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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Glazyrev Reveals “Cure For US Aggression”


On Friday, Kremlin advisor S Yu Glazyev told us:

The more aggressive the Americans are, the sooner they’ll see the final collapse of the dollar. The only way for victims of American aggression to stop this belligerence is to get rid of the dollar. As soon as China and we are through with the dollar, it’ll be the end of the USA’s military might. Donald Trump is doing what the ruling élite expects him to do. I had no illusions about him, that he would change policy. Firstly, America’s aggressiveness in the world is rooted in an aspiration to preserve America’s hegemony in a situation where they’ve already ceded leadership in the economy to China. The USA has no tool to make all others use the dollar other than a truncheon. They indulge in a hybrid war with the entire world, to shift the burden of their debts onto other countries, to limit all to the dollar, and weaken territories they can’t control. In this context, one can see anti-Russian hysteria and the growing Russophobia as a long-term factor linked with the specific interests of the USA’s ruling élite. In objective terms, they conduct a global hybrid war, and in subjective terms, they aim this war against us. More to it, as it always happens when a global leader changes, the war is for control over rim-land nations. In the period of World War I and World War II, Britain was an antagonist in a bid to keep its global leadership. Now, the USA is doing the same. Moreover, Trump expresses these interests.

21 April 2017



23 April 2017. Benny Ratz Still Suckin’ Down the Sudz at Age 90


Here’s proof that Benedict XVI Ratzinger isn’t only hale n’ hearty, he still enjoys a good litre of brewski. Here, he greets a delegation from his native Bavaria on his birthday. Ninety-years-old and still goin’ strong… will he reach 100? Will he outlive Franky Bag o’ Donuts? Who knows? Maybe, Fr Guido Sarducci has the inside intel (“Finda the Pope in the Pizza”)…


Orthodox Hieromonk sez Refusal of Medical Treatment is a Sectarian Notion, Not Truly Religious


On Wednesday, Hieromonk Makary Markish, the head of the internet project Batyushka Online, told us that only sectarians refuse necessary medical treatment, for all traditional religions hold that medical intervention is a good thing. Earlier, the Leninsky Raion Court in Ivanovo granted the Prokuratura’s demand that a blood transfusion for a girl should go ahead despite her father’s refusal on grounds of religious belief. Fr Makary noted:

We don’t need to involve the concept of “religion”. This belief (of the girl’s father: RIA Novosti) isn’t religious, it’s sectarian. It’s an attempt to put people in irons using pseudo-religion. We must rigorously draw a line between religions and sects. Unfortunately, the law hasn’t defined this border yet, although work on it is already in underway. We don’t know what religion the girl’s father professed. However, such a situation arose with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Their prohibition of medical procedures is one of their tricks to limit human freedom. In Orthodoxy, such a situation is impossible. For us, religious life is a mixture of human earthly life and the Heavenly Kingdom. In this context, we see that medicine is an honourable profession; it benefits both bodily health and the soul’s health. In principle, it simply isn’t contrary to religious beliefs.

18 January 2017

RIA Novosti


23 April 2017. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… This is the Russian Side of the International Space Station


If you had ANY doubt as to the religious preference of most Russian people…


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