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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

27 August 2014. WHERE IS YULIYA?

00 the fate of ukie tyrants. 27.08.14

Thus always to tyrants!


I sent this to a friend on 25 August:

I’ve noticed that Yuliya is nowhere to be seen. NOWHERE. She’s not even circulating in Western circles. This, for me, is the clearest sign that the “Ukraine” is in trouble. She’s been the “face” of the zapadniki in the Ukraine up till now… after her release from gaol, she just disappeared. The individual who’s taken the most flak over the situation is V V Putin, many blame him for not intervening. He’s NOT popular in some circles in Novorossiya. However, his game is more subtle than that. He sees that the West WANTED him to intervene… to have an excuse to intervene themselves. By not intervening, he forestalled a Western intervention. Note well that France ISN’T embargoing the Mistrals. That is, VVP is willing to be hated to execute policy… which speaks well of him. In any case, I think that Russia IS aiding Novorossiya… why is Strelkov in Moscow, for instance? Remember, Russia called reservists to the colours, something not normally done. Something IS up… remember, G K Zhukov didn’t strike until he was ready, even though the fascists were at the gates of Moscow and were almost at the Volga (in 1941 and 1942). V V Putin is of like manner… however, it does mean that he’ll be hated in some quarters in the near term. Things ARE up… but what? I admit that I don’t know…

Couple this with VVP’s statement Tuesday that any settlement would have to include the DNR/LNR leadership, one can see that Putin’s NOT ready to sell Novorossiya out to the West. What IS up is anyone’s guess… not only do I don’t know, neither do the Western intel agencies. Stay tuned, it bids fair to be “interesting”…


Monday, 25 August 2014

25 August 2014. Video. Commies March in Kharkov with 30-Metre St George Ribbon to Mark Liberation of City from the Fascists in the VOV. Uniate Authorities Banned It… They Did It Anyway… Cops Didn’t Stop It

00 Zyuganov and Church. KPRF. Russia. 02. 09.07.14

The Church and the Party are FRIENDS… they march together towards a common goal of social equity and justice…



Them commies in Kharkov got GUTS! The Uniate authorities forbade a march to commemorate the Red Army’s liberation of Kharkov from fascist enslavement in the VOV. The commies marched anyway, with a 30-metre-long St George ribbon and Red Banners flying! Good on the KPU people… they showed that it takes more than a bootless Galician Uniate “illegalisation” to keep ‘em down! Remember… the UGKTs glorifies the memory of Nazi collaborators and those who helped the Einsatzkommandos murder Jews and Roma. It BLESSES the present war of aggression in Novorossiya.

You can stand with the brave commies of Novorossiya… HH cheers ‘em on! He’s a true-blue socialist (he’s a down n’ dirty bro of the Castro brothers and of Gennady Andreyevich, dontcha know). You can stand with the Uniate junta and its murders of Orthodox priests and targeting of Orthodox churches… S Yu Shevchuk and F  A Denisenko cheer them on. They BLESS the junta’s demonic war of aggression. They also BLESS the unbridled crapitalism of the junta as it drives ordinary people into penury, poverty, and hunger.

YOU MUST CHOOSE ONE OR THE OTHER. I’ve chosen! I’m for the commies! The Red Banner, Christ’s Church, and the Cross march together… on the other side, the Black Banner of Nihilism, Jayzuss/Jesus™, and the Almighty Dollar march together… do reflect that the Western media supports the latter, not the former. Again, I’ll say it loud n’ proud… I support the commies! :-) I support ‘em without reservation. They’re in the right here… perhaps, it’s time for a lot of diaspora Russian Orthodox people to reconsider their political stance. The Republican Party hates our Church, Holy Rus, its ethos, and its communitarian stance. Why are you supporting such evil? Get with the programme and turn LEFT…think on it.


25 Sic Semper Tyrannis… Patriots Topple Bandera’s Tombstone

00 Bandera grave attacked. 25.08.14


It’s only fair… S A Bandera was a man, who in life, was a murderer and criminal who stopped at nothing… does it surprise you that such generated revenge? Reflect on this… the UGKTs BLESSES his memory… it BLESSES the memory of the Galician SS VOLUNTEERS… it BLESSES those who fought in Nazi collaborationist units. One hardly knows who might’ve done it… the Poles, Russians, Roma, and Jews had no use for him at all, and many leftist Ukrainians feel the same way. It could’ve been any of ‘em.

Sic semper tyranis!


Sunday, 24 August 2014

24 August 2014. HERE is the Face of the Fascist Uniate Junta! ANY QUESTIONS??

00 Kick Out the Galician Banderovtsy. 24.08.14


Liquidate all Polish traces. Destroy all walls in the Catholic Church and other Polish prayer houses. Destroy orchards and trees in the courtyards so that there will be no trace that someone lived there…

OUN Order, 1944


Let’s not be coy. The main support for the illegitimate pro-American junta now squatting in Kiev (whether one likes it or not, V F Yanukovich is the legit President of the Ukraine) comes from Galician Uniate fascists who adulate S A Bandera and who wish to emulate the murderous example of the UPA bandits. Look at the above direct quote from one of Bandera’s orders! That’s what the present-day Galician Uniate fascist brutes honour and cherish. Bandera was a convicted murderer… that’s like holding up Ted Bundy or the Son of Sam as an exemplar! The UPA filth killed all sorts of people… including Galicians who didn’t cotton to their violence and lawless ways. Keep this image in mind as you hear Western blather on the topic. If you support the Republican Party and its “Russian Aggression Protection Act”… this is what you support. This is what the UGKTs blesses… as does F A Denisenko‘s schismatical conventicle. Ugly, ain’t it? Remember this… Sov grandpas and American grandpas both fought against the fascist snakes in World War II… today, the Republican Party wants you to support the descendants (often, literal descendants) of Nazis! Look at the above image.

I say, “Thank you, gramps, for the victory!” That means that we must oppose those who want to usher in fascism, whether it’s the overt form seen in the Ukraine or whether it’s the covert form pushed by the Koch brothers, Fox News, and the Washington Times. Justice demands it… May God see and judge!


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