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Thursday, 31 July 2014

31 July 2014. Junta Dictatorship Forcing Canonical Church to Support Their War

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00 UPA pigs. 30.07.14

This is the so-called “Ukrainian Orthodox” cemetery in South Bound Brook NJ USA… note well how they glorify fascist criminal murderers. All “Ukrainian nationalists” are anti-Christian elements utterly at odds with Christ’s Church… you forget that at your peril. Do remember their unrepentant and brutal mass murders of Poles in Volyn (Rzeź wołyńska)… need I say more?


Read this… the junta has gone farther than the other anti-people Ukrainian “governments” did. Prior to 2010, the nationalist juntas in Kiev merely sat on the real church, they forbade it access to the media, and they put legal obstacles in its way. However, the Church didn’t have to kiss the nationalists’ asses in public. That’s changed. Note well that the USA beams its full approval of it all! John Kerry smiles his approval… John McCain smiles his approval. No one in the District stands up for the Real Church, for the UPTs/MP. I wrote a friend:

This is propaganda… most men are refusing to respond. Junta forces are losing in Novorossiya… so, they’re putting pressure on the UPTs/MP. In short, the junta is going down. Reflect on this… the UGKTs only seized churches in the 90s with American aid and guns… here’s the sad part, the ROCOR aided them, as the ROCOR and UGKTs were both on the CIA dole. Let’s look at one example… all major warships of the Soviet Navy came out of Nikolaev… BUT NO MAJOR WARSHIP WAS BUILT UNDER THE UKRAINE. NONE. A friend of mine at the Centre thinks that the USA knows that it’s going to lose… it’s aim is to destroy the Ukraine so that Russia has to spend billions to rebuild it. The Uniates ruined the country as thoroughly as the Whites and Nazis did. It’ll take a generation to rebuild things.Podkarpatskaya Rus is NOT kowtowing to the junta… however, its Golgotha isn’t over. More blood will flow and more destruction will occur until the Russians take over the lot. Remember, the locals HELPED the Reds put down the UPA. Murder does have its consequences, doesn’t it?

This is the dark hour before the dawn… the signs of junta collapse are there. They’re running out of money, the troops at the front get no or limited supplies, and the opolchenie refuse to surrender (as the godless Uniates and schismatics intend to murder them, I can’t blame them). Obama is using this to distract people from his domestic troubles… but do note that the Republicans are even more vociferously in favour of the junta and its murders than the Democrats are.

This is a clusterfuck of the highest order… do reflect on the fact that traitors in the OCA and the ROCOR support the junta, not the Orthodox patriots. America is in the wrong, utterly and irrevocably, and we must say so. You know what to do…


Anti-War Activism in Bukovina and Podkarpatskaya Rus Shows Widespread Hatred of and Opposition to Bloodthirsty Uniate Junta in Kiev

00 antiwar protest. Galicia. Ukraine. 30.07.14



Peasants in Chernovtsy Oblast in the Western Ukraine protested against a new wave of army mobilisation. They said, “We don’t want war… we want peace. We don’t need that war. We didn’t raise our kids to go to war… we won’t give them our children. Yatsenyuk, you shouted, ‘Better a bullet in the forehead’… so, go to the front yourself! Let those who shouted on the Maidan go to war, but we didn’t seek war. We are one village… one big community. We won’t let anybody go to war… neither my husband nor anyone else’s. We won’t send our sons, nor their parents. They started it… it’s their business. We’ll lie down in the road… we won’t let them take our sons”.


According to Zik.ua, on 22 July, in Bogorodchany in Ivano-Frankovsk Oblast, residents from surrounding villages held a rally in front of the raion RGA* building and Raion Soviet building denouncing the mobilisation. A separate report in Vesti quoted the soldiers’ relatives as saying that the junta used their sons “cannon fodder”, they also said, “Let the children of officials, judges, and procurators go to the front, only then will we allow ours to go”. Then, locals broke in the local military registration building and burned all the official documents on the mobilisation. The newspaper also reported other protests in Yaremche in Ivano-Frankovsk Oblast and Sambor in Lvov Oblast. A video published by 112.ua showed soldiers’ relatives in Obukhov Raion of Kiev Oblast {that doesn’t include the Special City of Kiev: editor} blocking a road on 25 July, demanding that the junta send all soldiers back home and denouncing the junta’s military leadership.

*RGA: Raion State Administration… building for district administrative offices under a particular oblast

25 July 2014


Since the Rada ordered partial mobilisation for the so-called “Anti-Terrorist Operation”, protests broke out all over the country. On 28 July, Zik.ua reported that there were road blockades in seven villages in Bukovina. On the same day, mukachevo.net said that a group of about 50 women blocked the Chop-Kiev highway in Podkarpatskaya in protest against the mobilisation for the junta’s aggression in the East.

29 July 2014

Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in the Ukraine





This resistance is from the Lvovshchina and Podkarpatskaya… the junta IS in the deep doo-doo, for sure. The UGKTs does NOT have the support of the majority of the people… it merely has the best-organised body of thugs in the region (they’re even more vicious than Clan Balogh is… as the brutalisation of Fr Mikhail Shuvar showed to all comers). They seized the churches, not thorough democracy, but through violence and nastiness. In the 90s, the communists stood tall for the canonical Church, it’s why the UGKTs hates them so.

If you hear ANYTHING from “Ukrainian Catholic” sources, it’s lies… they’re nothing but the American/Canadian outlet of the UGKTs; they’re apologists for neofascist bullies and Euromaidan terrorists. The “Ukrainian Orthodox” are just as bad… they’re the diaspora affiliates of schismatical apostates (F A Denisenko IS under a personal anathema, after all). The so-called “Byzantine Catholics” are gutless craven cowards… they refuse to condemn the UGKTs and the junta, even though their people “on the other side” are fighting the junta! That’s spinelessness of the worst possible sort. In their silence, they spit on their own people! They enable repression in Podkarpatskaya and cheer on the oppressors through their mute refusal to stand up for their own blood kin. I never thought that I’d see that… I knew that the Unia was evil… but this is a new depth of depravity. They refuse to speak up… their silence betokens assent.

Speak up for the truth and for your own or be marked as evil. That’s the choice on offer. As always, choose well…


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

30 July 2014. Video. Carpatho-Russians Reject Junta Warmongering in Novorossiya… Burn Military Orders for Mobilisation

00 I am Rusin! 24.05.14



In this vid, a group of Carpatho-Russian villagers burn mobilisation writs and reject Kiev’s war in the Donbass.

30 July 2014

Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in the Ukraine


30 July 2014. Why Did Yustinian Get Exiled (Again) to Kalmykiya?

00 a whisper in the loggia. 08.12


Got this whisper from one  of the usuals:

Financially, the 97th Street cathedral is a mess, expensive repairs done just a few years ago need to be done again, cash flow isn’t well monitored. I heard that Justinian “approached” one too many guys, some of whom seem willing to talk about it.

That’s what’s “out there”… I won’t say yea or nay, but I will say that I’ve heard much the same from others, too. In other words, that’s the buzz; it sure does explain why the Centre moved (and moved rather quickly). Merkury Ivanov got a promotion when he left New York… he got a white hat, and he got to be at the Centre. Yustinian fucked up so badly that he only got a consolation prize (it smells like a “last chance” assignment to me)… if he doesn’t watch out, he’ll get sent to the Far North or to Central Asia. Kalmykiya is a Buddhist region… so, the bishop there is the leader of a minority. Oh… Yustinian and Fatso were great pals… if shitbirds of a feather flock together (and don’t forget that Podmo was Fatso’s guru)… I think that you know where I’m going.

However, the takeaway for us is that the Centre didn’t fart around in cutting off a potential problem… and they posted their decision on the official website on the very day that they made it. The OCA and the ROCOR could learn from that, couldn’t they?


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