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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Brother Ajamu on Why Americans Are So Passive in the Face of American Aggression Throughout the World


Why isn’t there more resistance and even outrage that the USA plans to illegally occupy another country… Syria? Answer: both war parties conditioned the public to accept this kind of gangsterism… they ignore the anti-war sentiments of the people.

18 January 2018

Ajamu Baraka



Lavrov SLAMS Anti-Semitism: “The Most Horrible Crime Against Humanity”

“The Last Jew in Vinnitsa”


Minister of Foreign Affairs S V Lavrov’s speech at the opening ceremony of the exhibition “Holocaust: Annihilation, Liberation and Rescue” didn’t waste words. Lavrov took part in the opening ceremony of a new exhibition about the Holocaust, the great mass-execution drive of over six million Jews and others deemed by Nazi Germany to be “unfit” for life. The speech was extremely succinct, so much so that we post the full translation. We want to provide a further service though, so in the text of the speech, you will see hyperlinked places that offer further explanation of some of the vague charges Mr Lavrov has given. It’s a classic feature of Russian diplomacy to lay the charge out very clearly, while not naming the perpetrator of the charge. This is statesmanship, and properly applied, it should interest the listener or the reader to conduct their own research to find out what the whole story is. The Duran wants to call to attention again the very important fact that Russia brooks no hostility towards the Jewish people, their religion, or their way of life.

Recently an opinion piece by Russia Insider editor Charles Bausman attempted to explain Western media hostility towards Russia as being a “Jewish-based” phenomenon. Of course, this view is highly charged, controversial, and the rebuttal pieces by The Duran’s Dmitri Babich and Alexander Mercouris show that this point of view is far less true than Mr Bausman holds. Given the text of the speech here, it’s apparent that the Russian Federation stands committed to upholding the dignity of humanity everywhere, and of every ethnicity and creed. At The Duran, we consider free speech and expression to be sacred. However, more than that, we consider honest and objective assessment to be the journalistic Holy Grail, and we strive to achieve this. Nevertheless, we believe that we seek to find and report the truth, and most of all, to do it in such a way that allows our readers to think about topics for themselves. What we DO have on our side is the simple fact that the truth always reveals itself to one who seeks it, and our efforts to analyze and describe the amazingly complex field of geopolitics hopefully are tools to reveal the truth, in hopes that we might act in the knowledge of the truth.

Here is the speech in full:

It’s a great honour for me to address the UN headquarters at the opening of the historical and documentary exhibition “The Holocaust: Destruction, Liberation, Salvation”. This exhibition occurs on the eve of the International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Holocaust, celebrated annually on 27 January. First of all, I’d like to thank the Scientific Educational Centre “Holocaust”, its co-chairman Ilya Altman, and the Russian Jewish Congress for organising this exposition, which contains unique archival documentary evidence of the terrible tragedy of the Holocaust, such as photographs of prisoners of Nazi death camps and their liberators, (which included) the soldiers of the Red Army.

The Holocaust is one of the most horrible crimes against humanity, the manifestation of merciless cruelty and contempt for the value of life. The mass extermination by the Nazis, of Jews, as well as many victims from other ethnic groups, was the result of the implementation of a misanthropic policy of racial superiority. Our sacred duty is not only to honour the memory of the millions of innocent victims but also to do our utmost to avoid the recurrence of such tragedies in future. One can’t but be disturbed by the fact that recently we have seen a creeping resurgence of Nazism. In a number of countries, including those classifying themselves as “paragons of democracy”, we see a systemic course for revision of the historical outcome of the Second World War, including the glorification of the activities of the Hitlerite activities (Nazism) of local collaborationists.

It is especially immoral that a number of the EU member countries are waging a war on monuments, where they destroy and defile monuments to Soviet soldiers who helped save the world from the horrors of the “brown plague” and who gave their lives in their contribution to ensuring long years of peace and stability on the European continent. Such actions are sacrilegious from the general human point of view. They challenge the postwar architecture of security, based on the UN Charter, the decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal, and other unshakable international legal documents. All of us need to counteract these extremely dangerous trends.

In Russia, we pay special attention to this problem. Every year, we submit to the UN General Assembly a draft special resolution on combating the glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism, and other practises that contribute to the escalation of contemporary forms of racism and intolerance. The number of states that co-sponsored it has steadily grown from year to year. Once again, we adopted such a resolution a month ago, on 19 December 2017, at a plenary session of the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly. An overwhelming majority of member nations approved the document, but a number of countries didn’t support it, trying to justify their position by referring to the need to respect freedom of speech [the vote was 133 in favour, 49 abstentions, and 2 against… the Ukraine and the USA].

I believe that today’s exhibition wants to send an unambiguous signal that such attempts to reinterpret Nazism are unacceptable. In the coming months, this exhibition will appear in a number of other countries. I’m convinced that that’d help solidify historical truth; it’d once again remind us of the valorous feats of those who defeated Nazism, saving Jews and other peoples from complete destruction.

In conclusion, I’d like to wish good health and all wellbeing to our dear veterans, including those who saved the Jews, who liberated Auschwitz, and to all those who helped to save us by defeating Nazism in Europe. Of course, I’m very glad to see my good friend Arthur Schneier, who’s one of the pillars of New York political life, who carries out a very important work to prevent the glorification of those people who committed heinous crimes. Thank you all and best wishes to you!

19 January 2018

Russia Feed


“Russia Insider” Goes Goebbels: Debunking Charles Bausman’s Warped Vision of Russian Reality

The Hard Right sorts who started Russia Insider are like the “creeps outside”… what’s sad is that many of them have attached themselves to the Orthodox Church. If we don’t oppose them, they could take over and pervert our Church. I, for one, don’t want that… I don’t think that I’m alone.


Going After Jews Instead of Neoliberals

Charles Bausman, the editor-in-chief of Russia Insider, chose a path well-trodden… he decided to woo his audience by discovering the “Jewish origin” of today’s wars and tensions. Russia Insider’s editor-in-chief railed against the supposed Jewish origin of the world’s ills, but he totally failed to understand Russia’s history or its people. Nothing could be a greater service to the globalist neoliberals and neoconservatives, who try to present alternative voices (and in the first place, alternative voices from Russia) as a chorus of anti-Semites, conspiracy theorists, and Putin’s pals. The detractors of RT and Sputnik in the USA and the EU might quickly forget that RT’s Paula Slier made award-winning documentaries on the Holocaust’s horrors, but that didn’t prevent Paula from reporting on the horrors of Israel’s bombardment of Palestinian areas. However, the detractors of RT and Sputnik will remember Mr Bausman’s recent opus headlined “It’s Time to Drop the Jew Taboo”.

They’ll remember it and cite it as an example of “Putin’s man going fascist”… quickly spreading its ill-fame to all the media outlets that Mr Bausman happened to visit. Such reactions from Western mainstream media figures are already coming in. Judging from the text of his article, Mr Bausman was fully aware of this kind of reaction before starting to pen his feelings about Jews but proceeded with publication.

Nothing To Do With Russia

Attempts to connect Mr Bausman’s article to our country or to its president aren’t just missing the point… they’re outright deceitful. Mr Bausman’s article appeared on his own private media resource, for which he is trying to get donations from the public. Mr Bausman’s anti-Semitic article has nothing to do with Putin or with the “atmosphere in Putin’s Russia” (which isn’t anti-Semitic or xenophobic in general). Moreover, it has nothing to do with the Russian intellectual tradition. Please note that Mr Bausman’s article didn’t refer to Russian thinkers, except for a few illustrations from the legacy of the late Peoples Painter of Russia I S Glazunov, who dismissed accusations of anti-Semitism during his lifetime, but who died last year, so he can defend neither his reputation nor his copyright.

That isn’t an unusual situation for anyone dealing with Mr Bausman… in his article, Mr Bausman writes that Russia Insider “republishes the best articles about Russia with a link to the original”, but he forgot to add that Russia Insider usually does so without permission and, consequently, without any compensation for the holders of the articles’ copyright. This isn’t Mr Bausman’s only omission. In this article, I’ll try to single out just the chief among Mr Bausman’s many omissions. I’m doing this in the hope of backing up my previous paragraph with facts, which are quite plentiful in the dramatic history of Russia’s more than 200 years long “blood liaison” with East European Jews. The vast majority of the Jews that found themselves in the Russian Empire and later in the USSR because of our country’s expansions in the 18th to 20th centuries became our Jews. They call themselves Soviet, Russian, sometimes even Ukrainian, Moldovan, or Georgian Jews, but nonetheless, they’re part of what President Putin called the “Russian world”, and not just because the Russian language is native to them… in most cases, it’s their mother-tongue.

“They” Made Everything from Neoliberalism to the Soviet Atomic Bomb

Mr Bausman wrote:

On the policy side, the neoconservative movement, Russia’s harshest foe, was conceived of, is led by, and consists mostly of, Jews.

How very interesting! Following the same logic and sticking to the same standards of accuracy, I could say that the Soviet atomic bomb, Russia’s dearest friend, was conceived of and developed mostly by, Jews. Yes, Academician A F Ioffe was the head of the physics department at the Soviet Academy of Sciences that answered Stalin’s question about the feasibility of a nuclear weapon back in 1942. Ioffe’s conclusion was a positive one, with proposals on the way to make the bomb real (here we have the Jewish “conception” of the Soviet bomb). Chief engineer Rotshild and chief technologist Zilberman (so their surnames sound in Russian) headed the work on producing plutonium for the first Soviet atomic bomb.

In reality, of course, a multi-ethnic team of heroes, with a variety of motivations, created the Soviet atomic bomb. Some of them had an ideological motivation (serving communism), some wanted to protect Mother Russia and mankind from an American nuclear monopoly (serving Motherland and humanity), and some were just saving their lives since the sinister Minister of Internal Affairs L P Beriya supervised the project. According to eyewitness memoirs, Jews were in all three groups.

Not Blood, But Ideology

In the same way, it’s profoundly unfair on Mr Bausman’s side to reduce the cruel and extremist neoliberal and neoconservative ideologies to the Jewish origins of some of their proponents. Writing on the matter, Mr Bausman forgets to mention that neoconservatism’s most vocal and best-known opponent in the USA is none other than Professor Stephen F Cohen… a Jew. Talking about responsibility, where shall we stick the father of the drone killings’ program, the CIA’s top Angel of Death John Brennan, who happens to be an Irish Catholic (oh, my God, even a practising one)? Taking into account the skin-colour of Barack Obama and Condoleeza Rice, the father of the Ukrainian war and the mother of the Iraq invasion, one could think of the IDEOLOGICAL similarities between neoliberalism and neoconservatism rather than of any Jewish conspiracies. Or, following Mr Bausman’s logic, we must put the blame for America’s wars on people of African origin, probably with the even more “colourful” inclusion of Colin Powell into this affair (as Mr Bausman put it, “there’s overwhelming ethnic imbalance”).

The truth is that Mr Powell’s “test-tube speech” at the UN and Mrs Nuland’s distribution of cookies to Maidan rebels was indeed unseemly, but these affairs had nothing to do with their Jewish or non-Jewish origins. These affairs reflected not ethnic hatreds, but the Western infatuation with its own ultraliberal ideology, an explosive mix of vulgarised 20th century “old dead truths,” justifying murders and lies in the name of “elections” and “justice”, which somehow must always bring “liberals” to power. Mr Bausman also forgot to notice one other important thing… very often neo-libo-conservatives declare themselves Jews out of sheer conformism.

Take Madeleine Albright, Clinton’s Secretary of State during NATO’s invasion of Yugoslavia in 1999. She conveniently found Jewish roots in her family only AFTER bombing Yugoslavia, until then she was a proud daughter of a prominent Czech diplomat, Josef Korbel, who during the advent of Czech nationalism in the first half of the 20th century felt himself the most Slavic of Czechs. Mrs Albright rushed to fit the positive neoliberal vision of Jews with the same passion that Mr Bausman showed when he tried to squeeze the Jews (Russian and non-Russian) into a negative stereotype.

Repeating the Whites’ Mistakes

Bausman wrote:

Many White Russians fleeing the revolution believed that it was mostly a Jewish coup d’état, financed by wealthy bankers in New York and London who were sworn enemies of Christian Tsarism.

Indeed, many White Russians thought so, and this is the reason why they lost the Civil War, even though those same American, British, and French interventionists (whom Mr Bausman so rightly despises now) supported the White Guard. Many of the White Guard’s generals considered Jewish radicalism Russia’s only (or at least Russia’s main) problem, and they didn’t bother to suggest to the Russian population a viable alternative to Bolshevism… only a return to the status quo before 1917. The formula “let’s get back to the past + anti-Semitism” didn’t work in Russia during the Civil War in 1918-20, and it doesn’t work now. Even G A Zyuganov understands that, but Mr Bausman is still living encapsulated inside the minds of not the wisest of the White émigrés. The wisest, such as the writers V V Nabokov and I A Bunin, were against anti-Semitism. Nabokov even had a Jewish wife (many call Vera Yevseyevna Nabokova the best writer’s wife in the history of literature) and made a row in an American restaurant that had a sign “Gentiles Only”. However, Mr Bausman will probably never understand THIS KIND of Russian.

18 January 2018

Dmitri Babich

Russia Feed       


Thursday, 18 January 2018

18 January 2018. For, Brethren, You Have Been Called Unto Liberty


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