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Monday, 24 November 2014

24 November 2014. Some of My Favourite Things… “New Year’s Ditties” from the Buranovskiye Babushki and Bayan Miks

00 Buranovskiye Babushki 27.05.12


00 Pres Putin with Bayan Miks. 16.08.14



Now, here’s a mixture! The Buranovskiye Babushki and Bayan Miks! Now, that’s good family fun! The  Babushki participated in the qualifying rounds of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest (ranked third) and were second in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku with the song Party for Everybody. S I Voitenko and Dmitri Khramkov (Bayan Miks) need no introduction. This came from a special Rossiya-1 broadcast on Orthodox Christmas in 2013… sadly, early this year, Yelizaveta Zarbatova, one of the Babas, died in the 87th year of her life (she’s the shortest one of the lot in the vid). Light a candle for her at liturgy… her death anniversary is 13 January, so, if you want to have Pannikhida served, that’s the proper date.

After posting about the konvertsy, I wanted to post on something wholesome, healthy, and life-affirming… this is the ticket!


Friday, 21 November 2014

21 November 2014. Some of My Favourite Things… Bayan Miks and Nadezhda Babkina… VIVAT BAYAN!

00 Bayan Miks 02. 10.08.14



Let’s take a break from the war and from the gross Uniates. Let’s have something wholesome and life-affirming… this was at a gala concert in Moscow, “Vivat Bayan!” celebrating the 100th anniversary of the bayan’s invention (actually, it was a modified garmon, a Russian concertina). Of course, it’s got S I Voitenko and Dmitri Khramkov, Bayan Miks… the KINGS of the bayan. Now, THIS is RUSSIAN!


21 November 2014. Time to Smile… The Latest Bonya and Kuzmich Parody… Get Out the Pickles, Rye Bread, and Kolbasa!

00 Bonya and Kuzmich. 13.08.14



Here’s the latest spoof from Bonya and Kuzmich. Break out the pickles, preserves, rye bread, and kolbasa… enjoy!


Friday, 31 October 2014

A Report from the Front… The Fighters Are On Guard Against the Expected Uniate Coward Sucker-Punch

00 On Guard for Peace. 31.10.14


The whole day was great. However, today, the unofficial word spread about the latest intel. It was the second day of the visit to Donetsk of a wonderful man and a fine actor, Misha Porechenkov… he visited the hospital, the wounded, and the forces at the airport. Everywhere, people mobbed him for his photo and autograph. Today, at the Zvedochke cinema, he’s attending the première of a film on Poddubny. He asked for and got a chance to do some shooting at the front himself. He had to wear a helmet, just like the journalists do. Misha fired at an empty ruined building, but no one was inside… not our guys, not the bandits. However, I’ve gotta tell ya… I still don’t like that journalist crowd. Yesterday’s situation proved that for me… they persuaded Misha to go to the airport. He had to wear a helmet with “Press” on the front. Now… they’re the ones raising a stink about it. Today, all of the intel that we’ve got indicates that the junta forces will attempt an attack on Donetsk from several directions at once. This has a 70 percent probability, and we think that’d happen on or before 2 November {before the Novorossiya election: editor}. Let them do their worst… we’re ready for ‘em!

“Bad-ass Soldier” (Плохого солдата)

31 October 2014



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