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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Summer Camp for Families with Handicapped Kids in Sevastopol

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Every summer, the podvorie of the Marfa-Mariinsky Convent in Sevastopol holds a camp for children with disabilities… families with disabled kids come here on holiday. The usual stay is two weeks, and all visitors have assistance from volunteers from “Miloserdie”. Such visits provide an opportunity for handicapped children to have new experiences, find friends, and to go to sea for the first time. For their parents, it’s often the only opportunity they have to relax and get away from everyday hassles. Some campers have conditions such as cerebral palsy, epidermolysis bullosa, and mucopolysaccharidosis, whilst others are from the St Yelizaveta Orthodox Children’s Home, and some come from large families or from poor families. In each two-week cycle, the camp accommodates about 10 disabled children with their parents. To help them, there are usually six volunteers on duty. They help the moms look after the kids, help them get to the beach and back, take them on field trips, organise games and activities for the kids, put on fun performances and holiday concerts, keep the housing units clean and orderly, and help the chef to cook the food. The camp programme began in June 2011. In 2013, the Sevastopol camp was open from May to October… 12 two-week cycles. During this time, some 150 children and their parents, including 84 disabled kids, will use the facility.


Official website of the MP Synodal Department of Church Charities and Social Service (OTsBSS)



Everything in the Crimean camp is “A-OK” for this year according to my sources. Things are better in the Crimea now that it’s rejoined the Motherland. Things aren’t going to hell in a handbasket in the Crimea as they are in the “Ukraine”. The kids and their families are having fun and they’re safe. The junta pigs can’t hurt them or threaten them (although they make much noise, ignored by all decent people of good-sense).

The Crimea IS Russia! This is proof of that… it was Russian before it officially became Russian, if you catch my drift. THIS sort of thing is what Holy Rus stands for… reflect on that. Holy Rus says, “It’s the people!” The USA says, “It’s the bottom-line!” I seem to see a vital difference here. Ponder it, if you will…


Monday, 16 June 2014

16 June 2014. The REAL DEAL About Odessa… Victory Day Broadcast from 2012

00 Victory Day 2011. 19.11.12






Here’s a Victory Day broadcast from Odessa in 2012. One of the reasons that the USA calumniated V F Yanukovich is that he did two things that the Americans hated. Firstly, he unchained the canonical Church, giving it full media access for the first time since 1991 (they had more freedom in the USSR!). Secondly, he gave his blessing to magnificent Victory Day celebrations, which pissed off the Neo-Nazi Uniates. America rushed in to succor the squalling tantruming Uniate brats, who had gotten their own selfish way since 1991… which led to the putsch of 21 February 2014. It had nothing to do with “corruption” (Yanukovich was LESS corrupt than his predecessors were and his successors are). It had everything to do with rescuing the Uniate project… that’s what the present war is all about. It’s NOT about politics, Europe, or federalisation… it’s about whether what we know as the Ukraine shall be True and Orthodox or whether it’ll be Apostate and Uniate. Shall it embrace its history and Holy Rus, or, shall it embrace lies and papist subjugation? We’ll have to see…

Look at this. It’ll show you that Novorossiya is RUSSIAN. Seeing IS believing…


Thursday, 12 June 2014

1 June was International Children’s Day!

00 international children's day. Krasnoyarsk. 12.06.14


People taking part in the Ninth “Childhood City” carnival in central Krasnoyarsk on 1 June 2014. Thousands of children, their relatives, and teachers took part in the procession to demonstrate suits, styles, dances, and folklore of different regions of the world on International Children’s Day.


00 international children's day. Moscow 01. 12.06.14


00 international children's day. Moscow 02. 12.06.14


In Moscow, the KPRF organised fun for kids from orphanages, children from poor families, and disabled kids. Y’know, those Reds gave the kids… CANDY (I hope that they gave out “Birds’ Milk”… that’s GOOD EATS)! I’d be glad to stand with such decent folks any day of the week. Call me a “commie”… that’s OK… it means that I give a shit and that I “wanna” do good.

This is an old-school Red holiday that refused to die out. Good on the folks who kept such sweet (literally) Sov traditions alive.


Tuesday, 29 April 2014

29 April 2014. The Easter Feast is STILL Rollin’ On!

00 Easter Foods. 28.04.14


The Easter Feast is still rollin’ on! It’s gonna go on STRONG until Pentecost… 8 June. That is, we have all of May and the first week of June as a festive season. Feast ye BOUNTEOUSLY. We’re Christians… that’s what we do!


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