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Sunday, 13 July 2014

13 July 2014. Politics Through a Cartoonist’s Eyes

00 A Profsoyuzov. The Zaporozhe Cossacks Read the EU Requirements. 2014. 13.07.14


00 Vitaly Podvitsky. well, there's no more problem. 13.07.14


The first one, of course, is a takeoff on Repin’s famous painting, The Zaporozhe Cossacks Write a Mocking Letter to the Turkish Sultan, satirising EU efforts to bureaucratise everything. You should know that Uniate efforts to use Cossack imagery is a gross imposture. NO Cossack EVER approved of the foul Unia… quite the opposite. Poles could live, but the Cossacks invariably put Uniate quislings to the sword. In short, in this, as in so many other things, the Uniates lie egregiously and unashamedly. In the second, one should know that Uniate fanatics commit most of the killings in Novorossiya. In light of the history of the UPA and of the fact that Uniates ratted on their neighbours in World War I to the Habsburgs (the Austrians did fill Talerhof somehow, didn’t they?), this double-dealing murderous policy shouldn’t surprise us. NEVER hate… but do oppose these creepos when they pop up… in Novorossiya, the locals have to kill Uniates when they find them… they’re that treacherous and that false. We DO live in a fallen world.


Saturday, 12 July 2014

12 July 2014. A Blast from the Past: Pottsy the Cop

00 pottsy the cop. 12.07.14


I was looking around the web for ANYTHING on Pottsy the Cop… I remember reading it in the News when I was a kid. It was never acerbic… it was never dismissive… it was never sarcastic. Pottsy was an ordinary beat cop like you’d see on the street (most of ‘em are gone now, replaced by car-borne coppers). One strip I seem to remember showed Pottsy playing pinball, he was winning big, then… you guessed it… TILT! In another, the Potts (believe it or not) was part of the PAL (Police Athletic League) helping kids. Now, that was a cartoon! No, I’m not one of those people nostalgic for the “good old days”… but I’m not one of those who think that the old days were “all wet”… neither attitude is healthy.

I had to get away from the war for a post or two… the last image that I posted really shook me. Don’t forget the suffering people of Novorossiya… the Uniate/schismatical junta soaks itself in their blood. It’s too much at times, though… it can get depressing and it tends to wear away one’s human feelings. I’ve lost all compassion for the junta and for its Uniate/schismatical amen corner. I can see why war correspondents drink so much…


Thursday, 10 July 2014

10 July 2014. Politics Through a Cartoonist’s Eyes… Bloody Pyotr the Gangster… America’s Darling and Faithful Pupil

00 Bloody Pyotr. P A Poroshenko. 01.07.14


There’s no need of commentary. America kills innocents in the Middle East, Balkans, Latin America, and South Asia… P A Poroshenko kills innocents in Novorossiya. The client simply copies his patron… it tells you much about Poroshenko… and more about contemporary America. It’s something to mull over, no? Poroshenko wades in innocent Russian blood. America applauds him for that. I seem to think that the American Establishment doesn’t like us. Ordinary Americans are one thing… the American government and leading elements are quite another… one is quite innocent, the other is utterly evil to the point of Anti-Christianity. Don’t confuse the two… Joe Schmo on the street doesn’t have the guilt of Rush Limbaugh, Franklin Graham, Sarah Palin, John McCain, John Kerry, or the First Profit of the Mormons. Keep it on the up and square, kids… the times ARE evil…


Friday, 27 June 2014

27 June 2014. The Cabinet on the Situation in Novorossiya

00 Carlos Latuff. US Imperialism. 2007

American Imperialism

Carlos Latuff



In effect, the idiots installed by Washington as the Ukraine’s “government” have signed Ukraine’s economic suicide pact by agreeing to a free trade zone as a first step toward EU membership. In addition to being enslaved by massive IMF debt obligations, fighting a losing war to force the east to join the illegal Kiev junta, now, the geniuses in Kiev have de facto eliminated their tariff-free trade with their largest trading partner… the [TS EvrAsES] of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Armenia. Once the EU association agreement goes into effect in the autumn, the [TS EvrAsES] will impose tariffs on Ukrainian imports to protect their economies. In addition, what’s left of the Ukrainian economy won’t be in a position to compete with incoming duty-free EU goods and products. Eventually, Ukraine’s biggest export will be workers to EU countries, whilst foreign capital takes over its remaining industries and concerns.

The more that I think about it, the smarter V V Putin looks to me. I admit to being less than happy with his decision not to invade the Ukraine and just sweep away the Kiev junta. However, when I look at the big picture, that’d give the West the opportunity to point another finger at Russia and say that it was Moscow’s fault the Kiev junta didn’t succeed. By holding back and letting nature take its course, more than likely, there’d be another revolution in the Ukraine, as the standard of living continued to drop precipitously and the Ukrainian people continued to suffer more economic hardships. Whilst this is probably the smartest strategy, it costs the lives of many people in the east, and, besides, it might destroy the economic basis of the lives of tens of millions people across the Ukraine. Either way, in my opinion, the Ukraine is rapidly becoming an economic basket-case and a failed state.


This is a read n’ heed…


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