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Thursday, 3 January 2008

17 Alleged Islamic Extremists Convicted By Russian Court

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Seventeen defendants accused of plotting terrorist attacks were convicted by a court in the Russian region of Tatarstan. The defendants, who received guilty verdicts from a jury of the Tatar Supreme Court, were said to be members of Islamic Jamaat, an alleged terrorist group. Criminal investigators said they planned acts of violence during the celebration of the millennium of the Tatar capital, Kazan. They allegedly plotted terrorist attacks, the taking of hostages, and murders of “infidels”, police, and officials. Amongst those convicted were residents of Tatarstan, the Russian regions of Samara and Bashkortostan, and citizens of Uzbekistan. Most were unemployed. In August 2006, five minors who were alleged members of Islamic Jamaat were sentenced in Tatarstan to five to six years of imprisonment.

2 January 2008



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