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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Pope Francisco’s Unsettling Duality: Risk-Taker Reluctant to Act on Child Abuse

01 Paffhausen with Isidore Brittain

Yes, this image deserves a rerun… Peterson and Paffso slobbering over the child porn king Brittain… he was serving in a HOOMie parish (and there are credible tales about them, too). We have no reason to point fingers.


On Monday, Pope Francisco Bergoglio met with victims of sex abuse and apologised for the heinous crimes committed by Catholic priests. Some believe the meeting, the first for the current pope, comes too late and apology isn’t what children really need. David Clohessy, executive director of Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), said, “What kids need is decisive action from the pope. Not words, not gestures, not symbols, not meetings”. He stated that crimes and cover-ups are continuing, and that children all across the globe aren’t safe or getting safer as a result of the meeting. Meanwhile, “the pope, just as his predecessors, refuses to take any meaningful steps toward real reform. Instead, there are only words and promises, and not a single pragmatic step to expose clerics who committed or concealed child sex crimes. However, words only make some people feel good in the short-term. They don’t keep child predators away from vulnerable kids. Only decisive steps do that”. Clohessy pointed out that the pope has already shown that he’s “a bold risk-taker by aggressively taking on issues like Church governance and Church finances. Indeed, he proved that he can act with courage on many issues… except this one. I’m disappointed that not only hasn’t the pope done anything, he doesn’t denounce or discipline bishops and clerics who molested children”.

When a bishop in Germany, Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, spent 43 million USD renovating his home, the pope didn’t appoint a study panel to come up with recommendations on what to do with that. He simply removed the “Bishop of Bling”. Yet, there seem to be no consequences for doing wrong in terms of child molestation. “Most of the bishops have stonewalled police and prosecutors and deceived parishioners and parents. They’re extremely reluctant to expose their colleagues for any wrongdoing”. Clohessy believes that the real solution to this problem has to involve the whole church. “The pope should begin by firing bishops who conceal abuse. Secondly, the names of those implicated have to be made public. Thirdly, the pope should order bishops to work with lawmakers not against them. These three steps will make an enormous difference .If these steps aren’t taken, then, what happens in the Vatican on child abuse will remain public relations without real action. The current policy amounts to feeling good as opposed to doing good. It’s promising reform, not delivering reform”.

9 July 2014

Voice of Russia World Service



Orthodox shouldn’t chortle… especially, not toddlers like Rod Dreher. We have our own shit-spattered byre to clean out… and we haven’t attended to that. Give heed to the image posted above. Paffso and Peterson slobbered all over the child porn king Brittain. He was under suspension… but you’d never know it. We have the same cancer in our vitals. You know what happens if you don’t eradicate cancer completely… you catch my drift…

All too many Orthodox act like the Catholic League… a Far Right Goodthinker group that attacks SNAP for uncovering perv clergy. Indeed, I’ve heard that there have been legal vendettas against those involved with SNAP or those friendly to it. The Catholic Church in the USA has a shitload of cash and it doesn’t mind spending it on shysters and pressure groups… it does mind spending it on victim compensation and it balks at telling folks where they send perv clergy… gee, I wonder why. Cappy and Mel… this one’s for you… and I stand with ya (even if that does attract the ire of this-or-that clergyman). Hat tip to the two of ya…


Tuesday, 27 May 2014

27 May 2014. Cabinet Vox Pop on the “Frankie and Bart Show”

00 zombie rising from the grave001


Bart and Frankie did NOTHING of substance… let this die a natural death…


One of the Cabinet opined:

I’ll tell you how important this meeting between Bart and Francis was… the CBS evening news summed up the Pope’s trip, pointing out all what they believed were the important highlights. NO mention of him meeting with Bart…

Indeed! That’s an appropriate epitaph for this… “No mention”. Let this lie in peace. By the way, ordinary RCs had no part in this sick publicity stunt. Hell, most don’t even know that it happened. Be kind to them…


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Monday, 26 May 2014

Bart Kisses Frankie’s Ass in Jerusalem… Did You Expect Otherwise? Same Old Rubbish from the Phanar/Vatican Axis… HO HUM

01 bart simpson i didn't do it



This is MUCH less than it seems to be, yet both parties got what they wanted. Frankie Bag o’ Donuts wanted a photo-op to divert attention from perv priests and shady Vatican bankers… he got that. Black Bart wanted a publicity stunt to bolster his bombastic claims that he’s the “Head of World Orthodoxy”… he got that. What was the REAL import of all this? Less than nothing… the real power in the Church is STILL held by the MP, and the Vatican lusts for a meeting with HH, but he won’t allow that until the Vatican reins in its Uniate attack dogs. Don’t waste your time on attacking this… it’s just another Phanariot attempt to rule the Church… well, they’ve been kaput since 1453. It hasn’t changed lately, and it’s not going to change in the near or far future. Perhaps, Bart’s cherished “all-Orthodox Sobor” will torpedo their pretensions for good and all… one can hope, no?



On Sunday, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Archontonis met Pope of Rome Francisco Bergoglio in Jerusalem, the first meeting between the spiritual leaders of Christian Orthodoxy and Catholicism in 50 years {in a pig’s arse… Bart’s the head of 3,000 followers in Turkey only: editor}, and signed a joint pledge to pursue dialogue to bolster values shared by both their churches. The two men held a joint prayer for Christian unity at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the holiest site in Christendom, after making a landmark pledge to work together to boost unity between Eastern and Western branches of Christianity which have been at odds for a millennium {there is NO “Eastern Church”… that’s a papist chimera: editor}. The two leaders embraced and knelt in prayer on the Stone of the Anointing, where the body of Jesus is said to have been laid out before burial. In an eight-point declaration, the leaders noted, “Our fraternal encounter today is a new and necessary step on the journey toward the unity of communion… in legitimate diversity”. Representatives of 13 Catholic and Orthodox churches attended the signing of the landmark pledge. Apart from boosting communication between the two churches, the pledge underlined the leaders’ commitment to fostering dialogue, respect, and the protection of the environment.


There was NO mention of this Dixie Fry on patriarchia.ru. NONE. An EP delegation visited the Centre on 24 May, and there was no mention of this ecumaniac shindig in the article on it. That is, as far as the MP’s officially concerned, this little tea party didn’t happen. One last thing… Bart and Frankie had their tête-à-tête on the feastday of Patriarch St Germogen of Moscow, murdered by the Poles for refusing to bless their occupation and for refusing the Unia. The MP DID publicise the feastday and HH’s celebration of it widely on their official website… fancy that (now, that wasn’t a comment on the proceedings in Jerusalem, was it?)…

26 May 2014



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Sunday, 25 May 2014

25 May 2014. The Bart n’ Frankie Show… HO HUM

00 Bart and Frankie. 25.05.14


The above is a satirical image making the rounds amongst the cognoscenti in the Orthodox cyberworld. Bart isn’t the “head of the Orthodox world” nor is he the “Orthodox pope”. What he does or says binds no one but his bunch, full stop. Frankie Bag o’ Donuts was looking for a gorgeous photo-op to take people’s minds off perv priests and corrupt Vatican bankers. He got it… as for decent Russian Orthodox people, well, it’s less than a yawn. Don’t waste your time attacking this… the Phanar’s been doing this shit for the last 50 years. It doesn’t surprise me or surprise you. It’s time to get back to the real world and its real concerns…


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