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Saturday, 25 October 2014

25 October 2014. There are Rumours of War…

00 novorossiya. 27.08.14


The word is out that patriot forces expect a Uniate junta sneak attack either tomorrow or Monday, despite the fact that the ground isn’t yet suitable for major operations. The Uniate neo-Nazis are holding a pseudo-election on Sunday… they’ve barred the KPU and Regions, which means that it’s a false election, it’s nothing but a figleaf for the Americans and Germans. I’m told that the patriot forces are on alert… the junta forces are only strengthened on paper… they lack tanks, APCs, and air support, in particular. Most of the incoming drafts are untrained levies from Galicia… they’re only useful for mass wave attacks, they’re not real soldiers at all. When you add in that the present Minister of Defence isn’t even a soldier (he was a militarised cop in the VV MVDU), it looks like a full-blown fiasco is in the offing. Mind you, it’d be bloody… but it’d be premature due to American demands for action before the US election.

This is the calm before the shitstorm. God preserve the people of Novorossiya from the brutal and godless Uniate horde. Holy Rus will prevail…


25 October 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Iran and Russia are Friends… HANDS OFF, USA!

00 Putin and Rouhani. Iran. Russia. 25.10.14


President Putin shook hands with Iranian President Rouhani… Iran has Russian and Chinese guarantees. That means that Israel and the USA are NOT going to attack, despite all the noise from rightwing circles. Anglo Americans are arrogant blowhard bullies who back away from real fights… the Israelis won’t attack if they sensed that they lacked American backing (and they don’t have it for an attack on Iran, despite all the noise from the usual cast of suspects). America lacks the moxie to mix it up with equals (especially “conservatives”, who’re nothing but blowsy aggressors who run away crying if someone hits back at them)… that’s why any country that has a firm guarantee from Russia or China is safe. Since Iran has assurances from BOTH Russia and China, the Anglo cowards won’t touch it… they’ll make a lot of noise, but they do that all the time, don’t they? It’s much sound n’ fury signifying NOTHING in the real world.


25 October 2014. My life in Russia: Bobby Rome from Virginia… Great Vid About an American Expat in Piter

00 Bobby Rome 02. russia. football. 25.10.14


click here for the page with the vid

Bobby Rome is a professional football player from Virginia. For several years, Bobby has been in St Petersburg playing for the Vikings. Bobby’s wife Gabrielle convinced him to move to Russia, “I wanted him to pursue his dreams, because I know he has a lot of potential. I had to try to push and convince him… ‘Maybe we should take this risk, maybe we should take this leap of faith and go after it? We only live once, why not take full advantage of it?'”. As Bobby said, it was one of the best decisions he’s ever made.

21 October 2014

Russia Behind the Headlines



Argentina OKs Russian Bases

00 A los heroes de Malvinas. 06.12


Argentina, the second-largest country in South America, agreed to allow Russian military bases on its territory. Whilst the USA and the whole world were fixated on the events taking place in the Ukraine, Russia stepped up its diplomatic efforts in the Western Hemisphere. President Putin discussed the idea of ​​military bases in South America with Defence Minister S K Shoigu in February. Russia is considering establishing military bases in Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Argentina. In recent years, all these countries were active Russian allies. Argentina’s OK to Russian military bases seriously strengthens Moscow’s position in South America. According to the publication Guardian Liberty Voice, the USA actually slept through the appearance of Russian military bases. A Russian military presence in the Western Hemisphere confronts the USA with a difficult task and marks a reduction in Washington’s influence. The USA has never had sufficient funds for missile defence along its southern borders.

25 October 2014

Military Observer



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