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Monday, 14 April 2014

Video: “Do Not Go to War, Obamushka! A Simple Baba Speaks…

00 baba to Obama. 14.04.14




00 Why did the Americans put the Statue of Liberty on an Island. 14.04.14


Hey, you there on the Maidan! Another Lena Vasilyok production… you don’t need to know Russian to catch the meaning. It’s anti-Galician fascist and pro-Russian all the way! Slava khrabavaya!


This is good stuff! Even if you don’t know Russian, watch the first vid after reading my (rough) translation. It’s hugely funny!



Dear President Obama!

I, a simple Grandma

From the Black Earth Voronezh Oblast

Want to speak my mind out to you.

Well, dear, let’s not kill,

Don’t choke on someone else’s blood!

Our kids aren’t to blame,

The rich want war!

Demons crept in your head,

“Go and choke those Russians!”

Obamushka, forgive me,

But my relatives live in the Crimea!

How could it not vote otherwise?

Crimea… it was always Russian!

You say you’re for democracy,

But you pal with fascist thugs!

Be careful with those Banderovtsy…

I know those mugs well…

They claim all the villages,

They don’t hesitate to kill!

I speak like your own grandma,

There’s a lot of anger in you, Obamushka!

I prayed that you’d repent,

But you wouldn’t, you miserable hustler!

You promised, I swear,

So I prayed in the temple of God,

That you’d die like a dog, you fascist spawn.

You should’ve reconciled with Volodya!

Come visit me, Obamushka,

Let me introduce you to our Priest!

We’d pray for America together,

Yes, we’d enlighten you with holy water!

I’d make blini for you, dear!

You shouldn’t bring war to the people!

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Sunday, 16 February 2014

16 February 2014. Here’s the TRUTH About the Ukraine… Oleg Gazmanov in Kharkov… “Ukraine and the Crimea… It’s MY Country!”

00 UPA The Face of Evil. 06.12



Lately, the Uniates have put out much flapdoodle on the present Ukrainian crisis. They want us to believe that all “Ukrainians” want to kiss the Pope‘s naked ass and that they all want to lay down and be fucked by the USA, EU, and IMF. That’s not true. Take a look at this vid. LOOK at the crowd. It’s large, isn’t it? Trust me, the Uniates are a minority… they’re loud, but they’re a minority. The pro-Russian people outnumber them. I don’t advocate hatred… I don’t advocate violence, but if they don’t shut up, it’ll rile decent folk into repressing them… HARSHLY.

Frankly, Yanukovich should jettison the provinces that were part of interwar Poland. Let them go. Let them eat their “freedom”… after all, they’re parasites on the rest of the Ukraine (their income is lower and they don’t have any natural resources or industry to speak of) . They’ll find that the EU is a harsh mistress… as the Greeks did.

As for the loud Uniate voices on the web…


Don’t argue with them… but do oppose them. Stay out of their fora, stay out of their commboxes, and don’t let them rile you… spread the truth when you can (it’s why the UN and Council of Europe rejected the Holodomor fable). If you run a blog or website, beware of one “Josephus Flavius”… don’t argue with him… spam him. We live in perilous times and there be some “interesting” sorts out there. Have a care…



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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

10 December 2013. RIA-Novosti Video. Shaolin Monks in Moscow. Ding Hao!

00 Shaolin Temple. Martial arts. 05.09.13


00 Russian and Chinese soldiers. 06.09.13

Russia and China are friends… because America doesn’t know how to mind its own business…


The Shaolin monks demonstrated their skill in martial arts in Moscow. Betcha they’ve also gone to Buryatiya and Kalmykiya where there are tons of Buddhists (and here and here). Click here for a page with a 90-second vid in English on them. China and Russia have become deep friends due to the hatred and vitriol poured out on both by the American Establishment. Anglo Americans don’t know when to shut up and listen… they’re spoilt toddlers who need constant adulation, and if you disagree with them, they pound off in a huff and pout. The Shaolin monks show off their stuff, which is the fruit of a 5,000-year-old Chinese civilisation (and here). We Russians are kids compared to that (here and here). Yet, the rootless immature (as a nation) Amerikantsy are only about 400-years-old, but they feel that they have the right to lecture and bully all the rest of us (without having produced anything of lasting value and substance themselves).

Oh, one last thing… “Ding Hao” in Mandarin means “Very Good”, “Top-Notch“, “Top Shelf“, and “Number One“… it’s very high praise, indeed…



Friday, 13 September 2013

13 September 2013. Who Woulda Thunk It… “Gospodi Pomilui” Sung by an American Choir… Lord Have Mercy!

00 The Soul Children of Chicago. 13.09.13



This is good stuff. Good is good, no matter where you find it. Kudos for a job well done. As I said in the title, “Who woulda thunk it”… Russian culture does pop up in the most interesting places, amongst the most interesting sort of people. As Marley said to Scrooge, “Mankind was my business”… I’ll drink to that… and so shall you! It shows you that ordinary American folks have no animus against Russia… that’s worth celebrating.

s Bogom! 



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