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Saturday, 15 October 2011

15 October 2011. Where in the World is Dickie Wood?

You can’t find out anything about Dickie and Velencia? Take heart… NONE of us can. Syosset screams about “openness” and “transparency” (especially Stokoe and his pals)… and THIS is what we get…


According to oca.org, Dickie Wood is supposedly on a “leave of absence” with no mention of a suspension or any other information. That’s confirmed here. What I hear is that Mel Pleska has washed his hands of the whole banana (not just the Wood saga)… he doesn’t want to be tarred with the same brush as the Chancery Gang (which does include Stokoe… Mark’s nothing but Lyonyo’s internet sock-puppet). Apparently, there’s nothing that Mel can do about Lyonyo’s ambitious little cabal… and he’s stuck between the people and the apparatchiki, taking heat from both ends. It looks like he’s taking “a pox on both of your houses” attitude… we’ll see at the Sobor, won’t we?

As for Dickie… the question’s still open. Is he suspended? Is he in good graces? Is he in charge of the podvorie? If Dickie’s not in charge at the podvorie, who is? Can Dickie serve? Why was there a “leave of absence” in the first place? You’ll note that the other LOA is clearly labelled “for medical reasons”. There’s no mention of a temporary replacement in the “Pastoral Changes”, which is odd. I think that Bishop Mel saw this too, but that he stayed silent to screw the Syosset crowd. In short, this document not only doesn’t answer any of the outstanding questions, it adds a few more as seasoning to it all. If that wasn’t all, not only is the Dickie Wood saga unresolved, Raymond Velencia is still listed as a member of the OCA clergy on oca.org here (scroll down, you’ll see it). I’d say to the Winnipeg magistrate, “You’re a damned fool if you believe ANYTHING coming out of the mouth of ANY OCA clergyman (Velencia was supposedly “released”)”. Note well that a clergyman violated the law (“pastoral confidentiality” is a legal not canonical concept) and the OCA dilly-dallies about doing anything of the situation.

Before we go… Lazar Puhalo posted an impassioned defence of Seraphim Storheim in Stokoe’s comboxes. Puhalo was an uncanonical clergyman who was brought into the OCA as a “retired bishop” by Seraphim (that’s odd in itself). In short… Puhalo’s an “interested party” in legal terms… he and his monastery would be in the “outer darkness” if it weren’t for Storheim (Puhalo was part of the schismatical “Patriarchate of Kiev“). Puhalo’s smarmy attack on Cappy Larsen and Mel Sokoda wasn’t justified. We really have to stop making excuses for abusive clergy… whether they’re child abusers or just abusers of power. How many cases like that of Mme Plas and Kristi Koumentakos must there be until we realise that?

Pass me the jug… the world’s not stopped being crank in the last 24 hours. How much longer, dear Lord?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 15 October 2011

Albany NY

Sunday, 21 August 2011

21 August 2011. WOOD BACK! NO Explanation on OCA Official Site or on Stokoe


Archimandrite Zacchaeus Wood Served Liturgy at St Catherine in the Fields Church in Moscow

On Sunday, 21 August, Archimandrite Zacchaeus Wood served Divine Liturgy at St Catherine in the Fields parish (OCA Representation Church in Moscow). Fr Zacchaeus claimed in remarks after liturgy that Metropolitan Jonas Paffhausen blessed his serving the sacraments. Currently, Archimandrite Zacchaeus, after prolonged treatment in hospital, is recovering in a sanatorium near Moscow.

21 August 2011

Православие и мир (Pravoslavie i mir:Orthodoxy and the World)



Editor’s Note:

There’s no official announcement of Wood’s rehabilitation on the OCA official website, nor is there anything on Stokoe’s site. Did this actually occur? I can’t say… but it’s on a website that Archimandrite Tikhon Shevkunov heavily influences. I’ve never noticed crank reporting on the Russian side before… there’s been such on the English-language side, but that’s because Dickie had his finger in that. Again… there’s NO official announcement on oca.org… Stokoe has said nothing on his site, either (as of 13.30 EDT Sunday 21 August 2011). If this is true, hoo boy, are those schmidiots going to have something up post-haste. Well, guys, you’re supposed to have the official explanation up BEFORE the fact, not AFTER it. It proves without a doubt that the upper reaches of the OCA don’t know what they’re doing and that JP’s lost his grip on things. There was no reason given for Dickie’s dismissal… there’s going to be no reason given for his reinstatement, if that’s what this news means. Trust me; they have that much disrespect for you. JP tangled with Vlad Berzansky… never a good idea. The world is going on its crank merry way, isn’t it… pass me the jug… the fireworks are just beginning, kids…


Saturday, 30 July 2011

30 July 2011. Dickie’s Photo and Bio Still Up on Patriarchia.ru… What Gives?

Image still up on patriarchia.ru… 


As of 21.35 EDT Saturday 30 July 2011, Dickie’s photo and bio are still up on patriarchia.ru:


What gives? This is getting goofier by the minute, kids. If I made this up, no publisher would buy it… truth is MUCH stranger than fiction is. That is, Dickie’s been kicked off the oca.org clergy list, but he’s still listed on patriarchia.ru site as OCA representative to Moscow… and the MP site IS far better run than oca.org… if they’d received the official word, they would’ve removed that info tout suite. I’m not even going to speculate… there’s NOTHING to go on. Dickie’s in “parts unknown”, and that’s all that one can say, now. Even by hutsky-klutsky OCA/ROCOR standards, this is a Solid Gold Oscar Academy Award Chinese fire drill (remember, the Chinese fire drill only LOOKS confused… this IS confused). Your guess is as good as mine… you pays your money and you takes your choice… literally. Let’s face it, Dickie’s been known to be an equivocal sort for years; he was found dead drunk, barfing in the corridors, at more than one sobor… truly, he was asking for it, for years.

Here’s my opinion on what’s in the works. Stokoe’s the next target… whenever Bobby gets whatever it is he wants, he’ll have no qualms whatsoever about throwing Stokoe off the train à la Dickie. BP’s also a target because of the SIC Report…  I suspect Bobby’s cabal will try to assert that he’s drinking again, or, frame him with something sexual, or, try to somehow connect him with Greg Solak’s death in Alaska. Then, and only then, will he try to push JP off the cliff, too. IF he were to succeed in that, the only question is which disgraced bishop would he try to bring back as figurehead “metropolitan”… would it be Hermie? Nikolai? How ‘bout another time ‘round for Feodosy? I’m not saying this IS going to happen… it’s what Bobby, Silver, and Love BT want… God willing, they won’t get it.

Did you see Stokoe’s site? He’s not even addressing JP’s lunatic “encyclical” on homosexuality, nor is he commenting on the recent reports of JP egging on witch hunters on OCA Truth. Instead, he posted some dreck about three new auxiliary bishops in AOCANA. Don’t take my word for it:


He puts this rubbishy twaddle up in lieu of the real news. Who woulda thunk it? Well, stay tuned, same bat time, same bat station… this is far from the last episode.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 30 July 2011

Albany NY

Thursday, 28 July 2011

28 July 2011. Dickie Wood on “Leave of Absence”… First Families Throw Another “Inconvenient” Person off the Train

Read this:

Dean of St Catherine’s on Leave of Absence

Archimandrite Zacchaeus Wood, Dean of St Catherine the Great Martyr-in-the-Fields Church in Moscow and representative of the Orthodox Church in America to the Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias, has been placed on a leave of absence and recalled to the United States by His Beatitude, Metropolitan Jonah. He’s prohibited from exercising any liturgical or sacramental ministry. Priest John Kechkin, who is attached to St Catherine Church, will provide pastoral services for the time being. Archpriest Leonid Kishkovsky, Director of External Affairs of the Orthodox Church in America, will assume duties as the representative of the OCA to the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

28 July 2011


Official OCA Website



Now, read this:

Archimandrite Zacchaeus Wood Placed on Leave

In a carefully worded statement from Syosset today, it was announced that the highly visible Archimandrite Zacchaeus Wood, representative of the Orthodox Church in America in Moscow, “had been placed on a leave of absence and recalled to the United States”. While avoiding the word “suspension”, the statement noted that Fr Zacchaeus is “prohibited from exercising any liturgical or sacramental ministry”. The announcement concluded by stating, “Archpriest Leonid Kishkovsky, Director of External Affairs of the Orthodox Church in America, will assume duties as the representative of the OCA to the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia”. Given the Archimandrite’s position, the statement was also published in Russian. No reason for the action by Metropolitan Jonah was given by the OCA, but OCANews.org has learned that an allegation of possible misconduct has been levelled against the Archimandrite. OCANews.org also learned that the Archimandrite had been called back to the USA this past weekend, but checked himself into a hospital in Russia instead. He has since been released, but it remains unclear if he is on his way back to the United States at this time.

28 July 2011

Mark Stokoe

Orthodox Christians for Accountability



Finally, here’s a rant from “Love BT” posted on the Indiana List:

It seems just yesterday that the Archimandrite’s lawyer, son of an OCA Archpriest, sent an e-mail to Protopresbyter Rodion S Kondratick, which stated that if the Protopresbyter tried to “touch” Fr Zacchaeus, “I will destroy you!” I hope that His Beatitude took this into consideration before acting as described in this OCA notice at oca.org! No one wants to be destroyed at all, let alone by a doughty Archpriest’s son! Such matters must be approached with utter sobriety. May God be with the Archimandrite.

(His “May God be with the Archimandrite” rings hollow… it’s like Fr Lebedeff’s “With love in Christ”… hypocrisy on stilts, kids.)


My guess would be that Lyonyo, Garklavs, and (maybe) Bishop Mel want Dickie out. Wheeler, Hunchak, and Johnny Hopko also don’t care for Dickie. Probably, Tosi’s in on it, too. Some think that the First Families shit-canned Dickie because Dickie was playing about with fire… some stories have it that he’s got connections with the American special services… a little outré, but not improbable… after all, Potapov’s neck-deep in Foggy Bottom politics, he’s more of a politician than a priest. Dickie was playing footsy with Archimandrite Tikhon Shevkunov (the superior of the Sretensky Monastery (where Dickie lived for a while)), who’s the confessor to the Putin family. On top of that, Dickie was using the English side of Pravmir and Pravoslavie.ru to push HOOMie shit.

Conjecture would lead one to think that he stepped in three distinct (and equally malodorous) cow pies:

  1. Fr Tikhon was suspicious of his questions and snooping around, so, he had the FSB check out Dickie, or, the FSB became suspicious of him on its own… Fr Tikhon is VVP’s confessor, after all… Fathausen withdrew Dickie just as the cavalry was closing in (no doubt, Potapov got the word from his contacts at the Centre… JP’s too dumb to have a good intel network)
  2. Fr Tikhon was suspicious of Dickie’s HOOMie pals, got in touch with his American contacts, found out the truth, hit the roof, and told KMG
  3. Lyonyo got rid of Dickie as he had become a liability… it’s rumoured by some that Dickie’s a gay blade (he was tight with Feodosy), it’s known that he’s been hospitalised for drink-related problems

This isn’t the Final Scene… we ARE in the Final Act, but there’s a while yet to go before we can put this one to bed. What’s obvious is that the First Families are getting desperate enough to take open control of certain offices. If you were to ask me, I’d say that Potapov and Lyonyo are the effectual leaders of the OCA-ROCOR duopoly. Fathausen and Hilarion are fronts… the first is an ignorant and grinning boob… the second is the son of a Galician peasant from the hard-scrabble Canadian prairies, so, he knows how to be silent when it’s indicated. I’ll say this… Hilarion Alekseyevich is NOT “playing it by ear”… I’m convinced that he’s in touch with the Centre, and the Centre wants things to develop to the point where they can identify clearly who’s naughty and who’s nice. It’s going to take some time, yet, for the Centre takes the LONG view. It’s not going to be over tomorrow, or, next week, or, even next year, maybe. The Centre is waiting for the fruit to ripen fully, and it’s not going to move until then. In addition, the Centre wants us to see the mess that we’re in. We’re paying dearly for receiving so many rightwing nutters… they’ve distorted the Church, enough so to concern the Mother Church. Remember… the internet exists in Moscow… they KNOW what’s going on here. It’s getting more confusing… and it’s going to get more so before we resolve this. Dickie’s on the way out… if I were Bobby K, I wouldn’t be complacent. Well… this proves the existence of the Fall, yet again. If I weren’t a believer, I’d just walk away from it all. I feel sorry for the Mark Stokoes of this world… their cherished dream is unravelling in front of them, and they think that they can have the same place in the new order as they did in the old one… silly wabbits…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 28 July 2011

Albany NY   

Editor’s Update:

I just received this:

Garklavs went to pick him up at JFK & he wasn’t on plane… OCA bought him a ticket and he never cancelled...

The plot thickens… by the way, Bobby and Love BT are off the beam to claim that Dickie was working for the FSB. I believe it was the other way ’round. It’s not like the movies… if someone catches the other guy’s assets, usually, they’re given 48 hours to get out of Dodge, except in the case of putting political pressure on the other side. C’mon… if Dickie were an FSBnik, he’d be staying at the Centre, he wouldn’t be skedaddlin’ back here… sheesh.


Editor’s Second Update:

As of 00.45 EDT Friday 29 July 2011, Zacchaeus Wood is no longer on the clergy listings of oca.org. There is NO posting on oca.org explaining this. Slowpoke Matusiak strikes again! Well… we’ll find out tomorrow… or, maybe we won’t!


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