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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

23 April 2014. Loose Lips Sink Ships! Fatso Speaks! At Far Right Institute of Religion and Democracy

00 Paffso and Jerome Shaw. 20.11.13


Guess what… Paffso the Great is out of bed, presenting himself as a real Orthodox bishop and speaking for the Church… at anti-Church venues, amongst those who hate our Motherland, hate our Church, and hate our non-Western culture. He spoke at the so-called Institute on Religion and Democracy. Click here if you want to lose your lunch listening to him. This is another Far Right extremist venue. Its money comes from such usual Far Right funders as the Scaife Foundations, the Bradley Foundation, and the Olin Foundation. One of its board members is George Weigel, a known pro-Uniate extremist, who backs the terrorist anti-Orthodox elements in the Ukraine. ROCOR sources told me that the ROCOR bishops told JP to keep quiet and keep a low profile. Guess what? This jabronie doesn’t give a good god-damn for good advice! I’ll be frank… if they told him, “Shut the fuck up!” it wouldn’t work… he’s that much of a narcissist. He’d best watch his step, for Potapov could give him the heave-ho.

I still say that the best solution for this loose cannon is to use the canons! Make him take the schema… then, he’d have to hie himself to a monastery, stay there, and never act as a bishop again. That’s a most elegant and CANONICAL solution. All talk of “release” would be moot… he’d be away from all the hurly-burly, and he’d cause no more trouble and embarrassment. SEND HIM TO THE MOUNTAIN! There… no more Paffso… no more problems. Good riddance to bad rubbish…


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Patriarch Irinej Holds Memorial Service for Jasenovac Victims

00 Utstasha. 15.02.14


On Tuesday, Patriarch Irinej Gavrilović, the First Hierarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) held a memorial service in Mlaka near Jasenovac, the site of a Croatian World War II death camp. The Nazi puppet fascist Ustaša régime of the so-called Independent State of Croatia (NDH) ran the prison and death camps. 22 April is the anniversary of the Jasenovac breakthrough staged by the camp’s prisoners. The day is also marked in Serbia as Holocaust Remembrance Day.

After liturgy led by Patriarch Irinej, Metropolitan Amfilohije Radović of Montenegro and the Littoral, and Bishop Jovan Ćulibrk of Lipljan, and other clerical dignitaries, a commemoration honoured Jasenovac victims. Serb Republic (RS) public broadcaster RTRS reported that Patriarch Irinej said, “The church in Mlaka is on land where many suffered, where they killed hundreds of thousands of martyrs just because they were Serbs and Orthodox believers. That was the only thing they were guilty of; the criminals thought they would wipe all Serbs and Orthodox people off the face of this earth. It can hardly be explained what drove people to commit such crimes. Members of another religion didn’t do this; (Catholic) Christians did this, and that’s what makes it terrifying. I don’t want us to condemn or imprecate them, but we must not forget this”. Director of the Secretariat for Religions Dragan Davidović attended the ceremony as an envoy of Serbian President Milorad Dodik, as did President of the Serb National Council in Croatia Milorad Pupovac.

During the Second World War, the village of Mlaka was a “collection centre” for Jasenovac death camp for women and children from the Kozara region. Over 30 children died daily from hunger, heat, and diseases. A number of execution sites were also in the area. Situated some 12 kilometres from Jasenovac, Mlaka was home to around 1,500 people before the war. The fascists took the entire village population, including 250 children, to camps in the spring of 1942. Today, the village is home to around 40 Serb returnees.


Biden’s mentor was a pro-Ustaša Croat RC priest. Need I say more? The fascists have protection in HIGH Western places. How many Americans have heard of Jasenovac? For that matter, how many Americans know of the UPA murders of thousands of Poles and of the Balts’ willing collaboration in the Holocaust? Note well that those with much blood on their hands walked free whilst a little man like John Demjanjuk (an ordinary working stiff, a tractor driver and diesel mechanic) caught it in the neck. That sickens me. I fear that more blood will flow, not only in the Ukraine, but in the Balkans as well. It’s all due to American meddling in affairs in foreign parts not its own. When will they ever learn?


22 April 2014




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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

22 April 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… The Honoured Dead of Slavyansk

00 slavyansk 01. 22.04


Three patriot Opolchenie fighters died in the firefight on Easter Sunday with the Right Sector Uniate terrorists in Slavyansk:

  • Sergei Tikhonovich, 57
  • Pavel Pavelko, 42
  • Aleksandr Sigarov, 24

In the above image, we see Tikhonovich (on the left) and Sigarov (on the right). The people are giving them the Last Kiss. Their blood lies on the altar. There’s no going back to the status quo ante now. In their hearts and souls, the Russian people of the southeast have left the Ukrainian non-state behind. They never believed in it, in any case. They were swept up in it in 1991, without their consent, and they won’t let it happen again. The Russian population wants no part of the neo-Nazi Uniate fantasy… their dedes fought the fascists then, they’ll fight ‘em now. All good Orthodox Christians have the God-given duty to support the Russian patriot elements and oppose the godless pro-American junta. In particular, Orthodox people shouldn’t support Langley or any of its fronts (such as Radio Liberty)… that’s supporting the monsters who wish to knife the motherland in the back (a particular priest has a pressing duty to disown them, I’d say).

However, we must stand with the people of Slavyansk and remember the sacrifice of Sergei, Pavel, and Aleksandr. Have your priest offer Pannikhida for the repose of their souls and light a candle for them next Sunday. We’re Christians… that’s what we do.


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Patriarch Youhanna sez Syrian Christians “Wouldn’t Submit and Yield”

00 Patriarch Youhanna al-Yazigi of Antioch. 28.09.13


Greek Patriarch Youhanna al-Yazigi of Antioch and all the East said that Christians in war-ravaged Syria “wouldn’t submit and yield” to extremists who attack “our people and holy places”. In comments to mark Easter, Patriarch Youhanna called on the warring sides to end “intimidation, displacement, extremism, and takfiri (Islāmic extremist) mentality”. Such radicals are increasingly influential among rebels, they attack Christians as they see them as infidels and as punishment for what they consider Christian support for President Bashar al-Assad.

20 April 2014

Associated Press


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