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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

27 May 2014. Jillions Did His Usual Slovenly and Incompetent Job in Posting Pastoral Changes.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. It came from Syosset. 2012


It took John Jillions TWO MONTHS to post important pastoral changes on oca.org. SINFO gets equivalent official news out on patriarchia.ru THE SAME DAY THAT IT HAPPENS. I seem to notice a difference. Using modern technology, a single person can scan an official signed document and have it posted online in PDF format in MINUTES. Seraphim Storheim’s OFFICIAL retirement announcement (with a PDF facsimile of the official signed document attached) should have been up on the site on 23 March… but Jillions is lazy and incompetent, so, it languished until 21 May (nearly two months)… he has nothing but contempt for the people. He does LOVE the Uniates though… he was their running dog hireling for years. Do we really need such a quisling in such a sensitive position, especially, as his actions prove him bone-idle and clueless (but he does jump swiftly to defend his Uniate pals, though)? This, I fear, must play out to the end… the OCA will sink and no one will miss it. However, more than one Sobor participant told me, “We CHOSE Mollard… he was the only choice… we had to choose SOMEONE”… the real world’s like that, kids. It ain’t perfect. However, the fragile peace will hold until the next major storm hits… shall it be the notional 2016 all-Orthodox Sobor? We can only wait and see.  For the time being, enjoy the peace n’ quiet… ain’t it good to have no news for a change (that means that’s there’s no food-fight or shitstorm going on)?


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Sunday, 18 May 2014

18 May 2014. Cabinet Vox Pop on SVS Inviting a Uniate to Speak and on Why Syosset Isn’t Protesting the Blunder’s Maltreatment by the Uniate Junta

00smilin jackass. 18.05.14


Here’s some Cabinet vox pop on SVS inviting the Uniate poseur Taft to speak:

Is there anybody in the OCA that understands what’s being perpetrated in the Ukraine and by whom, or do they all just believe in the propaganda put out by the prostitute western media? If there are thinking minds left in the OCA, why haven’t they stood up and demanded the Church support our Ukrainian and Russian Orthodox brothers and sisters murdered in droves by representatives of the Papist Unia? I feel that there are virtually no Orthodox Christians born into the faith left in the OCA.  It sounds like it’s just populated and run by a bunch of Protestant converts whose mindset is now the mindset of what once was a thriving branch of the Orthodox Church. You can print that, too!  I hate these OCA phoney hypocrites.

I can say this… the above poster nailed Syosset and SVS exactly. Yet, Nicky and I were in Western Mass this morning; we went into a small local parish to pray for a moment whilst we were on the road. I can say that there are still “Orthodox Christians born into the faith left in the OCA” and that they don’t reflect the rot found in Syosset and SVS. Unfortunately, such folks don’t get top billing. Another Cabineteer wrote:

I’m surprised Matusiak would defend anything; he’s usually pretty quiet. I’d guess he was “chosen” to make a defence.

The Centre may be watching this topic, so Lyonyo, Jillions, Tosi, and Hatfield chose a patsy to walk the plank. They’re evil… they’re not stupid. Another voice had this to say on the Blunder’s maltreatment by the Uniate scummers in Dnepropetrovsk:

Why hasn’t the OCA defended him? Well, Kishkovsky can’t stand him. We know that Hilarion dressed down Kishkovsky at a meeting in NY over the Jonah fiasco.

This has two important takeaways for us. Firstly, the Centre doesn’t like JP… the chances of him being accepted by ROCOR are slim to none (on the other hand, Soraich had pals in the Australian ROCOR who smoothed his way). It means that Potapov has far less influence than he claims (a contact said, “Everyone knows about Potapov and Artemonov, and who they work for”). Secondly, Lyonyo is supporting the American apparat on the Ukraine… not the Centre. That’s no surprise… he’s a member of the CFR, a major Establishment foreign policy stink tank (and Anya Schmemann, a young First Family member, works/worked for them). Lyonyo may have gone too far… he’s made an enemy at the Centre, and the Centre DOES control its dependency in the USA (that’s what the OCA is, kids). Mollard could remove Lyonyo… and Mollard’s not in danger of deposition, as no one in the OCA wants any upset after the JP affair, and most people hate Lyonyo with a purple passion anyway. If Lyonyo goes, his stooge Jillions would go with him. That’d satisfy Alfeyev on TWO counts… Jillions is a pro-Uniate suck-ass and he’s Lyonyo’s faithful dogsbody. Are they going down? I don’t know… but it’s a possibility, and not a slim one.

Pass the jug, the world’s being its crank old self again. I wouldn’t bet much on Lyonyo, though… and neither should you.


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Thursday, 15 May 2014

15 May 2014. oca.org Mum on Maymon’s Disobedience to Philip Saliba… That Ain’t “The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth”

01 sweep under rug


As usual, oca.org posted vacuous fluff about Mark Maymon’s installation as Bishop of Eastern Pennsylvania. However, it omitted a rather important detail. It didn’t report that Mark Maymon disobeyed a direct order of Philip Saliba, which led to Maymon leaving the AOCANA under a cloud. Fatso took him in… he’s one of the Great One’s crank legacies. By the way, there was no mention of this on antiochian.org, and no AOCANA bishop was present. For that matter, no ROCOR or MP bishop was present either. Oh, yes… there was no mention of Maymon’s haughty ukaz forbidding parishes to greet him with the traditional bread and salt. However, coming from the konvertsy at oca.org, does that surprise one? I feel that Maymon is going to end like Moriak… it has all the same hallmarks. Maymon will shit on established customs, and that’ll seal his fate. I fear that this is a harbinger of more upset in the OCA, which is what it doesn’t need now. No one will leave… yet. I believe that the next real tsunami in Church affairs will be the all-Orthodox Sobor in 2016 (that is, if it gets off the ground at all, which is problematic as of now). The Centre may not need a nominally “autocephalous” dependency after that…


Saturday, 19 April 2014

Oregon Cops Nick JP Pal on Kiddie Porn Rap

01 Paffhausen with Isidore Brittain

Paffhausen and Benjamin Peterson BEAMING at Brittain (he’s on the far left) … I’d say to His Holiness, “Ну, так что же? (Nu, tak chto zhe?: Well, what about it?) This asshole drags the Church’s good name in the gutter, sir… DO SOMETHING. He enabled evil in the OCA, don’t let him do the same in the ROCOR!”



The Cabinet tipped me off on this on Friday at about 16.00. However, since yesterday was Holy Friday, I didn’t start work on it until 01.30… posting or working on such shit wasn’t in keeping with the day’s solemnity and focus.



On Thursday, police arrested an Albany OR man who was a priest with an Orthodox church in the Lewisburg area on child pornography charges. On Friday, Stanley Brittain, 39, of Albany, faced 16 counts of first-degree encouraging child sex abuse in Linn County Circuit Court. Until last week, Brittain was associated with St Anne Orthodox Church, near Corvallis. Judge Thomas McHill set Brittain’s bail at 100,000 USD (3.57 million Roubles. 110,300 CAD. 107,200 AUD. 72,400 Euros. 59,600 UK Pounds), and appointed Arnold Poole as his attorney. Prosecutor Michael Wynhausen said that Brittain trafficked in hundreds, possibly thousands, of images and videos of young boys subjected to what Wynhausen termed “horrific” sexual abuse. He added that Brittain used methamphetamine before his arrest, saying, “At this point, the 16 counts are just a small fraction of the charges that could be levelled against him”.

The investigation into Brittain started in January, when police arrested a suspect in Oklahoma who was communicating with Brittain, Wynhausen said. Albany Police Detective Lieutenant Travis Giboney said that Brittain was an unpaid staff member and loosely affiliated with St Anne Orthodox Church. Captain Eric Carter added that there’s no evidence that Brittain was grooming potential victims from the congregation, “There’s nothing at the onset that leads us to believe (the crimes) were associated with the church”. Carter said that police haven’t identified any of the children from the images, “It’s all surrounding possession of what we could consider child pornography”.

On Thursday, at about 11.30 PDT, Albany detectives, with the assistance of the Oregon Department of Justice, served a search warrant on Brittain’s residence in the 2400 block of Eighth Avenue Southeast. Carter said that Brittain was cooperative, and authorities seized computers and other electronic devices. Brittain, a South Albany High School graduate, was known as Fr Isidore within the church. St Anne Orthodox Church began in the early 1990s and was originally in Albany. In 2003, the church purchased the historic Lewisburg Grange Hall and moved there. About 100 people now attend the church on a typical Sunday. Attempts to contact St Anne Orthodox Church for comment were unsuccessful on Friday, in part because of Good Friday services. The police investigation into Brittain continues, and those with information about the case can call (541) 917 7680.

18 April 2014

Kyle Odegard

Albany (OR) Democrat-Herald



Reaction from the Cabinet:

  • Holy shit.
  • Oh, sweet Lord! Here you have JP’s legacy… this is what happened because JP disregarded his suspension and failed to depose him. Oh, and don’t forget those who aided and abetted JP in this… enough said.
  • Jonah is basically living at St John’s (ROCOR) in DC… no official release, but there he is… proud as a Turk.

This is an evil legacy of Paffhausen. Besides which, the parish in Oregon is a HOOMie conventicle, and everyone’s heard the word that’s circulated about them, the least-bad of which is that they’re a bunch of hyperclericalists who kiss the ass of their priests and allow them to run roughshod over the people. Don’t forget, JP championed the HOOMies. He pushed for their inclusion in the OCA and for the automatic ordination of their “clergy” without any vetting whatsoever. This is a poisonous result of all that. I believe that the OCA Holy Synod should make Brittain cop a plea to all the charges. That’s the only way to make this “go away” with justice. Brittain belongs in the slam, full stop. Then, the OCA Holy Synod should write both the ROCOR and MP Holy Synods asking them not to receive Paffhausen. Paffhausen was the main enabler of Brittain; Benjamin Peterson was another. In all justice, Peterson would resign, but he won’t. As for JP, there’s an elegant canonical solution. A schemamonk may become a bishop, but if a bishop takes the schema, he stops being a bishop. That is, JP should take the schema and the OCA Holy Synod should send him off to Athos to live out his days in repentance. Any “release” to the ROCOR would become moot… I don’t think that the ROCOR wants such a piece of work at this point.

This is too much of a muchness. Tikhon Mollard’s smarmy reflection on the barren fig tree is too much, too. It applies to the OCA apparat, SVS, and to JP in particular. Expect nothing, though… Mollard will be his usual bovine self. I have to walk away from this shit for a while… Easter is coming up…


Addendum 03.20 EDT 19 April 2014:

One of the Cabineteers wrote:

One article says Brittain was defrocked last week, so I doubt the OCA will have any influence over him from here on out.

That may be so, but it doesn’t wipe out the past. Brittain dragged the OCA in the mud… and Peterson and Paffhausen enabled him to do it. Full stop.


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