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Monday, 24 November 2014

24 November 2014. “Free Metropolitan Jonah” Saga Continues

00 Popping the Bubble


Got this from the Cabinet:

On the Free Metropolitan Jonah Facebook page:

OK, I can’t change this so… This is Anthony Brandon Simmons, something’s messed up and I can’t post as myself. Anyway, I’m back from my trip, and first, WOW! 373 likes! That’s amazing guys. Second, People keep posting on here as if Metropolitan Jonah made this page, or checks this page. He didn’t make it, and as far as I know, he doesn’t check it. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t need our support however. Thanks for all the likes, we’re gonna try to get some real things going soon.

WOW… 373 likes… out of 115,000 estimated adherents in the OCA. The two biggest groups in the OCA are Alaska Natives and Old School po-nashemu ethnics. I doubt that many of the “likes” came from them. On top of that, the Syosset apparat headed by Lyonyo and the SVS Mafia want nothing to do with him. That’s not to mention that his “ass is grass” in NEPA and the Midwest. The loudmouthed konvertsy are less than 10 percent of the OCA, but they’re the most strident element and the largest group on the internet.

My personal belief is that Potapov and Webster blessed those who ginned up this perversity… to give Fatso deniability. Ponder this… Fatso has NO cred at the Centre, if he did have even the smallest amount of tread, he’d have his release to the ROCOR. Fathausen is pals with the Blunder… but the Blunder isn’t as influential as the konvertsy and heterodox want to believe. When Fats surfaced in Moscow, V A Chaplin and Varsоnofy Sudakov were no-shows. Chew on this… Mollard got a medal from HH on his very first visit… HH has NEVER given Fats a Church decoration. When Fats visited Moscow last, HH was handing out awards (the main honoree was Polar explorer A N Chilingarov). Fats got nothing… he didn’t even get a cardboard box. In short, this Facebook page is beginning to look like the usual konvertsy Much Ado About Nothing. Don’t give it much mind… let it die a natural death. DON’T FEED THE TROLLS! Crank world, ain’t it?


24 November 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words…DNR Forms Berkut Unit

00 DNR Berkut. 24.11.14


00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Law... Order... Honour... 2014


The DNR has formed a Berkut unit. Don’t forget the Berkutovtsy had dedication, professionalism, and competence, unlike their brutish and clueless Uniate replacements. The Berkutovtsy embodied PIG… Pride… Integrity… Guts. Most coppers are good guys… unfortunately, the bad seed get all the media attention… the good guys go unmentioned and unpraised. Compare them to the murderous Uniate filth at the Dom Profsoyuzov in Odessa. It’s light and darkness… good and evil… what concord hath Christ with Belial? Indeed, what concord does unrequited evil have with cool professional defence of the good? Ponder that…


German FM Steinmaier against Ukies Joining NATO and the EU

00 Eurointegration. 30.04.14


German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier spoke out against the Ukraine joining NATO. He said that it’s unrealistic to expect Ukrainian accession to the EU and NATO in the short-term, noting, “The economic and political modernisation of the country is a project of several generations”, adding that Kiev should soon begin appropriate reforms.

23 November 2014




This is BAD news for the Uniate junta. Germany’s throwing ice-cold water on their efforts to join NATO and the EU, which means that Berlin has written them off. In short, Berlin doesn’t expect them to last out the year, it appears. BIG NEWS…


24 November 2014. NO Solid News from the Novorossiyan Front… Still MOSTLY Quiet on the Front

00 novorossiya. soldier. gorlovka 03. 26.10.14


00 novorossiya. sitrep map 22.11.14


There’s been no solid news coming out of the Novorossiya War of National LIberation. The “truce” has lasted for over two months, as it’s benefitted both parties to the conflict. I’ve received absolutely contradictory news from my sources… no one has any real grasp on the situation, not Langley, not Stratfor, not me (especially). However, certain things are discernible… the DNR and LNR authorities have been like busy beavers repairing war damage. Water and power utilities are mostly up in Lugansk, and Donetsk isn’t far behind (one of the main hospitals just reopened after repairs from Uniate terror shelling). The main motorways and railways leading to Russia are in good condition, and the VSN has cleared Uniate forces from all major routes, it controls the national territory, having only two pockets of Uniate resistance behind the MLR. Both the LNR and DNR are EXPANDING social services, but the Uniate junta CUTS them. Only part of this is due to pervasive systemic dysfunction and mounting macroeconomic collapse in the junta-misruled Ukraine. Don’t forget, the Uniates (in particular) are slobbering rightwing fascists, on the level of US Tea Party Republicans.

The most interesting reports concern widespread morale collapse in the Uniate junta forces. Mind you, I can’t confirm this, but I’d remind you that Stratfor (in particular) can’t confirm their speculations either… keep in mind that Langley’s preconceptions hobble them (as does their belief in American Exceptionalism, which knackers the whole enterprise). Persistent reports are coming out of troops refusing to follow orders and Uniate commissars shooting recalcitrant troops. When one considers that prices are spinning out of control and that ordinary working people have seen living standards tumble precipitously since the American-fomented Uniate fascist coup, the fact that the Uniate junta now looks like the Guomindang in 1949 is hardly surprising to educated observers.

It ain’t over yet, but none of us can discern the shape of the future. NONE OF US. Bear that in mind as you listen to lies from the American government and from Stratfor… they DO have agendas that distort their analysis of the situation. It’s a fucking black hole… I’m honest enough to say that to you. Stay tuned…


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