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Saturday, 29 March 2014

VMF Shitcans Rickety Ukrainian Submarine “Zaporozhe”

00 Ukrainian submarine Zaporozhe. 29.03.14


The VMF High Command stated that ex-Ukrainian submarine Zaporozhe is in very poor shape; the Black Sea Fleet (ChF-VMF) refused to take it on strength. The High Command noted that the submarine is 44 years old, it’s outdated, it lacks contemporary combat capabilities, besides which, it hasn’t gone to sea for years. The Minoborony Ukrainy tried to maintain the vessel, but they didn’t do a good job of it. Previously, the sub was part of the Ukrainian Navy, but on 22 March 2014, after the all-Crimea referendum, the ship raised the St Andrew banner. Today, the VMF intends to give the old tub back to the Minoborony Ukrainy. A VMF source told us, “We’ll give it back to the Minoborony Ukrainy; they can use it or get rid of it at their discretion”. Similar boats of Project 641, workhorses of the VMF in Sov times, are long gone from Russian submarine forces; some of them live on as museum ships.The crew of the submarine will go on to serve in the ChF-VMF. Very soon, six new state-of-the art subs building in St Petersburg yards are due to join the ChF-VMF in Sevastopol {some reports say that the Zaporozhe crew will take over a new sub due to arrive in the Crimea soon: editor}.

29 March 2014




For 23 years, the “Ukrainian” state hasn’t done shit for the economy, social infrastructure, or the military. Why? The oligarchs and political shitbirds such as Yuliya Timoshenko raped the country and sucked it dry. Crapitalism ran rampant… some of the biggest offenders being loudmouthed diaspora Ukrainians, who came in to help the oligarchs suck up the rich bounty that the Sovs left in the Ukraine. The native and diaspora thieves did such a good job that the Ukraine, once the jewel in the crown of the USSR, is an economic basket-case dependent on foreign handouts. The soil is rich… the earth has many minerals… the population is well-trained and capable… the industry was first-rate. What happened? The Ukraine is an object lesson in crapitalism. This is what happens when “libertarians” get their way and regulation goes by the wayside.

Under the Sovs, shipyards in the Ukrainian SSR built many of the largest ships in the VMF and in the Soviet merchant fleet. They went to rack and ruin under “Ukrainian” rule. The Ukraine built no major warships since independence (the few completed after 1991 were on the stocks prior to the August Events). The independent Ukraine lived DOWN to all the negative stereotypes about “Ukrainians”… which is sad, as most Ukrainians are level-headed, sane, industrious, and pragmatic people. In realistic terms, these people need proper government… that means that they should return to Great Russia. I confide that many do wish that… many pray for that. Let their suffering end… relegate the independent “Ukraine” to the dustbin of history. These people deserve MUCH better than what they received.

Always, reflect on the fact that the USA supported and supported the thieves, not the ordinary scrabbling people. Some great respect for “the rule of law”, wot?


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Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Bear is BACK… AV-MF to Expand Air Patrols in Arctic

00 AV-MF Il-38 ASW MP aircraft. 04.01.14

AV-MF Ilyushin Il-38 ASW/maritime patrol aircraft at an airbase in the Russian Far North


00 The Bear is back... and he's here to stay. 04.01.14


On Friday, Captain First Rank Vadim Serga, a Russian Navy spokesman, said that Northern Fleet combat aircraft would extend the ranges of their patrol flights over the Arctic in 2014 using a network of revamped Soviet-era airfields, saying, “In 2014, naval aviation units of the Northern Fleet will significantly expand the geography of Arctic patrol flights, especially, by using Temp airfield {on Kotelny Island: editor} on the New Siberian Islands”. Captain Serga said that Tu-142 and Il-38 ASW/maritime patrol aircraft carried out over 30 patrol missions in the Arctic last year. In December, President Vladimir Putin ordered the armed forces to boost their presence in the Arctic and complete development of military infrastructure in the region in 2014. Minoborony announced plans to deploy a combined-arms force in the Arctic by 2015.

4 January 2014



Editor’s Note:

Watch the usual troglodytes in Congress scream about “Russian overreach”. That’s a crock of shit. These flights are no different from American flights over Alaska or Hawaii. These tossers say such to try to get more money for their big-bucks corporate paymasters… not because these flights are a threat to anyone. Russia’s cut back severely on defence expenditures for twenty years to try to rebuild the economy… the American economy‘s knackered because of constant warfare over twenty years (plus inane tax cuts for the Affluent Effluent). As they say, one of these things is not like the other…


Thursday, 28 November 2013

28 November 2013. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… A Sub Gets a Blessing in Piter…

00 Orthodox priest blessed sub Novorossiysk. 28.11.13


A priest blesses the new Project 636.3 Varshavyanka submarine B261 Novorossiysk, being launched at Admiralteyskie Verfi in St Petersburg. It’s supposed to enter service with the Black Sea Fleet next year. This isn’t unusual any more… indeed, it’s become routine. Mind you, if the Reds were to take power again, this wouldn’t change… don’t listen to the likes of Victor Potapov… after all, he DOES (or DID) work as a US government propagandist (do follow the money… it tells you so much about people). The late great Joe Adamov apologised on air for issuing lies… Potapov has never done likewise. Do notice that and mark it down… it’ll tell you much about his character, won’t it?

Christ is back… and He’s here to stay.



Tuesday, 1 October 2013

1 October 2013. A Photo Essay. Our Great Russian Motherland… The Kola Peninsula in Autumn

00 Kola Peninsula Autumn 01. 30.09.13


00 Kola Peninsula Autumn 02. 30.09.13


00 Kola Peninsula Autumn 03. 30.09.13


00 Kola Peninsula Autumn 04. 30.09.13


00 Kola Peninsula Autumn 05. 30.09.13


00 Kola Peninsula Autumn 06. 30.09.13


00 Kola Peninsula Autumn 07. 30.09.13


00 Kola Peninsula Autumn 08. 30.09.13


00 Kola Peninsula Autumn 09. 30.09.13


00 Kola Peninsula Autumn 10. 30.09.13


00 Kola Peninsula Autumn 11. 30.09.13


00 Kola Peninsula Autumn 12. 30.09.13


One of the most northernmost parts of Russia is the Kola Peninsula. The ice-free port of Murmansk is here, along with the main Northern Fleet bases of Polyarny and Severomorsk. The Peninsula lies completely within Murmansk Oblast, and virtually all of the oblast’s territory is on the Peninsula. This is one of the most militarily-significant regions in Russia, the main base for Russia’s submarine strategic nuclear deterrent force is here (although Sevmash, the builder of all Russian nuclear-powered submarines, is in Severodvinsk near Arkhangelsk). Nevertheless, most of the Peninsula is wild, with the total population of 800,000 spread over an area of 144,900 square kilometres (55,946 square miles)… 40 percent of the population is in the single city of Murmansk. Most of the people live in a small area between Polyarny on the Barents Sea and Kandalaksha on the White Sea.


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