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Thursday, 24 July 2014

24 July 2014. Video. “New Ukrainian Anthem”… Appropriate Music for the Dark Fascist Night Now Enveloping the Ukraine and Novorossiya

00 Igor Kolga. The Ukrainian Government. 2014

The Ukrainian Government

Igor Kolga




The Banderovtsy and the Vlasovtsy are identical under the skin… both collaborated with the Nazis… both were aided by rightwing US officers after World War II… both received oodles of cash from Langley in the Cold War… both distort the truth and hate the achievements of the USSR and want to destroy them and their memorials… both nursed their hatred and refused to let it die. Trust me… the Vlasovtsy are as full of hatred as the Banderovtsy are. Some are left at Jordanville, sadly enough, others work as willing running dogs of the American Establishment. Interestingly enough, even though they hate one another, Langley uses both… and forces them to cooperate! God does have INTERESTING ways of exacting justice.

I wish that this was a spoof… it isn’t. Reflect on that…


Monday, 21 July 2014

21 July 2014. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… Junta “Armoured” Vehicle for the Border Guard

00 ukrainian 'armoured vehicle'. 21.07.14


The above isn’t a goof… it’s for real. I shit you not. The junta is modifying UAZ trucks for the border troops, welding on rebar to make them look “armoured”. Mind you, they’re not really armoured, but like so many things in the “Ukraine”, it’s more notional than real. Any weapon larger than small arms could penetrate the light derisory “protection”. That is, anything over 12mm would penetrate it with ease, an autocannon would shoot it to pieces in a trice, and an old 1950s RPG would blow it into smithereenies, scattering the fragments over a 100-metre radius. During the Sov period, Ukrainian heavy industry was the jewel in the crown of the USSR. 23 years of unrestrained “free enterprise”, Galician Uniate incompetence, and oligarch thievery have led to this.

I wish that this was a goof… but it isn’t… this is the true measure of the Uniate junta. May Russia take the lot over, and soon…


Latvia Sanctions Iosif Kobzon, Oleg Gazmanov, and Valeriya… They’re Singers, NOT Politicians… The Neo-Nazis in Latvia are Nuts in the Head

01 open mouth insert foot


The Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs blacklisted three Russian cultural figures… I D Kobzon, O M Gazmanov, and V Yu Perfilova (better known by her stage name Valeriya). The Latvians claimed that their decision was due to the positions that these artists took on Crimea rejoining Russia. According to Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs, “If any of these three are already in Latvia, they should leave. However, I won’t put on a show with arrests and police involvement to expel these people”. This week, the annual “New Wave” musical festival begins in Jurmala. Kobzon was due to give a concert, with many prominent Latvians and Russians as guests. In 2003, Latvia put Kobzon on a blacklist, alleging that he was “a threat to security and public order”. However, in 2004, the new Minister of Internal Affairs, Eric Ekabsons, cancelled this order, after which Kobzon freely visited Latvia almost every year, always being one of those performing at the “New Wave” festival.


00 kobzon. 21.07.14


I Love You, Life!


People’s Artist of the USSR I D Kobzon, who was supposed to perform at the “New Wave” festival, but a Latvian blacklisting prevented his gig, told us, “Placing Western sanctions on Russian cultural figures is unacceptable. When a democracy claims to delineate culture, and the freedom of citizens to freely move about… that isn’t democracy, it’s the anger of American satellites who don’t know what they’re doing”. He was supposed to appear at a benefit performance with People’s Artist of the USSR A B Pugachyova. He said, “I was in Spain, and I had just got back to Russia. My flight was in the evening, but then I got this news”.


00 gazmanov. 21.07.14


Made in the USSR… “I was born in the Soviet Union, I was made in the USSR…”


People’s Artist of Russia O M Gazmanov, whose name was on a Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs blacklist, believes that such a gesture before the opening of the “New Wave” music festival in Jurmala jeopardises relations between the two countries. Gazmanov said, “I was about ready to fly to Latvia, to Riga. Then, two hours ago, I learned this. Certainly, I don’t like it, especially, since tomorrow’s my birthday, and I was going to speak at the opening of the ‘New Wave’ and present a new song. All this, in my opinion, only inflames the situation. I want to encourage people, regardless of nationality, or place of residence, not to give into such artificially provoked conflicts. They should stop the blame game and think about it; they’re trying to embroil us using all imaginable and unimaginable means. I haven’t yet thought through what I’d do about it. I won’t do any televised appearance there; I won’t do anything there. I think that I’ll just let it all settle down, then, I think that everything would go back to normal. In this regard, it’s important to note public opinion, and that the Latvians always gave us a warm welcome at the ‘New Wave’… ​​this festival had a positive effect on the regional economy. Now, many of my friends and fans refuse to go to the festival. They tell me, ‘We’re not going, we don’t want to go. Why are they cocking such an attitude?’ I get a call like that every three minutes. On the social networks, they write me saying that they refuse to go”.


00 Valeriya with husband I I Pogozhin. 21.07.14

Valeriya with her husband I I Prigozhin


Heart of Glass


The Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs blacklisted Honoured Artist of Russia V Yu Perfilova (Valeriya). I I Prigozhin, Valeriya’s producer and husband, told us, “There’s no legal basis for such a decision from the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, none at all. In my opinion, this is the beginning of a populist campaign by Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs. His party faces an election, and polls show that they’re not doing well”. This week, the annual “New Wave” international music festival kicks off in Jurmala, to which all the artists on the blacklist had invitations. Currently, Prigozhin and Valeriya are in Geneva, then, they’re going to try to go the Jurmala festival. He said, “I’ve paid for the plane tickets, but we haven’t yet decided whether we’re going to be on the flight or not”. The Latvian blacklist Latvian used Valeriya’s birth name, ALLA Yurievna Perfilova, but Prigozhin pointed up, “For quite some time, she’s officially changed the name on her passport to VALERIYA Yurievna Perfilova. Valeriya reserves the right to appeal to international organisations to demand an apology from this minister. We’ve never been part of any criminal group, we aren’t terrorists and extremists, all of this is completely illegal”.


Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov gave a formal protest to the Latvian Ambassador in Moscow, Astra Kurme, on the ban on the entry of three Russian artists. The official Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) statement said, “On 21 July, the MID called in Latvian Ambassador to Russia Astra Kurme. RF Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Ryabkov expressed outrage and protested the decision of the Latvian authorities to label Russian citizens I D Kobzon, V Yu Perfilova (Valeriya), and O M Gazmanov as foreigners denied entry to Latvia for their ‘actions contributing to undermining the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Ukraine’”.

21 July 2014

Rossiya Segodnya







Everyone knows who’s truly behind all of this. The Latvian neofascist junta is only in power because goofy “laws” disenfranchise the Russian-speaking population… that’s why the Bushies and the Republicans love them so… the Latvians (and Estonians and “Ukrainians”) only do what they want to do in the American South. Latvia is America’s willing running dog, and it does what the Americans tell it to do. It shows the petty peevishness of Americans… do note that the usual cast of suspects amongst the OCA/ROCOR apparat support the CIA, not the Motherland… I call that TREASON… and of the most obnoxious sort. Another facet of this is that I D Kobzon and O M Gazmanov are steadfast communists… certain Americans take sadistic glee in trying to muck with their cookies… they’ve found that the Latvians, Estonians, and Galician Uniates are willing and eager accomplices in scurrility and nastiness. Do reflect on this… the ethnicities named all were willing collaborators of the Nazis and have NEVER repented of such. It puts a new face on their rants, doesn’t it?

Again, do you want to stand with life-affirming communism or do you want to stand with life-denying “free enterprise?” Do choose well…


Sunday, 20 July 2014

20 July 2014. Here’s What “Orthodox Socialism” Looks Like

00 victory day smolensk russia. 28.06.14


00 victory day smolensk russia. memorial. 28.06.14


00 victory day smolensk russia. patriotic russian priest. 28.06.14


This is what “Orthodox Socialism” looks like… it’s growing in Russia… it’s strong in the People’s Republics. That is, it’s the Cross AND the Red Banner… it’s St Vladimir AND Vladimir Ilyich! If you want “White”, you MUST accept the “Red” as well, and vice versa. You MUST accept all the GOOD that came from the USSR (and from the old Empire, too). Never forget, HH was a Soviet patriot, and he’s LEFT to this day… he saw the West and its “Free Enterprise”, and it sickened him (as it does all decent people of good will).

Here’s what HH believes:

00 Free Market Trickle Down Economics at Work. 15.05.13


I’d say that’s a GOOD TREE with GOOD FRUIT! ‘Nuff said!


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