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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Local Monastery Student Pleads Not Guilty to Indecent Solicitation Charges

00 kiddie sex suspect. 25.09.14


According to authorities, a Libertyville IL man recently charged with indecent solicitation of a minor was in his fourth and final year of training to become a monk at the St Sava Serbian Orthodox Monastery near the village. On Wednesday, 29 October, Dario Spasic, 22, pleaded not guilty to charges of indecent solicitation of a minor under the age of 17, a Class 3 felony that carries a potential prison sentence of two to five years. A conviction can also result in a probationary sentence. Cops arrested and charged Spasic in September, after he allegedly agreed on the Internet to meet in person with someone he believed to be a 14-year-old boy. Officials said that he chatted online with a member of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Cyber Crimes Unit.

Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Stanton said Spasic, who’s from Ohio, was living on Milwaukee Avenue in unincorporated Libertyville when the incident took place. She said that he was in his fourth year as a student at the Serbian Monastery, also located on Milwaukee Avenue north of Libertyville. Spasic was initially jailed on 100,000 USD (4.32 million Roubles. 612,000 Renminbi. 6.14 million INR. 112,000 CAD. 114,000 AUD. 79,000 Euros. 62,500 UK Pounds) bond, but subsequently bonded out and the court allows him to live in Ohio with his parents, whilst being monitored by the court’s pre-trial services department. Stanton said the state had objected to allowing him to reside out of state prior to trial, but that he’s required to attend every hearing in person. He was present Wednesday for his arraignment before Judge George Bridges. According to sheriff’s police, Spasic used a social networking application to set up a 22.00 meeting with the boy that he thought was 14 years old, but instead of that, a sheriff’s office detective was waiting for him. according to the sheriff’s office , he allegedly told investigators that he set up the meeting “to engage in sexual activities”.

29 October 2014

Jim Newton

Libertyville (IL) Review


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Pope Francisco’s Unsettling Duality: Risk-Taker Reluctant to Act on Child Abuse

01 Paffhausen with Isidore Brittain

Yes, this image deserves a rerun… Peterson and Paffso slobbering over the child porn king Brittain… he was serving in a HOOMie parish (and there are credible tales about them, too). We have no reason to point fingers.


On Monday, Pope Francisco Bergoglio met with victims of sex abuse and apologised for the heinous crimes committed by Catholic priests. Some believe the meeting, the first for the current pope, comes too late and apology isn’t what children really need. David Clohessy, executive director of Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), said, “What kids need is decisive action from the pope. Not words, not gestures, not symbols, not meetings”. He stated that crimes and cover-ups are continuing, and that children all across the globe aren’t safe or getting safer as a result of the meeting. Meanwhile, “the pope, just as his predecessors, refuses to take any meaningful steps toward real reform. Instead, there are only words and promises, and not a single pragmatic step to expose clerics who committed or concealed child sex crimes. However, words only make some people feel good in the short-term. They don’t keep child predators away from vulnerable kids. Only decisive steps do that”. Clohessy pointed out that the pope has already shown that he’s “a bold risk-taker by aggressively taking on issues like Church governance and Church finances. Indeed, he proved that he can act with courage on many issues… except this one. I’m disappointed that not only hasn’t the pope done anything, he doesn’t denounce or discipline bishops and clerics who molested children”.

When a bishop in Germany, Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, spent 43 million USD renovating his home, the pope didn’t appoint a study panel to come up with recommendations on what to do with that. He simply removed the “Bishop of Bling”. Yet, there seem to be no consequences for doing wrong in terms of child molestation. “Most of the bishops have stonewalled police and prosecutors and deceived parishioners and parents. They’re extremely reluctant to expose their colleagues for any wrongdoing”. Clohessy believes that the real solution to this problem has to involve the whole church. “The pope should begin by firing bishops who conceal abuse. Secondly, the names of those implicated have to be made public. Thirdly, the pope should order bishops to work with lawmakers not against them. These three steps will make an enormous difference .If these steps aren’t taken, then, what happens in the Vatican on child abuse will remain public relations without real action. The current policy amounts to feeling good as opposed to doing good. It’s promising reform, not delivering reform”.

9 July 2014

Voice of Russia World Service



Orthodox shouldn’t chortle… especially, not toddlers like Rod Dreher. We have our own shit-spattered byre to clean out… and we haven’t attended to that. Give heed to the image posted above. Paffso and Peterson slobbered all over the child porn king Brittain. He was under suspension… but you’d never know it. We have the same cancer in our vitals. You know what happens if you don’t eradicate cancer completely… you catch my drift…

All too many Orthodox act like the Catholic League… a Far Right Goodthinker group that attacks SNAP for uncovering perv clergy. Indeed, I’ve heard that there have been legal vendettas against those involved with SNAP or those friendly to it. The Catholic Church in the USA has a shitload of cash and it doesn’t mind spending it on shysters and pressure groups… it does mind spending it on victim compensation and it balks at telling folks where they send perv clergy… gee, I wonder why. Cappy and Mel… this one’s for you… and I stand with ya (even if that does attract the ire of this-or-that clergyman). Hat tip to the two of ya…


Storheim Gets Eight Months in the Slam

01 Go to Jail


A Winnipeg MN court sentenced a former OCA bishop convicted of molesting an altar boy to eight months in jail. Earlier this year, a Winnipeg court convicted Seraphim Storheim of sexually assaulting a boy who came to visit him in Winnipeg almost 30 years ago. Justice Christopher Mainella called Storheim’s actions deplorable and a gross breach of trust. The OCA placed the 68-year-old on leave after his arrest in 2010, and retired him following his conviction. The Crown asked for a 12-month jail sentence, arguing Storheim abused a position of trust, but his lawyer argued for a conditional sentence with no jail time. At the time of the offence, Storheim was a OCA priest, but later rose to archbishop… the church’s highest-ranking cleric in Canada.

9 July 2014

The Canadian Press



Watch all the goodthinkers caterwaul over this. Let’s not be coy… Storheim’s the only one to go to the can… there were many other abusers… many other victims. I’ll be blunt… we still have a crank institutional culture in re clerical meatheads (whether sexual abusers, corrupt gelt-grabbers, power-hungry ecclesial pols, or nasty parish dictators). All too many people defend the worst priests… that’s superstitious and not Christian in the least. I have nothing but contempt for Jeff Gindin (Storheim’s mouthpiece)… his defence was that the victims were nuts. Thank God, the judge saw through that shit.

After he gets out of the slam, the Church should send Storheim away to a monastery, preferably in Athos or in Europe. Now, that would put a righteous finis to all this…


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Church won’t Defrock Naughty Archbishop

00 No Tolerance for Child Abuse. 23.10.12


The Orthodox Church of America (OCA) Archdiocese of Canada won’t defrock a disgraced archbishop recently found guilty of sexually assaulting a Winnipeg boy in the 1980s. Instead, the church quietly retired Archbishop Seraphim Storheim. The decision outraged critics who say the decision to spare Storheim defrocking goes directly against the church’s sexual misconduct policy. Melanie Sakoda, the Orthodox director of SNAP, also known as the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, said, “I think they’re being very cautious, there’s a lot of sentiment of support for him in Canada. The thing that bothered me is their policy seems to be very clear… if he’s found to have abused a child, he’s to be defrocked”. The archbishop still awaits sentencing after a court found him guilty in January of sexually assaulting a pre-teen boy in the mid-1980s, when he was rector at Holy Trinity Sobor in Winnipeg.

The church’s sexual misconduct policy, updated last fall, states that the church would depose and permanently prohibit from exercising any functions or responsibilities of parish ministry any clergy found to have committed child sexual abuse. Officials for the OCA, the parent organisation to the Archdiocese of Canada, said that the decision to retire came from a need to replace Storheim as ruling bishop in Canada and that they haven’t ruled out defrocking the archbishop. Archpriest Eric George Tosi, secretary for the OCA, said per the canons, a final ruling on Storheim’s fate would be in the hands of a 12-member spiritual court. The court can’t convene until the church’s initial investigation is complete. This is an arduous process, which Sakoda says isn’t necessary, noting, “The trouble with that, is unlike the Catholic Church, in the Orthodox Church the canons are sort of guidelines, they aren’t law. If they wanted to do this, whether it is a panel of 12 bishops or not, they could. I think that sends a message and it sends the wrong message”.

In a letter dated 21 March, the church decided that they’d retire Storheim and that he’d continue in the clergy, as a retired member, take communion with the clergy, and worship in his choice of a church in Edmonton AB or Spencerville ON. The church suspended Storheim in November 2010 when the allegations of abuse first surfaced, saying that a commission would decide his fate within the church after the criminal procedures were complete. The court will sentence Storheim sometime in June, and after that, his lawyer said that he’d file an appeal.

2 April 2014

Kristin Annable

Winnipeg Sun



Cappy and Mel get a lot of flak from “goodthinkers”… “We shouldn’t complain about the clergy… we should cover up their sins… we have no right to attack such good people”… yadda, yadda, yadda. Let’s be blunt. The OCA First Families apparat doesn’t give a rat’s ass for the victims. It’s one thing to see that Storheim got legal counsel, but I’ll be blunt, I think that his lawyer, Gindin, was an asshole who based his defence on attacking the victims’ sanity and credibility (that’s my opinion, I can state it publicly, and they can’t sue me for so doing). The OCA Holy Synod knew that was Gindin’s defence… they said nothing. Ergo, when Gindin attacked the witnesses’ credibility, the OCA attacked their credibility.

Tosi makes me want to hurl. All that the Church needs is Justice Mainella’s rather long and rather detailed verdict. It’s time for this shit to end. It’s time to depose Storheim, send him to a remote monastery (in foreign parts, if necessary), apologise to his victims, and pay them reasonable compensation for the unnecessarily nasty attacks levelled on them by Gindin (Gindin deserves a good swift kick in the ass for choosing such low and despicable tactics… I know more than one person willing to do the deed… I know some Cossacks willing to give him more than a swift kick). It’s time for the lawyerly shit to end. Real people were hurt; real people had their reputations dragged in the mud… and these jabronies want to spin it out. Pass me the jug… I know that the human race is sinful and full of self-serving tricks, but this is too much. God have mercy on Storheim’s innocent victims… haven’t they gone through enough?


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