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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Junta Terrorists Cut Off Water to the Crimea

00 North Crimea Canal. 26.04.14.


On Saturday, UNIAN reported that the Ukraine closed the sluices of the North Crimean Canal, halting water supply from the Dnepr River to the peninsula. Crimea received 85 percent of its fresh water through the canal, built in 1961-71, stretching from the Khakhovka Reservoir to Kerch. Republic of Crimea Chairman of the Government Sergei Aksyonov told the Kryminform, “The Ukraine’s act of sabotage to limit the supply of water to the Republic through the North Crimean Canal is nothing but a deliberate action against Crimeans. Negotiations are underway with the Ukraine at the federal level to resolve this. There are backup plans. In any case, Crimea won’t be out of water. As for drinking water, there are no problems with it”.

“Crimean authorities are negotiating with all agricultural producers who’re cut off from water supply from the North Crimean Canal. The rice situation is the worst. Crimea is redrawing the map of crop areas in regions where irrigation isn’t available. We’re offering alternative areas to agricultural producers. The federal budget is ready to compensate agricultural producers for possible losses. We discussed this issue with Deputy Chairman of the RF Government Dmitri Kozak. We’ve created special provisions for the Crimea. We’ll leave no one helpless. We’re also considering an alternative plan for drilling wells and we’re working on this day and night. Those who’ve seized power in the Ukraine, including former Crimean residents Senchenko and Kunitsin, are acting like enemies trying to cause their former fellow citizens harm. However, the people of the Crimea will give them proper judgement; they’ll always be persona non-grata in the Republic. Usually, those who look for trouble, find it”.


This is a direct attack on the civilian population of the Crimea. Note well the USA’s silence. That means that it approves of such! Zbig certainly does… he isn’t the godfather of al-Qaeda for nothing. This shows that Obama’s moral high dudgeon isn’t only spurious… it’s evil. Russia now has full reason to intervene militarily against these terrorist bastards… the sooner, the better.


26 April 2014



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Monday, 6 January 2014

6 January 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Banderovtsy March Draws Less than 10,000 in Kiev

00 Banderovtsy in Kiev. 06.01.14


Today, you hear much about the “mass” rallies in the Ukraine in the Western media. It’s a lie, kids. Take a look at the image. This pro-Banderovtsy march put on by the Svoboda nutters drew less than 10,000 people; the cops believe that there were no more than 2,000 to 5,000 present. Of course, they chose a small square and darkness to magnify their numbers, but its clear that the Western-financed mobs are dwindling, no doubt, because the Westerners are running out of cash. Pictures don’t lie. These guys are a minority; always have been, always will be. You hear much of them because the papists and Langley pump them up. Don’t argue with Ukie nationalists, though… they love to hit Russians and Poles with accusations of “hate speech“, and once they start throwing tantrums, it’s damned difficult to disengage without damage of one sort or another. Leave them be. Spread the truth, though…

Oh, one last thing, don’t let them buffalo you with the so-called “Genocide”… both the Council of Europe and the UN rejected that fairy tale; they accept the Russian version of events (that it was a generalised event not restricted to the Ukraine). It was no Armenian Massacre, no Ionian Catastrophe, nor a Jewish Holocaust. It’s only accepted by Ukie-paid academic prostitutes… watch out for this one, it’s the one they like to hit us with. Bear that in mind, it’s their favourite cudgel. Keep the truth at hand… it trumps propaganda every time.


Thursday, 2 January 2014

RIA-Novosti Presents… Russia Mourns the Victims of the Volgograd Terakts

00 Mourning the Volgograd Terakt 01. 02.01.13

Russia mourns the victims of the Volgograd terakts. In less than 24 hours, two explosions took place in Volgograd… one at the Volgograd-I railway station and another in a trolleybus on the street. The authorities declared both as terrorist acts. Muscovites laid flowers and candles at the Moscow offices of the Volgograd Oblast Interest Group.


00 Mourning the Volgograd Terakt 02. 02.01.13

The terrorist attacks resulted in more than 30 deaths and left more than 100, including children, in hospital with various injuries. An infant escaped injury due to being swaddled in a baby blanket.


00 Mourning the Volgograd Terakt 03. 02.01.13

Doctors are fighting for the lives of the seriously injured; Volgograd homies stepped up to help them… over 600 local people donated blood for the victims.


00 Mourning the Volgograd Terakt 04. 02.01.13

Volgograd municipal authorities cancelled all entertainment activities; they declared a local state of mourning. Initially, after the railway station explosion, the authorities declared a period of mourning to run from 1 to 3 January, but after the second attack, they lowered the flags on Monday 30 December.


00 Mourning the Volgograd Terakt 05. 02.01.13

Kaliningraders brought flowers and candles to a square in the centre of the city in memory of those killed in the Volgograd terakts.


00 Mourning the Volgograd Terakt 06. 02.01.13

At the same time, the Volgograd authorities reported that life in the city is running smoothly… public transport is in order, all the shops are open, traffic flows normally on the streets leading to the railway station (where the first explosion occurred).


00 Mourning the Volgograd Terakt 07. 02.01.13

Funerals for the terakt victims took place in a cemetery in Volgograd’s Kirov Raion.


00 Mourning the Volgograd Terakt 08. 02.01.14

Funeral for Russian Railways (RZhD) guard Sergei Nalivaiko at a cemetery in Volgograd’s Kirov Raion. Nalivaiko and his superior, Sergeant Dmitri Makovkin, died when they tried to stop the terrorist from entering the building… the terrorist set off his 10-kilo (22-pound) explosive device. Both are due to receive posthumous decorations for their selfless devotion to duty.


00 Mourning the Volgograd Terakt 09. 02.01.13

At the funeral for Russian Railways (RZhD) guard Sergei Nalivaiko in a cemetery in Volgograd’s Kirov Raion.


In particular, ask your priest to serve pannikhida for the Servants of God Sergei and Dmitri… without their self-sacrificial heroism, the death toll might have been much higher. They all had faces… they all had names. No one is forgotten… nothing is forgotten. There’s no such thing as “light casualties”…


31 December 2013



For more on the Volgograd terakts, click here

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

31 December 2013. Back-to-Back “Terakts” in Volgograd… MChS Reports 32 Dead

00 Terrorist Act in Volgograd. 31.12.13


00 Terrorist Act in Volgograd 01. 31.12.13


I don’t have time to edit a story, but here are two photos. Click here and here for reports on the “terakts” (the Russian neologism for “terrorist acts”). Click here for general info on the topic in English. The actions didn’t do much damage to fixed infrastructure… but the loss of life was considerable. Initial reports from the MChS say that 32 died in the two attacks, including the two bombers, with at least 68 suffering injuries. The authorities will clear the material damage in a trice… the emotional damage to the families will last far longer. The trolleybus bombing took place on Monday morning… people were going to work… they were riding the usual public transport… chatting with their usual seatmates… getting ready for the New Year. Without warning… BLAM! It was all over. That’s the way of it kids… life isn’t only precious, “we know neither the time nor the hour”… say, “I love you” to those closest to you… ya NEVER know…

The usual troglodytes crawled out of the usual cesspits to caterwaul about “Muslim terrorists”. There are a lot of Muslim people in the Volga Region. I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts that many of the victims were innocent Muslims. Besides that, I’d warn that certain parties are known for provocations… it wouldn’t be the first time that Langley provoked something (don’t forget, they engineered a coup against Patriarch Maximos Vaportzis in 1948… they’ve acted as agent provocateurs amongst Muslims for years). It’s a possibility. Lay off the Muslim people around you… they not only didn’t have anything to do with it, they don’t like “terakts” any more than you do.

Pray for the souls of the departed… pray for those injured in hospital… ask your priest to mention the dead and injured at the Proskomidi this Sunday, and ask him to serve Pannikhida for the dead. We’re Christians… let’s act that way. Above all, don’t hate… if you do, the devil wins…


Click here and here for more information in Russian

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