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Thursday, 2 October 2014

2 October 2014. You Can be Truthful or You Can be “Nice”…

00 Jesus Foreign Born Socialist. 10.10.13


00 Art Young. Jesus wanted poster. He stirreth up the people. 1913


I saw the following in an article:

We’ve lost something in our human nature since… we’re guessing… the conclusion of the Second World War… certainly, since Vietnam. We lost the willingness to be firm, to say things no one wants to hear, in person. We lost the muscle that allows us to say “no” to something because it might risk upsetting someone, even if it’s the right thing to do, because people are petty and insecure, and no matter what the substance of the message that goes along with “no”, it’ll be how you say “no” that overshadows why you say “no”. “No” means anything negative… “I disagree. You’re wrong. You didn’t do what you said you would. You’re late and wasted my time”. … It’s now human nature to play nice. Above all, be nice. They refer to it as being “professional” or being “collegial”. We’d always thought that risking screwing something up because you became preoccupied with hurting someone’s feelings was being unprofessional.

excerpted from here

Above all, the konvertsy toddlers, when vexed, will pout and say that we’re not being “nice”. I’d say that such people have no clue of what Our Lord Christ was all about. He was “the Way, the Truth, and the Life”… not Mr Nice Guy, the Consensus King, and Apologist for the Affluent Effluent. The Lord Christ went to the Cross because he WASN’T a “nice guy”. He was straight n’ true, he didn’t mince words in front of “power”, but he also didn’t go about being a nanny, pissing people off with criticisms of their behaviour, and being a general nudge. In short, he was as far as one could be from the average early-21st century Orthodox konvert in the USA. We should do likewise. All of us should stop all nattering about inconsequential bullshit such as the “Toll Houses” and we should all realise that worshipping “elders” (like the konvertsy who gather around such questionable sorts as Paffso, Ray Velencia, and Freddie M-G) is a soul-destroying charade. We should follow Christ… that means that we work hard on our own sins and don’t notice the sins of others until we’ve conquered our own. As for me, it’s a work in progress… I know of no one who’s reached the point of being able to point fingers at others (sanctity is rare… I’ve only met one or two that were close to it). Keep that in mind as you listen to the drivel issued by juvenile toddlers such as Mattingly and Dreher.

Our Lord Christ CHOSE not to be incarnate in the First Century equivalent of the Affluent Effluent Upper Middle Class. Ponder that…


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

1 October 2014. WWJD? Go Ye Therefore and Do LIKEWISE!

00 Jesus FLOGS the Bankers. 01.10.14


00 What would Jesus Do... 01.10.14


Register and vote! Mark that ballot “AGAINST” the Republican Party and its soulless grasp for global hegemony as the political arm of the American oligarchs. Keep the GOP out of power… or, you’ll regret it more than anything else that’s happened to you…

After all, the First Century equivalents of the Republicans tacked Our Lord Christ up to a cross… and felt damned good about it, too. That sort hasn’t changed one bit.


Sunday, 28 September 2014

28 September 2014. Papist Nuncio to the Ukraine Lies About Russian Involvement in the Ukrainian Civil War… This is Why We Must End ALL “Ecumenical” Contacts with the RCs IMMEDIATELY

00 UPA The Face of Evil. 06.12

THIS is what the Curia supports! ANY QUESTIONS?


Read this. I get the notion that the Roman Curia learnt nothing from 1242 and 1612 (they’re an ancient-enough outfit… they DO remember their history). There are parties in the Church of Rome who won’t rest until they force us Russians to kiss the Pope’s ass as the Galician Uniates do. The very existence of Holy Rus and its adherence to Christ’s Holy Church infuriates the Curia… why, we have to bow down before their Pope, we have to crawl on our bellies to their Vicarious Christi (“Substitute for Christ”), and forswear everything that our ancestors fought for. Well, I have news for the papist suki in the Curia… just as we marched under St Aleksandr Nevsky, just as we marched under Pozharsky and Minin, we’d march today. We wish to live at peace with all people of good will (that includes virtually all rank n’ file RCs)… we wish no war. However, the greedy Anglo American toddlers, the bombastic heretics of the Roman Curia, and the embittered Galician neo-Nazis wanted war, so, they combined, and they marched on peaceful Russian lands, laying waste to them without mercy or compassion. Therefore, all Russians rose up to fight the lying scum.

You may believe the Roman Curia, as typified by this lying POS suka, or you may support Novorossiya and its legitimate desire to be free of the bondage of Rome, of the USA, and of the Banderovtsy. This means that Vassa Larina has to leave her position at the University of Vienna and apologise to all Orthodox people publicly on the ROCOR official website for having aided the enemies of the Church. This means that Jillions, Hatfield, and Lyonyo have to apologise publicly on the OCA official website for their dalliances with the papists. This goes for Freddie M-G, Dahulich, Paffso, and Terrence Mattingly as well. Is this going to happen? No… the parties involved are unrepentant and contemptuous of the ordinary believers. Yet, it doesn’t change facts… the Curia wields the Unia as a knife at our backs. The world is fallen; there is EVIL afoot. At the least, let’s not help it along.


Saturday, 27 September 2014

27 September 2014. Fatso at the Centre at the Blunder’s Behest… Gets Slight Photo Op… NOTHING ELSE

00 Paffhausen in Moscow. 27.09.14

Fatso on the extreme right (he does figure in a SMALL way in only two other images)


00 Chingarov with Patr Kirill. 27.09.14

HH with the main honoree, Polar explorer A N Chilingarov, who received the Order of St Sergei. Fatso? He received nothing… but watch the konvertsy lap this up…


There’s much Sturm und Drang about Fatso at the Centre (see here for the MP coverage). It’s nothing but the Blunder‘s doing… it shows that the Blunder is up to his old tricks. This doesn’t mean that HH is honouring Fatso… after all, California Fats received no award, and ten other people did receive high Church awards. The main focus in Russian media coverage was A N Chilingarov, and rightly so… Artur Nikolayevich is a polar explorer, public figure, Doctor of Sciences, and a government official… compared to him, Fatso’s nothing but a worthless California Dreamer. Oh, yes…Varsonofy Sudakov and V A Chaplin were no-shows… there were none of the usual and expected heavy-hitters at this affair. A Cabineteer opined:

His Russian must be improving, but I wonder how he can afford to travel to Russia?  I doubt that the OCA would’ve sent him.

I replied:

He got the money from Potapov… who got it from Langley. I’d not trust Fatso… he’s tight with Vlad Berzansky Jr (VB calls Fatso “Johnny”)… of course, all the konvertsy will salivate on command.

This signifies NOTHING. There wasn’t a big deal on this one… this had the Blunder’s fingerprints all over it. HH is NOT going to upset the OCA apple cart. This was to show the EP that the Centre considers the OCA a canonical Local Church, nothing more. Paffso didn’t merit an award, nor was he receive a prominent part to play in the proceedings. I think that this was a gin-up on the part of Potapov and the Blunder, along with the fact that Fats was tight with Yustinian Ovchinnikov, y’ know, the MP bishop recently caught in nasty doings. One of my Moscow friends said:

He knows all the poofters in the American Church… they called him in to grill him on his gay pals. They don’t want another Yustinian.

That’s what’s out there… however, remember, Fatso protected such equivocal sorts in the Church as Peterson, Ray Velencia, Isidore Brittain, and Storheim… now, if shitbirds of a feather flock together (and they do)… you can catch my drift. This is no rehab of the Fats… it’s another move in the Great Game between the EP and the MP. The Centre doesn’t want a return to Paffhausen’s Great Circus and Comedy Show any more than the OCA SOBs (Synod of Bishops, that is) do. However, he’s a useful pawn in the poker game over the 2016 Dixie Fry (no done deal, kids). Stay tuned… I’ll betcha that HH will do something with Mollard soon, to keep up appearances…


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