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Friday, 11 April 2014

American Mercenaries Could Start All-Out War in the Ukraine for Profit

00 Makhmud Eshonkulov. No War. 2014

No War

Makhmud Eshonkulov



On Wednesday, former US Representative and two-time presidential candidate Dennis John Kucinich (D-OH) told RIA-Novosti that the deployment of foreign private security firms in the Ukraine is unacceptable as they increase the risk of an outbreak of civil war, saying, “We saw in Iraq how private security forces can get out of control. Whenever you’re in a politically sensitive, a militarily sensitive situation the last thing you want is private security out there, because they can actually profit by an expanded conflict. They can stir up a war and then profit from it. If oligarchs want to hire people to protect them, they have a right to do that, but if nations bring in private armies, you’re looking at combustible material here because there’s no control. The private armies will pursue private interests. They don’t care about anything except making more money, and the more war there is, the more money they make. You know the only money that the Ukraine is getting right now is from the IMF. Who’s paying these private armies?”

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) voiced concerns over the buildup of Ukrainian forces in the southeast involving some 150 American mercenaries from Greystone. According to open sources, Greystone is a private security company registered in Barbados. It boasts that it provides “protective security and training solutions to customers in challenging environments”. In February, elements in the Rada, backed by far-right groups, ousted President Viktor Yanukovich, illegally amended the constitution, and scheduled an early presidential election for 25 May. Moscow described the putsch in Kiev as an illegitimate fascist coup and a military seizure of power, which resulted in it taking steps to protect ethnic Russians in the Ukraine, including Crimea’s reunification with Russia.

9 April 2014

Pyotr Martynychyov




“Who’s paying these private armies?” Why, Langley is, of course. Unfortunately, for the junta, Langley isn’t going to involve the US government overly much; already, it’s in too deep for complete deniability. Note well that the local Opolchenie in Kharkov nicked one of the American mercs… that’s what prompted Obama’s talk of further sanctions, no doubt. It’s a bargaining chip… “Give us back our merc on the quiet so that we can continue to bash you in public or we’ll kick you in the ass even worse”. Russia would do well to take this jabronie to Moscow and put him in front of the cameras. The US government would still deny its role, to be sure, but it’d convince non-American waverers (and strengthen the hand of anti-war elements in the USA).

By definition, mercs lack discipline, real cohesion, and serious military worth… they’re worthless for anything other than small unit ops of the most minor sort (platoon level and below)… in fact, most soldiers will tell you that they’re worthless for anything other than as bodyguards or as “muscle” to rough up unarmed civilians (they’re also useful as high-powered rent-a-cops with avtomats). It’s not for nothing that the word “mercenary” is a pejorative. Some of the worst incidents in the Iraq and Afghan campaigns were the result of using pricey unsoldierly mercs and not real troops for some duties. This was for political reasons… if one were to use proper military units, one would’ve had to reintroduce conscription, which is a third rail in American politics (even though the One Percent and their hangers-on would exempt their sons… as Willy Romney dodged the draft without consequence in the Vietnam War). It isn’t due to such rubbishy “conspiracy theory” reasons as “black helicopters” and “Trilateral Commissions”… it’s simply due to American pols not wanting to goad their self-satisfied and porcine constituents. They might lose the election… eek! Oh, the humanity!

If the Ukrainian state collapses (which gets more likely as this situation rumbles on), one of the major reasons will be that the junta used undisciplined and unaccountable foreign mercs. There’s a disaster in the making… I’m not pleased at that, but that’s what the tealeaves say…


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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A Point to Ponder from “The Global News” in China

00 A Terrible Shadow. Luo Jie. 2014

A Terrible Shadow

Luo Jie



An article appeared in The Global News, a well-known newspaper of record in China, “Support Russia… for the Sake of China’s Interests”. It appeared as an editorial; hence, you can’t see its contents as someone’s private opinion. In brief, its thesis states that China can’t speak openly on the side of Moscow, as it’d be contrary to the principle of “wait in the shadows”. However, the public opinion in the PRC should side completely with Russia, as “the Ukrainian question has long gone beyond the internal affairs of any one country”. In fact, it’s about global processes relating specifically to China, “Today, Russia and China form a strategic buffer for each other, making possible a revival of our states. If Russia, headed by Putin, fell under the onslaught of the West, it’d be a severe blow to our strategic interests”.

Similarly, Xinhua issued this:

From Kosovo to South Ossetia, as well as the Comoros to the Crimea, Western countries apply double standards in international affairs, based only on their own interests. For example, the West evaluates the same fact, declaring independence, differently… sometimes, it calls it “national self-determination”, if the development meets its interests, and, if not, it condemns such actions as “separatist activities.

In short, the only result of American bluster was a strengthening of the de facto Russo-Sino alliance. America’s paying dearly for John McCain’s juvenile macho posturing… he should get over the fact that a Soviet SAM shot him down. He’s a reckless man (indeed, too brave for his own good… he lacks common prudence and good sense… it’s why the US Navy refused to move him on to flag rank) who thought himself “invulnerable”… well, he wasn’t. As a politician, he’s as reckless as he was as a military pilot. In short, he’s blustering blowhard, full of unreasoning and ignorant hatred… and anyone who approves of his “policies” shows their ignorance and stupidity.

2 April 2014



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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

11 March 2014. Why American Sabre-Rattling Should Concern You…

the-bear-is-back. Dmitri Pushkov. The Demon

This is what happened the last time that the West and its soulless toadies provoked the Bear without provocation… they’re kicking our people again… silly wabbits…


There are two things that concern me about the current situation in the Ukraine at large and the Crimea in particular. Firstly, American and Russian forces have “fallen out of practise” in dealing with unexpected encounters. This was common enough in the Cold War, there were protocols in place, and upfront personnel were well aware of them. Besides which, everyone knew that a misstep could result in very dicey consequences at best, and no one wanted to think of the worst. Today, the forces aren’t used to operating under such strict protocols, especially, not Americans. What makes it truly harrowing is that Americans believe their own propaganda (the USA “won” the Cold War, Ronald Reagan caused the fall of the USSR, that America is the “sole superpower”, just to name the most egregious rot). That is, there’s no set doctrine in place for dealing with “hostiles in Indian country”, and first-line personnel aren’t used to dealing with such (nor are they used to keeping such in their everyday considerations). This is a recipe for a disaster. No one wants war… but many wars start through inadvertent stoking of tensions. NATO aircraft have to stay out of Russian or Ukrainian airspace, or, it could result in an inadvertent shootdown that could easily turn into something far worse (I wouldn’t believe that it’d turn into war, but it WOULD sour relations for YEARS). There is another cause that we have to take into account… diaspora Ukrainians serve in the Western forces, some of whom are fanatics who wouldn’t think twice of embroiling the West with Russia (I’ve seen “Ukrainians” up close and personal… the hate that some spew has to be seen to be believed). This is a real wild card… one that the West refuses to guard against. However, as bad as this might be, such “incidents” aren’t what worries me most.

That leads us to the second reason the present crisis is such a nailbiter. The present Ukrainian junta is a lawless, corrupt, and feckless lot; they’re so bad that they make Yanukovich look utterly innocent. Had Yuliya been faced with the Maidan, she would’ve repressed it with the maximum violence and brutality, without regard for political or international fallout. The USA annoints a junta that enshrines thievery, violence, and repression as its credo. Yanukovich didn’t throw his opponents in the slam… the junta does. Yanukovich didn’t order the police to fire on the mob… the junta would have. Yanukovich wasn’t uniquely corrupt… Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, and Timoshenko all live in his neighbourhood (Yatsenyuk a mere 100 metres away), in mansions financed by the most crass sort of graft and theft. If that ain’t all, the junta has fanatics from Svoboda and the Right Sector in its “ministry”, some of whom who’re in “power ministries”. That is, we have criminals at the head of the junta, with fanatics in subordinate positions. Mind you, if things “went south” for the junta, the criminal members such as Timoshenko, Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, and Avakov would flee (they’ve socked away boodle stolen from the Ukrainian treasury abroad)… but fanatics such as Tyagnibok and Yarosh would do something unhinged if they thought that their ship was going down. They could attempt actions against the Dnepr dams or the Chernobyl containment site. We’re talking about fanatics with no human consideration whatsoever. It wouldn’t concern them that their own people would suffer. This is what should worry people. Unhinged lunatics are about and they have access to “sharps”. Alternatively, Galician fanatics in the Ukrainian forces could order unauthorised attacks on the Crimea or cause blood-soaked repressions in Russian areas. No matter which way you slice this shit sandwich, it’s not appealing, is it?

We have to make it to Easter. Shall the junta last? Not only do I lack the foggiest idea, no one else knows anything, either. God do spare us… we’re in a hurtling rollercoaster car, and no one’s in control. Pass the jug… what else can we do?


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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Ukrainian Junta in Tough Straits… Selling Off Government Vehicles to Raise Funds to Meet Budget… What’ll They Do When They Sell Everything Off?

empty pockets no money


UNIAN reported that Ukrainian junta would sell 1,500 cars assigned to the central authorities, directing the monies raised to the budget. Economics Minister Aleksandr Shlapak said, “There’s only one car left in the ministry. We’re not doing the same thing with operational police and fire vehicles. We’ll assess the use of all other public vehicles, and sell off the surplus”. A few days ago the government introduced austerity, forbidding state institutions to carry out repairs and hire employees without special permission, and limited spending by subordinate officials on foreign trips {of course, the junta leaders and their oligarch cronies won’t be so restricted… they’re special, y’know: editor}.

Earlier, the junta stated that the Ukraine is in financial crisis. On 27 February, one of the junta leadership, Yatsenyuk, said, “The treasury is bare. Over 20 billion USD (720 billion Roubles. 22.1 CAD. 22.3 billion AUD. 14.6 billion Euros. 12 billion UK Pounds) in foreign exchange is gone and 35 billion USD (1.25 trillion Roubles. 38.7 billion CAD. 39 billion AUD. 25.5 billion Euros. 21 billion UK Pounds) worth of loans vanished. Only 4 million gryvnia (15.3 million Roubles. 428,000 USD. 472,000 CAD. 477,000 AUD. Euros. 256,000 UK Pounds) remain in the treasury… which isn’t enough for anything”. The EU claimed that it was ready to give the Ukraine 11 billion Euros (544 billion Roubles. 15.1 billion USD. 16.7 billion CAD. 16.8 billion AUD. 9 billion UK Pounds) of financial help over the next two years. The USA claimed that it’d give Kiev a billion dollars (36 billion Roubles. 1.1 billion CAD. 1.12 billion AUD. 728 million Euros. 598 million UK Pounds). Late last year, the Russian government agreed to give 15 billion USD (540 billion Roubles. 16.6 billion CAD. 16.7 billion AUD. 11 billion Euros. 9 billion UK Pounds) worth of financial help to the Ukraine. It transferred the first tranche of 3 billion USD (108 billion Roubles. 3.32 billion CAD. 3.35 billion AUD. 2.2 billion Euros. 1.8 billion UK Pounds) in December, but after the putsch, it froze the rest. On 4 March, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia did that “because they asked the West to help them under the aegis of the International Monetary Fund“.

5 March 2014



Editor’s Note:

Shlapak is a prominent Orangie who’s been out of politics since Yushchenko‘s removal in 2010. He’s held no political office since then… but he’s a longtime crony of Yuliya‘s, which makes him A-Number One as far as the junta’s concerned. In short, a pro-American bum-kisser of the first water… but the Americans didn’t help their friend, did they? The junta is in very tough straits, indeed. Over the next two years, it requires a minimum of 40 billion USD (1.44 trillion Roubles. 44.3 billion CAD. 44.6 billion AUD. 29.2 billion Euros. 24 billion UK Pounds) just to meet its bills, but the USA/EU is only offering it 16 billion (576 billion Roubles. 17.7 billion CAD. 17.8 billion AUD. 11.7 billion Euros. 9.6 billion UK Pounds). That is, only 40 percent of what it needs. Add to that the fact that Gazprom just imposed market rates on Ukrainian natural gas purchases, well, you can see what’s going to happen. By the way, the above figures do NOT include what the government has to spend to repair damages caused by the rioters… which adds even more to their woes, doesn’t it?

The Ukrainian economy is knackered after 23 years of mismanagement by “Ukrainian” nationalists and outright theft by the oligarchs. The Ukrainian SSR was the jewel in the crown of the USSR, but the nationalists and Western crapitalism sucked it dry. There’s nothing left, hardly… so, the junta is selling off the government’s assets. When that’s gone… they’re up shit creek without a paddle… and the IMF/EU/USA Troika won’t help them. “You must be responsible and cut the budget”. The junta may not last until the so-called 5 May election… it needs cash and it needs it NOW… but its Western backers aren’t coughing up. Perhaps, Yuliya could sell one of her mansions…


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