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Thursday, 14 February 2008

The Son of a Ukrainian Church Warden was caught with His Hand in the Till

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On Christmas Eve (6 January), the son of a Ukrainian churchwarden stole 4,000 grivna (790 USD, 544 Euros, 404 pounds, 19,510 roubles) from the parish treasury, according to information released by the Volyn UVD (Internal Affairs Department). The newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda reported on Thursday that Nikolai, the 17-year-old son of the warden, helped his father with church work and saw the money that was being collected for a new iconostas. Before he was arrested, Nikolai had the opportunity to spend only a quarter of his loot. He confessed his crime readily to the police, and he admitted that he had stuck his hand in the till before, but he had taken only 10 to 20 grivna (2 to 4 USD, 1.50 to 3 Euros, 1 pound, 50 to 100 roubles) at a time. The locals do not yet know the reaction of the warden to his son’s crime, but they waggishly noted that the son was not taken to the hospital after speaking to his father.

14 February 2008



Editor’s Note:

The Russian text for the above cartoon is:

(hamster on stilts) Врёшь – Не возьмёшь! (over the Ukrainian)Почему украинец за хомяком на ходулях погиался?

In English, the text is:

(hamster on stilts) You lie – I didn’t take it! (over the Ukrainian)Why does the Ukrainian want to kill the hamster on stilts?

Hmm… this looks like a current situation in the church, does it not? I do daresay that the American faithful are as steamed as the Ukrainian in the cartoon, and for good reason!



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