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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Medvedev Fears Civil War in the Ukraine… McCain Rattles His Rusty Sabre… Thousands of Ukrainian Servicemembers Rallied to the Russian Colours

00 Slavyansk 01. 15.04.14

Patriot barricade in Free Slavyansk… the junta scummers still haven’t taken it


On Tuesday, Chairman of the Government Dmitri Medvedev wrote on his Facebook page that renewed bloodshed in the Ukraine presaged a civil war, saying, “This is very regrettable, the cause of Ukrainian tragedy is that the legitimate authorities didn’t even try to preserve law and order in the regions of the country when takeovers of administrative buildings started. That’s why no one respected those authorities. Now, on the contrary, illegitimate forces attempt to restore order, which they destroyed themselves, as they rose to power through an armed coup. They fell into their own trap. The action triggered counteraction. An offense against the state (the coup in Kiev) led to popular protests in the regions. It was a chain reaction of events, both political and economic. Today, many people understand the true intentions of those who seized power in Kiev. It means that the path to a just society is clear; the people should independently choose their destiny. They should have the means of expressing their will by legal means and to take part in forming a contemporary Ukrainian state with equality for all nationalities and languages. They should do this independently, without interference from usurpers, nationalists, and criminals… without tanks and armoured vehicles… and without secret visits from CIA chiefs”.


Speaking before the Rada, junta chieftain Aleksandr Turchinov claimed, “An anti-terrorist (sic) operation began this morning, in northern Donetsk Oblast, we’ll carry it out responsibly and carefully. The goal of this special operation is to protect people (!?). We must take decisive action in the Donbass during this operation, as we face a threatening and colossal danger, but we must keep it balanced and responsible. Most of the eastern Ukraine, in spite of everything, demonstrates stability, which is due to the current government’s abilities”.


There was no military action in Donetsk Oblast yet… NONE. Turchinov is lying… but to whom? The Russians know better… the patriots in the east know better… even the Americans know better. However, the Western media machine picks up and disseminates the junta’s lies. If you believe a word of it, on either CNN or Fox, you’re clueless and stupid.



US Senator John McCain (R-AZ), who is now on a visit to Estonia, spoke live on one of the local TV channels, “We should give weapons to the Ukraine so that it could defend itself”. McCain, the Republican presidential candidate in the 2008 election, believes that Russia threatens its neighbour, “Russia provokes the West by staging actions in the Ukraine’s East. Maybe, it wants to increase its influence on the South as well”.


John McCain was so stupid that if he weren’t an admiral’s son and grandson, he would’ve flunked out of Annapolis (he graduated near the bottom of his class). The US Navy refused to promote him to flag rank due to his proven recklessness and imprudence. Most probably, his juvenile carelessness and disregard for good sense led to his shootdown… ever since, he’s blamed Russia for that and his injuries. In short, McCain’s a brave but eminently foolish man… you should weigh any and all of his comments in that light.


On Tuesday, Aleksandr Ankvab, the President of Abkhazia, said at a news conference with Russian journalists in Sukhumi, the capital of Abkhazia, “We see with our own eyes that the country’s collapsing and that nationalist radicals are running the show. This is an illustrative lesson for everyone. I approve the recent territorial reunification of Crimea with Russia; this was fair from any point of view. A temporarily lost but integral part of Russia returned home”. The Ukrainian junta and the West claim that the all-Crimean referendum was illegal and refuse to recognise the Crimea as part of Russia, although Moscow repeatedly stated that the referendum complied with international law and the UN Charter, and was in line with the precedent set by Kosovo’s secession from Serbia in 2008.


On Monday, the MVDU official website reported, “Interior Minister (sic) (Arseny Avakov) decided to create special units to maintain public order”. The post gave telephone numbers for information in Donetsk, Nikolayev, Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk, Odessa, Kharkov, and Kherson Oblasts, but gave no numbers for other entities. The headquarters also gave an e-mail address where all prospective applicants could send résumés; however, it didn’t publicise what criteria it’d use to select members of these units. The post, dated 13 April, said that they’d raise the first special units in the east and south, then, in the central and western regions, saying, “The MVDU wants to attract more than 12,000 people from across the country to the new special units. We’d provide weapons, kit, and command personnel”. In addition, Avakov ordered establishing the “Vostok” special unit in Lugansk Oblast.


00 Ukie fascists. 15.04.14

Fascist elements in Kiev… THIS is what America supports… and John McCain cackles his approval!


On Tuesday, First Deputy Defence Minister Arkady Bakhin said at a video conference at the situation centre of the Minoborony Rossii, “We employed 9,268 former personnel of the Ukrainian armed forces in uniformed positions in the Russian armed forces on a contract basis. All of them received Russian citizenship and all have already received Russian passports. Following instructions issued by Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu of 3 April 2014, we’ve organised refresher training for all former Ukrainian officers now in Russian service; starting on 13 May, they’ll receive upgraded professional training in their military specialties at Minoborony educational establishments. In most cases, the officers involved will have a year of retraining. In addition, units of the Black Sea Fleet now employ 7,050 former civilian personnel of the Ukrainian armed forces. Drills to upgrade the qualifications of former Ukrainian servicemembers have begun at the Nakhimov Naval School in Sevastopol. The main goal of the drills is to ensure adaptation of former Ukrainian personnel to the norms of the Russian armed forces and to teach them the operational, combat, and technical and mobilisation doctrine of the Russian armed forces”.


Thousands of Ukrainian servicemembers rallied to the Russian colours. NOT ONE RUSSIAN defected to the Ukrainians. NOT ONE. Draw your own conclusions. The junta isn’t long for this world.



On Tuesday, around two dozen demonstrators at the Rada building attempted to break in; they demanded that so-called “Interior Minister” Arseny Avakov resign. Some stipulated that all security functions go to First Vice-Premier Vitaly Yarema. Euromaidan roughnecks guarding the Rada building rebuffed the assault, preventing anyone from going in. Right Sector and Nastup (Offensive) extremists, who’d earlier demanded Avakov’s resignation, were presumably amongst those who attempted to break into the building.


Yarema is a brutal and vicious scumbag who headed the MVDU under Yushchenko; he aided the American extraordinary rendition programme in the Bush years. That is, he’s a known torturer and bully. He’s one of Yuliya’s most unsavoury confederates.



Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov said that the Minoborony suspended handover of armaments and military hardware to the Ukraine from the Crimea to prevent munitions and equipment from being used against civilians, saying, “I’d like to point up that Russia complies with its international obligations under the Paris Charter, the Helsinki Act, and UN and OSCE resolutions… we’ve pledged to avoid supplying and display restraint on arms supplies to hot spots. The term ‘hot spot’ is a very proper description of the current situation in the eastern and southeastern Ukraine”. So far, Russia returned to the Ukraine 389 pieces of military equipment, including eight helicopters and three naval vessels.


On Tuesday, the Kremlin press service said that President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Putin, noting, “Putin and Ban Ki-moon discussed the crisis in the Ukraine, aggravated after military operations initiated by the Kiev ‘authorities’ in the southeast. Putin emphasised that the Russian side expected the UN and the international community to clearly denounce these anti-constitutional actions”.

15 April 2014











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15 April 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Priest Blesses Patriot Opolchenie in Slavyansk

00 slavyansk. priest. 15.04.14


Here’s the real deal. A priest in Slavyansk blessed the patriot Opolchenie fighters defending the town against pro-American junta forces and American mercenary filth. It’s much like in 1612… the Church blessed the fighters defending the Orthodox motherland from foreign and heretical invaders then… and it blesses them today. Don’t listen to Langley and papist lies that the Orthodox in the Ukraine support the junta and their ravening greed. They do NOT… as this image testifies. It’s simple… the junta stands for American-style Individualist Libertarian heartlessness and money-worship… the patriot Opolchenie stand tall for Holy Rus and its communal traditions. Of course, the Church blesses the latter and curses the former.

The Ukraine can’t return to the status quo ante of 21 February… the American-fomented putsch saw to that. No one knows what the final outcome shall be, but it’s clear that if there is a Ukraine, it shall not be within the 21 February borders. The Galicians overplayed their hand… it sickened most of the other people. The only question now is how much of the “Ukraine” will voluntarily join Russia. Ponder this… Russia will NEVER allow the gas pipelines to fall into American hands… NEVER. The USA lacks the means to defend them… as does the junta. Figure it out for yourself.


Wisconsin Republican Slams Food Stamps as Fraudulent… This is Why NO Orthodox Christian Can Vote for Republican Slimers… Their Values are Anti-Christian and Contradict the Holy Church’s Teachings

00 Free Market Trickle Down Economics at Work. 15.05.13

THIS is what the Church teaches… it CONDEMNS the “Trickle Upon” voodoo economics of the Republican Party… get with the programme!


Republican Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman thinks that food stamps are a dysfunctional programme. According to Grothman, the country is in deep trouble, not only because of a bad economy or the huge amount of debt, but because of “social ills” encouraged by bad federal policies. Grothman told Jay Weber, a conservative radio talk show host, quoted by Politifact.com “Like a lot of people, I’m frustrated with what’s going on in Washington. I’m not frustrated with the gridlock as much as frustrated with our national Republicans” {that is, Grothman wants to kick the poor even more… Christian people in the Rodina are right when they US Republicans “satanic”: editor}.

Grothman believes that Republicans don’t realise the actual size of the problem. Particularly, he slams them for expanding food stamps, saying, “When the Republicans were last in control… from like 2001 to 2007, when they had the president, the House and the Senate… they really only made matters worse. During that time, the number of people on food stamps, the number of people in low-income housing went through the roof”. One should note that Grothman is a vocal opponent of food stamps. He claims that many people who use food stamps aren’t genuinely poor. Some food stamp recipients get unreported income, or live with someone with income that social services are unaware of. He claims that it discourages people from seeking employment, and, on the other hand, it encourages cheating to get into the programme. Grothman is well-known for his controversial political initiatives. For instance, in February 2012, Grothman introduced Senate Bill 507, which would amend Wisconsin statutes to stigmatise single parenthood as a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect.


Grothman wants to slam his boot into the faces of the poor and elderly… that’s so the Affluent Effluent (the “successful” in Grothman’s terms) receive all the good things in society. The rest of us don’t deserve them… that’s the Republican ideology in simple terms. HH is right… the “simple worker” pays for the sins of the Grothmans of this world. The Republican Party believes that no one owes anything to anyone else. Me… ME… ME!! By their fruits ye shall know them… indeed… look at a McMansion and understand that evil comes in many forms… most of them very comfortable and alluring…


15 April 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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Monday, 14 April 2014

Video: “Do Not Go to War, Obamushka! A Simple Baba Speaks…

00 baba to Obama. 14.04.14




00 Why did the Americans put the Statue of Liberty on an Island. 14.04.14


Hey, you there on the Maidan! Another Lena Vasilyok production… you don’t need to know Russian to catch the meaning. It’s anti-Galician fascist and pro-Russian all the way! Slava khrabavaya!


This is good stuff! Even if you don’t know Russian, watch the first vid after reading my (rough) translation. It’s hugely funny!



Dear President Obama!

I, a simple Grandma

From the Black Earth Voronezh Oblast

Want to speak my mind out to you.

Well, dear, let’s not kill,

Don’t choke on someone else’s blood!

Our kids aren’t to blame,

The rich want war!

Demons crept in your head,

“Go and choke those Russians!”

Obamushka, forgive me,

But my relatives live in the Crimea!

How could it not vote otherwise?

Crimea… it was always Russian!

You say you’re for democracy,

But you pal with fascist thugs!

Be careful with those Banderovtsy…

I know those mugs well…

They claim all the villages,

They don’t hesitate to kill!

I speak like your own grandma,

There’s a lot of anger in you, Obamushka!

I prayed that you’d repent,

But you wouldn’t, you miserable hustler!

You promised, I swear,

So I prayed in the temple of God,

That you’d die like a dog, you fascist spawn.

You should’ve reconciled with Volodya!

Come visit me, Obamushka,

Let me introduce you to our Priest!

We’d pray for America together,

Yes, we’d enlighten you with holy water!

I’d make blini for you, dear!

You shouldn’t bring war to the people!

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