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Saturday, 23 August 2014

23 August 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… THIS is the Junta Army… Sad, Ain’t It?

00 Azov Battalion APC. 23.08.14


The junta forces are using crude “DIY” “roll your own” “armoured vehicles”. The losses at the front are heavy, and the oligarchs steal so much that there isn’t any money or real production to replace them. Look at the above and realise that the junta shits aren’t long for this world… but there’s going to be all-too-much bloodshed before they go, I fear. The above image is of an improvised “armoured personnel carrier” used by the so-called “Azov Battalion”, an untrained and undisciplined pack of thugs and criminals (literally, many of them are violent criminals let loose from prison to prey on the people of Novorossiya) raised by I V Kolomoisky as his personal bully boys. They have a vicious reputation of brutalising civilians… they’re rather less effective as soldiers. This is why the junta’s army is such an evil lot… they’ve enrolled violent criminals in the ranks as policy. God do spare the suffering people of Novorossiya…


23 August 2014. The NY Times Blubbers About the “Russia Left Behind”… Hell, What About the “America Left Behind?”

00 American Democracy. 08.10.13


Late last year, the NY Times wrote up a glossy report about The Russia Left Behind… it was the usual self-congratulatory neoliberal rot. It was well-produced and full of accusatory images. Click here to read it. Please, do so… it’s important for you to know what sort of rot the clerisy is churning out (and do reflect on the fact that Serge Schmemann and Sophia Kishkovsky are willing house niggers of this organisation). I’d say that the NYT would’ve done better by driving from New York City to Albany to Buffalo to Cleveland! They would’ve seen a landscape worse than that pictured in their article on Russia! If they wanted to see decline, why, go to Amsterdam NY… Carbondale PA… Scranton PA… Gary IN… Detroit MI… all products of the rape of America by the banksters let loose after the time of Slobberin’ Ronnie. However, if any writer on the NYT were to criticise the neoliberalism regnant in the West, why they’d be out of a job! Poor babies! In short, most of the rot issued by the Western media has an underlying assumption… that the suffering let loose by unbridled crapitalism is good and that its victims deserve no compassion… except where it suits the cause of the neocons and “humanitarian interventionists”. The Russia Left Behind… what self-absorbed rot… if the NYT doesn’t address The America Left Behind it’s a pack of liars, and I say so openly. Reflect on this… the Republican Party APPROVES of destroying communities for profit’s sake. I call that EVIL… what about you?


Friday, 22 August 2014

22 August 2014. Shevchuk Unrepentant Sack o’ Shit… REFUSES to Repent for Uniate Murders and Church Burnings in Novorossiya… Cites Non-Existent “Persecution” of Uniates in the Crimea and Novorossiya

00 Pope Francisco meets the Orthodox Grumpy Cat. 08.11.13


I have never seen such a document that was more crowded with infamous falsehood and distortion. Scoundrels and piss-ants.

Cordell Hull


US Secretary of State (1933-44)


I just read the most bizarre, surreal, Kafkaesque, and evasive pack o’ lies that I’ve ever read in my days, and I’m 60-years-old. I kid you not. I feel like Cordell Hull facing Ambassador Nomura in 1941. S Yu Shevchuk is a lying sack o’ shit and the Roman Curia is backing him to the max. Firstly, YOU MUST READ THIS. READ IT!


I’M NOT JOKING. THIS is what the Uniate swine believe. THIS is what the Roman Curia supports. However… DO NOT TAKE IT OUT ON THE RCs DOWN THE STREET! DON’T! They didn’t have anything to do with this lying shit. Shevchuk REFUSES to repent for the Dom Profsoyuzov fire! Shevchuk REFUSES to repent for the murders of Orthodox clergy in Novorossiya! Shevchuk REFUSES to repent for the anti-people pro-greedster policies of the fascist junta! Shevchuk BLESSES the junta for smashing its heel full-force into the faces of working people and pensioners (he BLESSES the combination of pension cuts coupled with rises in food prices). He cackles maniacally as the junta deliberately targets civilians and deliberately targets Orthodox churches!

This is satanic shit… full stop. If you support the junta, you support Satan. If you support Shevchuk’s lies, you support Satan. It’s quite that simple. The UGKTs has been an evil golem since its formation in 1596 at the Unia of Brest. It’s now time to separate the sheep from the goats. We have to disown Victor Potapov for being a loyal Step n’ Fetchit house nigger of the CIA. We have to disown Jonas Paffhausen for being the fawning running dog of enemies of the Church like George Weigel. We have to disown Vassa Larina for her subservience to Bob Taft, a Jesuit poseur, and her open kowtowing to the Catholics. We need to disown Alexander Webster for being an apologist for the neocon drive for world hegemony. We need to disown Rod Dreher for his cheerleading of neoliberal economics and anti-people “conservative” politics. We need to disown Freddy M-G for her indifferentist pro-Uniate attitude.

This is wild shit. It’s truly, truly surreal. Here are your choices:

  • You can stand with HH and the canonical Church… you can stand for Our Lord Christ and the Truth
  • You can stand with S Yu Shevchuk and F A Denisenko… you can stand for Satan and Diabolic Falsehood

There are NO other choices… choose well. I gotta walk away from this one. I will say this in closing… the Uniate enormities in Novorossiya are going to lead to “revengers” rising up to avenge the blood of the innocent victims. As a Christian, I don’t like seeing it, I don’t like reporting it, and I certainly don’t like what’s about to happen. However, as a conscientious reporter, I’m going to tell you “what’s out there”. Pass me the jug, Shevchuk’s lies are too much of a muchness. I can see why war correspondents drink…

I wrote this earlier… I stand by it:

We must be like the fighters of the VOV. “Don’t cry, baba… we’ll make them pay for this!” Forgive… yes, a thousand times, yes! I forgive the Uniates, schismatics, and nationalists for what they’ve done; I hope that God shows them mercy in the hereafter. However… forgiveness doesn’t cancel out earthly consequences for earthly crimes. I’d put the noose around the necks of S Yu Shevchuk, A P Yatsenyuk, F A Denisenko, and P A Poroshenko, and I’d trip the trap with no emotion. Nevertheless… the solution, although necessary, isn’t good in itself, and I’d have to confess it. A greater evil doesn’t cancel out the sin of a lesser evil. It merely underlines necessity; it DOESN’T exculpate it. We live in a fallen world. It’s especially fallen now. It’s a time of moral dilemmas and temptations to unbounded hate and violence… God do help us…

Никто не забыт и ничто не забыто… No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten.

Keep it focused…


22 August 2014. Video. People in Novograd-Volynsky in Zhitomir Oblast PISSED at Lying Junta Officer in Public

00 Maksim Kalashnikov. 04.06.14


English subs in the vid… WATCH IT! Watch the babas, in particular…


The lying Uniate bastards of the junta are facing the Wrath of the People. For 23 years, the so-called “Ukraine” has been nothing but a continuing Khokhol joke… but a joke without mirth, a joke without cleansing, a joke without meaning… it HAS been a joke that sucked all life out of the former jewel in the crown of the USSR, a joke that impoverished a once-rich country, a joke that America helped to impose on the Ukraine. Look at the idle shipyards of Nikolayev! Look at the shuttered coalmines of the Donbass! Look at closed steelmills of Donetsk! All boarded up! All raped! All picked clean so that the Rabbit, Yuliya, Turdchinov, Avakov, Poroshenko, Balogh, et al can live high. Look at how the UGKTs and “Ukrainian Orthodox” slobber their approval of the rape of the people.

Crapitalism has fucked the Ukraine… the babas are rising up. As one of the folks in the vid said, “I piss on such a Ukraine!” The people want the USSR back… I can see why. Today, the thieving oligarchs steal the money that once went into Palaces of Culture, Pioneer Camps, subsidies to help ordinary folks survive, and a world-class educational establishment. Reflect on this… the Republican Party spits on the former and it praises the latter. That tells me much about anyone who supports or votes for the Republican Party. What happened in the Ukraine… the Republican Party wants to do that in the USA too! After all, didn’t McCain go to Kiev and egg on the people who became the junta? Do ponder this… the above vid is from the WESTERN Ukraine… if the junta’s losing ground there, it’s all over save for the shouting and the bloodletting (sadly enough).

You can stand with the babas and TRUTH… you can stand with the junta (and the US Republicans) and GREED. Choose what you will… I have. Do remember this… GREED is the root of all evil… TRUTH is not. Our Lord Christ said that… consider that when you decide. Choose well…


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