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Sunday, 21 September 2014

21 September 2014. Three WESTERN Views of the Current Situation… A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words

00 Adams. NATO Rools! 2014


00 Dave Brown. The Charge of the Lite Brigade. 2014


00 Tom Stiglich. It Doesn't Hurt the Bear... 2014


In the top image, it’s clear that none of the Western “leaders” are of VVP’s calibre… in the eyes of an Anglosphere cartoonist. In the middle one, Obama rushes headlong at Russia, whilst France, Britain, and Germany all ride away in the opposite direction. In the last, the Bear gives us his opinion of Western sanctions… all that it’s done has been to reinforce Russian moves towards autarky… and Russia has the natural resources, industry, and human potential to pull it off. In short, Western sanctions are GIGO all the way.

Theses are WESTERN POVs, by the way…


21 September 2014. Latest Sitrep Map from the Front…

00 Novorossiya sitrep 01. 21.09.14


The patriot forces continue to consolidate their positions and wear down junta pockets behind the frontlines… which isn’t good news for the Uniate junta. Up to this point, the junta has monopolised Western media discourse, but the utter failure of the Poroshenko mission to Washington puts that in doubt. The USA had to choose between intervention in Iraq (and the Syrian Civil War as well) or a deeper involvement in the Ukrainian Civil War. The former won out, as the Republicans hate Muslims more than they hate Russians (although the level of Republican Know-Nothing hate of Russians, Russian culture, Holy Rus, and Russian Orthodoxy isn’t minor at all). This guarantees that the USA will lose on all fronts… there’s no such thing as “moderate rebels”… any aid sent to anti-Assad forces will help ISIS, there’s no way around that. If the USA decides to intervene in the Syrian Civil War (which it has… make no mistake on it), that means that it won’t have the resources to intervene in the Ukraine. The USA isn’t the “sole superpower”… it was simply a major power that benefited from the power vacuüm created by the collapse of the USSR. Now, modern Russia has bounced back, which means that the USA is back to its pre-1991 position, but it doesn’t realise it yet. Rightwing pukes such as Rich Lowery, George Will, and Rod Dreher still don’t “get it”…. and probably won’t… they’re wedded to their opium dreams of the USA as “the sole world superpower”. Look at the above map… the patriots consolidate and carefully move forward… bet on “RED”… as in “Christian Socialist”… don’t bet on “BLACK”… as in “Free Market Nihilist”. That’s my tip of the day…


Saturday, 20 September 2014

R A Silantyev Sez So-Called UPTs/KP Extremist Organisation

01 Philaret Denisenko


On Monday, R A Silantyev, head of the Human Rights Centre of the World Russian People’s Council (VRNS), said that we should label the so-called UPTs/KP an extremist organisation due to its frequent seizures of canonical churches in the Ukraine. He told Interfax-Religion, “I’d draw your attention to the fact that seizures of UPTs/MP parishes are made solely on the initiative of the so-called UPTs/KP under ‘Patriarch’ F A Denisenko. They’ve already taken six of our parishes, and several more are under threat”. He said that nobody asks the parishioners what they want, “They justify such thefts at public meetings, which are attended by interested parties, most of whom aren’t parishioners. Even those who advocate close contact with the UPTs/KP such as Archpriest Georgi Kovalenko (head of the Synodal outreach department of the UPTs/MP) recognise that there’s a problem. That’s the first time that I agreed with him over the last six months. Reality shows us that the Banderovtsy don’t understand what ‘good’ means. The situation with Fr Vladimir Maretsky showed us this once again… they arrested him illegally in Kharkov, the protests of human rights advocates couldn’t free him, only a general prisoner exchange set him free. Because of things like this, it’s time to hit back at the UPTs/KP… we must recognise this group as an extremist organisation and close down its parishes in the Russian Federation and Novorossiya”.

15 September 2014

Russkaya Vesna



Both the UPTs/KP and UGKTs are organisations “owned” by Langley. Therefore, the Russian Federation and Novorossiya should ban them immediately, as a matter of state security. They should send their clergy out of the country and close their parishes. All lay activists should go, too. That would solve the problem. The Uniates and schismatics hate Russia, so, no one should allow them to be in a situation to harm the Motherland. No one should harm or kill them… that’s descending to their low level. The Russian Federation and Novorossiya must expel them… they’re open agents of the American special services, and that’s that. There is NO compromise here. You don’t negotiate with an adder…


Russia Welcomes 100 Syrian Kids from the War Zone

00 syrian kids. 28.07.14



The Anglo Americans send money to the terrorists who kill Christian kids in Syria… Russia aids Christian kids in Syria and aids those who fight the terrorists. I seem to see a difference. Go to hell, Bob Menendez and Bob Corker… your hate is too obvious. You can have Russian generosity or Anglo American perversity… it’s up to you.



Angela Ganim, an official at the Syrian Department for Martyrs’ Sons Boarding Schools told Rossiya Segodnya that one hundred Syrian children from Damascus’ Orthodox shelters and boarding schools arrived Tuesday in Russia for a two-week vacation at a recreation camp near Moscow, saying, “This trip to Russia is a great treat for our kids. We hope this experience will take their mind off the tragedy that befell them and help build up energy ahead of the next school year”. There are currently two such schools in Damascus, both are government-funded, as they host children whose fathers died serving in the Syrian Army. Other children came from an Orthodox shelter in Mar Tekla convent in Ma’loula, a Christian shrine invaded last December by Islamist insurgents. Ms Ganim said that she was surprised to see a delegation of Russian VIPs waiting for the children’s’ arrival at a Moscow airport, telling us, “When we came to Moscow, we were amazed at the high level of the reception. At the airport, we were greeted by the Syrian Ambassador and his wife, as well as by a representative of the Andrei Pervozvanny Fund, the chief of the Russian Railways company, and other Russian senior officials”. The children will meet Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias, have a sightseeing tour of Moscow, take part in fun recreational events, and do sports.

29 July 2014

Rossiya Segodnya


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