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Monday, 14 April 2014

Lavrov Urged French to Tell Junta to Cool It… Junta Tries to Shut Off Water Spigot… Putin Watches Situation “With Great Alarm”

00 Slavyansk 04. 14.04.14

Free Slavyansk… still in patriot hands


On Monday, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID), Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov urged his French counterpart Laurent Fabius in a phone conversation to prevent the junta in Kiev from using security or military forces against the patriotic resistance in the Ukraine. The MID reported, “The Russian side emphasised the necessity to promptly put an end to the Kiev-pursued policy of aggravated provocation of the already critically tense situation in southern and eastern Ukraine. Lavrov dismissed well-known attempts by the USA and a number of European countries to lay the blame for events taking place there on Russia, and called on Paris as one of the guarantors of the 21 February agreement (between Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich and the radical oppositionists) to hold the Kiev authorities back from using force and the army against protesters in Slavyansk and other Ukrainian cities. Russia is ready for international coöperation to settle the situation in Ukraine, including within a possible four-party meeting in Geneva, but its holding directly depends on decisions being made by Kiev under the patronage of, firstly, Washington”.


There one has it. The Old Master openly accused the junta of being Washington’s obsequious Stepin Fetchits… of turning the Ukraine into an American colony in all but name. Note well that the American and Canadian Galician Uniate diasporas are silent… you see, they’d have special position as middlemen for the American occupiers. I’d say that their silence covers them all with guilt. Why won’t they condemn this act of terrorism and rapine? Why? I can understand why those who personally profit from an American rape of the Ukraine would keep silent, but what about the rest? Why? Do the fascists cow them all into silence? God have mercy on them… their complicity in evil has led to deaths… and shall lead to more. Pass the jug…



On Monday, Kryminform reported that Republic of the Crimea (RK) First Vice-Chairman of the Government Rustam Temirgaliyev told journalists that Kiev reduced water supply to the Crimea via the North Crimean Canal from 50 cubic metres per second to 16 cubic metres per second. He said that the RK government prevented the Kiev junta from cutting off all water by finding a technical solution. Temirgaliyev said that the acting junta Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Andrei Senchenko was behind issuing a direct order to cut off water supplies to the peninsula. Temporary water shortages caused minor irrigation problems in the RK’s Saksky Raion because early sorts of ground vegetables require special watering. However, the Crimean authorities found resources for irrigation.

Temirgaliyev said, “The officials in Kiev should seriously think over what they’re doing by cutting off water supplies on the North Crimean Canal. Such actions arouse bewilderment, to put it mildly. I believe that everything will get back to normal, and these people will be found responsible for issuing criminal orders, including to the Ukrainian Committee for Water Management”. He flatly denied the junta’s allegations that claimed the Crimea didn’t paid for its water {unlike the Ukrainians, who refuse to pay for the gas that they use: editor}. He said that the RK met Ukrainian requirements and handed over all the necessary documents for concluding a water supply contract to Kherson Oblast last Saturday. Temirgaliyev explained, “We said that we were ready to pay the price that inept Kiev officials would set. However, again, they found some formal reasons by saying that we had sent them the wrong documents”.

The North Crimean Canal is a land improvement canal for irrigation and watering of Kherson Oblast in southern Ukraine and the Crimea. The Soviets built it in 1961-71; it has many branches. The canal starts from the Kakhovka Reservoir and stretches out to Kerch in the eastern Crimea.


Asked about President Putin’s reaction to reports coming from the eastern Ukraine asking the Russian president to intervene, Presidential press secretary Dmitri Peskov told journalists, “Regrettably, there are many such requests, addressed personally to Putin and asking him to help, to intervene in this or that form, coming from the eastern Ukraine. [President Putin] watches the situation’s development in these regions with great alarm. That’s all I can say on the issue”.

14 April 2014





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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Is the EU Capitulating on the Ukraine?

00 TImoshenko cartoon. 25.02.14


Jon Hellevig, Managing Partner of the Moscow-based Awara Group and a long-time observer of Russia’s development, said that the EU, especially, its leading countries, in essence, caved on their Ukrainian policies and the hostility towards Russia connected with them, saying, “They’re defeated on all fronts and had to admit their miscalculations. The EU was wrong from the beginning in its operation to bring about régime change in the Ukraine. The USA took the lead in the operation to topple Yanukovich through violent street riots using radical, even neo-Nazi, storm troopers, but the EU leadership and some of their countries were also strongly involved in this (Germany, Poland, Sweden). Despite strong propaganda in the Western mainstream media, many people in Europe understood that the events in the Ukraine demonstrated a Western régime change operation. This miscalculation even brought the fascist neo-Nazi Svoboda bloc into the government. The EU lost the moral high ground. Opposition parties in all the EU countries gain on this, so they have a problem with their own electorate. On top of that, big business opposes sanctions”.

Last week, German CEO’s strongly criticised Merkel and the EU for pushing Russia into a corner with the threat of sanctions. Hellevig said, “Business understands, and have now explained it to the political leadership, that sanctions would hurt European economies very severely, much more so than they’d hurt Russia itself. European leaders also miscalculated China’s role and its strong commitment to support Russia in this crisis. China didn’t let Russia be isolated. Considering all this, the EU had no choice but to try to cool down the crisis and try to get back to business as usual”. On Tuesday, European Commission Vice President Olli Rehn said that the EU should refrain from introducing broad economic sanctions against Russia if the situation in the Ukraine doesn’t deteriorate. Rehn believed that no sensible European wants to see economic sanctions or any other escalation to the crisis. However, NATO kept an anti-Russian line, vowing support to the Ukraine and Eastern European states. On Tuesday, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said to the alliance’s foreign ministers in Brussels that the alliance was re-evaluating its coöperation with Russia.

In the meantime, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that he didn’t see a way to NATO membership for the Ukraine. Instead, Steinmeier renewed a push for internationally-backed direct talks between Russia and the Ukraine. At a meeting with his French and Polish counterparts in Weimar before heading to Brussels he said, “What’s important in the coming days is getting Russia and the Ukraine around a table together”. The joint statement of the ministers said that the Ukrainian junta should shun extremists; they urged it to reach out to all Ukrainian regions, to ensure that governmental structures are representative and inclusive, and to issue a timetable for constitutional reform. Hellevig expressed hope that this statement signals that the EU shall back Lavrov’s proposal to set up a federalised Ukraine.

31 March 2014

Darya Chernyshova



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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Media Wars around Crimea: Russia NOT Impressed by Liars’ Empty Threats

00 Where are YOU. 15.03.14


If one were to believe the Western media, one could get the impression that the Third World war already began. Phrases like, “the annexation of Crimea”, “occupation”, and even “theft of another country’s lands” (the expression used by the Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung) quickly spread all over. However, here’s the problem… it appears that serious people in the West, business representatives specifically, don’t believe their own media. Otherwise, what could explain such a strange thing as the appreciation of the Rouble by 31 kopeks against the Euro… right after the West announced all sorts of sanctions upon Russia?

At one point, Lev Tolstoy, the Russian classic author, said the following about bad writers, “He tries to scare me, but I’m not scared”. The same is true here… one can hardly believe the threats of Western leaders as these threats come from liars. How else can one call those EU ministers who “guaranteed” the political agreement between Ukrainian President Yanukovich and the rebellious Euromaidan oppositionists signed on 21 February? Prior to that, they’d talked about “peaceful protest”, despite the fact that any glance at a TV screen, even in the West, with Molotov cocktails flying at the cops, couldn’t be associated with peace. Let’s recall the Bible… he that once deceives is ever a suspect.

The conclusion one has to draw from all this is, as Stanislavsky used to say, “I don’t believe it!” President Putin’s handling of the Crimea’s reunion with Russia, a risky and unexpected operation, served as such a conclusion. For the first time, the “Russian World” refused to take what the West said at face value, it refused to sacrifice its citizens for the sake of preserving partnership relations with the West, which had significantly lost their value, anyway. The result came out surprisingly well. Many observers were pleasantly surprised by the speech of the US Secretary of State John Kerry, when, for the first time in 15 years, the world heard such words from an American diplomat as “international law”, “multilateral approach”, and even “Russia’s lawful interests”.

It took the first change of post-war borders in Europe not sanctioned by Washington and the EU for the head US diplomat to start talking as a law-abiding citizen. However, it was too late. According to Fyodor Lukyanov, editor-in-chief of Russia in Global Politics, the West missed its chance, as it never fully believed that, unlike itself, Russia could say the truth. “Until the last days, they thought that Russia was bluffing. They wanted to show that they were firm and were ready to impose a number of sanctions. Then, Lavrov and Kerry would meet and find some diplomatic solution. Suddenly, it became clear… apparently, Russia means exactly what it says. The Crimea isn’t negotiable. The rest of the Ukraine is still unclear, but in the Crimea, the question’s solved”.

Now, the West screams about Russia violating commitments in the Budapest Treaties of 1994, which guaranteed the inviolability of the Ukraine’s territory in exchange for its agreement to renounce nuclear arms. That decision was a bailout solution for the entire world… the neo-Nazi Svoboda bloc, which currently controls half of the Ukrainian government, sees the nuclear rearmament of the Ukraine as part of its programme. God only knows what Tyagnibok, the Svoboda Führer, as well as his followers, would be capable of if they had a nuclear club instead of a baseball bat in their hands. Now, the West holds that agreement against Russia. However, as Lukyanov pointed up, quite recently, the West completely refused to remember that agreement. “To go back to the Budapest memorandum… nobody remembered it. A few years ago, the Ukraine planned to join NATO, but Russia reminded it of that agreement… “Why do you need NATO when you have such guarantees?” The answer from the Ukrainians was, “It isn’t serious, whilst NATO is!” Lies give birth to mistrust. For a quarter of a century, beginning with the late Gorbachyov era, Russia tried to build its relations with the West based on trust. In response, it got only lies, lies, and more lies. Finally, we got fed up with that. We began to act the way that the Americans got used to acting over the past 15 years, only with fewer losses, and in accordance with the will of the people (96 percent of Iraqi citizens didn’t invite the Americans to come into their country).

20 March 2014

Dmitri Babich

Voice of Russia World Service


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Monday, 3 March 2014

The Fire’s Lower… But the Pot Still Simmers Away… the Old Master Sez Kiev Junta Intends to Trample on People’s Human Rights

00 Sergei Yolkin. The Minister Got Bleeped... Not Infrequently. 2012

The Minister Got Bleeped… Not Infrequently

Sergei Yolkin



Le Figaro reported that Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the head of France’s Left Party (PG), stigmatised the new Ukrainian junta as putschists and accused them of anti-Russia provocations. He thinks that there’s nothing to be surprised about in Russia’s attempts to protect its interests in the Crimea. Mélenchon emphasised the importance of the Black Sea port for Russia, adding that it was only natural that Russians won’t let anyone deceive them. He said that Moscow took “protective measures” against putschist revolutionaries heavily influenced by local neo-Nazis. The Left Party chief opined that “legitimate discontent” of the Ukrainian people was hijacked by people who’re financed by “North-Americans”, including the “most despicable and dangerous” amongst them. He named the so-called “Freedom” (Svoboda) Party as a major force in a mounting anti-Russia campaign. Mélenchon said that “NATO and North-Americans” were using the Ukraine’s “corrupt and evil” junta in their tug-of-war against Russia. He called on Russia not to give in to provocations and said it couldn’t let the alliance to sneak up on it, saying, “The French have nothing to do in this”.


On Monday, a Ukrainian police source said that the driver of a truckload of explosives stopped on the Crimean border and his passenger were both Euromaidan activists. On Sunday night, Crimean druzhinniki patrolling the Ukrainian border stopped a truck carrying about half a ton of trotyl. The source identified the driver and the passenger as “Maksim Shepetailo, born in 1990, and Vasili Pusko, born in 1989″, adding that both were residents of Lvov and took part in the Euromaidan disturbances since December 2013. An investigation is underway to establish the origin and destination of the explosives.


Today, at the 25th session of the UN Human Rights Council, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov said that the new Ukrainian junta intends to take advantage of its victory to infringe upon human rights and people’s basic liberties, pointing up, “The Rada passed bills restricting the rights of linguistic minorities and dismissed Constitutional Court judges and demanded to open criminal cases against them. There are calls to limit or even illegalise the use of the Russian language and ban opposing political parties. It means that the ‘winners’ intend to take advantage of their victory to infringe upon human rights and people’s basic liberties”.


At the Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov said that Russia is against the use of human rights as a pretext for intervention with the purpose of régime change, in Syria or in the Ukraine, noting, “Human rights is too serious an issue to use it in geopolitical games, for forcing your will on others, let alone operations to change régimes. The available experience shows that intervention under the pretext of defending the civilian population, which in reality leads to a régime change, produces the opposite result, and increases the suffering of civilians, depriving them of their right to life, which is a basic human right”.


On Monday, Federation Council International Affairs Committee Chairman Mikhail Margelov told reporters that the statement of seven members of the Group of 8 (G8) on the suspension of their preparations for the Sochi summit demonstrates the unwillingness to discuss the Ukrainian situation in a mutually respectful way, saying, “The declared suspension of preparations for the G8 Sochi summit demonstrates the unwillingness to have a friendly discussion of the situation in the Ukraine”. The history of G8 summits proves that this venue “is the best for settling complicated problems in the global economy and politics”.

He described the reaction of the USA and “its loyal allies” to the Russian stand on the Ukraine as derisory, warning, “Threats of possible isolation of Moscow are being made. However, the contemporary world is complex and multi-polar and many of its problems require Russia’s involvement, so its isolation for the sake of support of the Banderovtsy scum will cost a lot for the international community”. He noted that the symptoms that a coup took place are growing obvious in the Ukraine, “The Rada “is trying to confirm the results of the Banderovtsy victory with laws and appointments although there’s a legitimate living President and the threat of Nazi incursion in the Crimea and the Eastern Ukraine persists. Their slogans are well known and their methods differ little from those of Nigeria’s Boko Haram and other ‘popular’ groups of the sort. If you will, the Banderovtsy are ready to transform EuroMaidan into the ‘all-Ukraine EuroZindan’. The only deterrent is Russia’s agreement to use its armed forces”.


Vladimir Volokh, head of the public council at the Federal Migration Service, said that Russia could grant asylum to Viktor Yanukovich, if he applies for it, saying, “As regards the granting of asylum in any form, the first requirement is there must be a written application. There’s definitely no such application yet, so when there is, then, we can give our appraisal”. He went on to say that there’s nothing that could deter Russia from granting asylum to Yanukovich, should he file such an application, noting, “However, I don’t see any problems there because a decision to grant asylum in any form… refugee status, temporary asylum… is well worked out in our country. If we decided on Snowden, and we expressed our (the public council’s) opinions, I don’t see any problem here”.


The Genprokuratura Rossii appealed to the Federal Service for Supervision of Legislature in Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) to demand a firewall against Ukrainian nationalist statements possibly circulating on the internet. Earlier, Roskomnadzor blocked access to 13 communities of Ukrainian nationalist organisations on VK.com online social network. The Genprokuratura said, “These communities advocated activities of Ukrainian nationalist groups and directly provoked Russian people to stage acts of terrorism and take part in unauthorised mass rallies, including in Moscow”. The above mentioned provocative entries were in a single register of banned information with later notification of the administration of the social website. The Genprokuratura explained that after the deletion of the illegal information from the online resource, it removed its corresponding analogues from the single register, saying, “The ban applies to copies of forbidden information and their ‘mirrored’ presentation at any other internet addresses”.


In an official statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) described US Secretary of State John Kerry’s threats to Russia in connection with the Ukrainian situation as unacceptable, saying, “We consider the threats against Russia unacceptable, conveyed in a series of public statements by US Secretary of State John Kerry in connection with the latest developments in the Ukraine. Without taking the trouble to sort things out in the complicated processes unfolding in Ukrainian society, and objectively assessing the situation which continues to deteriorate following the usurpation of power in Kiev by radical extremists, the US Secretary of State is using Cold War rhetoric and proposes punishing the Russian Federation, not those who plotted the state coup”.


Russia denied a report from the Interfax news agency, citing a source in the Black Sea Fleet, that it issued an ultimatum to Ukrainian armed forces in the Crimea. An official Minoborony spokesman described reports about an ultimatum as “total nonsense”. The Ukrainian junta claimed that it received an ultimatum to surrender early Tuesday or face attack. The spokesman said, “We’re used to daily accusations of using force against our Ukrainian colleagues. Efforts to make us clash won’t work”.

3 March 2014

Voice of Russia World Service










Editor’s Note:

The USA accuses Russia of violating international law. What a joke! The USA attacked Serbia… the USA attacked Iraq… the USA attacked Afghanistan… the USA attacked Libya… the USA wants to harm Russia… who’s the international rogue? Russia should start a well-orchestrated media campaign pointing up the Nazi atrocities of the Euromaidan and the Kiev junta. It should publicise the truth about America… it should DEMAND the closure of the Gitmo Gulag… it should DEMAND the total withdrawal of American occupation forces and “military missions” from Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq. It should DEMAND that the USA hand over all US government officials (including Supreme Court Justices) who approved “extraordinary rendition” for trial as war criminals. Yes…George W Bush belongs in the dock in The Hague… that’s the logical endpoint of Barack Obama’s logic!

Nothing will happen, though… but don’t be silent. The bastards can’t throw us in prison for speaking up (yet)…


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