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Monday, 6 October 2014

6 October 2014. From the Russian Web… Have a Smile… Bonya and Kuzmich Mug Up a Nyusha Song

00 Bonya and Kuzmich. 13.08.14



Here’s a real song by Nyusha


I wrote earlier:

Bonya and Kuzmich are a parody duo from Perm… their vKontakte page is here. Have a smile… the days are evil, so, we need to laugh TWICE as much as we do in more normal times. This is a hoot… laugh good n’ hearty… isn’t this just like some of the better stuff on KVN? Have a care, kids…

We especially need levity at gut-wrenching times like this. There’s nothing wrong with it…


Sunday, 5 October 2014

5 October 2014. “My Name is Islam”… Real-Deal Home Truths from Feet-on-the-Street Real People

00 Muslim Imam at the Christmas Readings. 18.02.14



“Yes, there are those who kill and bomb in my name,
But if I don’t approve, then why am I to be blamed?
In every religion, you’ll find those who abuse it,
Thinking they have a permit,
To do wrong”.

I need add nothing… but “Amen”… don’t listen to Rush, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, or John McCain… they DO have agendas…

Those who hate have no belief in their souls and hearts… ’nuff said!


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

24 September 2014. Russian Rocker Aleksandr Sklyar Issues Song in Support of Novorossiya… “Millions (When War was on the Doorstep)”

00 Novorossiya OPPOSES the Junta! 22.08.14



Famous rocker Aleksandr F. Sklyar recorded a song in support of Novorossiya, Millions (When War was on the Doorstep). The main idea of the song is that everyone in Novorossiya is involved in the war somehow. The famous rocker encourages all Russian people to “choose the weapons that you’ll fight with”. On its first day of appearance on YouTube, more than 103,500 people viewed the song.

24 September 2014




By now, the number of hits on the vid is over 220,000… people respond to truth, well-expressed. That’s why no one really listened to Barack Obama at the UN today… it was lies… badly-expressed. The USA refuses to admit its role as the chief warmonger on the planet. That’s why Russians are rising as one to oppose the American aggression in the Ukraine. America has met its match… millions have heard the call, they are “choosing the weapons that they’ll fight with”, and they’re not going to allow the nekulturny Anglo Americans to impose their cretinish non-culture on Holy Rus. The Americans foolishly goaded the Russians and Chinese… they’ll find out that these ancient peoples will vanquish “winning is the only thing”… America can’t defeat the spirit of the Long March and of the 900 Days.


Friday, 5 September 2014

5 September 2014. Sov Pop Stars of the 80s Rock the Old Sov Anthem

00 Konstantin Kinchyov



Pop stars of the 80s rock the old Sov anthem. Most people in the USSR were patriotic… there weren’t any political prisoners left by the end of the 80s. Don’t listen to lying shits like Potapov… he had the effrontery to be disrespectful to Patriarch Aleksei Ridiger in public (at Georgetown U, where the whole world saw him criticise our patriarch at the behest of his CIA paymasters). Don’t listen to those who dragged our Church through the mud via their alliance with Western intel agencies, K Street stink-tankers, and the Republican Party. Today, the people of Novorossiya want the USSR back… they want a Soviet state with justice for all, honour to Christ’s Church, and a fair share-out of goods. That’s NOT what the Republican Party wants…


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