGKTs hasn’t changed its spots, has it? Slipy blessed the SS murderers… Shevchuk blesses the Natsgadi murderers. They’ll do what they’ll do… but we needn’t applaud it by having anything to do with them. It’s time to show our stand. Whom do you stand with? Do you stand with our persecuted brethren in Novorossiya or do you stand with the fascist Uniate/schismatical murderers? That’s the choice on offer. Choose well.


Sunday, 31 August 2014

Source in Podkarpatskaya: The EU Supplies Equipment to the Junta

00 train in podkarpatskaya. 31.08.14


A resistance activist in Podkarpatskaya sent us a photo transfer of an EU equipment transfer to the junta.  The photo is of a train near Užgorod on 30 August 2014. The railway cars have military equipment originating in either Hungary or Slovakia; it appears to be nine self-propelled artillery pieces, three BMPs, and trucks.

31 August 2014




Now is a good time for me to talk of my local sources in Eastern Europe. I’ve built them up over some years, but not one of my contacts is a current official or a serving military officer. That is, I have NO insider track on official news. What I do have are people who live there, who can confirm or deny reports, who can tell me the buzz, who can pass on titbits from the local media, and who can correct what I find in the general media. That’s all… there’s no cloak n’ dagger here. By the way, I DO listen to my sources…


Saturday, 30 August 2014

Krivbass Battalion Soldiers Leave Zone of Operations After Heavy Losses

00 Death to the Banderlogs. 29.08.14

“Death to the Banderlogs!” “Banderlog” comes from a Hindi word for Rhesus macaque monkeys, characterising junta supporters as vacuous chattering dweebs (Banderlogs are also gross humanoids in role-playing games… I just thought that you’d like to know that).


Aleksandr Potapenko, a soldier of the 40 Territorial Defence Battalion Krivbass from Krivoy Rog, said that a group of soldiers from his battalion, along with the commander, Aleksandr Motril, withdrew to the border of the DNR with Zaporozhe Oblast. They retreated there on the orders of the battalion commander, leaving positions near Pokrovka near Ilovaisk. The battalion’s situation had become untenable, so, the commander decided to pull some of his soldiers back. Potapenko said, “About a hundred men left, but half are already in hospital in Krivoy Rog. We also wanted to go home, to have a real sleep, and get some rest. We were under heavy artillery fire. We only had buses for transport, and they only gave us small arms, machine guns, and one grenade per man”.

Potapenko pointed up that one of the reasons that his commander decided to withdraw was that he lacked confidence in the competence and professionalism of the Sector B commander, Lieutenant General Ruslan Khomchak, who led the operation in Ilovaisk. Now, the men claim that they’re ready to return to the front, but they’re afraid that the higher command would shoot them as separatists. The soldiers also are afraid of going to Krivoy Rog. Potapenko noted, “Today, I got a phone call from family, and they told me that the president called us deserters. They told us that the military Prokuratura is watching the house to take us to court. Frankly, we’ve all lost the desire to do anything. Everything’s sordid. The president accused us of desertion. For what? We want to come home and lay down our weapons; we don’t want to carry out mindless orders”.

On 28 August, junta strongman Poroshenko claimed that the responsibility for the situation in Ilovaisk is due to the actions of the leaders of two battalions who withdrew from their positions. On 27 August, units of the 30 Mechanised Brigade and the 5 Territorial Defence Battalion Podkarpatskaya withdrew from position in Sector B of the junta forces.

29 August 2014

Russkaya Vesna



To speak frankly, to send troops into battle without training and without some shakedown as a unit is criminal, irresponsible, and stupid. On top of that, we’re speaking of a unit raised from scratch, not a unit with a formed “reserve” command structure. Such units need at least 6-12 weeks of preparation to be minimally effective, and 9-12 months to be optimally effective. Besides which, these units lacked even basic “battle taxi” wheeled APCs and any form of heavy weapons (RPGs, mortars, ATGMs, automatic grenade launchers, and even a credible stash of hand grenades). It doesn’t speak highly of the Galician Uniates that the junta placed in command positions. Besides which, the junta placed “morale instructors” (commissars) in every unit to shoot all those who don’t show the requisite “motivation”. These commissars are Euromaidantsy terrorists without any military training whatsoever, but they’re good at bullying (and at theft, too, I’m told).

In the present case, the battalion commander had a company that was under intense fire, and which didn’t have any heavy weapons of its own to reply, nor did the battalion have any heavy weapons to support it. The implication is that the sector commander refused to release assets from higher formations to aid the hard-pressed grunts. This company suffered 50 percent casualties! The commander decided to pull the unit back to save what was left of it. No doubt, the Galician incompetents have a “no step back” order… this commander decided to ignore it, as his men would’ve been annihilated if he didn’t. What happened to his “morale instructors?” I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that they all “died in action”… from bullets from their own troops.

As for the battalion from Podkarpatskaya, well, the junta just sent 1,500 VV MVDU troops to Užgorod. The Rusin soldiers may very well have gone home to raise the banner of rebellion. In some ways, the Rusins are MORE restive than the folks in Novorossiya are. In some ways, they’re feistier and more ornery… they do have some heavy-duty mountains to hide in…


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