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Saturday, 16 August 2014

16 October 2014. A I Solzhenitsyn on the Ukraine… Prophetic Words Written in 1968

00 Cuz Freedom Ain't Free. 26.10.13


The Gulag Archipelago

Part 5, Chapter 2

(written 1968; published 1974)

It pains me to write this as the Ukraine and Russia are merged in my blood, in my heart, and in my thoughts. However, extensive experience of friendly contacts with Ukrainians in the camps has shown me how much of a painful grudge they hold. Our generation won’t escape from paying for the mistakes of our fathers. To stamp one’s foot and shout, “This is mine!” is the easiest option. It is far more difficult to say, “Those who want to live, live!” Surprising as it may be, the Marxist teaching prediction that nationalism is fading hasn’t come true. On the contrary, in an age of nuclear research and cybernetics, it has for some reason flourished. The time is coming for us, whether we like it or not, to repay all the promissory notes of self-determination and independence; we should do it ourselves and not wait to be burnt at the stake, drowned in a river, or beheaded. We must prove that we’re a great nation, not with the vastness of our territory or the number of peoples in our care, but with the greatness of our deeds, and with the depth of ploughing what we shall have left after those lands that won’t want to stay with us secede.

With the Ukraine, things will get extremely painful. Nevertheless, one has to understand the degree of tension they feel. As it’s been impossible for centuries to resolve it, it’s now down to us to show good sense. We must hand over the decision-making to them… federalists or separatists, whichever of them wins. Not to give in would be mad and cruel. The more lenient, patient, coherent we now are, the more hope there’d be to restore unity in future. Let them live it, let them test it. They’d soon understand that not all problems are resolved through separation. Since in different Ukrainian regions there are varying proportions of those who consider themselves Ukrainians, those who consider themselves Russians, and those who consider themselves neither, there’d be many difficulties there. Maybe, it’d be necessary to have a referendum in each region and then ensure preferential and delicate treatment of those who’d want to leave. Not the whole of the Ukraine in its current formal Soviet borders is indeed Ukrainian. Some regions on the left bank [of the Dnepr] clearly lean more towards Russia. As for the Crimea, Khrushchyov’s decision to hand it over to the Ukraine was totally arbitrary. What about Carpathian (Red) Ruthenia? That’d serve as a test, too… whilst demanding justice for themselves, how just will the Ukrainians be to Carpatho-Russians?

A I Solzhenitsyn

Friday, 15 August 2014

15 August 2014. A Blast from the Past! Artek Pioneer Camp in 1977… Time to Go BACK TO THE FUTURE…

00 Crimea. Artek Pioneer Camp.15.08.14


The above is a scene from the Artek Pioneer Camp in 1977. Now that the Crimea is back home in Russia where it belongs, the ravages wrought on it by two decades of incompetent Galician rule and of two decades of crapitalist oligarch thievery are being put right. Under the Ukraine, Crimean output fell to a third of what it was under the Soviets… it was a combination of Galician hillbilly cluelessness and mendacious oligarch rapine. The two worked together and amplified each other. Now, Russia is putting things to rights… the USSR wasn’t perfect, but it was obviously better than the Galician Uniate “Consciousness” regnant in the Ukraine for the past 23 years. The Crimean people are rebuilding their homeland and restoring the Soviet legacy. That’s the choice on offer… you can have the Soviet legacy or you can have the legacy of Nazi collaborators. Those are the only two choices… by the way, America supports the neo-Nazis, fancy that…


Saturday, 9 August 2014

9 August 2014. AsiaNews Launches Black Propaganda Offensive Against Orthodox Patriots in Novorossiya and Against Holy Rus

00 Here's to You, AsiaNews! 09.08.14


00 Uniate fascists. 09.09.14

THIS is what AsiaNews supports… and the UGKTs is SILENT… fancy that…


AsiaNews is a reliable Vatican mouthpiece spewing out their latest spin on events. Well, kids, they’ve truly gone too far lately. They’ve launched a black propaganda offensive. Read this, this, and this. READ THEM! READ THEM ALL! READ THEM TWICE TO LET THE LYING SHIT SINK IN!

The Roman Curia isn’t our friend. I’m disappointed in Francisco… in political and social views, he’s completely in sync with us… in his perverse encouragement of the Unia, he’s our deadly and implacable foe. Will the real Francisco Bergoglio please stand up? Rome intends to knife us, not only in the back, but frontally, as well. Do NOT take this out on local RCs. They had nothing to do with it, hell, most of them aren’t even aware of what the Curia does in their names. They’re innocent… cut ‘em some slack.

Note how in the first item insinuates that the MP is instigating religious hatred… hey, we didn’t say, “Knife the Khokholi!” NOT AT ALL! However, the UGKTs fascists DID say, “Knife the Moskali!” we haven’t burned any of their churches, killed any of their priests, or brutalised any of their believers. However, as the Uniate enormities pile up, resentment amongst Orthodox is growing. If the Uniates don’t leave Novorossiya NOW and issue repentance and compensation for their war crimes, trust me, “revengers” will arise in Novorossiya… they’d be like the Red Army at the end of the VOV. When they crossed the German border, they took it out on innocent Germans. Was it right? NO, a thousand times NO! However, I understand why there was revenge taken in hot blood. The same applies here. If the Galician Uniates don’t go back to their backwoods homeland, well, they shouldn’t be surprised if Russians, real Ukrainians, Rusins, and Magyars take it out on them… they’ve had a bellyful of specious and racist Galician Uniate “Consciousness” for 23 years! I’m not approving it… I’m simply reporting what I’m seeing…

The second piece is rather more confused, but it’s anti-Russian to the bone, and snarkily anti-Orthodox. It only makes sense if one believes that the Unia is legitimate… which it isn’t. Yes, there are many “innocents” caught up in the Unia, but it isn’t “Orthodoxy in Union with the See of Rome”… that’s oxymoronic and inherently contradictory. Either one is Orthodox or one is Catholic, and that’s that.

However, the third piece is the sneakiest… it mostly tries to push its point by NOT quoting V A Chaplin. AsiaNews didn’t quote:

  • Russian people always knew the reasonable limits of consumption; since they realised what the limits were, they were far happier than those who endlessly chased consumption for the sake of consumption and growth for the sake of growth.
  • In these circumstances, we need to stop chasing Western standards of consumption… they’re so exaggerated that if everybody on the planet tried to follow them, half of the people couldn’t survive.
  • It’d be strange if Russia didn’t answer the sanctions, which I see as discriminatory, and the answer, I think, would prove useful for our economy, particularly for agriculture.
  • Russia can produce food of the highest quality; I’d say that the policy of favouring international agribusiness networks in recent years was deeply wrong.
  • On this, the Gospel very clearly says, For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also(Gospel according to St Luke 12.34). In the next few months, we’ll have to keep these words in mind more and more.

Note well that AsiaNews didn’t give you the last quote… I believe that their article was a smear on Vsevolod Anatolyevich… it was a sneaky “cherry-picking” of what he said.

AsiaNews was particularly vile this weekend. Take heart… it means that their fascist Uniate protégés are in the deep kimchi. What do they know that we don’t? Hmm…


Saturday, 2 August 2014

2 August 2014. They Weren’t “Ukrainians” Then… They’re NOT “Ukrainians” Now

00 S Markaert. Habitants de la Petite Russie. 1843.

Habitants de la Petite Russie (Inhabitants of Little Russia)

S Markaert



Adolphe-François Pannemaker, Illustrations de Moeurs, usages et costumes de tous les peuples du monde (Illustrations of Manners, Customs, and Costumes of All Peoples of the World) (Bruxelles BELGIUM, 1844)


The word “Ukrainian” wasn’t in common usage in 1844 (of course, Uniate fanatics dig up and quote isolated and atypical instances of “Ukrainian”, but they don’t count)… in short, the concept didn’t exist in general circulation! To use the word “Ukrainian” for any situation or person prior to the late 19th century is an ignorant and obsequious anachronism, adopted to please and/or placate a loud political pressure group. It’s not truthful, so, decent people should avoid such a usage. In fact, until 1948, there was no “Ukrainian Catholic rite” in Roman documents… it was the “Ritus Rutheniensis”, that is, “the Russian (Catholic) Rite”. I got that from a 1948 official Roman publication that I saw in Dunwoodie in the 70s. Don’t fall for the loud Uniate propaganda… it doesn’t correspond to the facts… that goes for such things as the so-called 1930s “Genocide” as well (there was none… the UN and PACE agree with the Russian position that it wasn’t genocide, it was part of the tragedy surrounding Collectivisation). You should know that the Uniate fascists weren’t part of all that… they were in Poland, and none of them suffered one bit… indeed, they were willing hangsmen and bully boys for the White Poles (they burned Orthodox churches in the Kresy at the behest of the Poles… fancy that)! Do remember that when you hear their rants and accusations…

My thanks to the Cabinet member who turned me on to this resource.


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