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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Russia Welcomes 100 Syrian Kids from the War Zone

00 syrian kids. 28.07.14



The Anglo Americans send money to the terrorists who kill Christian kids in Syria… Russia aids Christian kids in Syria and aids those who fight the terrorists. I seem to see a difference. Go to hell, Bob Menendez and Bob Corker… your hate is too obvious. You can have Russian generosity or Anglo American perversity… it’s up to you.



Angela Ganim, an official at the Syrian Department for Martyrs’ Sons Boarding Schools told Rossiya Segodnya that one hundred Syrian children from Damascus’ Orthodox shelters and boarding schools arrived Tuesday in Russia for a two-week vacation at a recreation camp near Moscow, saying, “This trip to Russia is a great treat for our kids. We hope this experience will take their mind off the tragedy that befell them and help build up energy ahead of the next school year”. There are currently two such schools in Damascus, both are government-funded, as they host children whose fathers died serving in the Syrian Army. Other children came from an Orthodox shelter in Mar Tekla convent in Ma’loula, a Christian shrine invaded last December by Islamist insurgents. Ms Ganim said that she was surprised to see a delegation of Russian VIPs waiting for the children’s’ arrival at a Moscow airport, telling us, “When we came to Moscow, we were amazed at the high level of the reception. At the airport, we were greeted by the Syrian Ambassador and his wife, as well as by a representative of the Andrei Pervozvanny Fund, the chief of the Russian Railways company, and other Russian senior officials”. The children will meet Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias, have a sightseeing tour of Moscow, take part in fun recreational events, and do sports.

29 July 2014

Rossiya Segodnya


20 September 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… THIS is Why Bob Corker and Bob Menendez are Scum and No Decent Person Can Associate With Them

00 Banderist scum. 20.09.14


Let’s not waste words. Senators Bob Corker (R-TN) and Bob Menendez (D-NJ) are scum for supporting the Galician Uniate fascist junta in Kiev through their Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014. The Galician Uniates refuse to disown their Nazi collaborationist history. That’s OK… that’s their choice! However, since those Nazi-loving pigs took up arms against the USA and its allies, the USA should disown the present fascist junta in Kiev until it asks repentance of the world for Galician Uniate war crimes in World War II (especially, the Galicians have to ask publicly and sincerely for forgiveness from Byelorussians, Poles, Roma, and Jews, not just Russians… they killed without stint or limit, I’m afraid… after all, their hero Bandera WAS a convicted murderer). Furthermore, the Galician Uniates should pay reparations to Russia, Belarus, and Poland for their killing spree in the VOV. That isn’t going to happen, of course. We as Orthodox Christians have the duty to expose those who advocate harm against Christ’s Church. The foremost foe of the Church today is the US Republican Party with its loud support of fascism and the Unia in the Ukraine through such actions as the Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014 and previous legislation targeting Russia. Look at the above image… the 27 Republican senators who sponsored legislation to harm Russia support the legacy of fascism represented by the Kiev junta with their proposed bill! They support neo-Nazis and fascist-lovers, and we should say it LOUDLY! All neoliberals are enemies of mankind, but the Republicans are the worst of the lot. They worship the Almighty Dollar… for no man can serve two masters… ugly, ain’t it?

We all know who the loud pro-Republicans in Orthodox ranks are… you’re my enemies and I say so openly. You support those who hate our ancestral Motherland and Faith. Remember… some of our people were collaborators, too… the children of the KONR crowd still circulate amongst us, unrepentant. Some of them are well-known and “respectable” clergy… fancy that…


20 September 2014. Latest Sitrep Maps from the Front…

00 Novorossiya sitrep 01. 20.09.14


00 Novorossiya sitrep 02. 20.09.14


00 Novorossiya sitrep 03. 20.09.14


Not much change… but the Uniates refuse to withdraw from the pockets. That’s why I believe that there’s no truce. Not only do I believe that, but the DNR/LNR leadership no longer believes anything that comes out of the Uniate junta. The fighting continues…


Heavy Fighting in Mariupol in All Quarters

00 donetsk. 03.08.14


The situation in Mariupol continues to deteriorate sharply. There’s fighting on the left bank of the Kalmius and on the motorway to Donetsk. Local residents reported shelling at Stary Krym, Sartana, and Talakovka, and at Nirokino on the Taganrog motorway. In addition, there’s a fire at dock facilities on the Sea of ​​Azov, shelling may have damaged a ship in port.

19 September 2014



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