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Friday, 4 January 2008

The MP Holy Synod is concerned that the Romanian Church did not react to its proposals on the Bessarabia Metropolia

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Icon of the Mother of God at the church of the Troyan Monastery in Oreshak in Bulgaria… no doubt, it was chosen as the site of talks as it was a neutral location


The MP Holy Synod stressed the need to continue talks with the Romanian Patriarchate to resolve the crisis that followed the creation of three Romanian dioceses as the “Bessarabia Metropolia”. At its Thursday session, the Synod expressed “deep concern in connection with the absence of a positive reaction from the hierarchs of the Romanian Orthodox Church to the proposals of the MP Holy Synod”. The Synod decision noted the need to “continue the negotiating process” with the Romanian Patriarchate. On 23 October, the Romanian Synod decided to “recreate” three dioceses in Moldova and Ukraine with centres in Beltsy, Kantemir, and Dubossary as part of the so-called “Bessarabia Metropolia”. This decision of the Romanian synod isn’t recognised by the MP. The MP Holy Synod, in its ruling of 7 November, expressed a firm protest against this interference into its canonical territory. On 22 November, talks on the situation in Moldova were held in the Troyan Monastery by representatives of both Local Churches. The talks didn’t result in mutual understanding.

27 December 2007



Video. An Old Believer Village

My cyber-friend Mescovic made this lovely video evocation of an isolated Old Believer village in the Tuva Republic of Russia (near Mongolia).

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