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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Syrian Oppos Seek Ban on Assad Using Air Strikes Against “Populated Areas”

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On Sunday, al Arabiya reported that the Syrian opposition demanded that the international community impose a ban on the use of airpower in urban areas by Syrian government forces, in addition to a chemical weapons ban. Quoting the opposition statement, the report stated, “The Syrian National Coalition insists that the prohibition of chemical weapons, the use of which left more than 1,400 civilians dead, be extended to the use of ballistic missiles and aircraft against urban areas”.

On Saturday, after weeks of intense diplomacy and almost three days of talks in Genève between Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his American counterpart John Kerry, the USA and Russia reached a landmark deal  that’d see all chemical weapons in war-torn Syria brought under international control and destroyed by mid-2014. Russia and the USA also reached a consensus on the quantity and types of chemical weapons in Syria. A White House official told AFP that Syria’s chemical weapons… including mustard gas, Sarin, and precursors… are stored at 45 facilities and amount to 1,000 tons. Saturday evening, internationally, both governments and NGOs welcomed the deal. The Syrian opposition criticised the agreement as a “blow” to the uprising to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power. On Saturday, Foreign Minister Lavrov said that the USA would continue its diplomatic efforts to bring Syrian opposition forces to a planned international peace conference in Genève.

15 September 2013



Editor’s Note:

This is cheekishness of the highest order. The Syrian oppos failed to trigger intervention with their chemical weapons provocation, so, now, they’re trying to label the use of airpower against “urban areas” (oh, how vague) as criminal. If such is so, the USA and the UK would be guilty of war crimes for using air power against “urban areas” in Bosnia, Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Pakistan… and that’s only since 1991! Bomber Harris and Curtis LeMay are turning in their graves. Obama may try to run with this, but not too seriously… he doesn’t want to hurt his political cred for the battle over the ACA, which matters MUCH more to him than the fate of the ragtag Syrian oppos. All indicators seem to point to Assad keeping power… that’s what a leaked BND document predicted… and Germans aren’t known for being slouches and unobservant.

It looks like it was all Inside the Beltway Kabuki of the finest vintage, meant to occupy the dead space in the news cycle until Congress got back to town. Any road, that’s how Obama’s going to spin it in backroom Capitol Hill circles. After all, the real winner in all of this was Vova… he’s STILL “The Terminator” (“I’ll be back”… and he was, kids, wasn’t he?).

One last thing… all of the late kafuffle proved that John Boehner and John McCain were willing to vote for massive funds for war… whilst screaming that the budget needs trimming. Methinks that shows them hypocrites as well as warmongers. However, watch all the “Pro-Lifers” drool over them… shitbirds of a feather do flock together, so, what does that tell you? Ponder that…


Friday, 13 September 2013

13 September 2013. NO WAR IN SYRIA!

00 What Obama Sees... 13.09.13


The neocons and Interventionists in the USA are spoilt children… if they’re not given adulation… constantly and in public… they peevishly turn on and attack their interlocutors. I do notice some similarities in American aggression over the last twenty years… Federal Yugoslavia was socialistIraq was socialist… Libya was socialist… and Iran and Afghanistan are theocracies. You’ll note that all of them chose systems not based on the CrapitalistFree Market“. Hmm… Syria is socialist, too! Methinks that I see the REAL reason for the Corporate Media beating the war drums. The Koch brothers and their ilk hate socialism… and wish to destroy it wherever it exists. However, VVP is stopping them… and there’s nothing left in the cupboard to stop him. This angers the One Percent… and their high dudgeon is visible on CNN and Fox News. That’s why Christiane Amanpour and Bill O’Reilly hate him… he stands in the way of their oligarch paymasters and puppeteers. This is GOOD news…

Can we dare hope?


Saturday, 7 September 2013

Hundreds Protest in Washington Against American Strike on Syria

00 Washington DC. Anti-War Syria protest. 07.09.13


On Saturday, hundreds of Americans, including many with Syrian and Middle Eastern roots, marched from the White House to Capitol Hill to protest US President Barack Obama’s push for a military strike on Syria. Amal Esmail, who moved to the USA seven years ago from Syria and recently became a US citizen, told RIA-Novosti just before she addressed the protesters outside the White House, “We’re here to say ‘no war’ because war is destruction, war is more blood, and we’re tired of war”. Esmail and around 500 other protesters, some of whom travelled to Washington from other parts of the East Coast, set off for the US Capitol just hours after Obama used his weekly address to the American people to plead his case for limited military action against Syria in response to what he called “the worst chemical weapons attack of the 21st century”.

Obama said, “We can’t ignore chemical weapons attacks like this one… even if they happen halfway around the world”, in reference to an alleged chemical weapons attack last month outside Damascus that Washington blames on the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The USA claims that more than 1,400 civilians died in the 21 August attack, including 426 children. Obama is pushing for a punitive military strike against Syrian targets in response, a plan that hasn’t only sparked protests in the USA, but it’s also sharply divided Washington and Moscow. On Friday, President Vladimir Putin at the end of the G20 Summit in St Petersburg that he remains opposed to military intervention in the crisis without the support of the UN Security Council, and he repeated his belief that the apparent chemical weapons attacks in Syria were planned provocations.

Esmail and many of the other protesters in Washington on Saturday shared Putin’s doubts about who carried out the attacks. She said, “Do you think Assad is stupid enough to do this? I don’t”. She asked US citizens and the US government to “stop supporting this ‘opposition’ because they’re using your weapons to kill us”. The large Syrian flag that Salam Sunna carried as she marched through Washington fluttered gently in the almost windless air on the hot late summer’s day. Sunna, who’s from Jordan, a Syrian neighbour that’s taken in hundreds of thousands of the some 2 million refugees who’ve fled Syria, expressed scepticism at the US government’s justification for launching an attack on Syria. Sunna, whose first name means “peace”, said to RIA-Novosti as the protesters passed by the National Archives, “I think it’s all fabricated. I honestly don’t think Assad used chemical weapons against his own people. They just want to take us to war”.

As the march neared the Capitol, 8-year-old Eden Foley stopped for a drink of water. Foley was on her third march to protest proposed military action against Syria, but she told us that she’d never walked two miles (3.2 kilometres) before. Several smaller protests occurred in cities around the USA and on Capitol Hill since Obama announced last week that the USA would take military action against Syria. However, Saturday’s march in Washington and in a dozen other American cities… from Albuquerque NM to Youngstown OH… brought out larger numbers of demonstrators than previous protests. In Washington, the protesters chanted slogans against endless war and carried yellow signs urging Congress to vote against military strikes on Syria when it reconvenes next week.

Obama acknowledged in his weekly address that Americans are “weary after a decade of war, even as the war in Iraq has ended, and the war in Afghanistan is winding down”, and he repeated a pledge that there would be no American boots on the ground in Syria. Nevertheless, he continued, “We’re the USA. We can’t turn a blind eye to images like the ones we’ve seen out of Syria”. As the protestors turned the corner to go the Capitol, Syrian-American Nora Ismail, whose family comes from Aleppo and Damascus, cautioned that horrific as the pictures out of Syria might be, “Bombing Syria is certainly not the answer. Everyone says, ‘Oh, you’ve seen those photos of dead children, it’s so horrifying’, but I guarantee you that if we intervene in Syria, we’re going to have thousands more of those pictures”.

7 September 2013

Karin Zeitvogel



Editor’s Note:

Isn’t anyone thinking of the poor knackered soldiers’? They’ve been on deployment after deployment, due to the crank military doctrine of the USA. Since the Vietnam War, the US forces dropped conscription, not because it couldn’t work, but because it was politically “costly” if the establishment decided upon war. Such a system works only if military interventions are short time-wise and short on fighting. It appeared to work in Yugoslavia (yet, there are still occupation forces in Kosovo)… it certainly didn’t work in Iraq and Libya (although the Inside the Beltway spin doctors were busy made it look otherwise)… and it’s failing in Afghanistan, too.

The soldiers are wrung out and war-weary… that’s the long and the short of it. That doesn’t bother John Boehner, John Kerry, John McCain, and Barack Obama. Besides which, the till is empty due to Bush’s endless wars, his profligate tax giveaways to the Affluent Effluent, and to Republican opposition to serious taxation on corporations and the rich to pay down the debt. We have an economy that hasn’t recovered from Bush’s Meltdown… and all those who preached “Free Markets” mewled, “We’re too big to fail”.

The defence of the American heartland (and, indeed, of the entire Anglosphere) depends on control of the sea lanes… not on pointless land wars on the Eurasian mainland. All money spent on such conflicts is money thrown down the toilet… but it does enrich the Affluent Effluent! That doesn’t even take into account the most grievous cost of all… the American kids who die on blood-soaked foreign fields so the McMansion dwellers can play golf at the country club and pay their wetback nannies and gardeners. Richard Cheney, Willard Romney, and Paul Ryan all refused to serve… yet, all of them screamed for war. I think something’s wrong in that.

Do think hard on it… just because someone wraps themselves up in the flag and calls themselves a “patriot”, doesn’t mean that they are one. Ponder that…



Friday, 6 September 2013

Pushkov sez USA Plans Massive Attack on Syria

00 Willie and His Papa. US Political Cartoon. 1900. 06.09.13

The more things change… the more that they stay the same. Big Money is putting beaucoup bucks into the pockets of politicians. Big Lobbies are doing the same. However, we needn’t despair… we can fight them, if only we pick up our courage and STAND UP…


Aleksei Pushkov, the head of the RF Gosduma Committee on International Affairs, assumed that the Obama administration plans a massive attack on Syria to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, not a limited military operation, saying, “Unlike the popular myth that Obama personally doesn’t want this war, I believe Obama has now changed his stance and now actively supports a massive strike on Syria, not just an attack”. Pushkov said that he gets the idea that Obama has now adopted the positions of John McCain, who was his rival in the 2008 election, noting, “In any case, the idea of an unlimited massive strike aimed at destroying the military potential of the Assad government was proposed by McCain. He’s promoted it in the US government for a long time. Essentially, I get the impression that the Obama administration is following this scenario”.

Pushkov believed that the efforts to support the militants would intensify simultaneously with the bombing of Syria, but the US government has no plans to send regular troops to Syria and “the war will be conducted at a distance”. He assumes that the situation would develop according to the Libyan scenario, stating, “If one needs a comparison, we can compare the situation to the operation in Libya. They’ll do everything to make the Assad government unable to conduct military action, and, if a massive attack occurs, as happened in Libya, they will change the régime. A week ago, Obama said that his purpose wasn’t to change the régime, but to use a restricted strike, to send a message to Assad not to use chemical weapons; now, it’s obvious that the administration is moving away from that stance and it’s gravitating towards an attempt to overthrow Assad, the goal the Americans set themselves two years ago”.

6 September 2013

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

The USA is mulling a strike at Syria at the behest of Israel and Saudi-Arabia, neither of whom have a sterling human rights record. The Israel Lobby holds the spectre of massively-funding opponents over congressmen’s heads. The Saudi Lobby (John McCain is a particularly-obsequious pawn of it) holds the menace of massive OPEC price hikes over the USA. That’s why Obama, Kerry, Boehner, and McCain are so warlike. Let’s be blunt… there are more (and more massive) human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states than there ever was in Syria (or Iraq). My belief is that the Saudis wish to destroy the Christians in Syria (as they did in Iraq, using the Americans as their surrogates).

If you’re an Orthodox Christian, you MUST oppose this wicked drive to war. It’s our duty before God and mankind. The USA is a rogue state, out of control. We must stop the madness before it gets out of hand. Now, THAT’S Pro-Life!


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