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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Great Lenten Movie… “Pop” (“The Priest”)… Complete with English subs (Scroll Past This for Newer Stuff)




Here’s something for Lent… I’ll stick on the top until Holy Week. Scroll past this for newer stuff…



Friday, 27 March 2015

MVDU Nicks Bus Driver in Mine Incident… Driver Faces Kangaroo Court

00 novorossiya. bus mine. 27.03.15


The MVDU arrested a bus driver whose vehicle hit a mine 25 kilometres from Gorlovka. The junta investigators allege that the driver knew that the road was mined when he took the detour. Vyacheslav Abroskin, the head of the MVDU in the junta-occupied DNR, wrote on his Facebook page, “The driver deliberately killed people by deciding to go on that dirt road. He knew that there were booby-traps along the roadside. I hope he’ll face his deserved (sic) punishment”. The junta plans to bring a criminal case against the driver for the murder of two or more persons by negligence, which carried a 5- to 8-year prison sentence. A passenger bus traveling from Artemovsk to Gorlovka hit a mine on 25 March. Witnesses near the checkpoint related that the bus pulled off onto a dirt road, to pass an oncoming column. After that, there was an explosion… worked mounted on the side of the mine. Four killed, 21 others injured.

27 March 2015

TV Zvezda

Russian Forces Broadcasting



This is a sham from top to bottom. The driver certainly didn’t know that the Uniates had planted mines in the road. However, he’s going to go to prison to whitewash the junta Free Market pigs. I’ll betcha that Yanks are helping the Uniates lay booby-traps. Everybody knows that the junta isn’t long for this world, but the Americans and Uniates want to cause as much mayhem and bloodshed before they have to leave. That’d make them war criminals under the Nürnberg standards, wouldn’t it? Just sayin’…


27 March 2015. Our People Die… Anglo America Laughs

00 novorossiya. refugee. 27.03.15.png-large


Read this from Novorossiya, as attested by the UN:

Aleksandra Leonova is 91 and remembers World War II. She said, “I was 18 when World War II broke out, but this is worse because I have lost everything. Everything was destroyed”’

UN Refugee Agency


This is what the Galician Uniate nationalist filth do. “A Knife for the Moskals!” “The Ukraine for Ukrainians Only!” This is what that means. If you support the Ukrainian junta, you support unrequited evil, full stop. Even though most of the “Ukrainian” people don’t’ support the war and refuse to take part in it, there are enough Galician Uniate nationalist fanatics to create mayhem. They killed thousands in the VOV at the Nazis’ behest. They killed thousands in the immediate postwar period at the CIA’s behest. They killed thousands after 1991, at the CIA’s behest. They kill thousands today, at the CIA’s behest. I’ve seen both “Ukrainian Catholics” and “Ukrainian Orthodox” up close and personal. The official bodies do turn a blind eye (at best) to indoctrination in hate… I’ve seen it personally. Literally, they hate “Moskals” and will do anything to hurt us. Do not return hate with hate. Be prudent, keep your eyes open, oppose their lies with the truth… but don’t hate. The Uniate nationalists have made a Faustian bargain… let’s not do the same.

Don’t have anything to do with “Ukrainian Orthodox” or “Ukrainian Catholic” bodies or associations. They hate and kill our coreligionists. At the very least, don’t fraternise with the enemies of our Narod and Faith. Evil is what it is… distressingly banal… yet, still evil. God preserve us all.



Thursday, 26 March 2015

Zakarpatskaya Demanding Autonomy from Kiev

00 where do the Rusins live. 26.04.14


Today, TASS reported that Rusin leader Peter Getsko demanded that Podkarpatskaya Rusins receive recognition of their nationality and autonomy for their oblast. Getsko emphasised that the most important thing at present is to force Kiev to recognise the 1991 referendum in Zakarpatskaya, where about 80 percent of those voting were in favour of autonomy for Zakarpatskaya. Rusins also want Kiev to recognise them as a national minority; the EU recognises them as such, but Kiev refuses to do so. In 2006, The UN Committee on Combating Racial Discrimination encouraged the Ukraine to give Rusins minority rights. The Rusins are an East Slavic people, numbering from 1.5 million to 4 million, with 700,000 in the westernmost regions of the Ukraine. In 1919, the Saint-Germain peace treaty stipulated a Rusin state of Zakarpatskaya Rus; in 1945, it joined the USSR.

14 March 2015

TV Zvezda

Russian Forces Broadcasting



It’s interesting that the junta claims that the above is a Russian provocation. If such is so, why do they continue to hold Fr D D Sidor in “preventive detention?” That is, his life is in the hands of Galician Uniate nationalist fanatics… which isn’t a good thing. We’re talking about Nazi collaborators who helped to round-up “Untermenschtumen” for the death camps. We’re talking about UPA murderers who killed thousands of Poles in Volynia. We’re talking about terrorists who murdered Orthodox priests in their beds in Galicia at the behest of the CIA in the 1950s. We’re talking about slimers who tortured KPU Lvov Gorkom activist Rostislav Vasilko almost to the point of death. We’re talking about criminals who beat Fr Mikhail Shuvar so severely that he went to an untimely grave. Galician Uniate nationalists are treacherous and murderous scum… the lowest of the low. Reflect on the fact that the USA and the Roman Curia use them to further their “Interests”… it does tell you much about both, doesn’t it?


Russia to Consider Training First Guatemalan Cosmonaut

00 russian cosmonaut. 26.03.15


On Thursday, Minister of Foreign Affairs S V Lavrov said that Moscow would consider a request for a Guatemalan cosmonaut to undergo training in Russia, saying at a joint press conference with his Guatemalan counterpart Carlos Morales, “We received a request to consider whether a Guatemalan cosmonaut could  come to a training centre in Russia. Of course, we’d consider this request”. Lavrov added that Guatemala made the request to the Russian Federal Space Agency, which will consider it alongside other countries participating in the International Space Station project.

26 March 2015

Sputnik International



Why is the American space programme lying in the dust, so much so that American cosmonauts have to hitch rides on Russian spacecraft to the ISS? It’s because of Republican wars and Republican tax giveaways to the Affluent Effluent. Thank you, Ted Cruz! That’s what the Republicans have brought the USA to… NASA now has to beg Russia to let Americans go into space. Note well that Russia is far more generous than the greedster Anglo Americans are. Just sayin’…


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