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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

KPRF Gosduma Deputies Propose to Move “New Wave” Festival to Crimea because of Latvian Sanctions

00 New Wave Music Festival. 22.07.14


KPRF Gosduma deputies V F Rashkin and S P Obukhov proposed to “New Wave” Festival bigs I Ya Krutoi and Aleksandr Rumyantsev that they move the venue of the event from Jurmala to the Crimea after Latvia banned three Russian performers from entering the country. Supposedly, the Latvians blacklisted I D KobzonO M Gazmanov, and V Yu Perfilova (better known by her stage name Valeriya), due to stance on the reunification of the Crimea with Russia and on the events in the Ukraine. These artists were ready to take part in the “New Wave” festival in Jurmala. This decision floored the performers themselves.

Earlier, A N Tkachyov, Governor of Krasnodar Krai, proposed to move the festival to Sochi, and N N Tsukanov, Governor of Kaliningrad Oblast, proposed the resort town of Svetlogorsk on the Baltic Sea as a new site. The KPRF website quoted Rashkin and Obukhov, “We ask you, if these restrictions and insults to Russian performers and to Russia in general continue, to consider the possibility of not holding the festival in Jurmala, and to move the event to a coastal city in the Russian Federation (for example, in the Crimea), where performers won’t face humiliating restrictions and discrimination supposedly based on their political opinions”. Republic of Crimea Minister of Culture A V Novoselskaya, commenting on the situation, said that the Crimean government is ready to provide a concert venue for the competition, noting, “Regarding holding the “New Wave” in the Crimea, we welcome any and all creative projects here, and we’re always ready to lend them a hand”. Novoselskaya added that Crimea has experience in conducting large-scale festivals; for three consecutive years, the Artek international youth camp hosted an international music competition for children similar to the “New Wave” event.

22 July 2014

Rossiya Segodnya



It looks like the American ploy blew up in the faces of their puppet clients. Of course, just like in 2008 in Georgia, the Americans themselves haven’t learnt shit, and left their satellites holding the whole malodorous bag of rubbishy consequences. The festival will leave Latvia, as the Russians are the moving force behind the event. This shows how stupid and obsequious the Balts and Galicians are… they’ll do ANYTHING that their American puppeteers tell them to do… even if it hurts them. For instance, the junta in Kiev fulminated that they were going to break off all trade with Russia. That wouldn’t only knacker their economy… it’d kill it. The West doesn’t want Ukrainian goods… all it wants to do is to rape its natural resources, use its territory for bases, and to use Ukrainians as cheap wetback labour (much as the fascists did in World War II). In short, the American Establishment is EVIL… and has been since 1993. Clinton and Bush formed a seamless whole, as far as hubris and aggression in foreign parts went.

This is too much of a muchness. However, it shows you how low America has fallen. America used to stand for something… now, it stands for Greed is Good, the Prosperity Gospel, “The race goes to the swiftest”, and “God has a plan for your life” (I kid you not… that heresy is a direct quote from Pat Robertson). I seem to notice a deterioration…


Saturday, 21 June 2014

21 June 2014. A Cabinet Reflection on Ukrainian Fascists…

00 hands on the piano. 21.06.14


Trailer to The Pianist


Stills from The Pianist with Chopin


Chopin Nocturne In C Minor, Op 48 No from the soundtrack to The Pianist


Chopin Ballade No.1 in G Minor, Op 23 from the soundtrack to The Pianist


One of the Cabinet sent this:

I just finished reading The Pianist… some of the worst atrocities seemed to come from Nazi-sympathiser Ukrainians (the book covered the war years in Warsaw… 1939 until the defeat of Germany).

They haven’t changed their spots… pray for the suffering people of Novorossiya and for the repose of the souls of those murdered by the fascists tomorrow at liturgy. Let my right hand wither if I forget thee…


Monday, 16 June 2014

16 June 2014. The REAL DEAL About Odessa… Victory Day Broadcast from 2012

00 Victory Day 2011. 19.11.12






Here’s a Victory Day broadcast from Odessa in 2012. One of the reasons that the USA calumniated V F Yanukovich is that he did two things that the Americans hated. Firstly, he unchained the canonical Church, giving it full media access for the first time since 1991 (they had more freedom in the USSR!). Secondly, he gave his blessing to magnificent Victory Day celebrations, which pissed off the Neo-Nazi Uniates. America rushed in to succor the squalling tantruming Uniate brats, who had gotten their own selfish way since 1991… which led to the putsch of 21 February 2014. It had nothing to do with “corruption” (Yanukovich was LESS corrupt than his predecessors were and his successors are). It had everything to do with rescuing the Uniate project… that’s what the present war is all about. It’s NOT about politics, Europe, or federalisation… it’s about whether what we know as the Ukraine shall be True and Orthodox or whether it’ll be Apostate and Uniate. Shall it embrace its history and Holy Rus, or, shall it embrace lies and papist subjugation? We’ll have to see…

Look at this. It’ll show you that Novorossiya is RUSSIAN. Seeing IS believing…


Sunday, 15 June 2014

The KPRF Held a Rock Festival in Kaliningrad on Che Guevara’s Birthday

00 mother-russia, kaliningrad. 15.06.14


This ain’t your grandpa’s Communist Party… hard rockers under the red star… Dom Sovietov at last year’s Che Guevara festival 


In downtown Kaliningrad, near the Mother Russia monument, the KPRF sponsored the Seventh Che Guevara Birthday Rock Festival. Che Guevara chose to fight for the rights of the oppressed, so, he died a heroic death, although he could’ve lived in honour for many years. The rock band Dom Sovietov (“House of the Soviets”) performed a new song, С нами Че, с нами Фидель (s nami Che, s nami Fidel: Che’s with Us, Fidel’s with Us), and the festival audience joined in. The Baltic gave a big high-five to the Island of Freedom!

14 June 2014


KPRF official website


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