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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Can YOU Do Anything to Stop the Madness? Take a Look…

00 Lyudmila Tarasova. If Not Me and You, Then, Who. (English).1987


00 Riots in Kiev. 06.02.14

THIS is why you should care… this is what the neofascists do every day in Kiev... and they’re getting nastier by the day…


00 Crimea. 10.03.14

Stand with the free people of the Ukraine! NOT with fascist crapitalist pigs!


00 Crisis. 01 Odessa. We're not giraffe meat for the EU! .3

Do YOU care? DO SOMETHING! These folks in Odessa are standing tall… and they’re facing down Svoboda thugs! We don’t have to worry about that, do we? Oh, the sign… “We’re not giraffe meat for the EU!”


No new US war! Stop media lies about the Ukraine

March from CNN to Fox News

Friday, 14 March, 5 pm to 6 pm:

Rally at CNN

10 Columbus Circle (Broadway & 59th St)

6 pm:

March down Broadway to FOX News

49th St & Sixth Ave

Facebook event: facebook.com/events/226160010906938


Here’s a link with more.

If you’re in town, do show up. After all, the Svoboda pigs showed up in Kiev (betcha that some of their American diaspora cousins may try a provocation… do be careful), didn’t they? It’s time to speak up… the folks in the Ukraine are standing tall, and they’re facing REAL repression. Do you want the Republicans to do the same here in the USA (McCain, Cruz, and Rubio just slobber over the Timoshenko junta and its “reforms”)? DO SOMETHING…


Who, indeed?


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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The MVDU Shitcanned 90 Percent of Its Leading Elements

00 Riots in Kiev 01. 07.01.14

The new face of Ukrainian “law”… the rule of law lies trampled in the mud… God do help the Little Russian people…


On 4 March, on his Facebook page, acting MVDU chieftain Arseny Avakov said that the MVDU fired 90 percent of its leading elements. Avakov said that over the past three months, the leading MVDU elements “discredited themselves”, and that confidence of Ukrainians in the police “hovers around nil, and [the police] are almost worthless”. He went on to say that appointments to replace all field commanders will take place “in the next two days”. Avakov emphasised that the present priority is to restart effectual work, not reforming the police, to restore “public order and security on the streets… to regain the ability to investigate and apprehend criminals using special units”. Avakov, a long-time Timoshenko crony, became interim head of the MVDU on 22 February. Five days later, when the Rump Rada approved a new cabinet, they confirmed him as permanent head of the agency. One of his most important and widely discussed actions was his dissolution of the MVDU Berkut spetsnaz unit, which the former Ukrainian government used against the Euromaidan rioters {these violent elements have an effectual veto on all junta decisions: editor}. Avakov also initiated an internal investigation, to see if the spetsnaz soldiers’ actions fit legal norms.

4 March 2014



Editor’s Note:

Avakov’s entire statement is GIGO. You can’t have “public security and order on the streets” as long as the Euromaidan riot leaders hold a veto in the junta (and they do). These Madame Defarges tell Avakov what to do… not the other way ‘round. Firstly, Avakov dissolved the Berkut, leaving the junta with no reliable spetsnaz unit for public order. Secondly, he’s dismissed most of the senior elements in the MVDU, which means that inexperienced sorts are now in the lead, chosen (more likely) for political reliability and not professional competence. Shades of the Yezhovshchina! All of this means that law enforcement in the Ukraine is now a sham, which suits the oligarch kleptocrats just fine. The rule of law lies in the dust, replaced by the rule of influence and the rule of the mob. Let me repeat… the police now are completely knackered and emasculated… the mob rules and there’s no legal restraint upon them… the oligarchs can ignore the law with impunity. The Ukraine is on the verge of a Reign of Terror unchecked by statutory or humanitarian restrictions. That’s what “Avakov also initiated an internal investigation, to see if the spetsnaz soldiers’ actions fit legal norms” means. As Yanukovich is safe from the mob and from Yuliya’s fury in Russia, the junta will have show trials and throw underlings to the dogs (the mob and the oligarchs). Note well that neocon Republicans, in particular, slobber over this. It tells you much about their lawless  “Libertarian” amorality, doesn’t it?

Oh, one last thing… Avakov never uses official channels to announce his diktats. A legitimate government official uses official government media to announce decisions… not their Facebook page! If that doesn’t tell you that the Timoshenko junta is illegitimate, nothing will…


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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Avakov “Dissolves” Berkut Unit

00 Kiev riots 02. 20.02.14

These guys are guiltless… Avakov is gutless… whom do you prefer?


Acting Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Arseny Avakov signed a decree dissolving the Berkut spetsnaz MVDU unit. He announced it today on his Facebook page, saying, “There isn’t any Berkut anymore. I’ve signed decree number 144 on 25 February 2014 eliminating the Berkut unit. I’ll give more details in a special briefing tomorrow”.

25 February 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Berkut is NOT “dissolved”. Click here to read about their orderly redeployment to the Crimea. That is, Berkut isn’t disbanded… it’s joined the patriots opposing the illegitimate Timoshenko putschists. I wonder why Catherine Ashton is kissing the asses of the junta in a major way… she’s worse than any other Western figure is.

Every government has special ops units like the Berkut. It takes a long time to train each trooper properly, and to form such a unit from scratch takes at least six months to create a shaky unit… 9-12 months for a mediocre unit… and if you wanted to do it right, you’d take at least 18 months. This shows the Timoshenko cabal‘s incompetence for all to see. Whom are they going to replace the Berkut with? Indeed, any group that they’d come up with would lack its training and discipline, which means that its members would crack under stress. That would lead to them using deadly force when there was no reason to do so. That’s irresponsible in the extreme. People are going to die needlessly for this act of public grandstanding. The Berkut was full of stand-up guys who were real patriots… who’s going to replace them, Svoboda Uniate strong-arm pukes? God do help us…

Oh, one last thing… Avakov is a criminal who was in the slam in Italy, who had an Interpol “red notice“ out against him (hmm… that’s probably where Langley recruited him). Of course, criminals don’t like cops… why did the putschists put a known criminal in charge of the cops? Interesting question, isn’t it?



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Monday, 24 February 2014

WARNING! PRO-WESTERN PROPAGANDA AHEAD! “Warrant Issued for Deposed Ukraine Leader for Mass Murder”

00 Riots in Kiev 02. 06.02.14

Here are the REAL mass murderers… let God see and judge! Reflect on this… the USA supports these thugs (especially, the Republican Party). This is repulsive in the extreme…


Editor’s Foreword:

I’d suggest that the Russian government fire everyone on the RIA-Novosti’s English-language staff. The post below is pro-Western bullshit of the worst sort… its suck-up journalism of the most noisome kind. These people are quislings, best gotten rid of in the fastest way possible. If they want so badly to support American imperialism, well, let the American imperialists pay them… NOT the Russian state. By the way, the Russian side isn’t as rotten as this is. Hold your nose and read the following… it tells you much about the pro-American putschists. Nasty lot, aren’t they?



On Monday, the MVDU issued an arrest warrant for deposed Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich on charges of mass murder. Acting Minister of Internal Affairs of the Ukraine Arseny Avakov {a criminal whom Interpol had a “red notice” out against: editor} said that the MVDU sought Yanukovich for the killings of “innocent citizens”, a reference to protesters killed during clashes last week between anti-government rioters and police. Avakov said in a statement on his Facebook account, “We’ve declared Yanukovich and other officials wanted”. Yanukovich left Kiev on Saturday, one day after a tentative deal mediated by the EU and Russia called for early elections and forming an interim government. That deal quickly fell apart, and members of Yanukovich’s Party of Regions resigned (sic) en masse, the Rada voted to impeach Yanukovich, and installed a new acting head of state in his place. Acting president and Chairman of the Rada Aleksandr Turchinov said that Yanukovich tried to board a charter flight in Donetsk Oblast over the weekend, but customs officers stopped him. He gave no details on Yanukovich’s destination, as the flight didn’t file a flight plan. Yanukovych’s whereabouts remain unknown. His aide Anna German told Ukrinform that he was in the Ukraine, but gave no further details. She said she had no contact with Yanukovich in recent days. On Saturday, Yanukovich insisted that he’d neither resign nor sign any agreement with what he called “bandits terrorising the country”. He described the events in Kiev as a “coup d’état“.

24 February 2014



Editor’s Afterword:

If you wanted proof of the kleptocratic Timoshenko junta’s utter incompetence and absolute stupidity, this is it. It’s revenge worthy of such “worthies” as Ted Cruz  and Rush Limbaugh, isn’t it? This guarantees that Russians and leftists in the Ukraine will coalesce in opposition to the pro-Western junta… all Russians and leftists will ask themselves a question, “Who’s next?” As I said, the stupidity behind this is monumental. Yuliya Vladimirovna is a new Louis XVIII, for she’s “learned nothing and remembered everything”. This just might push the Ukraine into a bloody conflict that’ll make the last few months seem peaceful, indeed. God do save us, but especially, the innocent people of Little Russia… they don’t deserve such a fate.

One last thing… this isn’t a sign of strength on the part of the putschists, it’s a sign of weakness. Who pushed for this? That’s unknown… the Americans will regret having loosed this genie… but as usual, they’ll escape the full consequence of their folly. The poor people of Little Russia will pay in full for America’s hubris and arrogance. Those amongst us who’ve supported American “conservatism” in the past, should stop it… you’ve abetted evil enough, haven’t you? It’s too much of a muchness…


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