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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The FEOR Declared That the Attempt to Rehabilitate Ataman Krasnov is an Attempt to Revise the History of World War II

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Two vets of the 2nd Great Patriotic War at Yad Vashem in Israel… honour them whilst they’re still alive, folks… if it wasn’t for their self-sacrifice, the Nazi pigs and their collaborator running-dog-lackeys would have plunged the whole world into a paroxysm of murder.


The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FEOR) condemned the attempts of representatives of the Don Cossacks to rehabilitate Ataman Pyotr Krasnov, a prominent White Guard leader, who they accused of collaborating with the Nazis in the 1940s. Borukh Gorin, the press secretary of the FEOR, stated to Interfax, “The efforts to raise this question are nothing more than an attempt to revise the history of World War II, and, in any case, we’d say they’re anti-Russian”. Mr Gorin reminded our reporter that collaboration with the Germans in the occupied territories during World War II was undoubtedly a crime under all international laws. “You must understand the fact that the collaborationists, very rapidly, became puppets in the hands of the Nazis, they were robbed of their freedom of choice, they had no choice in whether they would participate or not in a particular action”, explained Mr Gorin. He went on to say that in one way or another, the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army), ROA (Russian Liberation Army), and the Cossack troops who fought on the side of the Wehrmacht against the Red Army, participated in actions against the Jewish population. “The fact that Cossack troops, with Krasnov at their head, fought alongside the Wehrmacht is sufficient grounds to deny them rehabilitation. Their participation in the shootings of innocent civilians only aggravates their guilt”, Mr Gorin said in conclusion.

22 January 2008



First Vice-Speaker of the RF Gosduma Oleg Morozov Saw No Support for the Abolition of the Death Penalty in Russia

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Oleg Morozov, First Vice-Speaker of the RF Gosduma


Oleg Morozov, First Vice-Speaker of the RF Gosduma, doesn’t think that the death penalty shall be abolished in Russia in the near future. “So far, this question isn’t even on the agenda. If we were to have a referendum today concerning the abolition of the death penalty, 90 percent would vote to continue it”, he said to Interfax in an interview on Tuesday.  Mr Morozov went to say that he asked the following question to European confrères, “What is more important for you, my European friends? That we don’t actually use capital punishment in accordance with the 6th article of our protocol, or, do you wish us to place the matter before the RF Gosduma, knowing in advance that it’s going to fail?” Mr Morozov continued, “I’ll answer this question myself. In my view, you’d best be satisfied with the fact that we don’t, in fact, use the death penalty. In fact, for some years now, we’ve had a moratorium on using it. Because of the difficult factors and circumstances surrounding this issue, we can’t ratify abolition officially”.

22 January 2008



Video. Love Takes Work. music by Kukuruza

This is my tribute to my friend Mary-Leah and her family. Photos of their family circle are matched with an old Country and Western standard, “Love Takes Work” sung by a Russian (?!) band, Kukuruza (“corn” in Russian). Yes, they’re Russian Orthodox, but not Russian! The Orthodox Church in the US was founded by Russian missionaries, so, that makes them “Russian Orthodox”.

A Sad Footnote from Alaska. Protodeacon Banned for Protesting Ordination of Sex Offender to Clergy

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“One of You Shall Betray Me”

Ilya Repin


The following was posted on http://www.ocanews.org. It’s a sad footnote to the ordination of a registered sexual offender to clerical orders by Bishop Nikolai of Alaska.


Protodeacon Suspended in Alaska

Protodeacon George Nelson of Wasilla, Alaska, attached to St Innocent’s Cathedral in Anchorage, has been suspended by Bishop Nikolai for protesting the recent tonsuring a convicted sex offender, Terenty Dushkin as a Reader. According to the Protodeacon, he asked “for a release, retirement, or suspension” from the Bishop after informing the Bishop, “I couldn’t serve him any longer”. The Bishop suspended Nelson and has advised, “A spiritual court will be convened to determine (his) fate”.



This is even more unconscionable than the original ordination. Protodeacon George stood for decency and morality, and he’s facing a spiritual court. What have we come to? Protodeacon George did the right thing in asking to be relieved. Bishop Nikolai has no cause for convening a spiritual court to punish him. By God, even the clergy who collaborated with the Reds in the times of the communist repressions didn’t do this.


I’ll admit that I’m livid beyond words. This is proof positive that the so-called Holy Synod of the OCA has no mandate, and that it’s Christian only by courtesy. I know many upright clergy, laity, and monastics in the OCA. They are exemplary people well worthy of praise and honour. Bishop Nikolai has spat in their faces with this action. Archbishop Job Osacky of Chicago has been quoted as saying, “things are going to get much worse before they get better”. The smoke of Satan has entered the sanctuary. I weep for all the good people I know in the OCA. They don’t deserve such humiliation and ignominy. Silence is acquiescence… the time to speak is NOW. Either we speak or we shall stand accused of the same sin as Bishop Nikolai. Inaction isn’t passive…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 22 January 2008

Albany NY

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