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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Crimean Tartars “demand that the Ukraine restore the national autonomy of our territory”

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“If the Ukrainian government agrees to respect the rights of the Crimean Tartars, we’ll feel ourselves at home, and we’ll be law-abiding citizens”, remarked Mustafa Dzhemilev, a member of the political party Our Ukraine: People’s Self-defence and a Crimean Tartar community leader, at a roundtable dedicated to the possibility of the repetition of the Kosovo scenario in the Ukraine. He noted that the Ukrainian state must accept the legitimacy of the Kurultay (the traditional Crimean Tartar assembly). “We demand that the Ukraine restore the national autonomy of our territory within the framework of a sovereign democratic state. This isn’t yet a reality, since the corresponding changes to the constitution authorising our autonomy haven’t yet been made. We’ll raise the questions of the right of Crimean Tartars to use their native language, increasing the number of Crimean Tartars in all government bodies, returning the old Tartar names to our towns and regions, and the creation of an educational system in the Tartar language”. He added that self-determination doesn’t require the creation of an independent state. “Self-determination means that a people independently define their culture, where they live, and who they are”, Mr Dzhemilev concluded.

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The Corpse Discovered in the US Embassy in Belgrade was that of a 20-Year-Old Refugee from Priština

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The charred corpse found in the US Embassy in Belgrade was that of a 20-year-old refugee from Priština who lived with his family in Novy Sad. A student, Zoran V., originally from Priština in Kosovo, lived with his parents and his brother in Novy Sad, according to reports from TV Vojvodina. His relatives, who did not wish to speak further with the media, confirmed this information. The body was badly burned in the fire; therefore, experts compared the DNA of the victim with DNA taken from his father. The victim and his brother had gone together to the protest rally in Belgrade earlier on Thursday, however, that is the last reliable information known of the victim, and the exact cause of death and the events of his last hours wasn’t released.

23 February 2008

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The dead body found in the US Embassy has been identified by official sources as a Serbian refugee from Priština

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Zoran Vujovic (1988-2008)


The identity of the victim of the fire found in the US Embassy after the disorders Thursday night was released officially. It was a Serbian man named Zoran Vujovic. Ivan Ramic, the press secretary of the circuit court, remarked that Mr Vujovic was from Novy Sad, the capital of Vojvodina. The identity of the victim was determined by DNA testing. Mr Vujovic´s badly burned body was found on the first floor in one of the corridors of the US Embassy, which was attacked by a small group of rioters after the conclusion of the rally in Belgrade protesting the UDI of Kosovo, a demonstration that was the largest public meeting in Serbian history. The body was sent to the Institute for Forensic Medicine to establish its identity, according to the Russian website Gazeta.ru. As previously reported, Zoran Vujovic was 20-years-old and a student, and he was a refugee from Priština in Kosovo.

23 February 2008

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Spanish tenor José Carreras gives performance in Belgrade

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The famed Spanish tenor José Carreras performed in Belgrade on Saturday evening, 23 February. “I’m glad to be visiting Belgrade and Serbia again; I know how beautiful they are, with such a sophisticated and discerning public”, Señor Carreras told journalists. A concert entitled Mediterranean Passions took place in the Belgrade Arena. Also appearing with Señor Carreras was the Russian soprano Nataliya Ushakova, and the Symphony Orchestra of Serbian Radio and Television was under the baton of Maestro David Jiménez. In answer to a question whether recent events caused him to rethink his decision to appear in concert in Belgrade, Señor Carreras replied emphatically, “On the contrary, for me, this is a moving moment. This is the most suitable time to come here and give affirmative feelings to people. I’m very pleased to be here!”

23 February 2008

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Editor’s note:

Kudos for Señor Carreras! He stands tall for Serbia and shows that much of the world is opposed to the vile action of George W Bush and Condoleezza Rice in supporting the UDI of Kosovo. Is this what the State Department fears? A quiet border and a smashing concert over the weekend? This is surreal beyond words. Gracias, Señor Carreras. ¡Arriba España!


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