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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

History Repeats Itself: Russia Faces Off with Nazis in the Ukraine

00 Pavel Sokolov-Skalia. The Mother of All Russian Cities... Kiev is Free! 1943

The Mother of All Russian Cities… Kiev is Free! 

Pavel Sokolov-Skalia


Shall we have to liberate Kiev once again from the Nazis? 


With ultra-nationalism and anti-Jewish sentiment rife in the Western Ukraine, it looks like history is repeating itself, this time with the West trying to pit the Ukraine against Russia, just as it did back in the days when Nazism was on the rise in Germany. In the 1930s, the Third Reich was all the rage in Europe and in the USA, with the Anglo-American élites pinning their hopes on Hitler, who they believed could end the Soviet menace. They reviled Russia… but not Nazi Germany. In fact, American corporations and banks supported and financed the Nazis, whilst their officials and businesses respected the Nazi régime. Mackenzie King, the union-busting advisor of the Rockefeller family and tenth prime minister of Canada, even admired Hitler openly, as did Edward VIII, who abdicated from the British throne in favour of his brother. However, of course, the goal was to get Berlin and Moscow to destroy one another. Washington used this same strategy against Baghdad and Tehran when it encouraged Saddam Hussein to attack Iran and launch the Iran-Iraq War.

Now, the West compares President Putin with Adolf Hitler, with Hillary Clinton and Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird drawing parallels between the supposed deployment of Russian troops in the Crimea and the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland. The propaganda war is in full swing as the media are doing their best to demonise Russians and to pave the way for the USA’s long-term objective of isolating and neutralising Russia as an international rival and Eurasian actor. They turn the truth on its head. Now, they vilify the heirs of the Soviets, who defeated the Nazis and liberated Europe at a great price, whilst fascist forces and Western militarism are on the march again. Nevertheless, the neoliberals and organised capital stand behind the fascists; they really pull the strings, just as they did before World War II.

It should come as no surprise that Arseny Yatsenyuk, the Wall Street-supported coup-imposed “Prime Minister” of the Ukraine, collaborates with ultra-nationalist admirers of Nazi collaborators in the Ukraine. In a twist of fate, Russia again stands against a fledgling Nazi state. The events in the Ukraine are not just mere media spin… they have deep links to the past and to the future. George Orwell said the following about the discursive process tied to the way that we frame history, “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past”. As it was in the Western Ukraine that collaborated with the Nazis in the Second World War, extreme Russophobic neofascists overrun Kiev, manipulated by the USA and the EU in trying to bring down Russia.

13 March 2014

Voice of Russia World Service



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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Ukrainian UN Representative Issues Whopper… Claims that the USSR Made Up “Lies” about Ukie Nationalist War Crimes in the VOV


Memorial to Poles murdered by Ukrainian nationalist fanatics… but it didn’t happen.. Sergeyev said so!


00 UPA The Face of Evil. 06.12

Here’s a declaration of the UPA… but it didn’t happen… Sergeyev said so!


On Monday, the Ukrainian Ambassador to the UN Yuri Sergeyev publicly justified Ukrainian nationalists, saying that the charges brought by the USSR against them at the Nürnberg trial were lies. He told reporters, “The Russian-Soviet side at the time tried to press the Western allies to declare the Bandera movement members and others murderers. The Nürnberg trial didn’t declare it. Why? Because the facts were falsified and the USSR’s position at the time was unjust”. Sergeyev asked them not to generalise the image of the present Ukraine and not to suppose that all Western Ukrainians were nationalists and Bandera followers. He emphasised, “Millions of Ukrainians in the west are normal European citizens”, saying the same about the ultra-right Svoboda (Freedom) party.

3 March 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


Uniate SS 1943

Here’s a recruiting rally for the SS in Galicia… but it didn’t happen… Sergeyev said so!



This is a gathering of ultranationalists at a “memorial” to Nazi collaborators in Galicia… but it didn’t happen… Sergeyev said so!


Editor’s Note:

Why, that’s “Holocaust Denial” writ large… why isn’t the West upset at that? I’d say that those who whitewash Nazis are those with a casual disregard of human rights in the present (as one can see in the actions of Svoboda during the riots).

The role of Ukrainian pro-Nazi collaborators is well-known, as are the nefarious actions of Balts and Croatians. Note well that the USA ALWAYS covered up for these criminals from the end of World War II, especially, Republicans. No one can deny that the SS recruited local bully boys in the Ukraine, the Baltics, and Croatia… indeed, these units were amongst the bloodiest murderers raised by the Nazis.

Read this… it’s about the SS Division the Nazis raised in Galicia. Look at this:

The Volhynian Massacre (Rzeź Wołyńska) was an ethnic cleansing of the civilian Polish population of the Volhynia region planned and perpetrated in 1943 by the radical (Banderist) wing of the Ukrainian nationalistic underground under the Nazi occupation. Even though the Volhynian Massacre was one of the biggest mass killings during the Second World War organised by local militant groups (the number of victims is estimated around 60,000 people), its history is little known and its memory is absent in the general narratives of war and European history. Last summer, the 70th anniversary of the Volhynian Massacre became the major topic in both Polish-Ukrainian and internal Polish public debates.

October 2013

Andrei Portnov

Editor-in-Chief of http://www.Historians.in.ua, Kiev



The above is heartrending and sickening… it should make you realise that the Timoshenko junta is EVIL… do note that Turchinov is a smarmy posturing “Evangelical”… he’s another José Efraín Ríos Montt… both are soulless criminals who spouted religious gobbledygook as they committed crimes against their people. Turchinov IS an accomplice of Yuliya Timoshenko… that’s his crime, not his religion. I’m only decrying his hypocritical deployment of religious rhetoric as he destroyed government records and helped Yuliya steal billions. The Ukrainian economy is in shambles because the oligarchs looted it, and Turchinov was amongst the major beneficiaries of the boodle. The West cackles at that in glee… it tells you much about the Neoliberal Establishment, doesn’t it?

As for Sergeyev, consider the source…


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Monday, 3 March 2014

3 March 2014. Are the Posturing Neocon Pigs Going to Try to Fuck Up the Paralympics in Sochi?



It’s amazing how Washington is standing behind the criminal junta in Kiev. The Rump Rada keeps people out using Svoboda toughs, yet the USA slobbers all over them. Today, the USA refused visas to an agricultural mission. Yeah, to a bunch of farmers, agronomists, and scientists… good going, Obama! You’re really showing resolve… by banning people who have nothing to do with fucking up your attempt to stab the Ukraine in the back!

Amerikantsy are self-righteous smarmy bastards who think that the entire world has to kiss their ass or they get their nose out of joint. Who kills civilians in the Hindu Kush using drones? It’s NOT Russia! Who destroyed the Christian community of Iraq through a war of aggression? It’s NOT Russia! Who keeps the most political prisoners in the world (in the Gitmo Gulag) and has the larger per cap imprisonment rate in the world? It’s NOT Russia! Who kidnaps people throughout the world and brings them to its country for kangaroo court show trials? It’s NOT Russia!  Who’s put a vindictive trade embargo on Cuba since 1961? It’s NOT Russia! Who ran “black sites” in compliant foreign countries (including the Ukraine!) where they tortured people that they didn’t like? It’s NOT Russia!



Which has become the “Prison House of all the Nations”…

Why does Obama have his knicks in a knot? Oddly enough, this is uniting people of all spectrums, both in the USA and Russia. Everyone’s seeing how the Wall Street-controlled cabal in Washington is a bunch of terrorists in suits. Don’t get me wrong… they’re polite… they’re well-dressed… they’re not loud… they don’t cuss in public, smoke, or take a drink. Yet, they’re evil to the bone, they make Osama bin Laden look like a Boy Scout. I’ll betcha that the next stunt that the neocons are going to pull is to try to fuck up the Paralympics. They’ll make a big fuss and won’t allow American athletes to take part. That’s what they’ll do, the heartless bastards, I’ll betcha. They don’t give a busted rat’s ass that these folks have worked their hearts out for years… that doesn’t matter to greedster perverts who want to make the world safe for Wall Street. That sickens me most of all. The USA is acting like a spoilt child… and we get tarred with the blame for being its citizens. Note well the deafening silence from “progressives” (such as  the sleazy crowd at The Nation)… that’s why I generally don’t like “liberals” (in the Anglosphere sense). They’re just Lite Neoliberals who have no intention of giving up their ill-gotten gains and perks as upper-income upper-middles (“conservatives” are at least honest… they don’t coat their greed and grasping with a treacly and offensive exterior).

We hung people after World War II for running concentration camps, torturing people, and waging aggressive war. Methinks that it’s time to get out the noose again (and have a bipartisan gallows on K Street… let’s get ‘em ALL whilst we’re at it).

Don’t be silent!


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Monday, 24 February 2014

24 February 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… The More Things Change (They Don’t Call It the “Fourth Reich” for Nought)…

00 Soldier, the Ukraine Needs You! 1943

Soldier, the Ukraine Needs You!

Unknown Artist


Soviet poster


This needs no commentary… the Ukraine is on the cross again. The Germans are in it neck-deep, again, aren’t they? The Nazi New Order in Europe or the American New World Order… what’s the difference? Both ideologies are racist to the bone… the “Master Races” (I see no difference between historical American slavers and the proposed Nazi Slave Empire) will tell the Untermenschen what to do. It’s not pretty is it? However, that’s what the mirror shows us (and I’m castigated for holding it up). God do spare us. Quo vadis, Ukraina?

We CAN make a difference… stand against the Monster… all it takes is a little guts n’ grit…


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