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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Video. Muslim Magomayev… Doroga Moya (My Way). arranged by Muslim Magomayev

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This is an instrumental arrangement of the Frank Sinatra standard by the multi-talented Russian performer Muslim Magomayev. He’s not only a singer; he’s a composer, pianist, painter, and writer as well. Yet, he’s a humble man, well worthy of our respect as human being, not only as an artist. It’s my tribute to my favourite Russian pop performer. In Russia, unlike America, there’s much crossover between the pop and classical worlds. Muslim has done opera, and the opera star Dmitri Khvorostovsky has done pop. This makes for a richer cultural life. The photos are of Muslim and his family. We’re the richer for their presence amongst us. The life of Muslim Magomayev illustrates why I oppose extreme nationalists. He was able to expand his horizons because he was part of the Empire. The nationalists wish to squash individual freedom so that they can have their “place in the sun”. I prefer the way that allows the Muslim Magomayevs to soar free, not fettered by nationalistic limitations.

Thank you, Muslim Magometovich. You’ve enriched my life (and that of all other Russians as well!).

27 January 2008. A Thought from Father Vsevolod…

Archbishop Feofan Bystrov of Poltava (1873-1940)… an equivocal figure (he introduced Rasputin to Petersburg), died outside of the Church, a favourite of Gleb Podmoshensky


One more “Poltava tale”…

There was a well-known bishop, Feofan Bystrov (the surname is a play on words in Russian, “bystry” means “quickly”), in the local cathedral. He was short in stature, he loved ancient vestments, and his crown was simple like those of the Old Ritualists. An old baba (grandma) came to town to sell cucumbers. When she got there, they told her, “Today, the bishop is serving in the cathedral. Take a look, he’s very impressive”. She went, she saw the service, and she returned to her remote native hamlet. She said to her neighbours, “Dearies, I saw the bishop today! I’ve never seen such an impressive clergyman! His belly… big! His beard… big! He had this wide red band across his chest and he waved the censer about in wide circles… what a sight! The bishop was standing in the midst of the people, yes, wearing a gold cap trimmed in sable. Kiddies! He swung the censor, he chanted, and he censed some more!” For those of you who haven’t guessed already, she was talking about the stately protodeacon of Bishop Feofan. You see, the saintly bishop was standing inconspicuously in the back of the church with the people.

Not all that is gold glitters

Fr Vsevolod Chaplin

Deputy Chairman of the MP Department for External Church Relations



Video. Cherez Shurshaya Travu… (Through the Rustling Grass…) music by Tamara Sinyavskaya

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Wildlife photos by Igor Shpilenok are matched with a popular song performed by the mezzo-soprano Tamara Sinyavskaya. Ms Sinyavskaya is the wife of the justly famous and multi-talented Muslim Magomayev. What a couple! Their joint talents have enriched Russia (and the world).

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