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Sunday, 27 July 2014

27 July 2014. MY HEROES… THANK YOU!

00 Thank You Grandpa for the Victory. 27.07.14


00 my heroes. poklonnaya gora. 27.07.14


Спасибо вам… THANK YOU for crushing the fascist snakes (and their collaborationist running dogs)… THANK YOU for stopping the Nazi murderers… THANK YOU for giving us a peaceful world to grow up in.


I can’t say it often enough or loud enough… if you know a World War II vet from any of the countries of the Anti-Hitler Coalition, honour them… they saved us from a long nasty fascist night. They’re our heroes… NOT Ronald Reagan… NOT Rush Limbaugh… NOT Clint Eastwood… NOT Bill O’Reilly… NOT Richard Cheney… NOT Paul Ryan… NOT Willard Romney… all of whom avoided combat service (some were gutless cowards who avoided military duty altogether).

Respect those who earned respect… as for the others… kiss my ass…


Now, that’s WORTHY of respect and honour…


Friday, 25 July 2014

25 July 2014. Some of My Favourite Things… V K Troshin, the First Singer and “Owner” of “Moscow Nights”

00 vladimir troshin. 25.07.14


The original recording of Moscow Nights by V K Troshin… most Russians will tell you that it’s the best one


G K Ots’ rendition of Moscow Nights


B T Shtokolov singing Выхожу один я на дорогу (Vykhozhu odin ya na dorogu: I Walk Alone Down the Road), one of the classic romansy


Тишина (Tishina: Silence)… another song by Troshin


Everybody’s heard of Подмосковные вечера (Podmoskovnye vechera: Moscow Nights, literally, Evening in the Moscow Suburbs)… but not so many people know of V K Troshin, the first singer of the song in 1955. That’s right… Moscow Nights isn’t a folk song, it’s a modern “composed” song (by the famous composer V P Solovyov-Sedoi). It’s one of the best-loved songs in the world… coming straight to you from the heart of the Evil Empire. Let’s be frank… life went on in the USSR… most people didn’t bother with politics, and if they “threw a pinch of incense on the altar”, the state left them alone. It wasn’t like what the Reagan Hard Right nutters said it was (nor was the USA like what Sov propaganda said it was… propaganda in the Cold War on both sides wasn’t overly convincing or particularly truthful).

Vladimir Konstantinovich “owns” this song… all Russians know that… now, YOU know that. His voice wasn’t as deep as B T Shtokolov‘s was, nor was it as powerful as G K Ots‘… but it had a soft lyricism not usually found in the bass/baritone range. By the way, he wasn’t a trained singer… he was an actor at the Moscow Art Theatre from 1947 to 1988. Perhaps, that’s why his voice doesn’t have that “studied” undertone that you find in most conservatoire-trained vocalists (indeed, it has more the aspect of speech, not song).


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

8 July 2014. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This: “Church Cynically Sidesteps Soviet’s Brutal Past” (Yes… That’s what this Crackbrained Zapadnik Actually Wrote)

04b Kirill and Zyuganov



You gotta read this unhinged shit. Truly… this is what the zapadniki believe. Note well that he repeats Langley’s playbook word-for-word. Dupes and fellow-travellers exist… in Moscow and Piter, mostly. Here’s the sad part… the fascist filth at the so-called “Kyiv Post” (do note the illiterate Uniate backwoods spelling of “Kiev”) picked this up, and it’s heartening the Uniate filth and their schismatical running dog allies. I have more to say, but read this first… really, you can’t make up shit like this…

This is a “read n’ heed”… it tells you what the US government and its fawning amen corner amongst the Russian intelligentsia purveys as its Pravda of the moment. Do have a care, there be dragons, and they be hungry… HobbyLobby proved that…



Not much in modern Russia surprises me anymore, but last week I got a real shock… Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev warmly congratulated KPRF leader G A Zyuganov on his 70th birthday, presenting him with the church’s highest order, saying, “As one of the most prominent politicians of modern Russia, you strive to look after the welfare of the people and protect traditional moral values. I hope that in future your fruitful activity will help promote socially significant initiatives and the moral transformation of society”. I’d like to remind our friend the Patriarch that a communist dictatorship killed tens of thousands of Russian Orthodox priests and sent hundreds of thousands to labour camps. That doesn’t even include the countless Soviet laypeople imprisoned or killed for their faith. Zyuganov has portraits of V I Lenin and I V Stalin hanging above his desk, portraits of men who personally signed orders to destroy churches and execute believers. However, perhaps, the modern-day leader of the same party once led by Lenin and Stalin reconsidered and said something about the “blunders” or “wrongdoings” of his predecessors… nothing of the sort. Zyuganov remains the same diehard Marxist that he always was.

The only explanation is that Patriarch Kirill so venerates Soviet-era leaders and history that he wilfully closed his eyes to the darkest pages of his country’s past, even when those tragedies concern the Orthodox Church. The Bolsheviks didn’t formally ban the church; they simply “separated it from the state”. Nevertheless, in a country where the state controlled everything, this meant that they denied access to ordinary jobs to people of faith. Even if they did manage to land a desirable post, they found themselves denied opportunities for career advancement. Back when I studied at MGU, I twice saw school authorities expel students for the “crime” of attending church. After all, a normal self-respecting Soviet citizen should be an atheist. The Soviet authorities enshrined atheism in a thousand different laws. For example, the Bolsheviks adopted a decree on marriage in December 1917 that prohibited church marriages {they didn’t prohibit them, they declared them not legal before the law… that is, one could have a religious ceremony after a civil marriage, but only the civil marriage was legal… which is still true today: editor}. Right up until 1991, any Soviet citizen who got married in a church or baptised their children shouldered a serious risk. If Party members, they faced expulsion; if ordinary workers, they faced dismissal. Even with all the attempts at change that former Soviet leader M S Gorbachyov undertook with his “perestroĭka” during the final years of the USSR, the intolerance to churches and those who visit them remained unchanged.

However, the Orthodox Church became an influential force under President V V Putin. Nobody speaks of “separating the church from the state” anymore, although that principle is clearly enunciated in the Russian Constitution. Kirill is Putin’s greatest cheerleader. Now, in place of lessons on atheistic communism, school students study the Orthodox faith, institutes devoted to natural sciences introduce theology departments, and Orthodox priests give their blessing at every ship and rocket launch. Nevertheless, in the authorities’ view, and, perhaps, even from Zyuganov’s perspective, such behaviour is normal and even right.

7 July 2014

Andrei Malgin

The Moscow Times



00 BMD. Zyuganov We should strive to be better. 25.12.13



Firstly, look at the BRIGHT side of this. This screed, with all of its venomous bile and biting vitriol, means that the zapadniki are losing the battle for the soul of Holy Rus. That’s a very good thing, kids. The westernisers are losing heart; they’re losing what few niches that they have left in contemporary Russia (such as Ekho Moskvy). Malgin wants a godless Russia in the mode of the USA and the EU… he’s anti-religious, but he dare not admit such in today’s climate. He wants anti-religion, but in the modern Western style, not the Soviet style. Religion is one’s private notion and affectation, and it shouldn’t impinge on the public square. Religion is a tolerated anachronism… nothing more.

Of course, Malgin merely echoes the tune played by Langley, K Street, the Uniate hierarchy, the OCA/ROCOR First Families, and certain Jordanville elements. Shitbirds of a feather do flock together… do note that some elements in the ROCOR didn’t bury the hatchet after the ’07 reconciliation (I mean those who stayed… not those who left). Potapov remained at Radio Liberty… a deeply-Russophobic and anti-Orthodox institution… and his clique mirrors his extremist political views and shares his rightwing vision of a Russian future. He’s an analogue of the Uniate clergy who urge on the Svoboda killers… he works for a front agency of the CIA, which means that he helps in the present bloodletting in the Ukraine. He’s not alone… Lyonyo remains at the CFR, an American Establishment foreign policy stink-tank… Paffso’s tied in with every extremist rightwing stink-tank on K Street… SVS continues to suck up to Uniates (as the Taft invite proved)… I saw rightwing fanatics from the District at Jordanville at Pentecost, and they were schmoozing with the known rightwingers from the brotherhood.

The rightwingers and the godless FEAR the combination of Orthodoxy and Marxism. They do know that this combination makes more sense than the alliance with predatory crapitalism and Christianity that they propose. Don’t forget, the god-fearing commies in Novorossiya smashed the slot machines, shuttered the porno palaces, shot drug dealers, and chased the whores and pervs off the streets. They enshrined the Orthodox faith in their constitutions… a fact that upsets the godless mightily.

Yes, Virginia, the commies DID learn a lesson… G A Zyuganov writes letters of congratulations to believers at Christmas and Easter, and posts them on the KPRF website. During the Nasty 90s in the Ukraine, the Komsomoltsy stood tall for the canonical Church… they defended them from Uniate and schismatical desecrators. As a correspondent told me, “The Komsomoltsy were real muscle men… they didn’t take anything from anybody. However, they were respectful towards the elderly bishop and didn’t let anyone show disrespect to him”. Malgin is wilfully blind… we all know what the Scripture says of them… there is none so blind as those who will not to see. He wills not to see… therefore, he won’t. The same is true of Potapov, Paffso, Lyonyo, SVS, and all of their filthy retinues… they will not to see, and nothing that we can do will help it (unfortunately).

Look at the hate spilled by Malgin… look at the GOOD done by the alliance of the Church, Russian nationalists, and Leftists… one of these things is NOT like the other. Look at the good trees… look at the bad trees… and no bad tree bears good fruit… Our Lord Christ told us so!


Thursday, 26 June 2014

26 June 2014. Sergei Yolkin’s World… Hammer and Sickle. 2001

00 Sergei Yolkin. Hammer and Sickle. 2001

Hammer and Sickle

Sergei Yolkin



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