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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Former Annunciation Greek Orthodox Priest Finally Appears in Court

01 money


The third time was a charm for a priest accused of embezzling six figures from his former Milwaukee church. Fr James Dokos appeared in court Friday afternoon after missing two earlier hearings. Dokos missed his first court appearance because his car broke down, and the second because he was in hospital. The court commissioner warned that if he failed to show up Friday, he’d send him to jail. Dokos’ attorney wouldn’t answer any questions before the hearing, saying, “We’re not going to be making any statements. We’ve got to get into court”. An elderly couple left more than 1 million USD (35 million Roubles. 1,075,000 CAD. 1,065,000 AUD. 740,000 Euros. 586,000 UK Pounds) in their estate to Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, naming Dokos as trustee. Prosecutors said that he improperly used more than 100,000 USD (3.5 million Roubles. 107,500 CAD. 106,500 AUD. 74,000 Euros. 58,600 UK Pounds) to fuel a luxury lifestyle. Former church secretary Stephanie Rauch said, “They wanted it to go to the church, to the cultural centre”. Rauch said that she came to court looking for answers. She said that couple adored Dokos, noting, “God rest their souls. They’re probably turning for what he did with their money, which belonged to the church”. Dokos left Annunciation two years ago for a church near Chicago IL. After court, Dokos headed to the County Jail, where they fingerprinted him and took his mug shot. Dokos is free on a signature bond. He’s due back in court in two weeks.

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Colleen Henry

18 July 2014

WISN 12 ABC (Milwaukee WI USA)


Archbishop Jovan Vraniskovski of Ohrid Remains in Prison

00 Archbishop Jovan in Prison. 06.12


On Thursday, Macedonian media reported that the Macedonian Appellate Court confirmed the first instance ruling against Archbishop Jovan Vraniškovski of Ohrid and Metropolitan of Skopje. He’s serving a three-year prison sentence on charges of embezzling 250,000 Euros (11.85 million Roubles. 339,000 USD. 363,000 CAD. 360,000 AUD. 198,000 UK Pounds). The Appellate Court also confirmed the probation for 18 followers of Archbishop Jovan, including his mother and sister, on charges of aiding the embezzlement. Previously, the second instance court denied Metropolitan Jovan’s appeal as unfounded and found him guilty of embezzlement of funds that he used to purchase land in Ohrid during his mandate as a bishop of the non-recognised Macedonian Orthodox Church (MPC). Macedonian media reports stated that the Appellate Court’s decision is crucial for further talks with the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) on canonical recognition of the MPC. A court in Skopje sentenced Archbishop Jovan on 2 July 2013 to three years of imprisonment and he appealed the decision in November. In keeping with the ruling of the Skopje Criminal Court, the authorities seized 4.9 million MKD (3.78 million Roubles. 108,000 USD. 116,000 CAD. 115,000 AUD. 80,000 Euros. 63,000 UK Pounds) from the bank account of the Association for Enhancement of Civil and Religious Freedoms in the village of Nizepolje near Bitola to the benefit the canonically non-recognised MPC, the damaged party. Archbishop Jovan said in the appeal that the ruling is discriminatory and was political, adding that the verdict is also unclear and lacked a single piece of tangible evidence backing it. The appeal Archbishop Jovan filed in the Skopje Appellate Court stated that the Macedonian authorities persecute the Orthodox Archdiocese of Ohrid in various ways, even though 12 years have passed since its establishment, adding that the government denied request of the Archdiocese to have formal registration, whereby it’d be a legitimate religious organisation, to this day.

Since 2003, Macedonian authorities arrested Archbishop Jovan six times, on different charges, including public disorder when he tried to conduct a baptism in a church the MPC sees as its own. The authorities also charged him with “inciting ethnic and religious hatred” for having “slandered the MPC” and he spent a total of almost 18 months in prison. Then, the Veles Basic Court sentenced him to 2.5 years of imprisonment for alleged tax evasion in the period during his mandate as a MPC bishop. His last arrest was on 12 December 2011, upon entering Macedonia from Greece, on charges of embezzling 250,000 Euros. He returned to the country to request a retrial, but the authorities arrest him and took him to Idrizovo prison near Skopje, where he’s still being held. His defence team said that he’s detained under very difficult conditions.

The MPC is canonically non-recognised, and the SPC considers it schismatic since it declared autocephaly unilaterally in 1967. The MPC defrocked Bishop Jovan, but the SPC appointed him as Serbian exarch in Macedonia, leader of the Orthodox Archdiocese of Ohrid. The SPC believes Archbishop Jovan is a victim of rigged political trials because of his being against the schism, whilst Amnesty International and Freedom House said that he’s a prisoner of conscience.

18 July 2014




Archbishop Jovan’s persecution is due to American pressure, full stop. The main opponent of Serbia (and Russia) in the government at present is Joe Biden, whose mentor was an unrepentant Croat Ustaše RC priest. Close behind him is John McCain, who hates Russia for the fact that a Soviet SAM shot him down (McCain was a reckless cowboy who disregarded all prudent advice from seasoned combat vets… he paid the price). In light of the American government’s nasty war against Serbian and Russian Orthodoxy, Orthodox people have to really think twice about serving the USA (we shouldn’t obstruct the US government, refuse to pay taxes, or any such other unhinged shit… all that’d do is land you in prison)… ergo, Lyonyo is a traitor for being part of the CFR… Potapov is a traitor for being part of Radio Liberty… Paffhausen is a traitor for his incestuous ties to most of the rightwing stink-tanks on K Street. Have a care, the times are evil… Archbishop Jovan’s persecution is proof of that.


Friday, 18 July 2014

GOAA Priest Accused of Stealing from Church Makes First Appearance in Milwaukee Court



Fr James Dokos was a no-show for his first two scheduled court appearances on theft charges. However, he was there for his initial appearance on Friday, 18 July. Prosecutors say Dokos took more than 100,000 USD (3.5 million Roubles. 107,400 CAD. 106,500 AUD. 74,000 Euros. 58,600 UK Pounds) from Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church when he was a priest there. He’s due back in court on 30 July for his preliminary hearing. If convicted, Dokos faces up to ten years in prison. Dokos claims that he missed his first two appearances due to car problems and an illness.

18 July 2014

Cary Docter



Suspended Glenview IL GOAA Priest Expected In Milwaukee Court Today: After Missing Two Court Dates This Month, Dokos Faces Arrest Warrant If Fails To Show Today

Caught Red Handed


Fr James Dokos, the suspended senior pastor of Ss Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church in Glenview IL is due in Milwaukee County court today (Friday) at 13.30 CDT on felony theft charges. Dokos faces charges of misappropriating 110,000 USD (3.9 million Roubles. 118,000 CAD. 117,000 AUD. 82,000 Euros. 65,000 UK Pounds) from a church trust fund at his previous posting at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Milwaukee WI, where he served as proistamenos several years ago. The state charged him late last month and he could face 10 years imprisonment and a 25,000 USD (879,000 Roubles. 27,000 CAD. 26,600 AUD. 18,500 Euros. 14,600 UK Pounds) fine if convicted.

Dokos missed his last two court appearances. He was to have appeared before a Milwaukee County court commissioner on Thursday, 10 July, and on the following Monday, 14 July. If Dokos fails to appear today, Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney David Feiss said that he’d issue a warrant for his arrest. Feiss said he was told that Dokos had car trouble that prevented him from appearing in court on 10 July and was in hospital on 14 July. Feiss said that Dokos’ defence attorney told him Dokos is now out of hospital. He wouldn’t discuss Dokos’ medical condition. Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago officials placed Dokos on unpaid administrative leave on 20 June after Milwaukee County prosecutors filed charges.

 18 July 2014

Tom Robb

Journal & Topics Online (Chicago IL)


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