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Saturday, 12 January 2008

Video. Elegia (Elegy). sung by Muslim Magomaev

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Two great talents unite! I combined the musical artistry of Muslim Magomaev with the inspired nature photography of Igor Shpilenok. URL: http://shpilenok.com The genius of the one works off the other, and vice versa! The total is greater than the sum of the parts. The photos are of Russian park rangers, scientists, and conservationists, and of the Russian nature and wildlife they study, love, guard, and preserve.


President Putin Says That the State Will Facilitate the Revival of Religion in Russia

President Vladimir Putin said the government is indebted to the Orthodox Church and promised to facilitate the revival of religion in Russia. In a speech at a molieben commemorating the consecration of Assumption Cathedral at Valdai Iversky Monastery in Novgorod Oblast, Mr Putin said that both he and those who work with him “represent a state that has done much in the past to undermine the roots of our history and culture, including the spiritual ones. Therefore, it’s too early to thank us for anything”, the president said in response to a greeting from Patriarch Aleksei Rediger of Moscow and all the Russias, in which he thanked Mr Putin for helping the revival of the Iversky Monastery. Mr Putin said that he understood the patriarch’s words “as a hope that the state will repay its debt to the Orthodox Church and other traditional denominations, and honour its debt to the Russian people”.

12 January 2008



Christmas Divine Services Celebrated in Chinese Cities

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Icon of the Chinese New Martyrs of the Boxer Rebellion (1900)


Christmas divine services were celebrated at the Russian Embassy in Beijing. Over 100 Orthodox believers from various Chinese cities and towns came to celebrate the Divine Liturgy on Christmas night in the ancient building of the Russian ecclesiastical mission, the Red Fanza. Christmas services were also conducted in other Chinese cities including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong, the MP official website reported. The Assumption Orthodox community in Beijing is the most numerous in China. Besides Russians, it also includes parishioners from the Ukraine, Byelorussia, Greece, France, the USA, and Romania. A cedar iconostas was set up in the Red Fanza for Christmas. Icons for the Russian ecclesiastical mission in China are being painted in Moscow. The Sunday school of the Beijing Orthodox community organised a Christmas festival in the building of the Russian embassy on 7 January.

9 January 2008



Christmas Cat Show to be Held in Chelyabinsk


A demonstration of fancy dresses for cats and a Christmas carol show will be held in Chelyabinsk during the 2nd Kitten Exhibition on 12-13 January. The event’s organisers told Interfax that selected kittens dressed in the costumes of dwarfs, elves, and hares would perform in the show. An adult tom cat and pussy cat will play the roles of Ded Moroz (Granpa Frost) and Snegurochka (Snow Maiden). Fancy dresses for cats are to be demonstrated after the show. The animal participants in the exhibition are to show off the cat fashions.

11 January 2008



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