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Sunday, 21 December 2014

21 December 2014. Is It St Nick or Santa Claus? Why Not Both?

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I think that to make people “choose” between St Nicholas and Santa is a false opposition. After all, Santa’s a secular figure (as Ded Moroz is), and St Nicholas is a religious figure. There’s NO contradiction between the two whatsoever. If it were up to me, I’d have Santa (or Father Christmas or Papa Noël or whatever else you’d want to call him), St Nick, and Dede… all three! They don’t compete with one another. St Nick comes on St Nicholas Day… Santa comes on Christmas… and Dede comes on the New Year. Hell, I’d even throw in the Three Kings (if I ask kindly enough, perhaps, Julio will bring his stilts for a real Old School Tres Reyes blast) on Epiphany. Don’t go around making false conflicts. If you consider it carefully, and choose wisely, you’d see that you could have ‘em all… all in their proper place, of course.

Now, go off and fetch me the jug… that was thirsty work.


Saturday, 20 December 2014

Rogozin sez Cuba Won’t Give Up Principles for Washington’s Promises

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During an official visit to Havana, Deputy Chairman of the Government D O Rogozin, who supervises the Russian defence-industrial complex, said that Moscow always knew that the economic blockade of Cuba was doomed, telling Russian reporters after more than 90 minutes of talks with Cuban President Raúl Castro Ruz, “This means Cuba won’t abandon its fundamental position in exchange for promises, which so far are just part of an oral dialogue initiated by Washington”. Rogozin pointed up that Washington initiated normalisation of the bilateral relations between the USA and Cuba… this means that Havana, which struggled against the American embargo for 54 years, has prevailed. Upon his arrival in Cuba, Rogozin noted that from now on in, Washington will try to give Havana a “suffocating hug”. On Friday, President Castro’s daughter, Mariela Castro, told the AP, “If the USA thinks these changes would bring Cuba back to capitalism and return it to being a servile country to hegemonic interests of the most powerful financial groups in the USA, they must be dreaming”.

Answering a question about possible military cooperation between Russia and Cuba, Rogozin said that Moscow has no intention to place military bases in Cuba. He observed that modern military hardware enables Russia to “see and hear” from a far greater distance than before, so there’s no need to move military infrastructure “close to countries that might react very painfully to this. We don’t need to take extravagant steps”. Rogozin said that Russia always been maintained Cuba’s “necessary wants”, but they focused the latest talks on civilian projects, saying, “If Cuba’s economic condition improves and we agree in the near future to open new credit lines to finance infrastructure, energy, and transport objects, Cuba would have new financial capacity that would, amongst other things, allow it to modernise its military hardware”.

The Cuban government is closely following the present standoff between Russia and the West, which includes global economic sanctions against Moscow. TASS quoted Rogozin, “Our Cuban friends are also interested in our position regarding the pressure on Russia from the West. For the Cubans, it’s extremely important to see that Russia isn’t giving in to external pressure and that it isn’t changing its principal positions, such as on national independence and sovereignty, particularly, in connection with the recent reunification with the Crimea”.

Rogozin called the talks with Castro “a very deep sincere discussion” and noted that the decision of the Russian government to send a delegation to Cuba now “demonstrated progress right on time” and resulted in signing “long-outstanding agreements”. The Cuban government invited Russian companies to invest in oil and ore mining, energy projects, tourism, and telecommunications.

20 December 2014




Raúl Modesto Castro Ruz is one sharp cookie. He used Obama’s opening to pressure the Russians into making favourable concessions to him. Do note WHO went to Havana… D O Rogozin… perhaps, the most hardline anti-American hawk in the government. This shows that VVP has no intention of rolling over and playing dead for the Americans. It also shows that the Castro government doesn’t intend to abandon socialism.

However, BHO did NOT do this for foreign policy reasons… he’s always had a domestic focus, and such is true here. What this does is to throw a curve at the clueless GOP. When you add the immigration initiative and the new action by the NLRB against Mickey Dee’s into the mixture, you can see that BHO, NOT the Republicans, has the “weather gauge”… that is, the wind is behind him and he’s dealing the cards. The Republicans are reacting… not acting.

Do NOT mistake this as an American admission of defeat on the foreign affairs stage… however, it IS a domestic political gambit that’s already thrown the Republicans for a loop. BHO’s calculation is that a large gain in domestic political tread would more than compensate for the loss of face entailed by this decision in international venues. We have two more weeks until the next session of Congress convenes… that’s plenty of time for BHO to set more traps for unwary and heedless righties. There be fresh n’ juicy cowpats in that there field… and the Republicans have blindfolded themselves as they tiptoe through the tulips… fancy that…


Friday, 19 December 2014

19 December 2014. It’s St Nicholas Day… The First Day of the Holidays

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Today is the beginning of the holiday season. The holidays run from St Nicholas Day until Epiphany on 19 January, via New Year on 1 January and Christmas on 7 January. It’s my Nicky’s angel day…


War Criminals Walk Amongst Us… and the American Establishment doesn’t Give a Good Goddamn



I always feel that victims of discrimination and persecution are those on whose side I have to be, no matter who they are, what they are, what skin colour they have, or what religion they profess. I witnessed people who didn’t participate in the Nazi atrocities… but they didn’t open their doors and windows to call a halt, either. To this day, I can’t absolve these nice people of their guilt and complicity; I was too young at the time to formulate that, but later I swore that I’d never put myself in the place of these nice decent gentiles who thought that It wasn’t their fight. I look at injustice, and I know it’s always my fight.

Theodore Bikel


Read this. The yellow chickenhawk Richard Cheney, who avoided military service, publicly declared on 10 December 2014 that President G W Bush specifically authorised torture. He bragged that the agencies involved informed them in detail of their doings and kept them up to date. Under the Nürnberg standards, this means the George W Bush, Richard Cheney, and their entire senior administration are on the level of the Nazi war criminals tried after World War II. It means that if we’re to be consistent, Bush and Cheney deserve to die at the end of a rope, to “hang by the neck until you are dead”. That won’t happen… I’m not threatening… I’m only saying that since what Bush and Cheney did was on the level of the Nazi war criminals… if we were consistent, we’d hang them, too.

Bush and Cheney “conspired to wage aggressive war”… to be honest, so did Clinton and Gore (Yugoslavia, anyone? Do ask the Serbs about Yank aggression). When the USSR fell (due to internal reasons… a weak ruler… not American actions), the USA faced a power vacuüm. It didn’t move to cement peace… it moved to impose juvenile American notions aggressively on the world. Most of all, the American neoliberal/neocon Establishment wanted to eradicate Socialism, now that its protector laid in the dust. Every state that the USA tried to destabilise was socialist to some extent or other.

The first aggression was against the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The Germans aided the successors of the Croat Ustaša murderers (by the way, Biden is the protégé of a violently Ustaša RC priest), in a successful attempt to spark off a civil war. This led to 1999, and the ultimate dismemberment of the Yugoslav state. Note well that a legit peace treaty didn’t embody this… especially not the American amputation of Kosovo, which is still legally a part of the Republic of Serbia.

Concurrently, the USA aided the Islamist rebels destabilising the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. The DRA’s ethos was FAR closer to American ideals than the Islamists were, but… THEY WERE SOCIALISTS! That made them anathema to the Clintonistas… remember, William Jefferson Clinton was the last of the Dixiecrats. He was a Republican in all but name in most things. The DRA went down before the Islamists.

The Bush junta started another Afghan War… in an attempt to seize rich mineral deposits for his corporate pals. It had NOTHING to do with 9/11 or Osama bin Laden. Predictably, like all invasions of Afghanistan, it bogged down, and Bush wanted a victory… not only for his bruised ego, but to gain mineral rights for his multinational pals. He ginned up a war against Iraq, which he and his advisors thought would be short and victorious. It was anything else but… the USA remains enmeshed in Iraq in a military way today. Oh… Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party was socialistic… I forgot to mention that. My bad…

That wasn’t enough… in 2008, the Bushies invaded South Ossetia using their Georgian clients. That blew up in their faces. It was such a bad defeat that the neocons to this day deny that they had anything to do with it. Yet, everyone knows that the USA was behind it. Georgia didn’t have the money to go to war… someone had to pay for it, and it sure wasn’t Russia! This defeat didn’t chasten the neocons/neoliberals… indeed, it spurred them on! They wanted to cover up this mistake like a cat covering up its shit. “The USA is invincible! Since the USA is invincible, it had nothing to do with this! That’s the TRUTH!”

Of course, the USA couldn’t live down the images posted throughout the world of the captured American base in Gori… they did deny that the Russians got any intel from it, which is lie any way that you slice it. The neocons saw to it that only the sanitised version got into the Western media. Nevertheless, the rest of the world noticed that the USA had lost. This was the USA’s “Battle of Moscow”. It was their first real defeat after the fall of the USSR… it broke the illusion of American invincibility (except in the minds of the American ruling class), which meant that others didn’t take American bluster so seriously anymore.

Under Barack Obama, there’ve been three major aggressions, one somewhat successful, one an utter failure, and one in progress. The aggression against Libya was to unseat Muammar al-Gaddafi… did I mention that he was a socialist, too? That aggression succeeded as Libya is a thin coastal strip… most of the country is barren desert. Uniquely, it was susceptible to American naval supremacy. The overthrow was swift and successful. However, the guerrilla war continues, and that means that this aggression was only conditionally successful. The aggression against Syria failed utterly… the real motive of the American ruling class was to unseat Bashar al-Assad and destroy the socialist state. That failed. The continuing case is in the Ukraine, where the USA fomented a coup against the legit left-centre government, in an attempt to ram an extremist Far Right crapitalist dictatorship on the country. This isn’t over yet… it has the potential to be the USA’s “Stalingrad”… its “A Bridge too Far”.

In short, the USA IS guilty of “conspiring to wage aggressive war” and of “crimes against peace”… torture is small beans compared to that. No, I shall NOT be silent! If the US government does these things… these amoral disgusting anti-human things… then, I must either speak out or be guilty of abetting these crimes. This is why I will NEVER let up on the Orthodox enablers of the Republican Party… they’ve sold out to utter evil… they’ve sold out for a mess of “Pro-Life” pottage. I don’t call torturing people in foreign parts “Pro-Life”… I don’t call aggression against other states “Pro-Life”… I don’t call gutting the social safety net to enrich the Affluent Effluent “Pro-Life”.

I’m NOT alone… evil is evil, and its name is G-O-P…


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