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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Borodai: “The Disintegration of the Ukrainian State is Absolutely Inevitable from the Standpoint of History and Philosophy”

00 Igor Kolga. The Ukrainian Government. 2014


In an interview with Gazeta.ru published Thursday, former Chairman of the DNR Government A Yu Borodai said, “The disintegration of the Ukrainian state is absolutely inevitable from the standpoint of history and philosophy. Actually, this state happens to be a buffer zone between the Russian World and the West. The question always was, ‘On what side does the Ukraine belong?’ It’s either the eastern edge of the Western World… or the western edge of Russia. We shouldn’t take the term “edge” as disparaging, as we may call Vladivostok, for example, the eastern edge of Russia. Historically, the Ukraine was a crossroads of mentalities and religions. The multiple political shake-ups that the Ukraine went through after the fall of USSR seriously affected its economy and its people’s moral state, as corruption became ubiquitous. Independent existence is impossible, especially given the sad condition that it‘s been in for the last 23 years”.

28 August 2014

Rossiya Segodnya


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

27 August 2014. WHERE IS YULIYA?

00 the fate of ukie tyrants. 27.08.14

Thus always to tyrants!


I sent this to a friend on 25 August:

I’ve noticed that Yuliya is nowhere to be seen. NOWHERE. She’s not even circulating in Western circles. This, for me, is the clearest sign that the “Ukraine” is in trouble. She’s been the “face” of the zapadniki in the Ukraine up till now… after her release from gaol, she just disappeared. The individual who’s taken the most flak over the situation is V V Putin, many blame him for not intervening. He’s NOT popular in some circles in Novorossiya. However, his game is more subtle than that. He sees that the West WANTED him to intervene… to have an excuse to intervene themselves. By not intervening, he forestalled a Western intervention. Note well that France ISN’T embargoing the Mistrals. That is, VVP is willing to be hated to execute policy… which speaks well of him. In any case, I think that Russia IS aiding Novorossiya… why is Strelkov in Moscow, for instance? Remember, Russia called reservists to the colours, something not normally done. Something IS up… remember, G K Zhukov didn’t strike until he was ready, even though the fascists were at the gates of Moscow and were almost at the Volga (in 1941 and 1942). V V Putin is of like manner… however, it does mean that he’ll be hated in some quarters in the near term. Things ARE up… but what? I admit that I don’t know…

Couple this with VVP’s statement Tuesday that any settlement would have to include the DNR/LNR leadership, one can see that Putin’s NOT ready to sell Novorossiya out to the West. What IS up is anyone’s guess… not only do I don’t know, neither do the Western intel agencies. Stay tuned, it bids fair to be “interesting”…


Monday, 25 August 2014

25 Sic Semper Tyrannis… Patriots Topple Bandera’s Tombstone

00 Bandera grave attacked. 25.08.14


It’s only fair… S A Bandera was a man, who in life, was a murderer and criminal who stopped at nothing… does it surprise you that such generated revenge? Reflect on this… the UGKTs BLESSES his memory… it BLESSES the memory of the Galician SS VOLUNTEERS… it BLESSES those who fought in Nazi collaborationist units. One hardly knows who might’ve done it… the Poles, Russians, Roma, and Jews had no use for him at all, and many leftist Ukrainians feel the same way. It could’ve been any of ‘em.

Sic semper tyranis!


The Ukraine Had Every Opportunity to Become Rich

00 Who are the Banderovtsy. 25.08.14


In the USSR, the Ukrainian SSR was one of the most successful republics. It combined a highly developed industry like the Baltic States with wealth similar to that of Transcaucasia. If considered apart from the Soviet Union, its industrial potential and natural resources put it in the first rank in Eastern Europe. Its prospects were the envy of any republic of the former Union. Yet, it so happened that independence turned into a social disaster. The Ukraine hasn’t even been able to restore economic performance to 1990 levels, dropping to a level with Armenia and Tajikistan.

Since independence, the Ukrainian population declined by almost 10 million. A third of the population lives below the poverty line. The economy imploded due to crony capitalistic oligarchic feudalism of unbelievable proportions. Showdowns of Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk oligarchs degenerated into petty feudal bickering, overshadowing any potential for economic growth. The Ukrainian economy rested on four pillars. Timoshenko destroyed agribusiness, when she signed accession to the WTO on onerous terms. The iron and steel industry is now in a shambles, but that’s a worldwide phenomenon. The chemical industry is in about the same predicament. However, the machine-building industry, which could’ve been an engine of economic growth, decayed. This was due to the intimate ties that such works had with Russian enterprises; independence deprived them of the chance to develop and coöperate closely, which would’ve generated growth and earnings. Regions of the Ukraine are still potentially very rich; the Donbass mines are unique in that they’d be profitable with the right management. However, coal mining in its present form isn’t profitable; it only survives on sweat-shop labour.


✔ 42.9 million people live in the Ukraine

✔ 9.3 percent unemployment in first quarter/2014

✔ 272 USD (9,830 Roubles. 293 AUD. 299 CAD. 206 Euros. 164 UK Pounds) is the average monthly salary

✔ 19 percent is the inflation target for 2014

✔ 151 billion USD (5.46 trillion Roubles. AUD. 165.8 billion CAD. 114.5 billion Euros. 91.1 billion UK Pounds) external debt of the Ukraine in 2014 (forecast)

✔ 4.7 percent decrease in GDP in second quarter/2014 compared to the same period in 2013

Ukrainian Ministry of Finance data 

25 August 2014

Mikhail Delyagin

Director of the Institute of Globalization

Komsomolskaya Pravda



The Galician fascists had 23 years to prove their thesis. They’ve ruined a once-rich country. I often get the feeling that was the West’s intent all along… it knew that the Ukraine would go back to Russia, so, it encouraged trends that would knacker it, and cause Russia to be held back for a generation to rebuild it.

Don’t get smug… the US Republican Party favours policies IDENTICAL to those of the oligarch junta in the Ukraine. It wants to smash its boot into the faces of the poorest, just as the Ukrainian junta does (with the BLESSING of the UGKTs and the schismatics, I might add). The blood and gore doesn’t bother Poroshenko, Balogh, the Rabbit, Turdchinov, and Avakov, and certainly not Mizz Yuliya and Shylock Kolomoisky. Look at it and reflect… that’s what the US Republican Party (or the UK/Canadian Conservative or Australian Liberal Parties) want to do.

Look at what happened in the Ukraine. It was a New Dark Age… and it ain’t over yet. Let’s not have it here…


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