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Monday, 21 April 2014

Putin Signs Law to Ease Russian Citizenship for Russian Speakers and Those with Family Ties to the Former USSR

00 russian passport. 21.04.14


President Vladimir Putin signed a law that would relax requirements for obtaining Russian citizenship for those fluent in Russian, or, whose grandparents lived in the USSR or the Russian Empire within the present borders of the Russian Federation. According to the law, a special commission would interview a foreign citizen or stateless person to decide if they were native Russian speakers. They must prove fluency in Russian and use it every day both at home and in other types of communication. The law also stated that people with parents or grandparents who “live or previously lived on the territory of the USSR or the Russian Empire within the boundaries of the modern Russian Federation” could also apply for an interview. The law stipulated, “In order to create favourable conditions for acquiring Russian citizenship for such people, we’ve introduced certain concessionary terms of entry into the Russian Federation, as well as new grounds for extension of their temporary stay in the Russian Federation and a simplified procedure for obtaining a residence permit”. To rule out the abuse of the system, the state will revoke residence permits if foreigners don’t hand in an application for Russian citizenship within two years of receiving residency.

21 April 2014



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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Motor Rally Under the Red Banner in the Hero-City of Kerch Honoured the Liberation of the City from the Fascists… Ease on Down the Road with Comrade Ilyich!

00 Kerch. Motor Rally 01. 15.04.14


00 Kerch. Motor Rally 02. 15.04.14


00 Kerch. Motor Rally 03. 15.04.14


00 Kerch. Motor Rally 04. 15.04.14


00 Kerch. Motor Rally 05. 15.04.14


On 12 April, an auto-motorcycle rally sponsored by the Kerch Gorkom of the KPRF and the RF Leninist Komsomol (LKSM RF), along with support from local bikers, honoured the 70th anniversary of Kerch’s liberation from the fascist occupiers. This is the eighth such rally; this year, the Gorsoviet of Veterans Organisations joined the participants.In the morning, everyone met at the railway station. Forming up into a column, they marched to a military cemetery. At one of the mass graves, the participants stopped to give their respects, headed by I I Zheltenko, the First Secretary of the KPRF Kerch Gorkom. After laying down flowers, the group moved to the Adzhimushkai Quarry Memorial Complex, where they also laid down flowers, and then toured the facilities. Then, the rally participants drove to Eltigen, where they visited another Place of Military Glory. The Kerch Gorkom of the KPRF and the LKSM RF received thanks for their sponsorship from Aleksandr Leontiev, the leader of the biker section, and from Nadezhda Shepel, a staff member of the Republic of the Crimea “Kerch Historical and Cultural Reserve”.


It’s not taking long for the Crimea to shake off the hated “Ukrainian” occupation. In fact, the same will be true of most of the “Ukraine”. In fact, Russian patriotism will be strongest in these regions… for they know what it means to be truly Russian after having suffered persecution, scorn, and ridicule from ignorant nekulturny Galician hillbillies for far too long. Holy Rus has deep roots in our blood and soil… the “Ukraine” is a foreign implant… it’ll wither and disappear so quickly that many will wonder that it was ever there. May the rest of the “Ukraine” follow the Crimea’s path… and quickly.


14 April 2014


KPRF official website


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Saturday, 12 April 2014

12 April 2014. Why the Situation in the Ukraine is so Important for Russia and Russians… and Why Most Russians are Focusing on It Today

00.01j White House Memorial. 04.10.12

KPRF memorial for those killed in Yeltsin’s storming of the White House in ’93, a pivotal event in the Second Smuta. The Kiev coup brought this New Time of Troubles to an end, I believe… Russia is on a new course, uniting the best of Red and White (as the above image testifies… note that the commies and the Church are in sync… that tells you much about certain ROCOR elements that refuse to cut ties with the American rightwing Establishment, no?).


Not to put too fine a face on it, the USA destroyed the post-1991 status quo by its coup in the Ukraine. As a nonaligned state, the Ukraine was part of no bloc; it wasn’t a platform for either NATO or Russian military forces. That is, it was a buffer state between Russia and the West. As it were, it was a “large Finland”. However, the cabal around Zbig pushed for the USA to topple the legitimate government in Kiev, to install an American puppet junta there.

Let’s go back to late February. President Yanukovich agreed to early elections and to participation of extremist pro-Western oppositionists in the legit state apparat. This wasn’t enough for Zbig and his acolytes such as Nuland. The USA invested billions in “democracy promotion”… we know from the history of Guatemala, Iraq, Cuba, Iran, Chile, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and El Salvador what that means. There was no need for a coup… Yanukovich agreed to leave early. Nevertheless, the USA struck. It was like the American-fomented invasion of South Ossetia. Note well that the USA learnt nothing from that earlier fiasco. Russia learnt plenty… there were many articles in the Russian media after the war pointing up the deficiencies brought out by the war. In short, the USA pretended that nothing happened, whilst Russia set about putting right what the war revealed to be wrong. It knew that the USA would strike again… probably, in the Ukraine.

There’s no returning to the status quo ante. That’d necessitate restoring the Yanukovich government and stopping all Western aid for “régime change”… neither is going to happen. Like it or no, Yanukovich had a mandate, he defeated the Western darling, Timoshenko, in an open and relatively fair election; it was certainly more open and fair than the usual election in the American South or in Hudson County in Jersey, to be sure. The present junta has no mandate, save for massive support from the West. However, do note that it hasn’t consolidated its position in more than six weeks… it doesn’t control any of the country (fascist yobbos still circulate in Kiev). The economy is stock-still, the bureaucracy is in shambles, and tax collection is non-existent, which resulted in real privation in the country. Note well that the junta refuses to discuss any of these problems.  Also note that they shitcanned an honest Minoborony chief who told them bluntly and profanely that the Ukrainian forces weren’t worth shit and that they were incapable of serious operations.

Federalisation would’ve worked had the junta implemented it in the first month of its existence. Today, I think that its “too little, too late”. There’s been too much violence from neo-Nazi thugs and too much kowtowing to American and EU interests for it to work now. Besides which, the junta shows itself inconstant in its actions and statements, which sealed its fate. If there were ANY deaths in the current standoff in the east and south, it’d send the existing fragile impasse to hell. Federalisation would mean that the junta would release Gubaryov from prison and show the whereabouts of Fr Dmitri Sidor (if he’s still alive, that is)… neither of which will happen now, I’m afraid. Add hyper-violent mercs and untrained National Guard rabble to the mixture, along with terrorists from Svoboda and the Right Sector, it all adds up to a disaster in the making bubbling away merrily under the surface, one that’ll get worse the longer that it’s repressed (it’s in Russian interest to provoke a confrontation sooner than later, as it’d result in fewer deaths before Russian victory).

This coup tore up the existing consensus on the territory of the former USSR… in its way, it’s as significant, if not more so, than the August Events of 1991. Gorbachyov’s incompetent and clueless rule ushered in the Second Smuta… these events could be the catalyst that ends it. Russia emerged from the First Smuta stronger than ever… it became one of the leading powers of Europe in the next century (which culminated in the Russian Army entering Paris in 1814 and dictating the peace for post-Napoleonic Europe). I believe that the current crisis is the “labour pain” of the new Eurasian Union. Don’t forget what Vladimir Putin said, “The Eurasian Union will embody all that was best in the USSR”… the USA opposes this, and not merely in geostrategical terms. A Eurasian Union wouldn’t only have immunity to America’s bullying; it’d be a beacon for the world. The Americans can’t stand that… it’s worse for them than any objective cause. You see, they think that their shit doesn’t stink and that they’re perfect.

We’re entering a new era. I don’t know what the hell is going to happen… NO ONE DOES. We’re all riders on a rollercoaster with no control… God willing, we won’t fire any missiles… if nothing else, let’s avoid that. However, the status quo ante is gone forever, never to return. Reflect well on the fact that the USA ripped it up deliberately. “Oft we mar what’s well enough by aiming for what’s perfect”… that sums up the situation wrought by the Washington cabal. May God preserve us all.


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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

8 April 2014. Blessed Matrona and Stalin: Did It Happen and Is This an Icon?

00 Matrona and Stalin. Ilya Pivnik. 2008

Blessed Matrona of Moscow and I V Stalin

Ilya Pivnik



Before we do anything else, let’s delve into the question, “Is this an icon, and is it’s painter a Church person?” Let’s take the latter first… Ilya Pivnik is a well-known icon painter in St Petersburg; particularly, his excellent depictions of New Martyrs are in many churches. Therefore, Pivnik isn’t some unreliable dabbler in iconography. He spent some months on Mount Athos, where he painted icons for several chapels.


00 St Ioann Kronshtadtsky. Ilya Pivnik. 2000

St Ioann Kronshtadtsky

Ilya Pivnik


Podvorie of the Leushino Convent of St John the Baptist (St Petersburg RF)


Is Pivnik’s painting an icon? Certainly, it follows the canons of Russian icon painting. Note well that I V Stalin doesn’t have a nimbus. In researching this, about 95 percent of the images “out there” lack such, the few that have such seem to be PhotoShops. Indeed, it’s clear from the icon that Stalin isn’t a holy figure; he’s simply a figure in the action. If one was to simply gauge from this icon, it’s apparent that the only “holy figure” in the icon is Blessed Matrona. Note well that she doesn’t bless Stalin or curse him. She’s simply in her room and Stalin is walking away, not even talking to her. The only takeaway from this is that Stalin and Blessed Matrona maybe talked, and that Stalin’s leaving.


01 Joseph Stalin Soviet Poster


Is this controversial? You bet your ass! It’s radioactive. There’s so much “Sturm und Drang” that I’d say that it’s impossible to get at the truth of the matter. Click here for a discussion on the controversy surrounding this icon. Did Stalin meet Matrona? She was a well-known figure in the city and Stalin’s views on religion (particularly, in later life) were ambiguous and (sometimes) contradictory. The Church fared relatively well after 1941… it was Khrushchyov who shut down parishes by the gross (when the persecution ended, 60 percent were gone).


01 St Serafim Vyritsky

St Serafim Vyritsky


What’s alleged to have happened? Supposedly, Stalin went to Blessed Matrona to receive her blessing for his defence of Moscow. Some say that she blessed him and prayed for the victory of the Red Army. This isn’t new in Russian history… St Sergei of Radonezh blessed Grand Prince St Dmitri Donskoi and St Serafim Vyritsky prayed for the victory of the Red Army in the VOV. However, there’s been so much kerfuffle that we’ll never really KNOW if it happened. You pays your money and you takes your choice.

As for me, I BELIEVE. I won’t have an argument… I BELIEVE.


00 Svoboda nazis. 22.03.14


Mark this down well… we have a terrible crisis facing Holy Rus, one as serious as the Fascist invasion. America threatens Holy Rus using Galician/Ukie Nationalist clients. The Vatican backs America (at least, segments of it do). They want to rape Russia and pick it as cleanly as they’ve stripped the Ukraine. I believe that Red and White must unite to fight the foe. This means that we mustn’t support those in the USA who hate our motherland and want to destroy her. That’s why good Orthodox Christians can’t have anything to do with Uniates or Republicans or Langley or the US State Department or any part of the American foreign policy apparat… all are the sworn enemies of Holy Rus.


00 Free Market Trickle Down Economics at Work. 15.05.13


It’s time to stand behind Holy Rus and the Assembly of All the Saints Who Shone Forth in the Russian Land. It’s time to make Potapov and Paffhausen repudiate their past whoring for Langley and the K Street slimeocracy in public. At least, we shouldn’t stand with those who hate our ethos… and the Republican Party, with its repulsive “Rugged Individualism” stands against everything held by the Holy Church.

It’s time to stand up… God wills it…


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