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Saturday, 22 November 2014

22 November 2014. More Cabinet Vox Pop on Fatso…

01 +Jonah and the Whale cartoon


Just got this in from one of the Cabinet:

I surely can’t be the only person to find a great deal of humour in JP calling his Facebook page Free Metropolitan Jonah. Given that he’s about the size of a whale, it puts me in mind of “Free Willy”.

This requires no comment from me… it DOES take all kinds…


22 November 2014. Update on JP’s Goofy Facebook Page

00 Grumpy Cat Cartoon. 02.09.13


There’s an image posted on JP’s Facebook page posted by Jo Anne Head. A friend of mine wrote:

That’s Fr Dcn Alexander and Matushka Joanna Laymon, at Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church, OCA, which is now St Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church, ROCOR. That parish is the former OCA mission that, along with their priest, Alexander Webster, Tikhon released to the ROCOR. Maybe, it’s one of the smartest things he’s done.

Another friend wrote me (independently):

If it were up to Tikhon, JP would be in the ROCOR yesterday. X and Y are adamantly opposed… JP has to drop his demand that the OCA continue to pay him even after release. That’s the holdup… besides which, JP treats the OCA Holy Synod with contempt. This internet foolery won’t help him.

Keep tuned… the situation continues to simmer away like Thursday’s turkey. Trust me, nothing will surprise me (or you)… it might sadden us or anger us, but it won’t surprise us, will it? Pass the jug…


22 November 2014. Link for JP’s Goofy Facebook Page

00 Sergei Yolkin. Facebook is Watching You. 2012


Here’s the link for JP’s goofy Facebook page. It’s the DUMBEST move that I’ve seen in a long time. It’s not boring covering diaspora Russian Orthodoxy, that’s clear…


22 November 2014. JP Starts Crackbrained Facebook Page… Konvertsy Eating It UP… What’s Wrong With That Picture?

00 Cracked Facebook Logo. 26.10.13________________________________

I got this from a Cabinet member:

I don’t know if you’re on Facebook, but Met Jonah started a Facebook page entitled Free Met Jonah, which he is posting on… what the hell’s wrong with him…. the converts are eating this up, but they haven’t any idea how the Church works.

I’d only say that I wasn’t the only one who saw Fatso schmoozing with Nathanael Kapner last Pentecost… he’s paying for his oddbod connections to Kapner and Platina, for his ties to godless Uniates and sectarians, and for his whoring for American neocons. The konvertsy don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. When Fatso surfaced on patriarchia.ru, they didn’t realise that Polar explorer A N Chilingarov was the main honoree… they also didn’t notice that the Blunder was present, but Varsonofy Sudakov and V A Chaplin weren’t (the main giveaway was the fact that Fatso only appeared in one photograph). In short, the two closest advisors of HH were ABSENT. Of course, the konvertsy are so stupid that they think that the Blunder’s the most important man in the MP after HH (they think that because the papists and Proddies think so, they lack any facility in Russian, and they’re generally of rather dim wattage… think of Dreher and Freddie M-G, and you’ve got them nailed). Fats was tight with Yustinian Ovchinnikov, y’ know, the MP bishop recently caught in nasty doings (the MP Holy Synod “exiled” YO to Kalmykiya for propositioning a man, I heard). One of my Moscow friends said:

He knows all the poofters in the American Church… they called him in to grill him on his gay pals. They don’t want another Yustinian.

This move guarantees that the OCA Holy Synod will nix any and all petitions for canonical release. This shows not only a basic misunderstanding of how the Church operates in the real world, it’s an extraordinarily stupid action lacking in good-sense… you don’t get people to vote in your favour by pushing their faces in the shit and caterwauling like a spoilt overindulged toddler. Oh, well… just another day in diaspora Russian Orthodoxy… it sure ain’t boring, is it?


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