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Saturday, 30 May 2015

30 May 2015. They All Had Faces… They All Had Names… THIS is Why You Shouldn’t Vote for Republican Warpigs

00 novorossiya. war dead 01. 30.05.15

Katya, 9-years-old, killed by junta terrorist shelling of civilian areas


00 novorossiya. war dead 02. 30.05.15

Yekaterina, Katya’s mum, came to the funeral from hospital. She lost her arm in the junta terrorist shelling which killed her daughter and husband, and injured her baby son


00 novorossiya. war dead 03. 30.05.15

They buried Katya buried together with her dad, Yuri, who also died in the junta terrorist shelling


00 novorossiya. war dead 04. 30.05.15

Damage to a peaceful civilian home from junta terror shelling. Reflect on this… the USA does the same sort of terrorism with drones in South Asia. You can see why the Anglos love the Galician Uniate nationalists… like calls unto like and shitbirds of a feather flock together. The Republicans love terror bombing and torture (Scalia said it was legit and kosher)… you can see why they love the junta, don’t you?


Light a candle this Sunday at Liturgy for Katya and Yuri… pray for the recovery of Yekaterina and her son. Have your priest mention them at the Proskomidi and have him mention them in the litanies. Have Pannikhida served for Yuri and Katya. We’re Christians… that’s what we do.

How much longer, dear Lord? Your people hang on the cross and cruel heartless godless aggressors kill your children. 

Let God See and Judge.

They all had faces… they all had names… they laughed… they cried… but they were “inconvenient” for “indispensable” America. This is why I HATE “conservatism” and all those who promote it. You know who you are. YOU ARE MY ENEMIES AND I WILL USE EVERY FIBRE OF MY GOD-GIVEN BEING TO OPPOSE AND STOP YOU. The Republican Party is a ravening raptor in the service of the billionaire oligarchs.

MOURN THE DEAD AND FIGHT LIKE HELL FOR THE LIVING. It’s what Mother Jones woulda done… we should do likewise. It’s time for us to stand tall for our compatriots, for our priests to bless the patriot cause resisting the godless Uniates and schismos, and for us to put together what widow’s mite we have here in the diaspora to aid Bishop Panteleimon Shatov’s relief efforts in the Peoples Republics (you can’t trust the ROCOR or the OCA… they’d aid Uniates and schismos through corrupt Western agencies before they’d aid suffering Orthodox through the real Church at the Centre, sadly enough). IF YOU WANT TO AID OUR SUFFERING CORELIGIONISTS IN THE PEOPLES REPUBLICS AND NOT THE FILTHY ANTICHRISTIAN JUNTA CLICK THIS LINK. IT’LL TAKE YOU TO THE OFFICIAL MP SITE GIVING FULL DETAIL ON THE RELIEF EFFORT AND HOW YOU CAN HELP.

If you remain unmoved and still support the Republican Party and the filthy Anglo warpig machine, there’s nothing that I, a sinner can do. God will judge you, not me. However, if you aid evil in this life, why would you expect your eternal destiny to be any different?

It’s time to choose… to put up or shut up. It IS up to you…


Friday, 29 May 2015

29 May 2015. Glory to God for All Things!

00 Storm. 27.05.15


29 May 2015. Animal Funnies… Mommy Doesn’t Like “Gifts”

00 cat at window. 29.05.15


Junta Cut Access to Village Near Lugansk By Blowing Bridge

00 lugansk pr. lnr. blown brige. 28.05.15


Today, the kombat* of the LNR Peoples Armed Forces (LNR NM) Territorial Defence Battalion (BTRO) Ataman (personal call sign: Terek) told us that the head of the junta occupation administration in the occupied LNR, Gennady Moskal, ordered the closure of access to Luganskoe (a town near Lugansk) by blowing up a bridge. This cuts off the village for 60 days. He said, “They closed the crossing-point on the Ukrainian side. For two days, they allowed no one through, not the disabled, or pregnant women, or old people; no one can ‘get there from here’.  There are very rare exceptions to this rule. According to available intel, the closure of this last remaining crossing point on the line of contact between our forces and the Ukrainian side was due to personal orders from Moskal. Of course, people still try to cross… some did today… but no one succeeded”. An LNR NM officer serving at a post near the blown bridge told us that a spontaneous rally occurred yesterday at the local selsoviet* building, “Several hundred people gathered to demand free crossing. Ukrainian forces dispersed the rally. They beat people with rifle butts, and even arrested some of them”.

  • Kombat: Battalion Commander, standard Russian military acronym
  • Selsoviet: Village Council

On the morning of 22 May, without explanation, junta forces blocked access to pedestrians crossing the Stanichno-Lugansk Bridge. When OSCE representatives arrived on-scene, they decided that the crossing-point in the village would remain open during the day, whenever there was no gunfire in the area. On the morning of 23 May, junta police started to investigate people registered in their area of control. The LNR noticed that some people registered on their side were missing. In the afternoon of 24 May, the crossing reopened. Today, the bridge over the Seversky Donets is the only crossing-point for locals. Before the war, Luganskoe had 15,000 people. One should note that the bridge is a vital transportation artery, linking the village with Lugansk, where the families and relations of many locals live. Previously, local truck farming, including greenhouses, played a major role in Lugansk’s food supply.

29 May 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



There are two important points here. Firstly, due to the collapse of the “Ukrainian” economy, it’s been difficult to supply the “core” areas under junta control, let alone anywhere in Novorossiya. Therefore, locals in “border” regions trade produce for goods. Now, that the junta is tightening access, the locals (who don’t have much now) will suffer privation. The Galician Uniate nationalists don’t give a shit. Of course, this aids the patriot side, but the nationalists are too stupid, arrogant, and full of hubris to care (they’re just like their Anglo American paymasters in that, aren’t they?).

Secondly, one should consider the role of the propiska. A propiska is an authorisation to live in a particular place. It’s common in all the former Soviet space. Therefore, it’s relatively easy to check out whether someone “belongs” in a given place or not. What the junta cops were doing was checking people’s passports against the propiska list. Quite obviously, they hauled in anyone without a propiska for questioning and beating. What this means is that the LNR suspects that the junta filth snatched some of its citizens for interrogation (at best) or torture and imprisonment (at worst). Don’t forget, the junta is the willing running-dog of the Anglos… after all, Scalia gave a “legal” basis for torture (much as Frick gave a legal basis for the Holocaust)… the Anglos don’t care as long as they win (“No one asks the winner how he won”).

This is a crank sign. It means that the junta is losing its grip and that it’s trying to salvage things by cracking down. That never works… all that happens is that people suffer, for no good cause. I WILL say this… the junta nastiness will set up an aversion in all Novorossiyans for anything or anyone “Ukrainian”. The legacy of the junta will be a victory for Holy Rus, Russian Orthodoxy, Great Russian culture, and the Russian state. Remember… the Law of Unintended Consequence… it seems that Porky et al have forgotten it…


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