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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

26 August 2014. Sophia Kishkovsky Issues Russophobic Blather… What a Loyal Little “Goodthinker” She Is… What Kind of Bone Will Her Anglo Bosses Throw Her For That?

00 Unknown Artist. Majestas Domini (Christ in Majesty). Monestir de Santa Maria de Mur. Castell de Mur (Lleida. Cataluna) SPAIN.

Majestas Domini (Christ in Majesty)

Unknown Artist

11th century

Monestir de Santa Maria de Mur

Castell de Mur (Province of Lleida. Autonomous Community of CatalunyaSPAIN


The post written by Sophia Kishovsky claimed that the Russian Orthodox Church destroyed this image. IT’S A LIE! The article covers Kaliningrad Oblast… and this image wasn’t even there! What a bozo! What a maroon!


Sophia Kishkovsky issued another Russophobic article to add to her collection. Look at this. The image supposedly of  “destroyed iconography” is a FRAUD! It’s a Winnigan’s Fake! Anyone with knowledge of medieval art knows the piece well… IT’S FROM CATALUNYA AND IT WASN’T HARMED AT ALL! Did she know that it was a fraud? Probably not… she’s not overly bright. Also note that the format of the “destroyed” piece doesn’t fit the building involved! However, this does show the depth of contempt that the OCA/ROCOR First Families have for Holy Rus, Holy Orthodoxy, and Orthodox believers. They believe us stupid and bovine.

Sophia Kishkovsky isn’t alone… there’s Vassa Larina… her father, Lyonyo Kishkovsky (the apple sure didn’t fall far from the tree, this time)… Victor Potapov… Chad Hatfield (he laughed at Mount Athos, inviting the Jesuit poseur Taft to SVS)… Rod Dreher… Michael Dahulich. The bottom layers of our Church are sound… most of our priests are sound… the “ruling establishment” is rotten to the core and overdue for replacement. Sophia Kishkovsky’s article is proof of that.

SHAME ON YOU, Sofia Leonidovna! You spat on your own to suck up to enemies. This is too much of a muchness…


Saturday, 23 August 2014

23 August 2014. There IS a Holy Rus… and It Spreads Over Belarus, Russia, and the Ukraine

00 Belarus. priest blessing soldiers. 23.08.14


These are Belarusian soldiers being blessed by an Orthodox priest. There IS a Holy Rus… it does include Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine at a minimum. Holy Rus wants to live in peace with all other peoples of good will. Of course, that means that Holy Rus, by definition, must come into conflict with International Capital… which doesn’t live in good will towards others… the only things that it believes in are “might makes right”, “winning is the only thing”, and “money makes the world go around”. Slobberin’ Ronnie Reagan and Haggy Maggie Thatcher brought in this era, this New Dark Age. Is it on the way out? I’d hope so…

Support Holy Rus… oppose International Capital… that’s how you honor God and His Church… ’nuff said.


23 August 2014. THIS is Why Georgia WON’T be in the EU Any Time Soon…

00 Georgia 01. 23.08.14


00 Georgia. Tbilissi. procession. 08.06.14


00 georgian soldiers. orthodox. 08.06.14


The EU has demanded that Georgia put in pro-gay laws or they won’t let them in. Well, Patriarch Ilie said that Georgian people wouldn’t stand for that. The Western media vilified him… he was only speaking the truth. If they put such laws into place now, it’d lead to massive civil disobedience… it’d actually put things BACK… but the Westerners (the Anglos, in particular) are so clueless and stupid that they don’t see it at all. If the EU wants Georgia, they have to take it as it is. They won’t be able to change any hearts or minds… this is the Caucasus, after all! Trust me… it WILL NOT happen! Look at the above images… even if they only go to Easter liturgy and that’s it, most Georgians consider themselves Orthodox (they don’t use the goofy screwball Proddie definitions of membership that the American konvertsy use) and that still means something in these parts. If the West tries to ram pro-gay laws down their throats, the Georgians will realise that the Russians ARE their friends. There IS such a thing as the Law of Unintended Consequences…


John Richard Daeuenhauer. Easter Matins

00 Russian Orthodox Easter Basket. 08.06.14


Easter Matins

In redness, the votive lamp

glows red. The altar is the still

centre of the world. We stand

in midnight darkness, semi-

circling the altar, and become

an icon, standing as the halo

spelling out “I AM

WHO I AM”, bearing

salvation history in icons

of the prophets, Annunciation,

Nativity, Theophany,

and Lazarus, about to light

the candles, chant

the resurrection, and proceed

around the church. This circling

becomes at once the first, and yet

the farthest, the once and yet most recent

ring of ever expanding con-

centric circles, both the splash

and ripple, the candles tracers

captured in a time exposure

of the timeless moment. We circle

stillness at the empty

centre of creation: a cosmic

gyroscope of time and space

balancing the world, as the church itself

becomes the empty tomb.

John Richard Daeuenhauer

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