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Saturday, 20 September 2014

20 September 2014. Video. A (Goofy but Nice) Rusin Easter…

00 Carpathians. 03.10.12



Let’s keep it light for the moment. A kid in Podkarpatskaya made this for a project… good healthy stuff. Note the liquor… “Hruška”, a vodka distilled from pears. Marvellous stuff and unavailable here (Rusin friends say so). “Hruškovitz” is BRANDY distilled from pears… you CAN get a German (nasty-ass) version of that here. However, Hruška is **VODKA** distilled from pears. Very different… very different, indeed.

We all need a smile after all the nasty war news. Yes, it’ll still be there tonight. Yes, we’ll go back to it. However, one does need a break from it…


Saturday, 6 September 2014

6 September 2014. Some of My Favourite Things… Joan Rivers is Dead… One Gutsy Lady

00 Joan Rivers. 06.09.14


Today, Joan Rivers, a gutsy gal if there ever was such, died. She was strong, outspoken, and assertive… her humour was usually blunt, occasionally, offensively so, but in a good way… people offended by humour are usually taking themselves too seriously. Rivers wasn’t merely a strong person; she was a strong woman. She was brash, in-your-face, female but not ‘feminine’, and aggressively Jewish. She took the outsider position, standing up from that position to critique the strong and the powerful. Sure, she wasn’t always politically correct… Rivers not only used the word “tranny”, which many find offensive, but she used it (in 2014) to describe Michelle Obama, and then doubled down, defending herself with her usual gusto and attacking political correctness itself. For fifty years, she spoke truth to power, and managed to end with a punchline. Thank you, Joan. Rest in Chutzpah.

Adapted from an article in the Forward by Jay Michaelson

Friday, 5 September 2014

5 September 2014. This Weekend is the 100th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of St Maksim Sandovich, the Protomartyr of the Lemkovshchina

00 st maksim sandovich. 05.09.14

The anniversary celebration for St Maksim Sandovich, the Protomartyr of the Lemkovshchina is this weekend… is your parish going to honour him?


This weekend is the 100th anniversary of the martyrdom of St Maksim Sandovich, murdered by the Habsburg filth at the beginning of World War I, with the collusion of the Uniates. The Uniates rant, “We’re Orthodox in union with Rome”. NO! You aren’t… not until you have icons of St Maksim in your churches, you aren’t! The Uniate hierarchy and clergy lie. They don’t honour St Maksim’s podvig, they spit on the crucifixion of the Rusin Russophiles at Talerhof, they venerate the memory of the murderer S A Bandera… all of which means that they’re NOT Orthodox at all. The veneration of St Maksim amongst Orthodox is widespread… especially, amongst the po-nashemu people. The ordinary people REVERE St Maksim. The filthy pseudo-intellectuals at SVS won’t honour him… neither will the “ecumaniacs”. They’re so much BETTER than we are!

You can stand with the ordinary people who love St Maksim or you can stand with the phony pseudo-intellectuals who kiss the bum of the Uniates and the Roman Curia… Paffhausen was one of those, dontcha know. You must honour the podvig of St Maksim and St Germogen of Moscow, or you aren’t Orthodox at heart, and that’s that. Is your parish going to honour St Maksim this weekend? It’ll tell you much if it doesn’t…


Sunday, 31 August 2014

Pierogi Drama Engulfs PNC Park as Cheese Chester and Potato Pete Race Head-to-Head

00 Sauerkraut Sal. 25.10.13



Click on the URL below, it’ll take you to a page where there’s video that I couldn’t embed here.



After spending some time on the DL, Pittsburgh Pirates racing pierogi Cheese Chester was rather eager to return to the starting lineup at PNC Park. During Friday’s race, Chester even showed up at the finish line and attempted to attack his replacement, Potato Pete, with an aluminium crutch. On Saturday, Potato Pete again coasted to victory in the race, only to be confronted by Cheese Chester once more. The Pirate Parrot quickly intervened to calm things down, but it was clear Chester wanted just one thing… to defeat Potato Pete on the field. So, they devised a solution… the two pierogies would race at the end of Saturday’s Reds-Pirates matchup, and the winner would be allowed to race with the other the pierogies for the rest of the season. The loser would be out. Sure enough, after the Pirates recorded the final out of their 3-2 win, Pete and Chester made their way to the field for the ultimate race. Things couldn’t have been tenser. At the three-quarter mark along the track, Pete had a sizeable lead over the Comeback Pierogi of the Year and seemed sure to win. Pete was so sure of his victory that he even turned to taunt Cheese Chester. It was a tragic mistake. With that, Chester passed his nemesis and cruised through the finish line, earning his spot back in the Pirates Racing Pierogies lineup. After his battles with both injury and Potato Pete, you won’t find a happier pierogi anywhere.

30 August 2014

Dakota Gardner



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