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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Magyars and Rusins in Podkarpatskaya Rus Want Autonomy… NOT Ukrainisation

00 Carpathians. 03.10.12



The correct transliteration of Русин is “Rusin”… “Rusyn” is an illiterate and spurious Uniatism best avoided. Русин is the common spelling in Russian, the “Ukrainian” dialect, and Rusin. By the way, in Slovak, it’s “Rusín”, and in Polish, it’s “Rusin”. “Rusyn” is an American invention, not a real European development.


Local Magyars favour the creating of a national autonomy in Zakarpatya Oblast. They also demanded that the junta give them the opportunity to choose Magyar Rada People’s Deputies to represent their minority. Despite the fact that dual citizenship is illegal in the Ukraine, Budapest is handing out passports to Zakarpatya (Podkarpatskaya Rus) residents. A few days ago, János Martonyi, Hungary’s Foreign Minister, stated his full support for his compatriots and their interests.

In Podkarpatskaya Rus, Magyars and Rusins called for a national autonomy. Tired of the actions of the junta, they decided to distance themselves from it as much as possible. A local parliament, the Magyar-Rusin National Congress, would have legislative powers. The future autonomy already has a provisional name… the Transcarpathian Regional Confederation of Magyar and Rusin Peoples. Denis Kiryukhin, an expert at the Kiev Centre for Political Studies and Conflictology, said, “Whilst Magyars are an official minority in the Ukraine, the Rusins don’t have such a status. Problems with the Rusins have existed for several years already. They’re the only Ukrainian ethnic minority that Kiev consistently refuses to acknowledge. The relations between Rusins and Ukrainians are complicated and remain such to date”.

Proponents of a Magyar-Rusin autonomy claim that everything Magyar, as well as Rusin needs separation from everything Ukrainian. Besides that, Magyars want to create a special “Magyar” constituency in the Rada. Budapest supports such a desire of its compatriots. According to a statement made yesterday by Mihály Bayer, Hungary’s Ambassador to the Ukraine, “Ukrainian Magyars would like to create an autonomy and take charge of their own affairs in the Ukraine”. Bayer didn’t deny that Hungary was actively handing out passports to Zakarpatya residents, ignoring the fact that the Ukraine prohibits holding dual citizenship.

The situation is getting out of Kiev’s control. When they found out about it, Ukrainian nationalists launched angry rhetoric. From the moment that the Ukraine proclaimed its “independence” Kiev has done nothing other than “to build the Ukrainian political nation”, without taking into account the ethnic composition of the peoples residing in the country. Along with the Ukrainian citizenship, everybody received an official nationality… Ukrainian. In essence, that project attempted to suppress  the Ukraine’s ethnic diversity. Rostislav Ischenko, a Ukrainian political analyst, thought, “It isn’t surprising that the people of Podkarpatskaya Rus felt themselves discriminated against. The current Ukrainian régime is trying to build a monoethnic state, in essence, a Nazi state. They view any ethnic minority as a threat to that monoethnicity. They’re trying to conduct forced Ukrainisation of all ethnic minorities. It can’t happen peacefully”.

The current junta, as well as the “Orange” junta, uses any opportunity to criticise the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. However, they forget that Kiev gained Galicia, Western Volhynia, Bukovina, and Podkarpatskaya Rus due to it. Now, that’s led to a situation when Budapest is ready to revise the borders, too.


Everybody smells the blood of the junta in the water. Russia will take the lion’s share to be sure. However, there are other claimants out there too… Slovakia could take over Podkarpatskaya Rus… Poland could retake the areas it held in the interwar period. Russia would gladly give Poland the Galician Headache. Does Poland want it? There IS the little bit about Operation Wisła, after all…


23 April 2014

Ksenia Melnikova

Voice of Russia World Service


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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

25 March 2014. News on Fr Dmitri Sidor

00 fr dmitri sidor. 26.03.14


Got this in:

I just heard Fr Dimitri Sidor was forcibly dragged out of his Cathedral today. Apparently, Ukrainian fascist “Right Sector” goons did this. They didn’t issue accusations or warrants. There was no legal process. They just dragged him to an unknown place. He is being “disappeared”.

I heard that he faced a tribunal, and that he “disappeared” already… is this the same report? On the other hand, it could be the natural result of an anarchic situation. I don’t know. It isn’t good, any road. God do help these people… the USA won’t… reflect on that.


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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Rusins in the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus Don’t Want to be Part of a Neo-Nazi Ukraine

00 flag of Podkarpatskaya Rus. 23.03


Open Letter to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President of the Russian Federation 

Most Honourable President of the Russian Federation!

We appeal to you… the President of a Great Country… a country that has traditional ties with our country, which wasn’t and isn’t unmoved by our colonial subjugation by the Ukraine, which wishes for our recovery, stability, and unity. We always appreciated the very high level of civilisational values ​​(education, science, employment, stability, and social benefits for Rusins) that the fraternal Russian people brought to Podkarpatskaya Rus starting in autumn 1944, which deteriorated and rotted under Ukraine rule over the past 22 years.

An illegal seizure of power by Galician nationalists in Zakarpatya Oblast motivates us to issue this urgent appeal to you. At present, the menace of lawless Galician nationalism hangs over Podkarpatskaya Rus, the farthest Western outpost of the Russian World. On 29 January 2014, the pro-Galician neo-Nazi Balogh pressured the Deputies of the Zakarpatya Oblast Soviet to overturn the legitimate government in the region. The official Ukrainian government and the Constitution of Ukraine ceased to exist in Podkarpatskaya Rus with this vote on 29 January 2014, which means that the timeless autonomous status of the region came back into force. It’s clear that outsiders seized power in our region, under the guise of “integrating democratic European values ​​and reforms”. This began a humanitarian catastrophe for the Rusin people, indeed, for everyone living in Podkarpatskaya Rus, at the hands of Galician neo-Nazis and their local collaborators. Officially, the junta and its law enforcement agencies are subject to a so-called Zakarpatya People’s Rada, which is unconstitutional. It’s possible that a massive new persecution of Rusins will begin, as it did 100 years ago in 1914 in the Austrian death camps of Terezín and Talerhof, in 1939 in the Dumen camp near Rakhova. Today, Clan Balogh and its Galician stooges seized control of the energy transportation systems owned by the Russian Federation and the Ukraine throughout Podkarpatskaya Rus.

In this situation, the People’s Government of Podkarpatskaya Rus and all the Rusin people ask the President of the Russian Federation, in the spirit of fraternal agreements with the Ukraine, (which is almost a nonentity today because of its destruction by Galician neo-Nazis), to undertake a peacekeeping operation for a brief period, to allow the resumption of the pre-Soviet Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus. The Ukrainian SSR renamed us Transcarpathian Ukraine on 26 November 1944. The results of the 1 December 1991 referendum show that our people desire the political restoration of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus. We appeal to you, Mr President. We base our appeal on the decisions of the 2nd European National Congress of Podkarpatsky Rusins from 25 October 2008, the Act of Recreating the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus, the election of the national government of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus, and the decisions of the First World Congress of Podkarpatsky Rusins on 25 April 2009 in Pardubice in Czechia.

The last international legal act of the will of our people in the USSR/Ukrainian SSR… legal under the “Law of the Ukrainian SSR on national and local referendums” passed in 1991… was a local referendum/plebiscite in Podkarpatskaya Rus held on 1 December 1991. That was 22 years ago, but this referendum and its results remain a legitimate and legal expression of the will of the people of Podkarpatskaya Rus. A majority of the people (76.8 percent) supported the legal stipulation, “Zakarpatya is a special self-governing territory, as a subject under international law not included in other territorial-administrative units”, that is, autonomy within the Ukraine. Today, those in the Rusin lands don’t want to part of a Ukraine where Galician neo-Nazi rioters threaten Rusins with ethnic cleansing.

We, Rusins, and all other residents of Podkarpatskaya Rus, have grounds under international law to appeal to you, Mr President, for the recognition of the restoration of the statehood of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus, and to call upon you to mount a peacekeeping operation to neutralise Galician neo-Nazism in Podkarpatskaya Rus. The successful resolution of the Syrian Chemical Weapons Crisis clearly showed Russia’s peacekeeping ability in world affairs. We believe that a peacekeeping operation of the Russian Federation in the Ukraine would be successful and in the best interests of the country.

With respect,

Pyotr Getsko

Prime Minister of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus, Coordinator of the Rusin Network


01 Podkarpatska Rus


Pyotr Getsko appealed to Russian communities in the Ukraine

The Rusin Network appeals to all Russian and pro-Russian associations and organizations in the Ukraine… let’s coöperate, otherwise the vicious neo-Nazis will crush us one by one. To start, we must nurture resistance to any manifestation of Galician fascism in any form, whether it’s physical, or in the media, or within the family, or in the work collective, or amongst our neighbours, or out on the streets. The time for passive indifference is over; we need to become active participants. We need to create a network of resistance and coördinate it; that’s the only way that we can keep the contagion from spreading across the Ukraine like a metastasising cancer.



17 March 2014

Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya


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Monday, 20 January 2014

USA Threatens Sanctions as Tensions Rise in Kiev

00 Kiev. Riots. 20.01.14


Editor’s Note:

The American move is overwhelmingly stupid; it’s completely counter to the American national interest (it weakens their local allies, showing them up as American stooges). Besides which, Russia’s RIGHT NEXT DOOR. Yanukovich need only call on VVP and help would be on the way instantly. The USA listened to the Galician Uniate blathering for too long… it believes their drivel. The USA has no dog in this fight; the Ukraine is part of the Orthosphere, of Greater Russia, it’s not part of the West. In short, it’s ours… by culture, by religion, by folkways, by customs, and by shared history. I say, “Let Galicia go to the Westerners… they’d find them hard taskmasters and stingy with the gelt. Let Zakarpattya go to Slovakia in federal union… they’d get on in peace as they’ve always have (the Slovaks are live n’ let live sorts)”. The rest of the Ukraine would rejoin their Russian confrères… they’d bless their Carpatho-Russian brethren (that would be an amicable parting) and they’d ignore the Galicians and their caterwauling (I wouldn’t want to be a Galician in the Ukraine after this… such a divorce will leave a sour taste in Russian and Ukrainian mouths).

In short, the USA is ENSURING that the Ukraine joins the EvrAsES and that it’ll join the Eurasian Union when founded. Hasn’t anyone told neocon Republicans and interventionist Democrats of the Law of Unintended Consequence? Didn’t they learn from their fiasco in South Ossetia? The USA is NOT the “sole superpower”… the sooner it learns this sobering reality, the better it’ll be for all concerned…

Do note that today’s an American federal holiday (Martin Luther King Day)… was this something ginned up by underlings left to stew in the District as their elders and betters took off to do politics and have some time off? Interesting speculation, no (most pols are in their districts schmoozing the voters, BTW)? Oh, yes… attacking cops and burning buses isn’t “peaceful protest”… if it happened in DC, the cops would be out in force, swinging their batons twice as fiercely as the Ukie cops just did.



The USA slammed the Ukrainian government over violent clashes between police and demonstrators in Kiev Sunday and threatened to impose sanctions if cops use force against protesters. News reports indicated many casualties amongst rioters as police deployed water cannons, stun grenades, and tear gas against protesters throwing Molotov cocktails, firecrackers, and other projectiles at police. National Security Council spokesman Caitlin Hayden {she’s such a minor figure that nothing substantial is available on her: editor} said that the USA is deeply concerned about the latest clashes. The AP reported that she said, “[The Ukrainian government] moved to weaken the foundations of the Ukraine’s democracy by criminalising peaceful protest and stripping civil society and political opponents of key democratic protections under the law”. She called on Ukraine to open a dialogue with the opposition {yes, let’s open a dialogue with terrorists, something the USA itself rejects: editor}. The White House said that the USA is considering measures including sanctions if the Ukrainian government uses violence, echoing a warning from the US State Department last month.

On Sunday, a crowd of about 10,000 rioters gathered in downtown Kiev to protest new legislation that lawmakers passed last week to limit protests. Tensions ran high well into the night as police reportedly used water cannons and tear gas against demonstrators near the Rada building, whilst protesters hurled various objects and smoke bombs at police. The violence continued despite appeals from opposition leaders, including Vitaly Klichko {Klichko is a millionaire; he’s lived long in Germany and has high awards from its government… in short, he’s a new Bandera; he’s a quisling and pro-Western lickspittle: editor}, at the scene. On Monday, the MVDU said that rioters injured about 100 police, 61 of whom were in hospital. It also said that rioters burned six police cars. UNIAN cited authorities as saying 103 protesters sought medical help as of early Monday morning, with 42 of them in hospital. Police arrest more than 20 people, and the authorities opened an investigation into the affair.

Media reports said the police held a film crew from the American-run Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, but officials hadn’t issued any confirmation as of Monday afternoon {Potapov must condemn the RFE/RL role in this… but he won’t. I’d say that he showed himself untrustworthy in the extreme by this omission: editor}. 5 Kanal reported that two men who identified themselves as construction workers said they were hiding from the clashes when a group of policemen ordered them to strip before beating them and pouring water over them. Temperatures are well below zero (32 degrees Fahrenheit) in Kiev. Police said that they were looking into the claims.

Late Sunday, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich said on his official website that he’d instructed National Security and Defence Council head Andrei Klyuyev to form a working group of ministers and presidential administration officials to solve the political crisis. Korrespondent.net reported Monday that Vadim Kolesnichenko, a Party of Regions Rada deputy, said “foreign special services” were behind the anti-government protests. Kolesnichenko defended the new law on protests as similar to those existing in the EU and the USA. Sunday’s riot was the latest in a series of large-scale street protests that started in the Ukraine in November after the government announced that it’d postpone the signing of an association agreement with the EU and delayed trade deals with the EU, opting instead to strengthen ties with Moscow.

20 January 2014



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