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Monday, 1 September 2014

1 September 2014. Video. Liturgy on Top of Beshtau in Stavropol Krai

01zc Faces of a Religious Procession



This is a clip of a liturgy held at the top of Beshtau in the Caucasus in Stavropol Krai. The first half is from the liturgy; the second four minutes is the bishop’s sermon (in Russian). Watch it for the visuals… now, this was an OTPUST! WOW! My knees ached just looking at it… THIS is Holy Rus… this is why the patriots in Novorossiya shall win in the end…

с Нами бог!


Thursday, 28 August 2014

28 August 2014. Some OCA Whispers in the Loggia

00 a whisper in the loggia. 08.12


Well, kids, there’s buzz that Maymon wants to sell the Diocese of E PA digs in South Canaan and move to Philly. He can’t stand living in rural PA. Poor baby! It was good enough for Bishop Kip! It was good enough for Herman… it shows good sense, it’s cheaper to live up there, and it’s in the midst of the people. Perhaps, that’s why the Anglo bastard wants to leave… it’s in the midst of people that he holds in contempt. He was nothing but trouble for the Antiochians and he’s turning out to be nothing but a pain in the ass for the OCA. A local told me:

Can you see those coal-crackers like Kowalski driving to Philly every week?!

NO WAY! NO HOW! Any road, NEPA is the cradle of our Church. It’s full of WONDERFUL folks. Maymon is an ungrateful and self-centred bastard… NEPA is a special place… full of special people. Hell, I wouldn’t mind retiring there myself. Where was the Metropolia’s first Sobor? Mayfield! This Anglo SOB doesn’t know that in his bones and he doesn’t care. He should stop this immediately and issue an apology to his people. Every time that I think that the Anglos have grown some sense, shit like this happens. It’s why they’re hated by many ethnic folks… they’re “oh so much more better” than we are, and they let us know it in so many ways. For Maymon to leave NEPA is spitting on our heritage. We came out of the mines and mills, not the country club! He deserves a Cossack horsewhipping for this.

On a lighter note, Dickie Wood surfaced on Facebook in civvies. That doesn’t mean anything of itself… many priests do that in their “off hours” (like the late Metropolitan Nicholas Smiško going off to the International to have a friendly brewsky or two). However, it’s set tongues wagging, and I’ve heard it from several… it doesn’t mean anything of itself… but do keep your eyes n’ ears peeled.



28 August 2014. Republican Party Offers “Russian Aggression Prevention Act”… It’s Time for ALL Orthodox Believers to Oppose Them and Leave the GOP If They’re In It

00 Jen Psaki. caricatura.ru. 27.08.14


The Republican Party slimers hate Orthodoxy, Holy Rus, and our Russian Motherland. They proved it with their notional “Russian Aggression Prevention Act“. All 27 sponsors of this evil bill are Republicans. Yes… every one of them is a Republican! In fact, 27 out of 45 Republican senators co-sponsored this bill. That is, 60 percent of Republican senators came out publicly in support of this utterly false act of aggression (it, not Russian actions, is the aggression that decent people have to prevent). The path is clear for us as Orthodox Christians… we must utterly repudiate and oppose all the Republican Party’s evil agenda! ALL OF IT! Their support of untrammelled “Free Market” Crapitalism leads them to support the Uniate Fascist junta in the Ukraine in its war on ordinary people, not only in Novorossiya, but in its brutal pension/wage cuts coupled with vicious price increases.

Orthodoxy hangs on the cross in Novorossiya. The Galician Uniate fascists target our churches and our clergy, so much so that our patriarch mentions it in official communications. If you support the Republican Party, you help the Galician Uniates hammer the nails into our Church’s crucifixion even deeper. If you support the Republican Party in any way, you support those who want to destroy our Motherland and our Faith. The so-called “Russian Aggression Prevention Act” is proof of that. All the “pro-life” caterwauling in the world can’t hide the fact that the Republican Party supports those who literally attack our Church, attack our clergy, attack our believers, and attack our ancestral Motherland. If you support the Republican Party, you’re a traitor to Christ’s Church, and I say so openly.

We must stand tall for our fellow believers and tell the world about their suffering… about their bravery in the face of adversity… about how Holy Rus lives, and how it isn’t a danger to anyone, except to Affluent Effluent greedsters bent on global hegemony. That’s our DUTY… that’s why Paffhausen, Potapov, Webster, Serge Schmemann, Dreher, Lyonyo and Sophia Kishkovsky, Vassa Larina, and all the rest have to repent of their whoring for the West PUBLICLY and denounce the evil now regnant in Western circles. We mustn’t let up our pressure on these sorts… they’ve paraded as the “voice of Orthodoxy” for too long. It’s time for ORTHODOX believers to take their Church back… but shall we? Shall you swallow a kopeck’s worth?


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

27 August 2014. Video. “Most of the Opolchenietsy are Orthodox; the Most Determined Fighters are Churched People”

00 novorossiya. 27.08.14



This video is in Russian, I have it up for those with facility… look at the quote from Igor Druz, “Most of the opolchenietsy are Orthodox; the most determined fighters are churched people”. The present war is a war that’ll determine whether Novorossiya (and the Ukraine) shall be faithful, Orthodox, and loyal, or whether it’d be apostate, Uniate, and schismatical. Them’s the stakes, kids… it has nothing to do with the bullshit purveyed by the Western media. Shall the Ukraine be Orthodox or shall it be Apostate? That’s the question… Orthodox should look seriously at those who whore for the West… Paffhausen, Potapov, Webster, Serge Schmemann, Dreher, Lyonyo and Sophia Kishkovsky, Vassa Larina, and all the other scurvy crew who support the Western drive to smash the Motherland and place a drooling papist Uniate monstrosity in its place. We truly can’t afford such… how long shall we abide it? By the way… the ROCOR official website is silent on the Uniate enormities in Novorossiya. WHY? Our people bleed and these jabronies are silent. None dare call it EVIL…


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