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Monday, 1 September 2014

Junta Takes Leave of Reality… It’s Time for Diaspora Russian Orthodox to Break ALL Ties with “Ukrainian Orthodox” and “Ukrainian Catholics” Immediately and Completely

00 The Night of the Lving Dead. Kiev. 10.05.14


Junta strongman Poroshenko is a gibbering idiot… read this. Novorossiya didn’t invade the Ukraine… the Ukraine invaded Novorossiya. Novorossiya didn’t deliberately target civilian neighbourhoods in the Ukraine… the Ukraine deliberately targeted civilian neighbourhoods in Novorossiya. Novorossiya didn’t bomb civilians in the Ukraine… the Ukraine bombed civilians in Novorossiya. The Ukrainian government is the result of an illegal and violent coup against the legitimate president and his cabinet. The Novorossiya government is the result of a peaceful referendum amongst the people, who voted to leave the Ukraine. I seem to think that if there’s any accusation of “terrorism”, it lies at the feet of the Ukrainian putschist junta, NOT the popularly elected Novorossiyan people’s government.

Furthermore, a putschist leader ranted that there would be tens of thousands of casualties in a coming war. At present, the junta forces are on the run… its soldiers don’t want to fight, there are growing protests in the Western Ukraine, Rusin soldiers left the front and went home to Podkarpatskaya. With what means is the junta going to wage such a war with? It doesn’t have the trained manpower… its army melts away via desertion, casualties, and “Order Nr 1″-style disobedience. It doesn’t have the resources… adulterated bread is on sale in Kiev and there’s no hot water in working-class districts. It doesn’t have popular support… most men dodge the draft and most people openly are against the war (there are pockets of “support” in Kiev and the Lvovshchina, but friends inform me that most of that is insincere… “When the fascists roam the streets with clubs, normal people repeat what the fascists want to hear”).

There has been NO condemnation of this from the UGKTs and the schismatical conventicles of “Ukrainian Orthodox”. It’s time for all good Russian Orthodox in the diaspora (ROCOR, MP, and OCA) to break all ties with the UGKTs and all “Ukrainian Orthodox” groups. They refuse to condemn evil… indeed, through their support of the junta, they give overt and willing support to evil. Unfortunately, the hierarchy and clergy of so-called “Byzantine Catholics” in the USA support the junta. A friend of mine in Pittsburgh PA tells me that the ordinary believers are for Holy Rus… the priests and bishops kiss the junta’s ass… openly and without reservation (my contact was especially bitter about a married priest from Eastern Europe who wouldn’t stand up for Rusin people and their rights). We should break all ties, official and unofficial, formal and informal, institutional and personal, with the UGKTs and with all “Ukrainian Orthodox”… they support those who literally attack the canonical Church, kill and brutalise its clergy, and destroy our parishes and monasteries. We should break all such ties with the Byzantine Catholic hierarchy, its clergy, and all of its institutions… they should know that supporting evil has its consequences. The only innocents are most of the Byzantine Catholic believers… whom we should encourage to “come home”.

Evil is evil… well, the UGKTs hasn’t changed its spots, has it? Slipy blessed the SS murderers… Shevchuk blesses the Natsgadi murderers. They’ll do what they’ll do… but we needn’t applaud it by having anything to do with them. It’s time to show our stand. Whom do you stand with? Do you stand with our persecuted brethren in Novorossiya or do you stand with the fascist Uniate/schismatical murderers? That’s the choice on offer. Choose well.


Facts Withheld Regarding MH17 Malaysian Airlines Crash: Dutch Government Refuses to Release Black Box Recordings

00 Boeing 777 crash site. Donetsk NR. 21.07.14


Notable for its absence in the corporate media is any mention of the 17 July downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukrainian territory, killing all 298 people on the aircraft. At that time, and without any evidence, all American and NATO officials immediately blamed Russia and the [patriots] in the eastern Ukraine for shooting down the Boeing 777. They used this charge to whip the EU into imposing sanctions on the Russian economy. On 11 August, the Dutch Safety Board announced that they’d publish a preliminary report in a week with the first factual findings of the continuing investigation into the flight that departed from Amsterdam and crashed in the Ukraine. The Netherlands has custody of the flight data recorder, or black box recordings, from the crash. As of 25 August, the Dutch government refused to release the recordings (RIA-Novosti, 25 August). Of course, this immediately raises suspicions that Kiev junta forces were responsible for the crash.

Questions had already been raised as to why the Kiev forces would emplace numerous Buk-M1 SAM batteries in an area where [patriot forces] had no planes, why the Malaysian flight was diverted hundreds of miles by Kiev ground control over the battle zone, and why Kiev air traffic control data and radar data of the flight still haven’t been made ­public. Did the Ukrainian military shoot down the airliner simply to create a provocation that they could turned against the [patriots] in the eastern Ukraine and Russia? Demands for an independent inquiry into the crash are growing. One petition raises the danger of American expansion of NATO and military encirclement of Russia and posed the possibility that Flight MH17’s crash resulted from an attempt to assassinate President V V Putin, whose aircraft was returning from South America the same day. The media’s silence now and the absence of American officials providing any concrete evidence in over a month from their own spy satellites or radar add fuel to the growing questions and deep suspicions of the Kiev régime’s role in the crash and the growing danger of American/NATO military expansion.

30 August 2014

Sara Flounders

Centre for Research on Globalisation


Right Sector Terrorists Fired on Junta Soldiers Attempting to Surrender

00 right sector terrorists. 21.05.14



In Russian, a survivor of this war crime tells the story…


According to a DNR officer with the call-sign “Pastor”, Right Sector terrorists tried to prevent members of the regular junta forces from laying down their arms and surrendering to DNR forces near Starobeshevo, saying, “We moved to Starobeshevo, tasked with keeping the 93 Brigade from Dnepropetrovsk from breaking out of the pocket. It turned out that part of the ground was under a dual encirclement… the Right Sector fired on those trying to surrender. Two BMPs that tried to surrender came under fire from the Ukrainian side. One of the Ukrainian officers who tried to surrender told us that Right Sector terrorists opened fire on them. On top of that, a Ukrainian officer said that the Right Sector guys deliberately set up a trap for his soldiers, who were planning to lay down their arms and surrender to us”.

1 September 2014

Russkaya Vesna


Surrounded Fascists in Mariupol Rob Citizens and Rape Women

00 mariupol. 01.09.14


Meanwhile, Information Front reported, citing local people, that the Ukrainian war criminals are giving vent to their natural anarchy in occupied Mariupol. In particular, this applies to so-called “volunteer battalions” and “territorial defence battalions”, which people often referred to simply as “punishers”. Local people have become accustomed to the regular extortions of these battalions… they come into groceries and other shops and just take what they want, not paying for anything. Often, these terrorists simply threaten people with their weapons, saying that it’s for the war, and that the Ukraine will reimburse them after it’s over, which, of course, no one believes.

However, lately, sensing their impunity, the fascists moved beyond the borderline of the permissible. Reports from Mariupol state that rape is routine and commonplace amongst the fascist executioners. Such cases aren’t rare; every time, the fascists threatened the victims were with death if they reported it to the police or other authorities. Actually, if they did report it, it wouldn’t do a bit of good. The police and other city agencies are simply afraid of these lawless armed men, even though they create chaos in the city. According to locals, the authorities ignore all citizen complaints about looting by junta “soldiers”, which emboldens the fascist terrorists even more. Let’s hope that the insolent fascists suffer severe punishment for all their crimes in the near future.

31 August 2014




I feared that the situation in Mariupol would degenerate into a situation like that of Manila in 1945. In short, it has. I have no pleasure in finding out that I was right. However, it does speak volumes of the amorality and venality of the UGKTs. It blesses those who carry out this shit. It’s “for the Ukraine”, so, it’s good, and all must bless it, no matter what the individual suffering. I I Slipy was a soulless bastard for blessing the Nazis… S Yu Shevchuk is a soulless bastard for blessing the pro-American fascists. One wonders how much Langley pays him and his conventicle for his betrayal of his people…


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