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Monday, 22 September 2014

22 September 2014. The “Quiet Hunt”… That be “Mushrooming” for Them Not in the Know…

00 mushrooming in Ivanovo Oblast. Russia. 22.09.14

Mushrooming in Ivanovo Oblast


Russians are PASSIONATE about mushrooms… we love ‘em! No, we LOVE ‘EM! Any which way we can get ‘em, and any which way you care to prepare ‘em, most Russians are the head of the queue when it comes to mushroom appreciation. If you go mushrooming, ya gotta wear yer grubbies and your rubber wellies… no two ways about it! Use a wicker basket to carry your prizes… if you use plastic bags, they turn into undifferentiated goo. This is the most popular “hunt” in Russia, hands down… them griby be Good Eats…


Saturday, 20 September 2014

20 September 2014. Video. A (Goofy but Nice) Rusin Easter…

00 Carpathians. 03.10.12



Let’s keep it light for the moment. A kid in Podkarpatskaya made this for a project… good healthy stuff. Note the liquor… “Hruška”, a vodka distilled from pears. Marvellous stuff and unavailable here (Rusin friends say so). “Hruškovitz” is BRANDY distilled from pears… you CAN get a German (nasty-ass) version of that here. However, Hruška is **VODKA** distilled from pears. Very different… very different, indeed.

We all need a smile after all the nasty war news. Yes, it’ll still be there tonight. Yes, we’ll go back to it. However, one does need a break from it…


Friday, 13 June 2014

13 June 2014. It’s Friday the Thirteenth… SHUDDER!

01 scaredy-cat


Funny “Facts About Friday the 13th”




Actually, NOTHING out of the ordinary has EVER happened to me on this date, and I’m 60! Get real and get living!


Saturday, 22 February 2014

Great Friday News: Moscow Zoopark Groundhog Wakes Up, Spring Coming Soon! Shall Surok Surokovich Replace Punxsutawney Phil? Ya NEVER Know…

01ac Groundhog Day


The Moscow Zoopark announced on Facebook, “Friends, we have good news. Spring is coming soon. Our groundhog woke up”. Groundhogs come out of hibernation when temperatures start to rise. Hibernation is less like a deep sleep and more like a coma; the groundhog’s heart rate plunges, blood scarcely flows, body temperature drops to a few degrees above freezing, and breathing nearly stops. Towards the end of their hibernation period, groundhogs awaken briefly several times and pop out of their burrows to check the weather. They may or may not go back to sleep depending on how cold or warm the weather is. After they emerge from hibernation, groundhogs live on their remaining body fat for a couple of weeks to bring their digestive organs back to normal and to prepare for the mating season. They disguise entrances to their burrows to protect them from predators. Mating starts after groundhogs put on some weight.

Groundhogs offer their weather predictions not only in Russia. In the tiny Pennsylvania town of Punxsutawney, a groundhog weatherman named Punxsutawney Phil made his forecasts since 1887. According to groundhog.org, after the animal appeared in the philosophical comedy film Groundhog Day in 1993, record crowds numbering as many as 30,000 went to the event. With a shadow powerful enough to lift spirits… or dash them… Phil met Pennsylvania governors, appeared on national television talk shows, and on New York City‘s Times Square JumboTron. In 1986, he even travelled to Washington to meet with US President Ronald Reagan. This year, Phil saw his shadow on 2 February, signifying six more weeks of winter.

21 February 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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