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Sunday, 27 July 2014

27 July 2014. MY HEROES… THANK YOU!

00 Thank You Grandpa for the Victory. 27.07.14


00 my heroes. poklonnaya gora. 27.07.14


Спасибо вам… THANK YOU for crushing the fascist snakes (and their collaborationist running dogs)… THANK YOU for stopping the Nazi murderers… THANK YOU for giving us a peaceful world to grow up in.


I can’t say it often enough or loud enough… if you know a World War II vet from any of the countries of the Anti-Hitler Coalition, honour them… they saved us from a long nasty fascist night. They’re our heroes… NOT Ronald Reagan… NOT Rush Limbaugh… NOT Clint Eastwood… NOT Bill O’Reilly… NOT Richard Cheney… NOT Paul Ryan… NOT Willard Romney… all of whom avoided combat service (some were gutless cowards who avoided military duty altogether).

Respect those who earned respect… as for the others… kiss my ass…


Now, that’s WORTHY of respect and honour…


Thursday, 24 July 2014

24 July 2014. Video. “New Ukrainian Anthem”… Appropriate Music for the Dark Fascist Night Now Enveloping the Ukraine and Novorossiya

00 Igor Kolga. The Ukrainian Government. 2014

The Ukrainian Government

Igor Kolga




The Banderovtsy and the Vlasovtsy are identical under the skin… both collaborated with the Nazis… both were aided by rightwing US officers after World War II… both received oodles of cash from Langley in the Cold War… both distort the truth and hate the achievements of the USSR and want to destroy them and their memorials… both nursed their hatred and refused to let it die. Trust me… the Vlasovtsy are as full of hatred as the Banderovtsy are. Some are left at Jordanville, sadly enough, others work as willing running dogs of the American Establishment. Interestingly enough, even though they hate one another, Langley uses both… and forces them to cooperate! God does have INTERESTING ways of exacting justice.

I wish that this was a spoof… it isn’t. Reflect on that…


Sunday, 20 July 2014

Remains of 26 Red Defenders of Sevastopol Buried in Solemn Service Blessed by Church

00 sevastopol. vov reburial 01. 20.07.14


00 sevastopol. vov reburial 02. 20.07.14


00 sevastopol. vov reburial 03. 20.07.14


On 3 July, the Day of Memory and Grief, there was a solemn reburial of the remains of 26 soldiers and defenders of Sevastopol at the necropolis of the legendary 35 Coastal Battery, attended by city leaders and personnel of the Black Sea Fleet, members of the Lovers of the History of the Fatherland Club (headed by Yu Mishin), and members of the search units of Surgut and Sevastopol. According to the Sevastopol Deanery, the presiding priest at this memorable event was Archpriest Sergei Fyodorov, rector of St Nicholas parish, who served a church burial service the day before for the fallen Soviet warriors in the chapel of the Archangel Michael. Hundreds came to honour the memory of the nameless heroes… VOV vets and ordinary folks from Sevastopol. The Soviet sailors’ remains received solemn reburial with full military honours.

4 July 2014




Note well that the Uniate pigs spit on the podvig of the Soviet people in the VOV… they honour Nazi filth! They do! They honour those who murdered Jews, Roma, Poles, Russians, and anyone who wasn’t “Ukrainian”. Hell, the OUN wasn’t picky… they killed “Ukrainians” too… anybody who didn’t agree with their fascist worldview and violent ways. The Uniate hierarchy coddled these people, and their children are the backbone of their support. It’s one of the reasons why Orthodox people can’t have anything to do with the Unia… it’s a nest of Nazi lovers. Yes, the same is true of the Vlasovtsy, too. The Banderovtsy and the Vlasovtsy are identical under the skin… both want to destroy reality, deface history, and erase the real achievements of the USSR. You can support those who supported the USSR or you can support those who supported the Nazis. Those are the ONLY choices on offer… choose well.


Sunday, 22 June 2014

22 June 2014. 22 June 1941… 22 February 2014… Two Dates That Will Live in Infamy

00 War with a female face 2. 18.11.12


00 donetsk. novorossiya. mother with son. 26.05.14


00.03d WWII The Red Flag Over the Reichstag


00 Lugansk 01 04.05.14


V Bozhko. Raising the Victory Banner Over Berlin. nd

Raising the Victory Banner Over Berlin

V Bozhko

undated (Soviet period)


00 Slavyansk 02. 14.04.14.


01 Soldier with Sisters


00 slavyansk 02. 31.05.14


On 22 June 1941, the Greater German Reich invaded the USSR. The West stabbed the Motherland in the back. On 22 February 2014, a Western-controlled coup topped V F Yanukovich, the legitimate President of the Ukraine, stabbing the Motherland in the back. The Kiev junta hollers about “constitutional order” when they seized power in an extralegal coup. I seem to see an obvious contradiction in terms there.The Nazi invasion led to millions of deaths, mostly innocent civilians. The Western-backed putsch led to hundreds of deaths, mostly innocent civilians. I seem to see an obvious similarity there. The junta pigs glorify SS collaborators and common criminals. They tear down memorials to VOV heroes and replace them with memorials to pro-Western suck-asses. They throw grenades into churches, brutalise kids, and torture their opponents. It sounds like the Nazis… it sure do. 22 February 2014 is the same as 22 June 1941… it’s time for us to stand up and defend our corelgionists. If we don’t, who will stand for them?

If not me and you, then, WHO?


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