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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

12 November 2014. A View From the East… Spying on Santa (Luo Jie/China Daily)

00 Luo Jie. Spying on Santa. 2013

Spying on Santa

Luo Jie



Yeah… it’s almost American Christmas season… that is, from American Thanksgiving to Catholic Christmas on 25 December. Unlike trad Christians in the Catholic, Orthodox, and Reformation Churches, Anglo Americans have a holiday season that PRECEDES the holiday (I shit you not). There ain’t no “Twelve Days of Christmas”… there’s four weeks of utter commercialised madness starting with Black Friday (the Black Mass of this “holiday”)… then, Catholic Christmas… and all Anglo Americans collapse in a stupor, glad that the “holiday season” is over for another year. There’s not even a New Year’s celebration of any note! It’s not like the Russian holiday of New Year’s-Christmas-Epiphany… nineteen days of partying hearty and fun (including jumping in an ice hole on Epiphany… no lie, I’ve done it… don’t knock it until you’ve tried it). It has none of the hearty exuberance of “c’était un Noël au Québec” (grand-père has to come and give the family bénédiction for the coming year first)… NOBODY decorates for the season “comme le font les québécois” (must be that Caribou that they drink… half moonshine and half homemade wine). It isn’t the Sicilian midnight feast after Christmas Mass… nor is it the homely joy of an English Christmas Cake… it’s a deadening exercise… so much so that I wonder why they even engage in it.

Keep your wits about you and stay out of the malls from Black Thursday until Catholic Christmas. Then… CELEBRATE… feast, feast, feast, like real men and women and kids should. Pass me the roast beast, please… I WILL take seconds, if you will.


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Looks Like GOP Misogynist Beaten in Florida… Some GOP “Sweep!”

00 Toles. Women Voters. The Other Stand Your Ground. 06.12


GOP misogynist Steve Southerland defeated in Florida… hmm… is this the beginning of some surprises? We’re gonna have to see, kids! Proposition 67 in Colorado went down to (deserved) defeat… Republicant governor defeated in PA… DC legalised recreational pot. It’s far from a GOP sweep. The Republicans aren’t going to take over the government. By the way… the Democrats took the Senate in 1986… during Slobberin’ Ronnie’s time. It didn’t affect his policies. Indeed, the GOP will find out that taking the Congress won’t win them the White House in 2016. Since they intend to be obstructionists, it’ll drive the abysmal public opinion of Congress even lower. Today, President Obama may have a 42 percent approval rating… Congress has 13 percent. Rush Limbaugh and Rod Dreher won’t tell you that… but they’re in the propaganda business, NOT the news business. Ted Cruz’s spokesman, Amanda Carpenter said, “Life wins again”… no, it didn’t. Anti-abortion NEVER equated to “Pro-Life” and I’ll defend that position (I expect konvertsy to call for my expulsion from the Church for saying that). Anyone who votes blindly for “Pro-Life” candidates is a drooling boob. They ALL support the gutting of the social safety net, war in foreign parts, the TSA/Department of Homeland Security Gestapo, the Gitmo Gulag, the Uniate junta in Kiev, and indiscriminate usage of the death penalty. That’s NOT “Pro-Life” at all!

It ain’t over until it’s over…


Saturday, 1 November 2014

1 November 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… “Accurate Sanctions”

00 Accurate Sanctions. 01.11.14


This is a popular exhibition of political cartoons… “Accurate Sanctions”. When you compare B H Obama’s popularity with that of V V Putin… there’s no comparison. Ponder this… ALL of the Republicans are even lower than BHO is! Wet Willy Romney and Ted Cruz are even lower in stature and smarts than BHO is (don’t forget Cruz’s outburst at the Arab dinner… he hates us, and that’s that). Trust me… thousands of Americans would agree with this cartoon… and vote for V V Putin for President. He’s certainly head n’ shoulders above all the possible Democratic and Republican candidates… they’re ALL putzes… everyone of ‘em!

Pass the jug…


Monday, 27 October 2014

Fascist Nutter Defeated in Lvov

Sergei Yolkin. Its Yet Another Election Day. 2012 (2)


On Sunday, the Central Elections Commission said that preliminary results after they counted 7.5 percent of votes showed that Irina Podolyak, the Samopomoshch (Self-Reliance) candidate for Rada People’s Deputy, won election in District 116 in the Western Ukrainian city of Lvov with 43 percent of the vote.  The incumbent Deputy, Irina Farion, an extremist of the Svoboda faction, came in second with 17.32 percent of the vote. Podolyak is the head of the Culture Branch of the Department of Social Policy of the Lvov Gorsoviet. Findings of an exit poll conducted by For A New Society suggested that Podolyak would win 43 percent and Farion would only get 13 percent. Farion is notorious for her frequent Russophobic statements, especially, her call to imprison “all degenerates who don’t speak Ukrainian”. She also stated that “no one can stop the spread of [ultranationalist Galician terrorist] Bandera’s ideology in the Ukraine”.

27 October 2014



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