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Friday, 25 July 2014

The Ukraine: A Western-Backed Russophobic Tragedy

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. We Have a Victory... You Have a Zoo. 2014

We Have a Victory… You Have a Zoo!

Vitaly Podvitsky



For those who wish me to mince words, for those easily offended, for those who want journalists to pussy-foot around mumbling pleasantries, for those who believe blindly in the media, for those who think the West can speak or think no evil, then, it’s better not to read this piece. A cabal of demonic liars controls the west. For those individuals in the West who I know and respect, this piece isn’t for you, or your families. For those who’ve allowed themselves to be brainwashed to the point where they eagerly swallow, without question, the pile of nonsense shoved down their throats daily by the media, my advice is do more listening and reading and less speaking and writing.

The fact that the EU foreign ministers are sitting today talking about imposing more sanctions on Russia over the situation in the Ukraine speaks volumes about where the hearts and minds of the EU lie… lie is the correct word. There isn’t a shred of evidence that Moscow is behind any official state-sponsored support for the anti-Fascist freedom fighters in [Novorossiya], who wish to remain Russian-speaking Ukrainians and who don’t want any part of the Ukraine planned by the Fascist-backed murderous terrorist western-supported Putsch which seized power illegally back in February after ousting democratically elected President V F Yanukovich.

It was a campaign orchestrated from outside the Ukraine simply because Yanukovich tried to protect the Ukrainian economy by not signing up for a closer trading deal with the EU (the Association Agreement) after the EU typically imposed intrusive, arrogant, and unacceptable conditions for internal changes which belonged to Ukrainians, and Ukrainians alone. The EU, acting yet again like a collective bunch of Imperialists who only yesteryear drew lines on maps, slaughtered “natives” with machine-guns “when they saw the whites of their eyes”, wrecked economies and committed genocide in Africa and Latin America, imposed civilisation with the Bible and the bullet, and sold seventy million people into slavery… Africa’s Holocaust.

What followed was a gang of anti-Russian Fascists and their sympathisers rising to power in Ukraine, torturing and murdering Russian-speakers in the streets, calling for the deaths of Russians and Jews, and staging a Presidential election that elected P A Poroshenko. Meanwhile, the Crimean people stated en masse in a free and fair referendum that they didn’t wish to be part of this Ukraine and wished to return to Russia (which they should’ve never left), whilst the people of [Novorossiya], wary of the Fascist hordes rising to power in Kiev, and wary of their Russophobic edicts and claims, took up arms and declared independence.

What followed that was a spate of Russophobic hysteria in the Western media and amongst Western governments defying the laws of logic, which underlined the notion that a clique of pig-headed ignorant lukewarm failed politicians governs the West, whose main aim in life is to feather their own nests and pander to the whims of the lobbies which placed them in power and whom they serve. Suddenly, they painted Russia as an invader, they accused Russia of being responsible for the actions of the anti-Fascist freedom fighters, and, now, unbelievably, Western newspapers accuse President Putin personally of having downed the MH-17 flight over [Novorossiya].

For a start, the Crimean transition from a Fascist dictatorship to democracy within the Russian Federation, where the President was democratically elected several times with popularity rates far higher than any western leader, and probably more than a lot of them put together, was wholly in line with the law. Secondly, how can Russia invade what is, after all, Russia? Thirdly, the direct influence of Moscow in [Novorossiya] was grossly exaggerated by the West and, indeed, if those in Government in the EU bothered to inform themselves and speak to a [Novorossiyan], they’d see that these people don’t need Russia for anything, neither does the average Russian consider Russia engaged in any form of formal support, because this doesn’t exist. Fourthly, regarding the tragic incident with MH-17, let the focus be on the families and loved ones of the victims, first, and let the proper authorities carry out a proper investigation, second.

Mr Poroshenko, hand over the registers taken by the Ukrainian authorities from the Air Traffic Control Centre and stop making idiotic comments about Russia. If you don’t have the intelligence to govern your country, and if you aren’t man enough to stand up to the self-seeking pieces of excrement parading as your “Government”, then, stick to your disgusting chocolate factories and stop having your Fascist forces murder women and children. For all of those involved in any way with NATO, and that includes a substantial part of EU countries, then, read this.

As we can see, those who today point the finger at Russia and impose sanctions have a dreadful, horrific, and revolting few centuries of history behind them. They were happy to hide behind Russia in World War II whilst the USSR lost 26 million souls defeating Hitler and Nazism, while how many Ukrainians sided with the Fascists, how many Ukrainians supported the murderer and torturer Bandera, who slaughtered women and children, and then only opened up another front in the West because they had worries that all of Europe would become Communist.

Why not? The USSR provided free and excellent public services from beginning to end… free maternal care, guaranteed maternity leave, free education, free higher education, free leisure time activities, free sports facilities and training, free or heavily subsidised transportation, guaranteed housing, free, zero homelessness, guaranteed jobs, zero unemployment, free or heavily subsidised public utilities, safety on the streets, security of the State, 250 billion dollars per year spent on development projects overseas, excellent hospitals, healthcare systems, education systems half-way across the globe after helping countries to fight off the yoke of Imperialism, then, an indexed pension, free basic foodstuffs, and a free funeral.

Let the west look at its navel and see the nightmare societies it’s produced… lobbies growing richer and richer sucking the blood of the oppressed populations, who in their pig-headed arrogance nod obediently and accept it all like a herd of sheep. Spiralling prices, no jobs, no future, people can’t leave their homes because marauding gangs of drug addicts prowl their streets… sterling job, what? These people today impose sanctions on Russia? These people who dare to point the finger at Moscow amidst a flurry of lies? Moscow didn’t invade Iraq illegally outside the auspices of the UNSC, Moscow didn’t set up prison and torture camps halfway across the globe, Moscow didn’t side with terrorists in Libya and Syria, Moscow didn’t rip the heart out of Serbia (another country which fought bravely against Fascism in World War II) and give it to gangs of Albanian organ traffickers, rapists, and murderers just because President Clinton had his personal issues and needed to create a focus of attention away from the White House.

So, what’s my advice to Moscow? The further you are away from the West in general, NATO in particular, and the FUKUS Axis (France-UK-US) especially, the less intense the stench. Doing business with those who sport a smile one day and have half-a-dozen stones hidden behind their backs with their left hand and stab you in the back the following day, doing business with a bunch of insolent, arrogant, hypocritical Russophobic shits, isn’t dignified. My advice is to disassociate yourself with the lot of them, tell them where to put themselves, slam the door, bolt it three times, lock it, throw away the key, turn your back, and not have anything to do with them ever again. Latin America loves Russia, Africa loves Russia, and Southeast Asia loves Russia. The BRICS bloc has multiple opportunities for trade among brothers and sisters who smile and don’t snarl, who haven’t spent centuries colonising, stealing from, and massacring peoples and destroying societies. Today, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa… tomorrow, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria, Venezuela, Uruguay, and how many others can join together in the world’s largest trading block, dump the USD, and watch the West squirm in its collective inadequacy.

My advice is to hit back at sanctions with a massive and unequivocal determination and cold-blooded nerves of steel, slam your fist down on the table and show them what happens when you cage a bear and prod it with sticks time and time again, insulting its dignity, and hurting its heart. To hell with the lot of them, they’re a bunch of Russophobic, rude, self-seeking, pigshit-ignorant, arrogant, and intrusive bastards.

My apologies to shit, pigs, and pig shit.

22 July 2014

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



Thursday, 24 July 2014

24 July 2014. Video. “New Ukrainian Anthem”… Appropriate Music for the Dark Fascist Night Now Enveloping the Ukraine and Novorossiya

00 Igor Kolga. The Ukrainian Government. 2014

The Ukrainian Government

Igor Kolga




The Banderovtsy and the Vlasovtsy are identical under the skin… both collaborated with the Nazis… both were aided by rightwing US officers after World War II… both received oodles of cash from Langley in the Cold War… both distort the truth and hate the achievements of the USSR and want to destroy them and their memorials… both nursed their hatred and refused to let it die. Trust me… the Vlasovtsy are as full of hatred as the Banderovtsy are. Some are left at Jordanville, sadly enough, others work as willing running dogs of the American Establishment. Interestingly enough, even though they hate one another, Langley uses both… and forces them to cooperate! God does have INTERESTING ways of exacting justice.

I wish that this was a spoof… it isn’t. Reflect on that…


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

SPC Sends Letter to Vatican Protesting Canonisation of Fascist Beast Stepinac


Archbishop Alojzije Viktor Stepinac (1898-1960), supporter of the Croatian Ustaše massacre of Serbian Orthodox in World War II (shown here with Ante Pavelić, the Nazi collaborationist ruler of Croatia). If Rome wishes to be our friend, they must remove this thug from the list of saints.


The newspaper Politika wrote that the SPC gave a letter explaining its position regarding Alojzije Stepinac’s canonisation to Dominique Mamberti, Secretary of the Holy See for Relations with States, who was in Serbia. However, the message’s content remains unknown, but the newspaper noted that the SPC “undoubtedly doesn’t view favourably announcements that Stepinac could become a saint”. Mamberti will also take with him to the Vatican a letter from the Serbian president on the same subject. In an interview for Politika published on Sunday, SPC Patriarch Irinej Gavrilović said that Vatican announcements that they could canonise Stepinac by the end of the year came as “a great surprise” for the SPC… “In order for someone to be a saint, they must be a truly shining and holy personality and be accepted as such by other Christians”. Stepinac was a World War II-era Croatian Catholic cardinal, convicted after the war by the SFRY for collaboration with the fascist Independent State of Croatia (NDH)The NDH operated death camps during the war that were the sites of mass murder of Serbs, Jews, and Roma.


00 Utstasha. 15.02.14



So much for Frankie Bag o’ Donuts and his smiling face. He supports the murderous Uniate pigs in the Ukraine, and, now, this. Stepinac said:

All in all, Croats and Serbs are of two worlds, north pole and south pole, never will they be able to get together unless by a miracle of God. The Schism is the greatest curse in Europe, almost greater than Protestantism. Here there is no moral, no principles, no truth, no justice, no honesty.

Note the toxic hatred of Orthodoxy, unconcealed, open, and unashamedly stated. His later supposedly anti-Nazi statements came at a time when Germany was obviously losing the war… I believe that they were opportunistic bullshit. The above is what he truly believed… it’s why he winked at the Ustaša massacres of Orthodox. Frankie Bag o’ Donuts has the right ideas on social justice (he shares many positions with HH, by the way… both HH and Frankie oppose the slobbering ignoranus “Christian” rightwing), but his rancid views on Orthodoxy, as shown by his actions, lead me to conclude that he is an enemy of Orthodoxy in general, and Russian Orthodoxy in particular (note well how Frankie treats his lapdog EP pals).

One last thing… the mentor of the rancidly Russophobic Joe Biden was a rabidly pro-Nazi Croatian Catholic priest… fancy that. One wonders if he told little Joe about the pleasant goings-on at Jasenovac and how its commandant was a former Franciscan. Just sayin’…

2 July 2014



Saturday, 21 June 2014

21 June 2014. A Cabinet Reflection on Ukrainian Fascists…

00 hands on the piano. 21.06.14


Trailer to The Pianist


Stills from The Pianist with Chopin


Chopin Nocturne In C Minor, Op 48 No from the soundtrack to The Pianist


Chopin Ballade No.1 in G Minor, Op 23 from the soundtrack to The Pianist


One of the Cabinet sent this:

I just finished reading The Pianist… some of the worst atrocities seemed to come from Nazi-sympathiser Ukrainians (the book covered the war years in Warsaw… 1939 until the defeat of Germany).

They haven’t changed their spots… pray for the suffering people of Novorossiya and for the repose of the souls of those murdered by the fascists tomorrow at liturgy. Let my right hand wither if I forget thee…


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