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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Patriarch Aleksei Celebrated Molieben of Intercession for Russia on New Year’s Eve


Patriarch Aleksei Rediger of Moscow and all the Russias, the First Hierarch of the Moscow Patriarchate, urged Orthodox Russians to live their faith openly. ”As we bid farewell to the outgoing year, we should look back at the year that we’ve lived, and we should thank the Lord for all the mercies that He’s granted us”, the patriarch said to the congregation during a molieben of intercession for Russia on New Year’s Eve. Patriarch Aleksei, who was the main celebrant of the service, made special mention of the reunification of the MP with the ROCOR, which took place in Moscow on 17 May 2007. “Now, that we are standing on the threshold of a new year, the future is a secret to us”, he said at the service, held at the Epiphany Cathedral in Moscow. “However, we must rely on the will of God. The spiritual revival that’s taking place in our land today is a Divine grace that the Lord is revealing before our eyes”, the patriarch said. Patriarch Aleksei expressed the desire that “our land should become stronger, that we should emphasise peace and accord between people, and that the name of God should be glorified not only in our churches, but also in the heart of every one of us”. The cathedral was packed full during the service, which attracted more than 800 people. Most of those present were middle-aged, but there were many young people as well.

2 January 2008



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