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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Ukrainianism: A Cancerous Tumour in the Russian World… Banderovtsy: The Result of Ukrainisation

00 We ARE Moskali! 10.03.14

That isn’t OK with us… we ARE Moskali!

(Moskal: Galician pejorative for Great Russian, mostly redeemed by Russians today… are we Moskals? We are! Whaddaya gonna do about it?)



There’s a section where I’ve kept the original Cyrillic intact and untranslated. It doesn’t affect the meaning… it illustrates the changes that “Ukrainians” made in a particular word. Even one who can’t read Cyrillic can tell that! That’s why I did it.



The Ukraine! The native land of my ancestors who fought for the Russian land, for the Orthodox Faith, of the host found in the ancient Lay of Igor! Blessed land! For a long time now, in my prayer rule several times a day, I repeat two identical prayers, one for my Russian Motherland’s salvation and the other for my Ukrainian Motherland’s salvation… they’re one and indivisible in my heart. Once again, war has begun… once again, it broke out on the 22nd, not of June this time, but in February, when the Banderovtsy captured Kiev. Again, the war will be long, bloody, and undeclared… again, we face a hard defence of Crimea and Moscow… but then, as always, will come our Russian Victory!

Today, the Austrian-Polish-Soviet “Ukrainian” project is complete, and its creators can accept congratulations… they achieved their goal; they created a schism in the Russian World. They spent huge amounts of money in their attempt to reformat the Russian World, and its borne fruit… they created a Ukrainian “nation”… a “nation” of Janissaries willing to suffer, fight, and die for their ideals. The ideals of the Banderovtsy are simple… “We must destroy all traces of Russia and the Empire in the Ukraine, for if any trace of Russian tradition remains, then, establishing a Banderovtsy state is impossible”.

In 1596, the Unia forcibly tore the Christians of the Ukraine and Belarus from Orthodox Unity; the Unia placed them under the Polish Catholic yoke. Subsequent centuries saw attempts to force Polonisation and Catholicisation upon the Russian people in the Ukraine and Belarus, attempts that only ended with the return of Russian rule to these regions. After the Polish Partitions, only the western lands… Galicia, Podkarpatskaya Rus, and Bukovina remained outside the Russian Empire. Although Lvov, the main city of Galicia, was mostly Polish (in 1939, it was 70 percent Polish, 20 percent Jewish, and only 10 percent “Ukrainian”), full Polonisation in the countryside didn’t go well… they considered themselves Rusins, part of the Russian World, many looked with hope to Russia as a future deliverer from the Polish-Austrian yoke.

A new idea arose in mid-19th century Vienna… a project of ​​creating a new nation from the Rusins with an anti-Russian language and an anti-Russian ideology, a nation that would hate everything Russian. The prominent Polish priest/historian Walerian Kalinka formulated this policy as, “If Galicia can’t be mine, then, let it be neither mine nor thine”. Ludwik Mierosławski, a leader of the January Uprising, expressed it more specifically, “Let’s throw bombs and set the land afire on the Dnepr and the Don, in the heart of Russia. Let them destroy it. We should foster hatred and disputes amongst the Russian people. Then, the Russians will tear themselves with their own claws, and we’d spread and flourish”.Graf Agenor Romuald Gołuchowski, the Austrian governor of Galicia (Polish by nationality) put it more bluntly, “Let the Rusins be ‘Rusyns’… so that they’ll destroy themselves”. An advisor to Polish dictator Józef Piłsudski stated after Poland regained independence that it didn’t matter to Poles whether there really was a separate Ukrainian national consciousness within the Russian nation, “If the Ukrainian people didn’t exist, if they were just an ethnographic entity, we’d help them to achieve national consciousness. Why would we do that? To what purpose would we do that?  Then, to our east, we wouldn’t have to deal with over 90 million Great Russians and 40 million Little Russians united in an undivided strong nation”.


00 Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. Talerhof. They all had faces... 2012

Memorial to the Martyrs of Talerhof


To carry out Ukrainisation in Galicia required violent and bloody measures… the intelligentsia who resisted it faced denunciations from newly-minted “Ukrainians” during the First World War, being killed in their native places {as was St Maksim Sandovich: editor} or imprisoned in the Austrian death camps of Talerhof and Terezín, and the majority didn’t come back from there. However, after the Civil War, the Bolsheviks took on the cause of Ukrainisation even more fiercely and consistently… a vehement Ukrainisation undergone not only in the Ukrainian SSR, but also in the Kuban and Stavropol! There weren’t that many experts in its “language”, so they had to “import” them from Poland… to remedy a lack of textbooks, they used books printed in the Austro-Hungarian Empire… with portraits of Franz Joseph! By the end of 1925, an “army” of 50,000 Galician “imports” laboured in the Ukraine, and their number increased monthly.

Yet, the Galician-invented “govirku” (“speech” in the Galician dialect) had little in common with the people’s native dialects; no one knew it, and most refused to learn it. In 1925, the fifth anniversary of Ukrainisation, the Kiev Obkom of the Communist Party (Bolshevik) noted that despite the broad state support for Ukrainisation, 25 percent “absolutely didn’t know it” 30 percent “know almost nothing”, 30.5 percent “know little”, and only 14.5 percent were “more or less knowledgeable”. S A Yefremov noted, “Jews took Ukrainisation the most seriously. Indeed, over the last six months they’ve learnt the most”. Both Little Russians and Great Russians strongly opposed Ukrainisation; they didn’t want to teach “ridnoi movi” (Galician dialect for “native language”). Given the high percentage of Jews in the Ukraine then, we can assume that most of those 14.5 percent who were more or less competent in Ukrainian were Jews, not Little or Great Russians, the intended “beneficiaries” of “Mova” (Galician dialect equivalent of the Russian язык (yazyk: language)).

“Mova” was an artificial development; it was an anti-Russian language, with a maximum replacement of traditional folk Russian words with Polish, German, Galician dialect, or simply concocted equivalents. The main point was that it wasn’t Standard Russian. They constantly tinkered with it, they repeatedly altered words, since the creators of this “language” wanted to take it as far from Russian as they could. For example, take «местоимение» (mestoimenie: pronoun”); in turn, they changed it to «мiстоименния», «мiстойменник», «заiименник», and «займенник». Where it was impossible to come up with something by ad-libbing, they took any foreign word that they could. For example, «вертолёт» (vertolyot: helicopter), according to native derivation (“vertical flyer”), became in Mova (as in modern English), «геликоптер» (“geliokopter”) and «запятая» (zapyataya: comma) became «кома» (“koma”) {which means “clod” in real Russian… what a buncha maroons!: editor}.

The result is gibberish, which angered even one of the original leading lights of the Mova movement, Ivan Semyonovich Nechui-Levitsky, who went into opposition to Ukrainisation, saying 1912, “in trying to get something really far away from Russian, they came up with something that’s far away from real spoken Ukrainian”, he proposed to create a new national vernacular based on Podneprsky (“By the Dnepr”) dialects. If you look at The Tale of Bygone Years and The Lay of the Host of Igor, one realises that they’re in an archaic language, not modern Ukrainian or Russian, although they came from what’s now the Ukraine. Indeed, they help us to realise how artificial modern “ridnoi movi” is. Again, if you read the Chronicle of What I Saw, by a contemporary and possible associate of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, you won’t find “ridnoi movi” there either.

However, what best describes Mova’s artificiality is familiarity with the language of the Lemkos, the westernmost people in the Russian World. The land of the Lemkos… Lemkovina… around the ancient Russian city of Peremishlya (now Przemyśl in Podkarpackie Voivodeship in the Polish Republic). Lemko historian Fr Ioann Polyansky (1888-1972, literary pseudonym “Lemkin”) wrote about the Lemko language, “The Lemko nationality belongs to the great Russian-Slavic motherland. The name ‘Rus’ was for them the eternal holy embodiment of the ​​Slavic ideal, it always laid in their hearts. They call themselves Rusin, Russian, Rusnyak, and Lemko… although in later times, our Lemkos sometimes used the term “Ukrainian” to name their nationality, yet, simultaneously, they kept their earlier orientation. Bear in mind that Lemkos use different terms due to political conditions, they’re not all from our soil”.

Another brilliant Lemko, Dmitri Vislotsky (1888-1968, literary pseudonym “Vanyo Gunyanka”), wrote in his primer on his tongue, “The Russian People consists of Great Russians and Little Russians, along with Ukrainians, Belarusians, and Lemkos. At base, Little Russians and Ukrainians are similar to Great Russians; the differences are more in the nature of discrete accents on the same theme. Belarusians and Lemkos also developed out of the same Russian root. In our Lemko language, some words are the same in Russian, but aren’t similar to modern Ukrainian. Modern Ukrainians forgot their links with Great Russians and Belarusians. That means our Lemko people are part of the one Russian People. We have words in common with Russian, but not with Slovak and Polish”. The truth, expressed in the placid, sonorous, and ancient Russian mother-language!

The widespread dissemination of the “Ukrainian” language led to creating ideological justifications for it… a separatist alternative anti-Russian history… full of lies about its alleged separate existence from the Russian people. Anyone even slightly familiar with the history of our people say that the “ridnoi movi” language and history are nonsense… however, not only Austria-Hungary and pre-war Poland maintained and supported this twaddle with much funding, but also the early USSR, and, after 1991, the chimerical Ukrainian pseudo-state. This drivel generates conclusions… the building of a stable Ukrainian state is impossible if there’s a strong Russian state, and one can’t build a stable Ukrainian state unless one infects the Russian World with the cancer of anti-Russian Ukrainianism. After all, it’s obvious that after it took root in Galicia, the “Ukrainian” language seeks to win the central, eastern, and southern regions, and if it settles there, then, the turn will come of the Kuban and Stavropol, where there was Ukrainisation until 1930, then, the fanatics would target Kursk, Voronezh, Belgorod, and Bryansk Oblasts, etc., etc. This anti-Russian cancer will metastasise until it infects the entire Russian World, unless we destroy, finally, the demonic “Ukrainian” project.

After all, the fruits of Ukrainianism are obvious… genocide of Russians in Galicia during World War I by Austria-Hungary, open and unbridled harassment of Russians in Galicia and in the Ukrainian SSR before the VOV, numerous Hitlerite Ukrainian auxiliary police battalions, which ran rampant in the Ukraine and Belarus during the VOV. For instance, it’s no secret the Germans didn’t destroy Khatyn; Ukrainian collaborators of the 118 Police Battalion under Vasili Meleshko did the dirty deed. The Germans just encircled the area in a cordon; the details came out only because a teenager survived due to “laying doggo”. The Ukrainians drove all the inhabitants into a barn, set it on fire, then, fired into the building with a machine gun, and finished off all those women and children who managed to escape from the blaze with rifle fire. In contrast to the German fascists, the Ukrainians showed no mercy. Reputedly, Vladimir Shcherbitsky, the First Secretary of the KPU, begged on his knees to all the other Politburo members not to tell this terrible truth about the Ukrainians. The Soviets caught only one of these Ukrainian “heroes” of Khatyn; they condemned him in a closed court session. However, today, a museum in Chernovtsy glorifies the fiends of the 118 Battalion as heroes of the Ukraine.

Today, the Banderovtsy are again temporarily victorious in the Ukraine; we have a very tough fight ahead of us. However, if we want to win with the least amount of casualties, we need to be clear about one thing. There aren’t three fraternal peoples; there’s only one indivisible Russian nation, part of which was long under Polish Catholic rule, thereby acquiring some borrowed differences in customs and language, which, nevertheless, divide us much less than Bavarians, Saxons, and Prussians in Germany, or Provençals, Picardians, and Parisians in France. Therefore, now, it’s necessary to carry out a resolute policy of de-Ukrainisation in Little Russia, along with a vigorous anti-Banderovtsy campaign. At the same time, we shouldn’t forget about Belarus, where today some forces want to separate them artificially from the Russian World.

Remember the efficacious treatment that we handed out to the Banderovtsy the first time around, it was swift and potent Russian medicine… the NKVD swept in and grabbed them, they had quick and resolute trials, leading to their breathing in the fresh frosty air in the vast Siberian expanses and in the Russian Far East… places that were glad to accept healthy energetic young people. Yep… there are plenty of places to send ‘em… Yaytsenyuk and Yarosh, Muzichko and Lyashko, Klichko and all the other Banderovtsy scumbags. There’s no other way out for us anymore… otherwise, the Ukrainian bacilli will infect the Russian World with its cancerous metastasis, self-destructing it like a PVO SAM that’s flown off-course.

23 March 2014

Yevgeni Altukhov

Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya



00 Ukrainian junta mansions 05. 02.03.14

Yatsenuk’s mansion in Kiev… only 100 metres (330 feet) from Yanukovich’s … the darkened pot (Yatsenyuk) dares to call the kettle (Yanukovich) black. With such brass and chutzpah, Yatsenyuk will do well on Wall Street when Russia exiles him (truly, the wisest course… see below).



It’s clear what Russia has to do. It must show compassion and attentiveness to the mass of ordinary folk in the Ukraine; they’ve suffered quite enough over the past 23 years, compounded by the recent misrule of the junta. As for the Banderovtsy, there are two choices, neither of them nice nor without backlash.

Firstly, one could shot the scumbags out of hand… that seems neat and quick, but that brings several problems in its wake. It’d make Russia an international pariah in the West, something that it doesn’t need now (the American “sanctions” didn’t gain much cred… if Russia plays its cards right, it’ll have little effect in most of Europe). Besides which, it’d cause all sort of internal problems, not the least of which would creating “martyrs” for the Ukie nationalists.

Therefore, since the Rodina has to rid itself of these monsters, the only way out is to exile them in perpetuity. Yes… they’d make much noise in the USA and Canada; they’d reinforce the Galician diaspora and radicalise it. However, that wouldn’t create martyrs and Langley would soon tire of supporting them. A few oligarchs and political scumbags have money in foreign parts… Darlin’ Yuliya would sup with Mary Lou Whitney during the Saratoga season. A few others would ingratiate themselves with Langley… Tyagnibok has no scruples; he’d probably end as a CIA hitman (with a modest bungalow in the Virginia ‘burbs). Yatsenyuk would go to work for a Wall Street firm and succeed… his greedster skills would be in demand (he’d have a McMansion in Syosset). Klichko has the greatest probability ending up dead… he’s a political naïf, and some Right Sector bastard would grease him for his gold jewellery. Most of the rest would end washing dishes at Veselka’s on Tenth and Second, or pouring drafts at the Blue and Gold.

Oh, yes… John McCain would hold congressional hearings on “Who lost the Ukraine” (as though it was the USA’s to lose in the first place). The wisest thing to do in that case is to say nothing. Sergei Viktorovich should light up another Marlboro and strum his guitar. It’s nothing to get in a wrangle about.

I want to emphasise to all of you… this situation is far from over, and the intel is far from clear, especially, in junta-controlled areas. No one knows yet what next week will bring, let alone next month. NO ONE KNOWS, especially, not the fatuous talking heads in the Western media. I’ll confide that not even VVP has righteous intel… this is a massive cow pie stinkin’ to high heaven… and VVP doesn’t want to step in it unless he must. However, I think that, in the end, VVP will win through, and Obama & Co will face a feast with a gigantic shit sandwich as the featured entrée (will Nuland get le sabot? We’ll have to watch that one).

May this end soon… the people of Little Russia have suffered enough misrule for ten nations…


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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Events in the Crimea Take a Nasty Turn

00 Crimea referendum sign. 11.03.14


The Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea (VS ARK) formally transferred control of raion administrations in the ARK from the Ukrainian junta in Kiev to the Council of Ministers of the ARK. Previously, the President of the Ukraine appointed the heads of local administrations; they were agents of the central authorities in Kiev. The VS ARK media release stated, “The chairmen of raion administrations in the ARK shall exercise power under the control of the Council of Ministers of the ARK, being accountable and responsible to it”.


Note how everything done by the ARK government is according to normal legal standards, according to the rule of law. Note how everything done by the Timoshenko junta is anarchic; they trample the rule of law into the mud… the “law of the jungle”, “might makes right”, and “blat” rule supreme. One of these things is NOT like the other!



A police source said that Crimean cops arrested infiltrators disguised as policemen, who demanded that people show them their passports, then, they mutilated the documents. According to the authorities, on Monday, cops arrested an unstated number of suspects in Simferopol and Saki, noting, “Disguised as police, they demanded that citizens show them their passports, after which they took them away or mutilated them”. The government is telling people in the region affected by the actions of the fraudsters to contact the police and passport offices immediately, to ease getting new documents. To vote in the all-Crimea popular referendum on 16 March, citizens will have to show identification to get a ballot. Earlier, the mayor’s office in Simferopol voiced fears that infiltrators are trying to derail the referendum. According to sources in the mayor’s office, citizens only need to present their passports to vote in the referendum, more documentation isn’t required.


Sergei Zheleznyak, Vice Chairman of the RF Gosduma and deputy secretary of the General Council of the United Russia faction, said that the Russian Federation doesn’t need to pass new legislation to annex the Crimea as a federal subject. On Tuesday, the Soviet of the Gosduma shall decide how the Gosduma will consider a bill introduced by Just Russia deputies on simplified rules for the entry of new territories into the Russian Federation. Zheleznyak told reporters after a meeting of the United Russia Presidium, “In terms of the current Constitution and legislation of the Russian Federation, there are no obstacles to accession of territories of other countries as new federal subjects of Russia”. At the same time, he noted that there was no discussion of the bill other than by the Just Russia faction. In his view, the proper Gosduma committees must carefully and professionally consider any suggestions for optimising the process of joining new federal subjects to the Russian Federation coming from other factions in the Gosduma.


Volunteers in the ARK started a website, Crimea Together, where you can find and download materials explaining why the ARK should join the Russian Federation. One can find educational materials, badges, and infographics on the website that show the advantages of the ARK rejoining the Russian Federation. In particular, one can see that doctors and teachers in the ARK receive much less pay than their Russian counterparts do, the price of fuel in Russia is half that in the Ukraine, and there are incentive programmes for young educators and scientists simply not available in the Ukraine.


The British Foreign Office recommended that British subjects not travel to the ARK, and advised British subjects there to leave. The Foreign Office said, “The Foreign Office advises that everyone should refrain from all travel to the Crimea. Britons should leave Crimea now. The Foreign Office won’t be able to carry out consular services to those who decide to stay in the Crimea”.


This is another sign that the West is getting ready to knife Russia in the back. Why should Britons leave, unless the American neoliberal filth are egging on their puppets in the oligarch junta to attack the Crimea? I’d say to Russia… “Be watchful… the Amerikantsy are pigs. They talk out of both sides of their mouths and are the slipperiest bastards on the face of the planet. After all, their motto is, ‘Winning is the only thing’. Amerikantsy, especially, those who mouth religious platitudes are vicious, violent, and feral… they bear watching constantly”.



Employees at the dispatching service at the airport told RIA-Novosti by telephone that the airlines involved cancelled or delayed several flights scheduled to leave Simferopol. Our source told us, “In the morning, not even a single flight departed. Right now, two flights from Moscow to Simferopol landed”. A notice on the airport website reported that on the morning of 11 March 11, that the airlines cut a flight to Kiev and two flights to Istanbul; another flight to Kiev had a delay for nine hours to 18.00 MSK. There were further cancellations… two flights from Istanbul to Simferopol, a flight from Kiev Borispol Airport, but two flights from Moscow to Simferopol are still valid. Our source said, “The airlines decided to cancel or delay the flights”. Earlier, the authorities closed the airspace over Simferopol to civilian aircraft from 28 February to 1 March, when no flights left or departed the local airport.


A staffer told RIA-Novosti by telephone that the VS ARK adopted a Declaration of Independence from the Ukraine and stated their intention to enter the Russian Federation as a federal subject, saying, “The decision was the only item on the agenda for this extraordinary session. 78 deputies voted for the declaration”. There are 100 deputies in the VS ARK. An officer of the VS ARK said, “Crimea is a sovereign independent state, after it holds a popular referendum, it’ll appeal to the Russian Federation requesting that the Russian Federation accept it as a federal subject”. Our source said that the Declaration entered into force immediately following its adoption. Moreover, the Sevastopol Gorsoviet supported the ARK Declaration of Independence. The declaration stated that the VS ARK and the Sevastopol Gorsoviet made their decision “based on the provisions of the UN Charter and many other international instruments recognising the right to self-determination, as well as taking into account confirmation of the International Court of Justice on Kosovo of 22 July 2010 stating that a unilateral declaration of independence by a state doesn’t violate the rules of international law”. The Declaration declared the ARK an independent state with a republican form of government, and that residents of the ARK and Sevastopol will vote in a scheduled 16 March all-Crimea popular referendum on their future status.


Look at how Vova FUCKED the Americans. The legal justification is one that the neoliberal slimers can’t explain away… if Kosovo is independent (and have an American Embassy), defying the wishes of its former sovereign, why, the ARK can do likewise, and the USA has to eat a gigantic shit sandwich in front of everybody. That’s why I believe that the chance for a violent and treacherous outcome in the near term is high. The Amerikantsy are arrogant and peevish… if one doesn’t kiss their ass constantly, they get huffy and throw temper tantrums. Do reflect on the fact that such greedy self-centred toddlers have nuclear weapons… scary thought, isn’t it?



Editor’s Note:

NATO AWACS aircraft are in Romania. That means that the NATO warpigs are getting ready to aid a junta strike on the Crimea. We are closer now to a real major war than we were in 1962 in Cuba. Note this well… American neocons and rightwing elements in the Ukrainian diaspora are playing with hand grenades and giggling manically. The Crimea is closer to Moscow than Havana is to Washington. Do you get the picture?


That’s what’s at stake, kids. There’s nothing more that I, a single little person, can do. May God preserve us all.

11 March 2014









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Viktor Baranets: Junta Wants to Storm the Crimea and Sweep the South-East

00 Russian priest blessing soldiers in Crimea. 04.03.14


KP military observer Viktor Baranets answers five naïve questions about whether a real war will break out over the Crimea

1. Where are the tanks going?

On the internet, a video showed Ukrainian army elements on the move from their places of permanent deployment. Where is all this equipment going? Are they going south to the border with the Crimea? Not if you believe so-called “Defence Minister” Igor Tenyukh’s statement, “They’re not going towards the Crimea”. According Tenyukh, it’s just normal exercises, “To carry this out, some units may leave their places of permanent deployment to move to training areas”. However, it’s more possible that these statements are a ruse to cover the plans of the Ukrainian junta. Especially, just before this meeting at the Minoborony Ukrainy, Tenyukh insisted, “Whack these bitches from the Crimea” (direct quote). It’s curious that Ukrainian troops moved mainly to the southern bases… closer to the Crimea. The Ukrainian borders stand undefended.

2. What are American advisors doing in the Ukraine?

What are the American military advisors and intelligence officers doing in the Ukraine? Observers have seen them; they seem to be in control of the situation. Reports tell us that the Americans delivered equipment to the US Embassy in Kiev to deploy a state-of-the-art command and control centre. US Army liaison officers disguised in Ukrainian uniform are at the Minoborony Ukrainy and the General Staff, and one finds them within manoeuvre formations as well. Simultaneously, a group of American advisers are actively involved in “informational warfare”… they’re undercover in the Ukrainian media… they’re spreading black propaganda about an alleged impending landing of Russian forces in Kherson.

3. Can the Kiev junta seize the Crimea?

One of the possible options is dropping Ukrainian troops in the rear of the Crimean defences on the isthmus. Simultaneously, they could support these landings with artillery fire and airstrikes. Their objective would be to ensure movement of mechanised infantry, tank, and other formations of the Ukrainian army into the Crimea. Chances are, they’d infiltrate spetsnaz into the Crimea Ukrainian to blockade the units of the Black Sea Fleet. Judging by the fact that ARK intelligence agencies and police increasingly detain infiltrators from the Ukraine, it means that there’s been active scouting of the situation on the peninsula. The Russian General Staff, the Black Sea Fleet headquarters, and military intelligence are ready for this; they’ve developed several possible scenarios of an attack.

4. Do the Ukrainian forces have any real combat capability?

There’s a common “armchair strategist” opinion saying, “In effect, there isn’t a Ukrainian Army”. This is a fallacy. The Ukraine has combat-ready units. Yes, their military equipment is largely outdated (Soviet), but there’s some new stuff too, as one can see in the Oplot MBTs sold on the world market. It’d be dangerous to sneeze at it all. However, the morale of the Ukrainian troops is low. Very few want conflict with the Russians over the Crimea. Yet, there’s an ultra-rabid minority (mainly from the Western Ukraine). To get around the problem of minimal motivation and questionable loyalty, the junta replaced most of the commanders in the south-east with fanatics from the Western Ukraine. There are other details… Tenyukh instructed the General Staff to develop a plan of repression for the south-eastern Ukraine, as it resists the legitimacy of the Kiev junta. They want to use the Army for police purposes, to send it against its own people.

5. Would the Ukrainians be able to inflict losses on the Russian forces?

A Ukrainian military expert put it thusly, “Even though the Russian forces received new weapons over the past five years, enough to give them an edge compared to the Ukrainian forces’ equipment, the latter still retains some combat capability”.

11 March 2014

Viktor Baranets

Komsomolskaya Pravda


Editor’s Note:

Pass this on to as many people as you can… the Timoshenko junta “Prime Minister” Yatsenyuk is due in Washington on Wednesday; it’s probably to announce the beginning of a joint American-junta attack on the Crimea. This article means that the Russian special services caught the Yanks and their oligarch buddies in the act. The USA is using diaspora Ukrainians to carry out its evil intentions. That has “internal” ramifications, by the way, that’s the topic of another post. The USA is using fanatical rightwing diaspora Galician elements to strike at Russia. This is Zbig’s ultimate wet dream… it’s what he’s wanted all his life. Pigs like Nuland, Herbst, and Kerry are unfit company for any decent person… they’ve planned an underhanded assault on a free people.

Pass this on… pass on the warning…

We might avert a war if enough people get the news and act upon it (at least, pass the link on to others)…


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Monday, 10 March 2014

Ma’loula Nuns Released by Islamists in Exchange for Syrian Prisoners

00 released Syrian nuns. 10.03.14


On 9 March, al-Jazeera reported that Islamist insurgents released the nuns that they captured from the ancient Mar Tekla Monastery in Ma’loula in exchange for the Syrian authorities releasing rebels held in Syrian prisons. The liberated prisoners will go to Lebanon. Currently, RT reported that the exchange is underway, monitored by the Qatari and Lebanese special services, directed by Ghanim al-Kubaisi and General Directorate of General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim. Already, the 13 released nuns, headed by Igumena Pelagia arrived in the Lebanese border town of Arsal, where they will go ahead by car on the motorway through the Djeida border checkpoint to Damascus. Last December, Islamist militants attacked the Mar Tekla Monastery in Ma’loula, 55 kilometres north of Damascus. The armed extremists took 13 nuns hostage, and the fate of the nuns became the focus of regional and world media.

9 March 2014


RT reported that the 13 nuns abducted by Jabhat al-Nusra militants from Mar Tekla Monastery in Ma’loula in December 2013 were now free, and are on their way back to Syria. Late Sunday, the nuns arrived at the border checkpoint of Djeida-Judaydat Yabus on the Syrian-Lebanese border. Earlier, the General Directorate of General Security confirmed that the Orthodox nuns were safe and under the control of the Lebanese armed forces. A source told Reuters on Sunday that the militants transferred the nuns to Arsal in western Lebanon earlier this week. Metropolitan Louka al-Khoury told reporters when he met the nuns at the border, “The success of the Syrian forces in Yabrud furthered this process”. It’s not clear why the militants released the nuns now. Earlier reports stipulated that al-Nusra demanded the release of 500 imprisoned rebels in exchange for the nuns.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, as well as a rebel source, reported that the militants released the nuns in exchange for imprisoned female rebels. Reuters noted, “Part of the deal was the release of 138 women from prison by Assad”. According to al-Mayadeen, the Syrian authorities released from prison the wife of one of the al-Nusra chieftains, Duleymi al-Saji. The authorities took her with her four children to the Lebanese border town of Arsal for the exchange. ITAR-TASS reported that Igumena Pelagia stated that all 16 nurses captured in Ma’loula are now free, saying to reporters, “We’re terribly tired; we’ll answer questions after the [Easter] holidays”. For his part, Metropolitan Louka pointed up that the Mariamite Cathedral in Damascus held a molieben of thanksgiving on 10 March, after the release of the nuns, who were in captivity almost 100 days.

10 March 2014





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