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Thursday, 24 January 2008

The Completion of the Tests on the Alleged Remains of Two Imperial Family Members Shall be Delayed

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There have been some results in the examination of the remains alleged to be those of Tsarevich St Aleksei Nikolaevich and Grand Princess St Maria Nikolaevna according to the Sverdlovsk Oblast bureau of forensic examination. “We won’t give a statement yet. The studies undertaken so far are still inconclusive. We’re getting results as we test, but we won’t comment on the study until we’ve completed our investigation and it’s confirmed by an independent outside laboratory. Thus far, everything is proceeding normally, but to conjecture when we shall be finished is a complicated matter”, stated Nikolai Nevolin, the head of the Sverdlovsk forensic bureau. He also noted that although the studies were slated to be completed in early February, that deadline won’t be met. “I can’t accurately state how much time we shall require”, Mr Nevolin added.

22 January 2008 Interfax-Religion www.interfax.ru

Opposition to the Reburial of Lenin is Dropping

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Sociologists report that a majority of Russians still wish to retain the Lenin Mausoleum on Red Square, and many are opposed to the reburial of Lenin. However, compared with previous years, the number opposing reburial is dropping. In 2000, 82 percent of those questioned wished the mausoleum to remain in place, and 44 percent opposed the reburial of Lenin’s body. In 2008, according to a report released by the Levada Centre to Interfax, these figures dropped to 64 percent and 34 percent respectively. In an interesting development, 8 percent of respondents (compared to 6 percent in 2000) wish to see the mausoleum transferred to another site, and 12 percent (compared to 6 percent in 2000) desired to see the mausoleum razed to the ground.

34 percent of the survey sample (compared to 44 percent in 2000) wished to see Lenin’s body remain in the mausoleum. There was a drop in the number of those who wished to see Lenin’s body reburied in the Volkov Cemetery in St Petersburg (34 percent in 2000, 31 percent in 2008) and in those who would prefer that Lenin’s remains be entombed in the Kremlin Wall (21 percent in 2000, 16 percent in 2008). The results of this survey carried out in January with a sample of 1,600 people confirm that Lenin is still viewed positively in some sectors of the population. 42 percent of the respondents feel that Lenin’s ideas still have validity, and 19 percent believe that Lenin was a positive force in Russian history. 44 percent of those polled think that Lenin was a negative force in the history of Russia, saying such things as, “He led our country on a false path that resulted in much misfortune and misery”, “He made mistakes in his expectations of the revolution and communism”, and “He was a cruel person who attempted to transform the country by using violence”.

23 January 2008



Pannikhidas Dedicated To the Cossacks Repressed By the Soviets Shall Be Served In The Churches Of The Volgograd Oblast

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On Thursday, Pannikhidas shall be served in the churches of the Volgograd oblast to commemorate the Cossacks killed in the Soviet repressions. On 24 January 1919, the Bolsheviks adopted the directive “About Instigators”. “On this date, many tragic events in the history of the Cossacks began. More than 1.5 million Don Cossacks were killed in the years of the Bolshevik terror, including all who held officer’s rank, most of the Cossack intelligentsia, and many of their atamans and clergy”, a spokesman for the Volgograd Diocese noted. He also stated that cross processions and Pannikhidas in the regional centres of Serafimovich, Uryupinsk, Ilovle, and Chernyshkovkom shall mark this sad anniversary.

23 January 2008



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