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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Stop the Presses! USA “Sends a Message to Moscow!” USA to Deploy 150 Soldiers Each in Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania! WOW!

00 McCain war chant. 23.04.14


00 Pat Bagley. Crabby McCain. 10.04.14.


Firstly, note this:

In a move to reassure Russia’s neighbours, the USA will send some 600 paratroopers to Poland and the Baltics starting tomorrow as part of an open-ended military commitment prompted by Moscow’s actions in the Ukraine. Rear Admiral John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesman, told reporters at his daily briefing, “I can announce today that a company-size contingent of paratroopers from US Army Europe’s 173 Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), based in Vicenza, Italy, will arrive in Poland tomorrow to begin exercises with Polish troops”. Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania will get 150 American troops each. Kirby said that the full deployment would be complete “by the end of this weekend, maybe Monday”.

The rest of the article is here, if you wish to read it.

This shows the real outlines of American policy in the Ukraine. These forces aren’t serious military forces; they’re diplomatic chess pieces. That is, the USA says to Russia, “We know that you’re going to take the Ukraine, and we can’t stop you; we lack the power to do so. However, if you touch these four countries, we’ll use nukes”. These small units are “trip wires”, and Russia knows it. This is a clear sign that the Pentagon has written off the Ukraine… and, perhaps, Langley has done so as well. The junta is a dead duck… everyone’s just going through a disgusting kabuki play of posturing and posing. I wish that Russia would get on with it and smash the fictive “Ukrainian” state. Then, the world could get back to business.


22 April 2014

Yahoo News


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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Shades of 1612! Polacks Trained Uniate Euromaidan Trash in Vain Attempt to Revive “Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth” under Godless Neoliberal/Neocon American Tutelage

Pavel Chistyakov. Patriarch St Germogen Refuses to Sign the Polish Decree. 1860

Patriarch St Germogen Refuses to Sign the Polish Decree

Pavel Chistyakov


This is what happened when the Poles invaded Russia in 1612… they starved Patriarch St Germogen to death for refusing to support the Polish puppet on the throne and for refusing the Unia. It’s why no Orthodox Christian can trust any Uniate… they’ve held a knife to our backs ever since the Unia of Brest.



The “Polacks” are the neoliberal Free Market filth in control in Poland now, NOT the ordinary Polish people… many are like Leszek Miller, aghast at what their country’s become under the Western corporate boot. A dark night lies over Poland… the rich and their toadies party… the rest of Poland lies in chains. Ordinary Poles emigrate because of what their country’s become under the West… they don’t tell you that, do they?



Polish media outlet Nie published a bombshell account about direct Polish involvement in the Ukraine’s destabilisation. Its source alleges that the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited Ukrainian militants into the country and trained them outside of Warsaw in September 2013. Considering the destructive actions and fatalities they’d later be responsible for during the Euromaidan riots, such a connection would directly link Warsaw to the pandemonium. It’d also implicate Poland in being the “Slavic Turkey” of NATO in Eastern Europe. The impact of Nie’s reporting can also affect domestic Polish politics, as it’d prove that the political élite misled members of the Sejm, which could later have direct political repercussions for Tusk’s ironically named “Law and Justice Party”. This scandal serves to highlight that Poland is starting to emulate the methods of its invited neocolonial headmaster, the USA, thereby deepening the puppet-master relationship between Warsaw and Washington.

According to the report, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited 86 Euromaidan militants, some of whom appeared to be over 40-years-old, to come to Poland, . The pretext for plausible deniability was that they were in the country to promote coöperation between Warsaw University of Technology and the National Technical University in Kiev. In reality, however, the Poles whisked them away to Legionowo, a town on the outskirts of Warsaw. There, at a police training centre, they spent four weeks engaged in a regimen of destabilisation training.

The source goes on to state that pictures of the participants show them clothed in Nazi regalia and tattoos, with their Polish military instructors lacking any outward identification as such. At the facility, militants learned the following techniques:

  • crowd management
  • target identification
  • tactics
  • leadership
  • behaviour management under stressful conditions
  • protection against police gasses
  • building barricades
  • importantly, they engaged in shooting classes, which incidentally included sniper rifles

Quite clearly, the “students” who came to Warsaw were there for war, not academic work, and their training there resulted in a christening of Bandera’s spiritual descendants.

These revelations emphasise how the Euromaidan militants had earlier Western-backed training, and that Poland was the venue for their instruction. Through its direct involvement and support in training the radicals, Poland is quickly living up to its reputation as NATO’s most important frontline state. When the Polish Sejm voted in early December, 2013 to show its “full solidarity with the citizens of the Ukraine, who with great determination show the world their desire to ensure their country’s full membership in the EU”, little did they know that the violent vanguard which had just days before thrown Molotov cocktails and attacked police officers likely acquired their tactical training less than an hour’s drive from where they cast their vote. Likely, most members of the Sejm likely didn’t have a clue that their government trained those violent elements and would be shocked to know that this was the case.

The ultimate irony is that Poland trained fighters who honour a man who glorified in ethnically cleansing Poles from the Ukraine in the most horrendous ways imaginable during World War II. For all of its blaring patriotism and nationalist sentiment, the Polish government is actually working against its long-term interests by backing such radical anti-Polish elements right next door. This “Bandera Brinksmanship” reminds one of the American foreign policy mentality of allying with and building dangerous radical forces that may later come back to harm them (i.e. al-Qaeda in the Soviet Afghan conflict and the Libyan and Syrian-based international jihadis of today). Through its greedy and nationalistically-minded coöperation with the USA in seeking to de-facto resurrect the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Poland abandoned its European principles and blindly set itself on becoming America’s bulldog in Eastern Europe.

17 April 2014

Andrew Korybko

American Master’s Degree student at Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO)



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In Genève Deal, the “Poachers” Morphed Into “Gamekeepers”

01 Fat Uncle Sam


Finian Cunningham, an international affairs expert, author and media commentator, told RIA-Novosti that the Genève deal on the Ukraine demanding an immediate halt to violence in the country recast the poachers as gamekeepers, saying, “In the so-called Genève deal, where are the demands for accountability on Washington and the EU? It reinvented the poachers as the gamekeepers”. Top diplomats from Russia, the USA, the EU, and the Kiev junta attended the four-party meeting. During the seven-hour talks in Genève, the sides tried to find a solution to the crisis in the Ukraine. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, commenting on the results of the meeting, “A provision in the communiqué adopted today calls for the immediate start of a broad national dialogue in the context of a constitutional reform so that all regions could voice their wishes. It’s up to the Kiev authorities now to ensure an all-inclusive, transparent, and accountable constitutional process”.

Cunningham said, “NATO, led by the USA, continues to build up military forces in the Baltic, Eastern Europe, the east Mediterranean, and the Black Sea. This Genève arrangement isn’t a genuine address to the problem. It obfuscates the real cause of the problem and in my view will only lead to more confrontation, not less”. Andrew Korybko, a Moscow-based foreign affairs commentator, said, “On the surface, it’s a welcome development to see the USA, the EU, Russia, and the Ukraine’s ‘governing authorities’ reach an agreement on disarming armed groups, the freeing of occupied buildings all across the country, and amnesty for the non-violent protesters. In reality, even though the governing entity in Kiev and Moscow have a shared interest in disarming the Right Sector, how likely is it that this will succeed, and will Kiev, if need be, send its armed forces to do this?”

Following the talks’ conclusion, US President Barack Obama announced his administration would impose further sanctions against Russia if the agreement reached in Genève fails to materialise. Cunningham pointed up, “Obama continues to use threatening and provocative language calling for further sanctions on Russia if the latter doesn’t comply with irrational Western demands on Moscow to de-escalate a crisis that Washington engendered in the Ukraine”.


The patriots in the southeastern Ukraine do NOT trust the junta. No sane person should. These people seized power in a putsch, toppling the legitimate government, which makes them by definition untrustworthy. We do NOT have peace… we have an indefinite armistice and truce (and not for long, either). Blood will flow again… and the junta will start it. This evil is upon the USA’s head. I will say this, though… as long as the Right Sector and Svoboda pigs retain arms and junta support, the patriots will NEVER disarm… NEVER. I think that the Russian intent is to buy a little time for the patriots… and to expose the junta for the lying and ravening filth that they are.


18 April 2014

Darya Chernyshova



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Friday, 18 April 2014

German Free Democratic Party Slams NATO’s Actions in the Ukraine



On Friday, Wolfgang Kubicki, Deputy Chairman of Germany’s Free Democratic Party (FDP), said in an interview with DPA, “I consider as most counterproductive that NATO has concentrated its forces to the so-called eastern border and the involvement of the Bundeswehr in it. It’s also very dangerous. It’s most important to develop a dialogue with Russia, and to expand the participants in negotiations between Europe and Moscow. The very high support [by Russians of the policy of President Vladimir] Putin should make us think twice. Talking to each other doesn’t mean firing at each other, but rather understanding of each other”.

On 17 April, NATO’s press service reported that the alliance was sending five warships to the Baltic Sea to support its Eastern European allies. The source said that the group included warships from Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Estonia. Earlier, a NATO Council meeting in Brussels approved a package of measures to strengthen the security of the alliance’s Eastern European member-states due to the crisis in the Ukraine. Following the meeting, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that the alliance would have more planes in the air, more ships in the water, and land forces would be ready.


The FDP is the coalition partner of the CDU in the Merkel government, without its support, it’d fall. Besides that, it’s a neoliberal “Free Market” bunch to the RIGHT of Merkel’s CDU. Even the righties see no good in the junta! Germany isn’t going to threaten Russia militarily nor with economic sanctions, not now, not later, not ever. Add to this the fact that Die Linke (the main Leftist party, the successors of the SED… the righties keep them under surveillance, a sign that they have a serious chance at power) opposes antagonising Russia, and that many elements in the SPD (a centre-left bunch) don’t favour such either means that Germany won’t join the American goading of the Bear. NATO’s revealed to be a ramshackle “Coalition of the Unwilling”… after all, most European states have slashed defence spending to the bone, and they’re not going to reverse that any time soon.


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