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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Czech President Zeman Condemns Yatsenyuk’s Statement on Soviet “Invasion” of Germany and the Ukraine

Galician SS

Here’s the TRUTH about Galician war guilt… accept it if you can… if not, shut the fuck up, for the truth is the truth, whether you like it or not


On Tuesday, Jiří Ovčáček, the Czech presidential spokesman, said that Czech President Miloš Zeman strongly condemned Ukrainian Prime Minister A P Yatsenyuk’s statement saying that the USSR invaded Germany and the Ukraine, saying, “Even the drafted version [of Yatsenyuk’s statement] didn’t disperse doubts that he made an attempt to revise the results of World War II”. Earlier, Zeman criticised Yatsenyuk, in one of his latest interviews, he called him “a prime minister of war”. On 8 January, Yatsenyuk told German state TV ARD, “All of us still clearly remember the Soviet invasion of the Ukraine and Germany”. On 9 January, RF Gosduma (lower house of the RF Federal Assembly) Foreign Affairs Committee chairman A K Pushkov called the Ukrainian prime minister’s statement “an extreme form of cynicism. The Ukrainian prime minister seeks political capital in Germany and Europe; he’s distorting well-known facts, backed in Europe itself… in Paris, Berlin, London, and in the USA. Nobody disputes the lawfulness of the anti-Hitler coalition’s actions. The USSR was its leading participant; it liberated Europe, including Germany, from Hitler, from Hitlerism”.

20 January 2015



Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Obama Refuses Russian Invite to Come for V-Day Celebrations

01 Thank a Russian WW2 Soldier for Kicking Hitler's Arse


00 Thank You Grandpa for the Victory. 27.07.14

Here are MY heroes… to hell with all those who praise the collaborationists! 


On Tuesday, US Ambassador to Russia John Tefft said that US President Barack Obama isn’t yet planning to come to Moscow in May to take part in major celebrations to mark the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. Tefft said that he isn’t aware of such plans. When asked if he was aware of any technical preparations for a possible visit, the American diplomat said that as far as he knew, there aren’t any such plans. In December, I N Morozov, a senior member of the International Committee of the RF Federation Council, said that Obama made a “big strategic mistake” by turning down Moscow’s invitation. Morozov pointed up that through this action Obama clearly demonstrated that he put ambition above globally recognised humanitarian values.

20 January 2015




The Soviet soldiers of the Red Army were the allies of American World War II vets. The Galician Uniate Hiwis, Galician SS VOLUNTEER Division, and Trawniki Männer were the enemies of those vets. The USA supports those who adulate Nazi opponents of humanity whilst it opposes those who look to Russia, which liberated the death camps and hung Nazi criminals. I seem to see a disconnect here… especially, on the part of neocon Republicans and interventionist Democrats. Obama spat in the face of all World War II vets by this… however, he’s not alone… the American Establishment, both Republican and Democrat, has spat on those vets for years by supporting Croatian, Balt, and “Ukrainian” elements that were fervent supports of Nazism in World War II. “Those who lie down with dogs, rise up with fleas”… indeed, that’s one of the reasons why America is in the shape’s that it’s in. It’s kept “bad company”, and we all know what our parents said about that…

Let History Judge…


Saturday, 17 January 2015

Czech Journalist Jiří Baťa Sez Yatsenyuk Lied about World War II to Justify Junta’s Disastrous Policy


The Anti-Hitler Coalition… Yatsenyuk’s ”explanation” also attacked the USA, France, and the UK as ”invaders” of Nazi Germany… he didn’t think it through. His ignoranus stupidity is legendary… he and the Anglo Americans are “milk brothers” (he’s on the level of Jen Psaki, Ted Cruz, Joe Biden, and Victoria Nuland… shitbirds of a feather DO flock together).


Jiří Baťa, a journalist for the independent Czech news/opinion site Czech Free Press, said that Ukrainian Prime Minister A P Yatsenyuk‘s recent “crazy science fiction” claim that the USSR invaded Germany is part of a series of lies aimed at justifying the junta’s disastrous policy. In an opinion piece written earlier this week, he said that since Yatsenyuk and the junta have “surrendered” the Ukraine to the interests of Western politicians, he makes outrageous commentary like that about the Soviets invading Germany in World War II “to justify all the negative and tragic ‘achievements’ of the Ukrainian government (sic) and the president”.

Bat’a noted that the contemporary Ukraine is, without any exaggeration, “in ruins, totally helpless, dependent on foreign subsidies and aid. It’s easier for [the present Ukrainian government (sic)] to invent nonsense, falsehoods, lies, and slander than to stick to argumentation, to facts and reality”. Bat’a argued that the junta would continue to “do anything that might convince Western-oriented citizens of Russia’s hostile intentions, therefore, they’d be able to maintain their pro-Western policies”. Bat’a noted that the junta, under American pressure, has no interest in ending the war in Novorossiya, or in  normalising relations with Russia, all the while continuing to search for reasons to blame Russia and Putin for the present crisis and claiming that Russia wants to conquer the Ukraine. Bat’a said that the junta continues to make accusations even though they “have not had, do not have, and will not have any proof that Russia intends to conquer the Ukraine”. Ultimately, Bat’a said that in re Yatsenyuk, it’s worth taking into consideration “President Zeman’s opinion that Yatsenyuk is a person whose aim is war. However, few can understand what the Ukraine would [stand to] receive out of this war”.

Last week, Yatsenyuk gave an interview to German ARD TV, where he appeared to claim that the USSR had launched World War II by invading Germany, noting, “All of us still clearly remember the Soviet invasion of Ukraine and Germany”. Even more absurdly, he added, “Nobody has the right to rewrite the results of World War II” and that “President Putin is trying to do exactly this”. Since then, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) asked Germany to clarify its official position on Yatsenyuk’s remarks; Berlin replied that the MID should address its questions to Yatsenyuk himself. The German Federal Foreign Office noted, “Nazi Germany during World War II led a terrible war of aggression against the USSR”, but it stated that Yatsenyuk nevertheless had a right to his opinion, to express free speech.

Russian and Ukrainian officials alike criticised Yatsenyuk’s remarks. RF Gosduma Deputy A K Pushkov said that Yatsenyuk’s remarks were a sign that the he “finally gone off his rocker”, and that one can no longer “take him seriously”. Meanwhile, a Minoborony Ukrainy official noted that Yatsenyuk’s “top grade” remarks made him “happy that foreign policy is not within the Prime Minister’s competence according to the constitution”. Since then, a spokesperson for Yatsenyuk said that Yatsenyuk was supposedly referring to the USSR’s occupation of and alleged responsibility for dividing Germany following World War II.

16 January 2015

Sputnik International



Yatsenyuk Rewrites History: “USSR Invaded Germany”

Yatsenyuk: Wall Between Russia, Ukraine to Be Completed Within Four Years

30% of Ukrainians Didn’t Have Money to Pay Their Utility Bills Last Month


Note this:

Yatsenyuk was supposedly referring to the USSR’s occupation of and alleged responsibility for dividing Germany following World War II.

That’s a load of bollocks on stilts. What it means is that the Ukie extremists are trying to put the entire responsibility for the postwar order in Europe on the USSR. That’s crackbrained… FDR, Churchill, and Stalin approved dividing Germany into four occupation zones and the transfer of Eastern German territory to Germany in exchange for Eastern Poland going to the USSR. All four members of the Anti-Hitler Coalition “invaded” Nazi Germany. Note well that Yatsenyuk is silent about the Trawniki Männer and their role in the Holocaust. He’s also silent about the role of Galician Uniate Hiwis in Nazi atrocities. Why is he silent about the Galician SS VOLUNTEER Division and its role in VOV enormities?

The USSR LIBERATED Auschwitz… Western Ukrainian Uniates helped OPERATE it. Which one do you favour? One or the other is evil… I know where I stand on that (note well that Victoria Nuland, a Jew, supports Holocaust Deniers and those who whitewash Nazi collaborators). History records that many Galician Uniate elements collaborated with the Nazis… it records massacres by Galician Uniate OUN members in Volyn… a thousand years will pass, and the guilt of Galician Uniates will NOT diminish… until Galician Uniates, as a group, show repentance for and publicly apologise for their crimes (and publicly disown all collaborators as criminal traitors and blacken their memories and legacies). That hasn’t happened… it won’t… too many in the Galician diaspora are relations of the collaborators and killers. That’s NOT hate speech… it’s simple truth.


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

In Search of Lost Western Values

01 V Fenin. Remember the Meeting on the Elbe. nd

“Remember the meeting on the Elbe!”… yes… and remember the blood spilt by UPA terrorists and Right Sector criminals… it cries to heaven for vengeance…


In a recent interview with German ARD TV, A P Yatsenyuk, Prime Minister (sic) of the post-coup Ukraine, said, “All of us still clearly remember the Soviet invasion of the Ukraine and Germany. We need to avoid it”. One way to react to this statement is to twist a finger to the temple, but there are good reasons not to take this so casually. Firstly, take into account the fact that US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland practically appointed this man as Ukraine’s Prime Minister during an infamous telephone conversation. Moreover, contrary to all accepted written and unwritten rules, the US government didn’t fire her for using the most vulgar obscenities against our European allies during the same phone call.

Secondly, for those who forgot history, the Red Army, in alliance with the armies of the USA, UK, and France “‘invaded” Germany and liberated Europe from the Nazi plague. Hundreds of thousands of ethnic Ukrainians also fought heroically in the same battles, but some collaborated with the Nazis and participated in the mass exterminations of millions of Poles, Jews, Russians, and others… whom the Nazis called Untermenschtum (subhumanity). They drove other Untermenschtum… in particular, Ukrainian women… into slavery in the Reich. However, the current Ukrainian leadership destroys memorials and statues to those who fought the Nazis, whilst they praise Nazi collaborators as national heroes… they proudly display their portraits during marches in many Ukrainian cities, including the capital of Kiev.

However, where is the Western leaders or media reaction?  Is their hatred towards Putin is so strong that they’re willing to close their ears and eyes to any outrageous activities or statements as long as they carry an anti-Putin message? What about Merkel and Germany’s long years of de-Nazification? What about Obama, Cameron, and Hollande? So far, we haven’t heard a single word of condemnation from any of them. Doesn’t this betray their own soldiers who died on the beaches of Normandy, in the Ardennes, and all the way to the Elbe River? Therefore, what happened only six months ago, on 6 June 2014, when all the Western leaders and Putin descended on France to remember the dead and commemorate 70th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy?  Was it for real or was it just for show to score some political points? If it was for real, then, why do they keep mum now?  There wasn’t a murmur from any major American or European politician about Yatsenyuk’s statement. There wasn’t even anything from Frau Merkel, the leader of a country that committed heinous crimes against humanity in World War II. There was no cry of outrage even from the Jewish community, with its memories of the Holocaust. Did they forget that the Red army liberated many Nazi death camps including the most horrifying one at Auschwitz (Oświęcim), where the Nazis burned millions of Jews alive?

12 January 2015

Edward Lozansky

Sputnik International


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