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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

2 September 2014. A Point from My Correspondence…

00 kramatorsk. yuliya izotova. uniate victim. 06.05.14


I wrote this to a friend:

X and I have corresponded, and we’re friends! I keep all my friends under wraps… it drives the plug-uglies CRAZY. They always guess wrong on my informants (Tosi and Potapov are particularly chowderheaded in this… Paffso’s worse, but he’s out of power). Y’ never know what EVIL lurks in the hearts of men (generic, of course… and ironic… satiric… laughing… not serious). Remember, the real Church is a BIG TENT. If you find people pushing “me n’ thee, and me n’ thee only”, they ain’t Orthodox. I have a lot of Pravoslavny contacts on the other side (one in Podkarpatskaya keeps me up on things… they can’t find out much because of the Gestapo-like control of the junta… the UGKTs pigs tried to take over their parish lately, but the people threw ‘em out… that’s all too common today).


That’s all me… what my interlocutor said was personal, so, we ain’t goin’ there!

Spare a thought and prayer for the suffering canonical Orthodox people of the so-called “Ukraine”… it’s worse than the Nasty 90s… back then, the commies stood tall for the Church and the Komsomoltsy defended the churches from Uniate and schismatical slimers paid by Langley. Today, the commies are underground… the Anglo Americans show themselves ever more the true enemy of Christ’s Church (the “Evangelicals” are the worst of the lot). Sadly, in the 90s, the ROCOR helped the Americans knife the Ukraine in the back… some of those who did so haven’t repented… they’re still amongst us, a Fifth Column of the Godless West (but they had to do it, don’t you see… they had homes in the Maryland burbs to pay for).

Our co-religionists hang on the cross! You wouldn’t know it to look at the main official websites. In the liturgy, we’re supposed to pray “for the Christ-loving forces, that God may subdue their every adversary”. This goes double for a situation where Uniates deliberately target Orthodox churches and monasteries for destruction, and target Orthodox clergy for death. The Church in the Ukraine is undergoing worse persecution that than handed out by the Reds… so-called “Christians” are carrying it out! Note the silence of our hierarchy… the silence of our official Church… the traitorous mixing with Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox”. The dead of Novorossiya will accuse these bastards on the Last Day… it’s rather too much of a muchness, isn’t it? It’s “1612” and they go off to schmooze with Uniates and other enemies of the Church. None dare call it evil…

St Germogen the Confessor or Iosafat the Apostate… which do YOU venerate? That IS the choice…


Thursday, 28 August 2014

28 August 2014. Some OCA Whispers in the Loggia

00 a whisper in the loggia. 08.12


Well, kids, there’s buzz that Maymon wants to sell the Diocese of E PA digs in South Canaan and move to Philly. He can’t stand living in rural PA. Poor baby! It was good enough for Bishop Kip! It was good enough for Herman… it shows good sense, it’s cheaper to live up there, and it’s in the midst of the people. Perhaps, that’s why the Anglo bastard wants to leave… it’s in the midst of people that he holds in contempt. He was nothing but trouble for the Antiochians and he’s turning out to be nothing but a pain in the ass for the OCA. A local told me:

Can you see those coal-crackers like Kowalski driving to Philly every week?!

NO WAY! NO HOW! Any road, NEPA is the cradle of our Church. It’s full of WONDERFUL folks. Maymon is an ungrateful and self-centred bastard… NEPA is a special place… full of special people. Hell, I wouldn’t mind retiring there myself. Where was the Metropolia’s first Sobor? Mayfield! This Anglo SOB doesn’t know that in his bones and he doesn’t care. He should stop this immediately and issue an apology to his people. Every time that I think that the Anglos have grown some sense, shit like this happens. It’s why they’re hated by many ethnic folks… they’re “oh so much more better” than we are, and they let us know it in so many ways. For Maymon to leave NEPA is spitting on our heritage. We came out of the mines and mills, not the country club! He deserves a Cossack horsewhipping for this.

On a lighter note, Dickie Wood surfaced on Facebook in civvies. That doesn’t mean anything of itself… many priests do that in their “off hours” (like the late Metropolitan Nicholas Smiško going off to the International to have a friendly brewsky or two). However, it’s set tongues wagging, and I’ve heard it from several… it doesn’t mean anything of itself… but do keep your eyes n’ ears peeled.



Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Fr Pitirim Stehnach joined Navy, Ended Up Serving with Marines… Вечная ему память

00 pitirim stehnach. 27.08.14


Fr Pitirim Stehnach, 85, started out to have a career in the Navy, but instead became a priest. Stehnach (secular name Peter Stehnach), originally from Johnstown PA, joined the Navy in 1948 on the advice of his brothers, who said it was better to join the Navy than be drafted into the Army. He said, “I have seven brothers… one was in the Air Force, five in the infantry, and me and one other in the Navy”. After attending boot camp at Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Illinois, he trained as a medic at Philadelphia Naval Hospital and the Navy sent him to Camp Lejeune NC. Stehnach noted, “The Marines don’t have medics or chaplains, so the Navy supplies them”. He spent his first tour of duty at Bethesda Naval Hospital as a medic and at Camp Lejeune. He joked, “I joined the Navy to see the world, and I ended up marching with the Marines”.

On his second tour of duty, Stehnach finally got on a ship… it went to Suez during the Arab-Israeli crisis in that area in 1956 to take American, British, and other civilians out of Egypt. He didn’t recall the name of the ship. He worked and lived in sick bay, because he was on call 24 hours a day. Stehnach remembered, “It was a good place to be. There was coffee all the time, and I didn’t have to sleep on the bunks”. On the ship, the men slept in bunks stacked up like shelves, with just 15 inches between them. he went on to say, “When I saw women carrying babies on board, I knew they wouldn’t be able to sleep in those bunks with their babies. It was a narrow space. I got boxes from the galley, and we put them on a bunk and roped them in and put blankets in them. We made bassinettes”. They took the civilians to Greece, where they put them on a civilian ship to go home. Stehnach’s ship continued to France, and he was able to visit Nice. Stehnach, who came from an Orthodox family, saw an Orthodox church in Nice and went to a service.

Stehnach told us, “When I came out of the service, I knew that I wanted to be a priest. I no longer wanted a career in the Navy”. He spent his last two years at Camp Lejeune, and after 10 years in the Navy, he left and went to St Vladimir’s Orthodox Seminary in Yonkers NY {this is an error, SVS didn’t move to Yonkers until 1961: editor}. He related, “I was in Nice, France, when I decided to be a priest. When I was ordained, the Bishop of Nice happened to be in the area and he served at my ordination. It’s God”. He spent 50 years as a priest serving in Poughkeepsie NY, the Butler PA area, and Indiana PA. While in Poughkeepsie, some Orthodox cadets at West Point approached him and asked him to do services there. For three years, Stehnach travelled two Sundays a month to West Point. He started at 06.00 to get to West Point, do the service, and be back in Poughkeepsie at 10.00. Stehnach wrapped up by saying, “Medic, priest, it’s alike. One fixes bodies, the other fixes souls. As long as you put everything in God’s hands, it’ll be all right”.

Вечная ему память!

26 August 2014

Ellwood City (PA) Ledger


27 August 2014. Dem Bums at oca.org Should Eat their Wheaties… They Missed Another Notable Death



I want to state at the outset that I find oca.org’s laggardliness in posting news reprehensible. It’s not a good sign at all and it shows disrespect to the departed and to their families. I saw this yesterday… I waited… y’ know, you have to give oca.org time… they have to go kiss Lyonyo’s bum before posting, and all that. However, there’s still nothing up. That’s indefensible. I got this yesterday… as the Orthodox beat is part of my coverage, I take proper steps to try to keep informed. Obviously, Lil’ Mizz Ginny and her Anglo pals don’t… they’re probably so much more “spiritual” than I am, dontcha know. One of the main tasks of an editor is to keep abreast of things and get things up tout suite. Ginny Nieuwsma doesn’t… she’s lazy, she’s incompetent, she’s ignorant… she’s an Orthodox Jen Psaki… an empty-headed flack with nothing to bring to the table save a mercenary desire to serve the powers-that-be. The Old School Metropolia didn’t act like this. The Mother Church isn’t like this. I’d say that oca.org should emulate V R Legoida and V A Chaplin… not Lyonyo, not Paffso, not any of the First Family rotters.

We have a shit-spattered byre to clean. There’s a hell of a smell and I think that I’m not the only one smelling it.


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