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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Motor Rally Under the Red Banner in the Hero-City of Kerch Honoured the Liberation of the City from the Fascists… Ease on Down the Road with Comrade Ilyich!

00 Kerch. Motor Rally 01. 15.04.14


00 Kerch. Motor Rally 02. 15.04.14


00 Kerch. Motor Rally 03. 15.04.14


00 Kerch. Motor Rally 04. 15.04.14


00 Kerch. Motor Rally 05. 15.04.14


On 12 April, an auto-motorcycle rally sponsored by the Kerch Gorkom of the KPRF and the RF Leninist Komsomol (LKSM RF), along with support from local bikers, honoured the 70th anniversary of Kerch’s liberation from the fascist occupiers. This is the eighth such rally; this year, the Gorsoviet of Veterans Organisations joined the participants.In the morning, everyone met at the railway station. Forming up into a column, they marched to a military cemetery. At one of the mass graves, the participants stopped to give their respects, headed by I I Zheltenko, the First Secretary of the KPRF Kerch Gorkom. After laying down flowers, the group moved to the Adzhimushkai Quarry Memorial Complex, where they also laid down flowers, and then toured the facilities. Then, the rally participants drove to Eltigen, where they visited another Place of Military Glory. The Kerch Gorkom of the KPRF and the LKSM RF received thanks for their sponsorship from Aleksandr Leontiev, the leader of the biker section, and from Nadezhda Shepel, a staff member of the Republic of the Crimea “Kerch Historical and Cultural Reserve”.


It’s not taking long for the Crimea to shake off the hated “Ukrainian” occupation. In fact, the same will be true of most of the “Ukraine”. In fact, Russian patriotism will be strongest in these regions… for they know what it means to be truly Russian after having suffered persecution, scorn, and ridicule from ignorant nekulturny Galician hillbillies for far too long. Holy Rus has deep roots in our blood and soil… the “Ukraine” is a foreign implant… it’ll wither and disappear so quickly that many will wonder that it was ever there. May the rest of the “Ukraine” follow the Crimea’s path… and quickly.


14 April 2014


KPRF official website


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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Who Shut the West’s Eyes to the Ukrainian Far Right?

01 Ukrainian SS poster


When CNN’s Christiane Amanpour attempted to counter the arguments of Stephen Cohen, a veteran expert on Russia and the USSR, she used a classical argument deployed by all appeasers and Holocaust deniers. You can judge it for yourself. Professor Cohen said, “There’s a small but resolute rightwing nationalist movement in the Ukraine. It’s quasi-fascist, and it’s dictating terms to this parliament in Kiev… which isn’t legitimate in law, international or constitutional”. Having heard this, Amanpour retorted by saying that one shouldn’t call ALL Ukrainians neo-Nazis or fascists. In this way, she echoed many similar claims from Western political leaders such as Barak Obama to EU chief diplomat Catherine Ashton, who allowed photographers to snap her along racist leaders of the Ukrainian ultra-right.

So, are they all fascists? Indeed, they aren’t. Even in Hitler’s Germany between 1933 and 1945, people with Nazi views might not have made up a majority. The Nazis never won an absolute majority at the relatively fair elections held in Germany in 1920s and the beginning of the 30s. Nevertheless, certainly, it doesn’t remove responsibility from the German people for what happened to their own country and to other European countries in that period. At a certain moment, the Nazis became the most vocal, the most active, and the most determined part of Germany’s political spectrum. However, the deeply immoral character of their movement was visible to all who had even the most limited access to the Nazi agenda and newspapers. Therefore, shame on the German voters of that period and on the governments that whitewashed the ideology of National Socialism, including the well-known Soviet appeaser, Vyacheslav Molotov.

Alas, today, the bulk of Western public opinion behaves worse than Molotov did. Using modern media, we can get unlimited access to the agenda and ideas of the neo-Nazi Svoboda faction, which now controls four ministries in the new Ukrainian junta, as well as the General Procurator’s office. You can find out their programme by reading their material:

  • To make people running for important positions tell their ethnic origin
  • To make what they call Ukrainophobia a criminal offence
  • To proclaim Nazi collaborationists heroes of the Ukrainian nation

These ideas are deeply dangerous, not only for minorities in the Ukraine or for the Ukraine’s neighbours. They are destructive to the Ukraine itself. After 1991, the Ukrainian nation got a chance to build a state on territories that were far greater than the old Ukrainian heartland. It included sizable ethnic minorities, such as Russians in Crimea, Jews in Odessa, and Moldovans in Bukovina. The activities of the Svoboda bloc in the junta erode ethnic peace and mutual trust amongst people of different ethnic groups, which was typical of the region for centuries. Obviously, the fear of Ukrainian nationalism found in Crimea, Kharkov, and Donetsk didn’t start yesterday, nor even the day before yesterday. All 23 years of Ukrainian independence showed people that the Ukrainian ultra-right isn’t a myth and that they’re extremely dangerous. The Western supporters of the Euromaidan simply refused to notice the radicalism of their anti-Russian allies. Now, we see that the time for building trust between the various groups in the Ukraine is gone. The Western supporters of the Euromaidan share responsibility for this tense situation with their brown-shirted Ukrainian allies.

11 March 2014

Dmitri Babich

Voice of Russia World Service



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American Protestors: No Taxpayer Funding for Ukrainian Neo-Nazis!

00 Fascism. Bushism. 12.03.14

“Fascism – Bushism”


The American political action group National ANSWER is mounting a campaign to “flood” Congress and the White House with thousands of e-mails demanding, “Not one cent of taxpayers’ money be spent for the new Ukrainian government”, which it described as neo-Nazi. The activists stigmatised top US State Department officials for standing arm-in-arm with neo-Nazi leaders of the Euromaidan protest movement, who now hold many of the most powerful Cabinet positions in the Ukraine, including in the military. The online campaign emphasised on its webpage that the new Ukrainian junta’s anti-Russian and anti-Semitic rhetoric spoke volumes, as did their use of Nazi-styled symbols. Those who now have seats in the Rada, and make up the core of its ruling parties also supported many acts of vandalism against war monuments to Soviet World War II vets, including Ukrainians who chose not to collaborate with the German Nazis.

The new Kiev regime is a mixed bag of rightwing and openly fascist forces, with the line between them only visible to those in the know. The movements behind the recent coup… the erstwhile Social National Party now all-Ukrainian Union Svoboda and the Right Sector… are in the ascendancy, as shown by the fact that they’ve taken over the military and other key positions in the state apparat. For instance, the junta’s Minister of Defence, Igor Tenyukh, one of the three Vice Prime Ministers, Aleksandr Sich, the head of the National Defence and Security Council Andrei Paruby, are all Svoboda neo-Nazis. In fact, Paruby co-founded Svoboda in 1991. At that time, it was the Social National Party and had the Wolfsangel (wolf-hook), which closely resembles the swastika, as its symbol. Paruby’s deputy is Dmitri Yarosh, who led the rioters of the fascist Right Sector on in Maidan. Yarosh gained notoriety after saying, “National socialist ideas are popular here. We want a clean nation, not like under Hitler, but a little bit like that”.

Today, Svoboda chieftain Oleg Tyagnibok is one of the most powerful people in the Ukraine. Speaking at memorial to a commander of the Nazi collaborationist UPA, which butchered tens of thousands of Poles, Jews, and communists, he once called on Ukrainians to fight against the “Russian-Jewish mafia”. Other notorious people in power include Oleg Makhnitsky, the Svoboda-affiliated General Procurator, who began his term in office by indicting Crimean leaders after they spoke out against the new order in Kiev, and Boris Filatov, the Deputy Head for the Southeastern Ukraine, whose approach to any anti-Kiev dissent in the east is, “Give the scum promises, give them guarantees, and, then, hang them”.

13 March 2014

Voice of Russia World Service



00 KPRF. Red Fist Smashes Nazi Swastika. 02.03.14


Editor’s Note:

I believe that the junta timed a major provocation to coincide with Yatsenyuk’s trip to Washington. However, two things intervened to fuck it up, I think. Firstly, the Russians got wind of it… the junta is “leaky”, as it dismissed most of the pros in security; ergo, they lack the ability for serious counterintelligence and competent proactive intelligence. Furthermore, many underlings tell the Russians what’s what on the QT, as they’re convinced that the junta’s not long for this world. That’s quite bad enough… but that’s not all. Even the pro-junta Defence Minister admitted that the forces are useless… their training sucks, their equipment’s in bad order, their morale is in the toilet, their units are understrength… but I’ll betcha that their paper “ration strength” is up to TO&E so that senior officers and politicians can steal funds for THEIR mansions (after all, Yuliya, Kuchma, Kravchuk, Yushchenko, Turchinov, and Yatsenyuk did set an example, a bad one, but an example, nonetheless)… if that ain’t all, they lack proper sustenance, funding, and munitions (due to the massive graft and corruption by the Ukrainian political/oligarch class over the entire period of “independence”).

Note well the junta’s decision to form a “National Guard”. This will be a militarily worthless organisation. It wouldn’t be able to stand against the Crimean militia, let alone proper Russian troops. This element will lack training, discipline, and cohesion. It won’t have units that’ve had the proper time to season (a new formation needs at least 6-12 months to properly gel and form the bonds necessary for a steady combat unit). It’ll be an armed mob with a “licence to kill”. That is, I don’t believe that this “National Guard” is a proper military unit at all… the junta intends it as an anti-coup force and as its mailed fist against dissenters. It’s a new Schutzstaffel; in all ways, it’s a Svoboda Leibstandarte. The junta tells the world… “We seized power by force and we’ll not relinquish it. We’ll crush all those who dare disagree with us”.

All Leftists should take two things into account, firstly, Darya Mitina of the Left Front said:

Those who shout about “imperialist intervention” must remember that the primary goal of any anti-fascist front is that we eliminate the Nazi bastards. In this case, we see part of the Ukrainian bourgeoisie, who aren’t in cahoots with the Nazis, who, with the help of the Russian bourgeoisie, crushes another part of the Ukrainian bourgeoisie that chose to ally themselves with Nazi stormtroopers. It’s quite clear with whose side the sympathy of the majority of the Ukrainian people lies, when it suddenly came face-to-face with a criminal-Nazi dictatorship.The main problem is that if one wants to end the fascist threat, one can’t localise it to only the territory of the Crimea, that’s why Russia announced that it’s not logical to send troops only to the Crimea, but also to the rest of the Ukraine. We mustn’t and shouldn’t support a war. We must and should support attempts to prevent bloodshed. One shouldn’t confuse the desire for peace with pacifism and defeatism. If the entry of the Russian army will serve as a deterrent, to condemn such is stupid.

Secondly, VVP is setting the stage for a communist revival after his exit from politics. Recently, when he named Gennady Zyuganov one of the most influential politicians in Russia, journalists tittered. I’ll tell all Marxists out there… the Putin period is a New NEP… Putin never coddled the oligarchs as much as they’re coddled in most post-Soviet states (after all, he did make Khodorkovsky bust rocks under the Arctic sun for more than a decade). The KPRF is the only organised political force in the country at all levels, and Putin, Zyuganov, and the up-and-coming Sergei Udaltsov all know it. Never forget, VVP was a KGB counterintelligence officer… and the Organy didn’t recruit fools. Take a look at VOR, RT, and the Russian side of RIA… they’re all much more friendly to the Left than any Western media outlet is. I believe that a new Communism will arise… Land, People, Faith, and Army… a new Marxism that’d internalise the mistakes taught by the former USSR, Empire, and crapitalistic Russian Federation… a new synthesis of Patriotism, Idealism, and Religious Belief. Remember, Marxism isn’t a static construct… it’s Hegelian, which means that the thesis and antithesis contend, but it leads to a new synthesis. That is, the old “militant antitheistic communism” is dead… the new “believing and patriotic communism” is alive… it LIVES! “Socialism lived… Socialism lives… Socialism WILL live!” Note well that the West opposes that. Oh yes, John Kerry, Victoria Nuland, and Baroness Ashton call the junta’s actions and intentions “democracy”… excuse me, I’ve gotta hurl.



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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

History Repeats Itself: Russia Faces Off with Nazis in the Ukraine

00 Pavel Sokolov-Skalia. The Mother of All Russian Cities... Kiev is Free! 1943

The Mother of All Russian Cities… Kiev is Free! 

Pavel Sokolov-Skalia


Shall we have to liberate Kiev once again from the Nazis? 


With ultra-nationalism and anti-Jewish sentiment rife in the Western Ukraine, it looks like history is repeating itself, this time with the West trying to pit the Ukraine against Russia, just as it did back in the days when Nazism was on the rise in Germany. In the 1930s, the Third Reich was all the rage in Europe and in the USA, with the Anglo-American élites pinning their hopes on Hitler, who they believed could end the Soviet menace. They reviled Russia… but not Nazi Germany. In fact, American corporations and banks supported and financed the Nazis, whilst their officials and businesses respected the Nazi régime. Mackenzie King, the union-busting advisor of the Rockefeller family and tenth prime minister of Canada, even admired Hitler openly, as did Edward VIII, who abdicated from the British throne in favour of his brother. However, of course, the goal was to get Berlin and Moscow to destroy one another. Washington used this same strategy against Baghdad and Tehran when it encouraged Saddam Hussein to attack Iran and launch the Iran-Iraq War.

Now, the West compares President Putin with Adolf Hitler, with Hillary Clinton and Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird drawing parallels between the supposed deployment of Russian troops in the Crimea and the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland. The propaganda war is in full swing as the media are doing their best to demonise Russians and to pave the way for the USA’s long-term objective of isolating and neutralising Russia as an international rival and Eurasian actor. They turn the truth on its head. Now, they vilify the heirs of the Soviets, who defeated the Nazis and liberated Europe at a great price, whilst fascist forces and Western militarism are on the march again. Nevertheless, the neoliberals and organised capital stand behind the fascists; they really pull the strings, just as they did before World War II.

It should come as no surprise that Arseny Yatsenyuk, the Wall Street-supported coup-imposed “Prime Minister” of the Ukraine, collaborates with ultra-nationalist admirers of Nazi collaborators in the Ukraine. In a twist of fate, Russia again stands against a fledgling Nazi state. The events in the Ukraine are not just mere media spin… they have deep links to the past and to the future. George Orwell said the following about the discursive process tied to the way that we frame history, “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past”. As it was in the Western Ukraine that collaborated with the Nazis in the Second World War, extreme Russophobic neofascists overrun Kiev, manipulated by the USA and the EU in trying to bring down Russia.

13 March 2014

Voice of Russia World Service



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