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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Slaughter of the Unborn

The Mother of God “the Mother of Life” (In Memory of Unborn Children)

Svetlana Rzhanitsyna


In our overly progressive day and age, various rejuvenation methods with the use of abortive tissues are increasingly popular. The entire technology of so-called “foetal therapy” focuses on the use of body organs and tissues of unborn infants. The Moscow Patriarchate and the Society of Leading Orthodox Doctors have condemned such methods of rejuvenation therapy as a mortal sin, equal to manslaughter and cannibalism. The women and, perhaps, men too, who resort to such therapy and cosmetics should know just how exactly the required substances for their masks and creams are obtained from the brain of an unborn infant.

The appropriate scheme is in the “Instructions regarding the order of obtaining permission for surgical interruption of pregnancy due to non-medical considerations”. In 1988, the Soviet government under Mikhail Gorbachyov approved these instructions. Under these regulations, there were certain conditions when it was permissible to kill already formed infants. What were these “conditions?” “The death of a husband during the wife’s pregnancy, if the wife or her husband were under a prison sentence, in cases when a parent was stripped of maternity rights, a large number of children (if there were over five), a divorce during pregnancy…” There were a number of other reasons, too.

Let’s elaborate on the reality of a late or overdue abortion. The late abortion occurs at 5 or 6 months of pregnancy, sometimes, even later. With the help of ultrasonic equipment, the doctor finds the infant’s leg and grabs hold of it with a forceps. He tugs on it, thus extricating the infant almost entirely. Only the live infant’s head remains lodged in the birth canal. Then, he pierces the child’s skull through with the scissors, which he then spreads to expand the entrance…

However, men and women who fear encroaching old age more than anything else will stop at nothing… In our age of rationalisation, this brutality is fast becoming normal. Officials holding responsible posts defend themselves vehemently from those seeking a ban on late-term abortions. Thus, Andrei Akopiyan, Director of the Russian Republic Centre for Reproduction says, “The number of such late-term abortions doesn’t exceed 3 percent of the overall number of abortions in the country”.

“What murderous logic! It is like saying, ‘I only murdered three! No big deal’!” commented Tatiana Shishkova, President of the Family and Children’s Fund for Social and Psychological Welfare. “Mr Akopiyan prudently failed to translate the ‘small’ percentage into actual numbers”, Irina Medvedeva, the Fund’s research officer says. “We shall do this for him. According to official, but under-reported data, some 3 million abortions occur in our country annually. Therefore, 3 percent of that translates into 90,000 infants. Whilst only a million are born… Consequently, we destroy a tenth of the annual nascent infants through late-term abortions alone, not to mention abortions in earlier stages. All advocates of abortions like to say that children should be ‘welcome’. However, from this premise, it does not necessarily ensue that we should kill them. The so-called ‘family planers’ impose this demonic logic on society! It’s as much as saying, ‘Every person must be happy’! Then, on this principle we destroy all those who aren’t…”

Meanwhile, abortions are often the reason for divorce. The aforementioned scientists Tatiana Shishkova and Irina Medvedeva write, “In some Western countries, the number of divorces started to grow alarmingly at the end of the 1960s to the early 1970s when they legalised abortions there. In Russia, according to polls, over 90 percent of broken families had an abortion in their ‘family history’. Quite possibly, something in the union of two people breaks irretrievably when they find themselves accomplices in this crime. The wife cannot forgive the husband for what happened, while the husband bears a grudge against the wife… In the past, women capable of taking their child’s life were so rare that every such occurrence shocked society…”

In connection with this, the Orthodox newspaper Cured by Faith cites the following example. “In Paris, on 10 April 1679, the Holy Inquisition convicted a certain Catherine Monvoisienne. In her garden at Saint Germaine, they discovered the corpses of 2,500 infants and foetuses. She had bought them for a pittance in poor neighbourhoods. Then, a black mass would begin in an abandoned chapel. A certain Abbot Gibour reigned there. With a merciless hand, he poured the blood into a ritual chalice… The stomach of a naked woman served as an altar. This was a demonic parody of the Eucharist and the Christian church, where it is customary to place under the altar the relics of saints, linking our world with the Heavenly. Meanwhile, Abbot Gibour added infants’ blood to the oblation for conducting a satanic mass. According to the formulas of black magic incunabulum, he used infants’ blood for the rejuvenation of rich clients. They paid Gibour 100,000 livre each”.

For extending life, black magic, and afterwards… science! … always needed a corpse. In that distant seventeenth century, even the High Court of the Inquisition was repelled and shocked by Abbot Gibour’s actions. In our day, there’s a foreign medical catalogue entitled “Calbiochem”, where whole pages contain an enumeration of the newest medical substances and drugs labelled “human”, and “foetal”, in other words, made from human or embryonic tissues. The prices are overwhelming! Yet, this doesn’t deter wealthy clients, just as Abbot Gibour’s clientele stopped at nothing to get what they wanted…

Cured by Faith wrote with indignation, “What is particularly outrageous is that the murder of a foetus isn’t equivalent to manslaughter! There you have the logic of so-called ‘humanists’ with all the ensuing consequences. These latter, incidentally, were not long in manifesting themselves… Contemporary human society exists in the following states, body without soul, science without morals, and man ‘without prejudice’…” The article went on to state, in 1973, “a group of Finnish and American scientists extracted 12 live foetuses from dissected uteruses. They placed these (alive!) in a saline solution, so that the scientists could find out if they would be able to absorb oxygen… At the time, the world was already familiar with the results of an ultrasound experiment conducted by Japanese scientists, ‘At the approach of the abortion instrument, the infant in the mother’s womb opens its mouth in silent cry…’ Alas, those rationalists, and those, who plug their ears with the ‘soft cotton wool of life’s comforts’, never heard this cry…”

Cured by Faith wrote, with anguish, “Alas, the defenceless infants were at all times ‘small change’ in bargains struck with the cruel ‘gods’ of the hucksters. Today, some refer to this as ‘lending one’s child for the needs of science’. Indeed, this is how they advocate the use of abortive material at the Moscow International Institute of Biomedicine. It’s as obnoxious as making a sacrifice to Baal! A certain American company, Biocell Studies, owns half of the stock of the afore-mentioned institute, set up in the early 1990s based on the Centre for Obstetrics and Gynaecology”. Since then, the organisation has significantly spread, occupying a much larger territory. Its profits are growing, too. Abortions are assembly-line items here… Prior to having an abortion, the woman must sign the following release, “…I hereby certify my voluntary consent for the use of my foetus and its tissues, obtained through artificial abortion, for scientific purposes, with their possible further application in therapy”.

The newspaper cites a typical reply, recorded on a television camera, of a Russian woman who just signed such a note, “I’ve divorced my husband, and have no desire to bear his child. Besides, I earn very little, and cannot bring up a baby… I’m still young; I’ll have other children…” The respectable-looking and distinguished Rector of the Institute readily explains before the cameras that the institute chiefly makes use of 16 to 20-week-old foetuses. The foetus undergoes careful studies; its medical condition needs to be ideal… The Institute staff dispassionately places the foetuses in nickel-plated containers inscribed “biomass” and carry them off for further reprocessing. In a super-sterile room, they slice the embryos into 27-29 fractions. Back in the times before ether was discovered, and surgeons resorted to a stunning blow with a hammer, Doctor Paracelsus came up with the formula, “Like cures like”. At the International Biomedicine Institute, they insist they resort to this particular method. Thus, they treat diseases of the kidney with extracts from the tiny kidney of a human being condemned to death in the womb…

The newspaper writes, “It is obvious that man is displaying a growing ability to devour his own kind”. It informed its readers that there was a most unusual project at the already mentioned Institute of Biomedicine, to use foetal tissues in the production of medicinal chewing gum. Happily, this kind of ersatz cannibalism did not come to be. The Russian Committee For the Moral Resurrection of the Homeland branded the described and broadly-advertised methods of rejuvenation as no less than cannibalism. Although the State Duma has a draft law before it banning foetal therapy from our medical practise, it is no easy matter to pass it, since the advocates of foetal therapy are putting up strong resistance… The great Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky reflected on the direction of human development. He said that in the end man would have only two rights:

  • The right to universal coition
  • The right to kill his own offspring

Decisions of the Christian Ecumenical Councils determined man has a soul at the time of conception. St Basil the Great, who lived in the fifth century, assured us, “One who destroys a foetus conceived in the womb is to be condemned for murder”. St John Chrysostom wrote, “…destruction of the foetus is worse than murder, since this is not a killing of what has been born, but an obstacle on the road of birth”. Cured by Faith concluded, “The private life of a majority of contemporary people today presupposes a union where man and woman are not husband and wife, but partners in a love game. It’s hardly surprising that the result of such a game, the human foetus, is remorselessly discarded to serve the needs of cosmetology or the pharmaceutical industry. Let’s face reality. Murder always follows fornication. For both of these crimes, both ‘partners’ shall be summoned to stand trial before God! This will no longer be a game! In addition, those guilty of making such ‘gifts’ of human foetuses to cosmetologists or pharmacists shall certainly have to answer for their crimes”.

8 December 2005

Tatiana Shvetsova

Christian Message from Moscow

Voice of Russia World Service



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