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Friday, 7 November 2014

7 November 2014. Video. “To Summon a New Soviet Heart”

00 It's All in Your Hands! 07.11.14

It’s ALL in YOUR hands!



Happy holiday, Comrades!  This is just the beginning!

7 November 2014




Most Anglo Americans are unaware that most Russians do NOT view the fall of the USSR as a good thing. Millions became impoverished to enrich a small class of bloodsuckers. The US Republican Party applauds that, as it wants the same in the USA. Any Orthodox Christian who votes for ANY Republican is a boob… not only does the Republican Party espouse a godless Me First liberal agenda, it actively fights Holy Rus, for Holy Rus is the main opponent of American hegemonism in the world (along with China). The worst are the journalistic whores who suck up to Corporate America and spread its lies… Serge Schmemann, Sofia Kishkovsky, Terry Mattingly, Alexander Webster, Freddy M-G, Rod Dreher, and Victor Potapov. Such people are muggers of our Faith, Ancestral Motherland, and People… for the sake of filthy lucre.

You can have I V Stalin or the people named… I’d prefer Stalin to traitorous treacherous scumbags any day of the week…



Message of G A Zyuganov on the 97th Anniversary of Red October

00b Red October. 2012.


When we celebrate the anniversary of the Great October, we celebrate a major turning-point in history. Today, the victory of Lenin’s Party inspires the working people’s struggle, it fills us with optimism, and it gives us hope that the forces of good and progress will prevail. I V Stalin said, “A people’s revolution unleashes revolutionary creativity… it breaks down the old order so that we can create a new one”. After the October victory, the Soviet people managed to create such a new order. They built a society that made it possible for each person to reach their life goals, for people not to have to work to enrich someone else, to enable them to serve our country, and to ensure the future of their children. It was a society where the highest values ​​were justice and the friendship and brotherhood of the peoples. This was the greatest achievement of the 20th century. Red October isn’t just a relic of the past. Its ideals live in those who build new just societies in China, Vietnam, Cuba, and Venezuela. They live in those who unsparingly fight for the freedom of the working people in Novorossiya. Indeed, Russia still remembers the legacy of Lenin and Stalin… it’ll return to a creative revolutionary path… a path to the socialism of the 21st century.

Long live Great October!

00 G A Zyuganov 20116 November 2014

G A Zyuganov

Chairman of the TsK KRPF

Leader of the KPRF faction in the RF Gosduma


KRPF official website


7 November 2014. IT’S GREAT OCTOBER! 97 Years Since 1917… What Will the Left be Like in 2017?

00 Lenin and Red Banner. 16.11.13


00a Red October. 2012. USSR flag


01m Red October Parade


01g October Holiday Postcards


Today is the 97th anniversary of the Great October Revolution (it was 25 October according to the Julian Calendar then in use in Russia). Every year now, they restage the 7 November 1941 parade on Red Square in Moscow. We now see that the October Spirit isn’t dead… the chortles of the Western neoliberals in 1992 (the 75th anniversary) were premature. Indeed, the Party and the Church are now allies… the American-funded and -led neoliberal attacks upon both in the Nasty Nineties formed a deep bond of friendship and concord between them. In fact, the Hard Right fanatics in diaspora Orthodoxy are far out of step with the Mother Church, which respects the ENTIRETY of Russian history, which includes the Soviet era. People such as Alexander Webster, Victor Potapov, and Rod Dreher are traitors to Christ’s Church… as they glorify the Republican enemies of Holy Rus and of Socialism. Every year, the MP REQUIRES all of its parishes to serve Pannikhida for the VOV war dead… but many of the konvertsy filth refuse to do so! The Church honours the podvig of the Red Army and of the Soviet people. The people I named spit on it (Potapov and Webster do so as they’re running-dog minions of the US government, Dreher does so as he was a willing Hard Right stink-tanker in the District).

If you are a decent person, you must honour the October Spirit… HH does! Do you honour the October Spirit or do you honour the Me First “Money Makes the World Go Around” Spirit of the Anglosphere neoliberals (US Republicans, UK/Canadian Conservatives, Australian Liberals)? Those are the only choices on offer. Choose well… choose Christ or choose Mammon… if you choose the latter, it’d be best if you left us… it’s more honest…

The “respectable” and moneyed class (along with the religious authorities) wanted Our Lord Christ dead and crucified Him… NEVER forget that.

The October Spirit lived… the October Spirit lives… the October Spirit will live!


Thursday, 6 November 2014

6 November 2014. Here’s Another Thing that the Pundits are Overlooking… Initiative 594

00 Political Cartoon. 05.12. Guns


Firstly, read this. Note the author… David Frum. You heard me right… David Frum. Yes… an anti-NRA piece written by DAVID FRUM. Note well that the rightwing punditocracy isn’t trumpeting about this… for it goes against their narrative for this election. Here is first major victory against the NRA… a political earthquake, really. Look at what happened Tuesday… the Greens emerged as a political force in New York State (and maybe the nation, as well)… Personhood failed in Colorado… the Dems handily won in PA… Al Franken beat the Koch Dollars… and the NRA received its first major setback in decades. That is, the “Republican Sweep” not only didn’t occur… it only resulted in control of the US Senate, which is bootless, as the Prez will veto all their lunacy. Congress already has an approval rating FAR below that of the Prez. His is 42 percent… theirs is 13 PERCENT. Let me repeat that… 13 PERCENT! If it goes much lower, it’ll be in single digits. The GOP has two equally distasteful options open to it. The first is to cooperate with the Prez… loons like Rubio and Cruz will scupper that. The second is to be obstructionist. Obstructionism led to the present abysmal approval ratings for the Congress… more of the same will shove their numbers truly into the shitter.

The GOP has a shitty hand to play this turn. Several spectres haunt the GOP… and oil prices are in the dumpster (their Big Oil sugar daddies won’t have the gelt to give them). Gun Control… Personhood… Anti-Fracking… if the trends continue, I wouldn’t want to be the GOP candidate in 2016. They’ll be left as the party of the Evangelical, the ignorant, and the racist… which would give them a permanent 25 percent national minority (but with control of the Southeastern USA). Will they dodge the bullet? I think not…


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