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Friday, 11 July 2014

11 July 2014. The Reality of War… Uniate Junta Pigs Murder Kids in Airstrikes

00 Lugansk. dead kid. Novorossiya. 11.06.14


A junta terror airstrike murdered Vladimir Ermilov and his five-year-old son Vanya. They died in near the Kondrashevskaya-Novaya rail station. I hope that there’s a cold corner of hell set aside for S Yu Shevchuk, F A Denisenko, and P A Poroshenko. The same goes for all those American Orthodox whose support of neocon elements in the USA abets such slaughter. They’re the worst of all… some sold out for money… some sold out for influence… and the saddest ones sold out for the sake of being thought important. Look at this image… look at it… there’s a small coffin in the foreground. A kid… a kid no older than your son, grandson, or nephew.  A kid who didn’t have a chance at life because of the goofball Uniate “Consciousness”… I hate the Unia and everything that it stands for with all my soul… I do my best not to hate individual Uniates… they might be innocent. However, I hate the Unia and all of its pretensions… full stop. Look at what it causes!

I cover some gnarly shit… but I’ll never understand the likes of Potapov, who sold out for money… I’ll never understand the likes of Vlad Berzansky Jr, who sold out for influence… I’ll never understand the likes of Paffso, who sold out for the sense of feeling “important”. I’ve never been comfortable around double-dealers… there’s something obnoxious in it, y’ know. I’ve done many bad things in my day… my plate isn’t clean by a long shot… but I’ve never backstabbed, I’ve never carried tales, I’ve never sold out for money, I’ve never gone behind someone’s back with the intent of hurting them, and I’ve never been false in my allegiances. I’d say that there are many who don’t have such scruples, sadly enough.

Pray for Vladimir and Ivan… light a candle for them this Sunday… ask your priest to mention them in the Proskomidi and say Pannikhida for them. We’re Christians… that’s what we do. Dear Sweet Lord, how much longer will You allow this murder and vileness to go on?


If this enormity doesn’t rouse you from your indifference, truly, I don’t know what could. Don’t be silent… OPPOSE THE MADNESS. Don’t let the Uniates and schismatics spill any more blood. As the old Soviet poster had it:

If not me and you, then, who?

Yes… who? Am I shouting into the wind? I hope not…


11 July 2014. Video from the Burial of Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan in Kiev




The above is a 23-minute clip of part of the burial service of Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan in Kiev.


Thursday, 10 July 2014

10 July 2014. Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan’s Funeral Procession in Kiev

00 metr vladimir funeral. Kiev. 10.07.14


Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan died on 5 July… it’s been awaited for some time, in fact, a locum, Metropolitan Onufry Berezovsky exercises the office of Metropolitan of Kiev and all the Ukraine. Of course, the Church allowed no Uniate or schismatical clergy to take part in the ceremonies, despite pressure from the criminal illegitimate junta. The UOC/MP Holy Synod will choose a successor, but it’s a foregone conclusion. Metropolitan Onufry will take over, and he’s already taken a hard-line against Uniate and schismatical interlopers. The UOC/MP represents 85 percent of the Orthodox believers in the Ukraine, but the schismatics simply have better press in the USA, especially, from running dogs like Radio Liberty. The Uniates are only 8 percent of the population, whilst most studies on religion in the Ukraine have major flaws… most Orthodox see themselves as simple believers, they don’t explicitly call themselves Orthodox, so, the stupid clueless intellectuals mark them as “religiously uninvolved”… I shit you not, that’s how divorced from reality most current “academics” are. So, if you see “studies” purporting to show massive support for schismatics or for huge numbers of atheists/agnostics, do disbelieve them.

The junta kept HH from attending… in any case, it was too dangerous for him. Some Uniate or schismatical nutter would’ve fired at him… the imprudence of it proved the most decisive in the end. The junta doesn’t have the power to guarantee public safety, and Uniate thugs roam the streets, acting as unregulated and unrestrained vigilantes, brutalising all those that they care to. There’s only one good result from this… when the junta falls, it’ll turn the people against the Unia. Ergo, HH couldn’t come… not only was the “government” opposed, that “government” can’t even provide basic safety and security to its citizens, let alone a distinguished guest.

As for Metropolitan Vladimir, вечная память… there’s nothing else to say, is there?


Monday, 26 May 2014

Eternal Memory to the Heroes of Stakhanov!

00 stakhanov. fallen heroes. novorossiya. 26.05.14

Mourn the fallen! Don’t forget! Don’t forgive!



Eternal memory and the Kingdom of Heaven to the Heroes of the People’s Republic of Lugansk, who stood against the junta. They died for true freedom and independence. Stakhanov mourns the tragic death of its citizens. Look at their faces. Look them in the eye. They’re ordinary working men, fathers of families, miners. They didn’t want war… they didn’t want to take up arms. None of them wanted to die. However, they stood up to defend their motherland, their homes, and their loved ones. They died at Lisichansk on 22 May 2014. We mourn them. NO ONE IS FORGOTTEN! DO NOT FORGIVE! For our dead comrades’ sake, we’ll strike the enemy with even greater force!


NOW is the time for Russia to step up and say NO to the strutting American swine. NO to your interference! NO to your coddling of fascists! NO to your stinking “democracy!” President Obama said that he approved of the recent election… that means that he approves of violence, deceit, trickery, and lies. We all expected better of him. By the way, Chilly Hilly is worse… the Democratic Party needs a real leader (like Bernie Sanders) to fight the evil Me First nihilism that’s ruled our country since Reagan took office, but will it wise up? Only time will tell us.

The blood spilt means that the breach is permanent, and that the only sensible course is for the junta to evacuate Novorossiya and let it rejoin Russia, where it belongs. Any other course is evil and beyond the pale. Read n’ heed, Orthodox people…

If this video fails to move you, you’re a soulless monster, and I say such openly. Such sacrifices are the bedrock of our Holy Motherland. Yet, the stones weep… as do I… they all had faces, they all had names…

Вечная память!


25 May 2014



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