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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

25 December 2013. RIA-Novosti Presents… Let’s Meet Ded Moroz (Grandpa Frost)! Russia’s One n’ Only Answer to Santa Claus…

00 Ded Moroz. Grandpa Frost. 01. 24.12.13

Ded Moroz (Grandpa Frost), the Russian Santa Claus, has two homes, one in Veliky Ustyug, in northwestern Vologda Oblast, and the other in Moscow’s Kuzminki Park, where he spends the New Year’s holidays.


00 Ded Moroz. Grandpa Frost. 02. 24.12.13

Dede has a granddaughter, Snegurochka (the Snow Maiden).


00 Ded Moroz. Grandpa Frost. 03. 24.12.13

Traditionally, Dede travels by sleigh.


00 Ded Moroz. Grandpa Frost. 04. 24.12.13

Ahead of New Year’s, Dede has to morph into as many copies as we need to light up New Year’s Trees across the entire country.


00 Ded Moroz. Grandpa Frost. 05. 24.12.13

Dede reads the letters that children send to him to learn what each one of them would like to have for a New Year’s gift.


00 Ded Moroz. Grandpa Frost. 06. 24.12.13

Dede’s bedroom in his residence at Moscow’s Kuzminki Park.


00 Ded Moroz. Grandpa Frost. 07. 24.12.13

Performances dedicated to Dede are an essential part of New Year’s celebrations at Russian schools and kindergartens.


00 Ded Moroz. Grandpa Frost. 08. 24.12.13

Where his sleigh will not pass, Dede uses other modes of transportation, such as this air cushion vehicle in St Petersburg.


00 Ded Moroz. Grandpa Frost. 09. 24.12.13

Dede in a vintage car in a parade on St Petersburg’s Senate Square.


00 Ded Moroz. Grandpa Frost. 10. 24.12.13

Dede has many foreign colleagues, such as Norway’s Julenissen.


00 Ded Moroz. Grandpa Frost. 11. 24.12.13

Dede sitting in his Moscow residence


24 December 2013



Editor’s Note:

Dede is part of the secular New Year’s celebration… he isn’t religious at all. The hyper-religious can all get down from their high horses and they can all sit in the corner with their long faces, tight-arsed attitude, and general killjoy spirit. Meanwhile, the rest of us normal human beings can pop a cork or two and SMILE. God gave us this life, and it’s GOOD. Everything has its place, and the secular is just as important for us as the religious is. In any case, Dede is for EVERYBODY… New Year is a “Party for Everybody” (as Buranovskiye Babushki sang (click here for this fab song)). It’s a time when ALL of us can bow to one another, wish one another a good year, hug one another, be unashamedly happy, and do it as one. I see much good… and no bad… in that. Those who think otherwise can kiss my ass, and that’s that.


Monday, 10 December 2012

10 December 2012. Video. Sov Multifilm Дед Мороз и серый волк (Ded Moroz i sery volk: Ded Moroz and the Grey Wolf)

00 Ded Moroz and the Grey Wolf. 09.12.12



This 1978 multifilm was the sequel to 1974’s Мешок яблок (Meshok yablok: A Bag of Apples). It was a remake of a 1937 multifilm, but Suteyev made creative changes in the scenario. In the plot, Ded Moroz prepares New Year’s gifts for the young forest animals. A grey wolf and raven come up with a plan to kidnap the rabbits. The action centres on the kidnapping of the rabbit children… but have no fear; the plot has the obligatory Sov happy ending. Everyone celebrates the New Year and all the young forest animals get their presents.



Sunday, 9 December 2012

9 December 2012. Christmas and New Year’s are on Their Way! Get that Letter to Dede NOW!

00 Ded Moroz. 09.12.12


Yeah… I ripped that line from Moscow Mailbag hosted by the late great Joe Adamov of Radio Moscow… yes, I know that one e-mails Dede nowadays. So, click here for the one-and-only real 100 percent unadulterated no bullshit website of the REAL Ded Moroz in Veliki Ustyug in the Russian Federation. Have fun as the season continues!


9 December 2012. Video. Sov Multifilm Мешок яблок (Meshok yablok: A Bag of Apples)

00 Meshok Yablok. A Bag of Apples. Soviet multifilm and book. 08.12.12

The plot came from a children’s book by Vladimir Suteyev (Honored Artist of the RSFSR), who was one of the pioneer Soviet animators, along with being a children’s book author, illustrator, and director-animator.



It’s time for some good clean fun. Here’s a classic Sov multifilm (animated cartoon) from 1974. It concerns a rabbit and his bag of apples… check out the bear at four minutes in (and at the end)… do keep an eye on the crow, though. The wolf bears a STRONG resemblance to the Ну, погоди (Nu Pogodi: Just you wait!) wolf, doesn’t he? This is the usual Sov multifilm with a sweet ending and a moral to the story. “Sharing has its rewards”… you can have Western crapitalist decadence or you can have socialist morality (after all, most commies are believers and most of the Affluent Effluent aren’t)… it’s NOT an oxymoron…

Christianity is compatible with socialism and with monarchy; indeed, they’re made for one another (in fact, socialism is the only possible just social arrangement for a monarchy… the 1917 Revolution happened because the aristocracy colluded with their crapitalist pals), but Christ‘s teachings are incompatible with greedy crapitalism and bourgeois pretension. Fancy that…


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