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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

26 February 2008 Kosovo Digest

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Metropolitan Amfilohije Radović (1938- ), Archbishop of Cetinje and Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Primorie


Sermon of Metropolitan Amfilohije after the molieben in front of St Sava Cathedral

Kosovo and Metohija mustn’t be a word forgotten for us, nor for anyone else in the world. Today, we’ve been told by those who want to cross us out from history and erase us by taking Kosovo and Metohija from us that it’s a unique case. That’s true, Kosovo and Metohija is unique, in its fate and in what the powerful leaders of this world seek to make of it at the beginning of the 21st century. We stand before the face of the living God and His justice, and before the face of our holy ancestors, before the face of Great-martyr Lazar of Kosovo and Great-martyr Stefan of Dečani. We stand here at this decisive moment in history, called upon to witness before God and humanity, before all the peoples of the world, to repeat and confirm once again who we are and what we are. We know once again, now, that we’re all Kosovans, that our cradle and the cradle of our people, the place of our birth, is Kosovo and Metohija. We attest that it’s in Kosovo and Metohija that we joined the ranks of mature historical peoples, and that it is through Kosovo and by Kosovo that we’ve built ourselves into the foundations of a respectable Europe and the entire respectable world of God and all its peoples.

When we say this here, before the face of the living God and before the face of St Sava, our spiritual father, in whom our soul encountered and committed itself to the Lord God and God’s eternal justice, then, that means that, for us, Kosovo and Metohija isn’t the geography of a territory but the topography of our life purpose and commitment. Be our witnesses once again, O Christ God, Great-martyr Lazar of Kosovo, and St Sava, that we mustn’t, under any circumstances, renounce the Peć Patriarchate nor the relics of the holy Archbishops of Serbia who are the holiest, most powerful deeds of title of our people and continuity. That we cannot renounce, as a people with its own place under the sun given us by God, the holy reliquary of the Holy King and Great-martyr Stefan of Dečani. May the head of Lazar attest for us now and for always that our faith is strong before God and before humanity. Now, the mother of the Jugović brothers* (*heroes from Kosovo Battle) is mother to all of us:,“Do not, my son, speak falsely, no matter what say your father and your uncles”. Do not, O powerful leader of the modern world, repeat what say your father and your uncle,s but speak in accordance with the justice of the true God.


Metropolitan Amfilohije with clergy at the Molieben


And sister to all of us is the maiden of Kosovo. And still our hero Obilić asks us who’s loyal and who’s disloyal. Here before us we also have the Great Leader Karadjordje and his descendant, (King) Alexander Karadjordjević, to confirm that a person, that a people, is nothing without freedom and without dignity. We also hear the Kosovo covenant of Kosovo oath-taker Njegoš* from Lovćen (*famous Serbian poet from Montenegro), “O Kosovo, site of Judgment Day”. And, today, still we are being judged in Kosovo, as are the Albanians, the Americans, the English, and the French, who today renounced their Victor Hugo, Franchet d’Espérey, and Charles de Gaulle. Before witnesses such as these we must unite our hearts and the will of the people so that we can speak with one voice and with one heart, not just now, but tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and for as long as we exist, and for as long a single descendant of our people exists in this world, so we can tell them that Kosovo and Metohija is the apple of our eye, the heart of our hearts, our holy city of Jerusalem, and that we can renounce it neither in this worldly life nor in God’s eternal one any more than we can renounce our soul and our destiny. The only thing that’s lost is what we ourselves renounce. That is why we’re a historical people. Merely because we are few in number and because we cannot control the general circumstances of historical events in the modern world should we give up on the fact that we are great by our nature and historical calling and summons.


The service was attended by the highest state and Church dignitaries, members of the Royal family, and thousands of ordinary people (at least (estimated) 300,000)


Kosovo and Metohija mustn’t be a word forgotten for us nor for anyone else in the world. Today, we’ve been told by those who want to cross us out from history and erase us by taking Kosovo and Metohija from us that it’s a unique case. That’s true, Kosovo and Metohija is unique, in its fate and in what the powerful leaders of this world seek to make of it at the beginning of the 21st century. What is being attempted in Kosovo and Metohija today can occur only during times of occupation, tyranny, and aggression. How can we explain that in a period of mature humanity which has a United Nations, Security Council, international law and conventions, and swears by human rights, how can we explain that these rights and this justice is valid for every corner of the earth, every people, and every country, but, it isn’t valid for Kosovo and Metohija.


A massive and peaceful rally at the National Assembly Square preceded the Molieben in front of St Sava Cathedral


Yes, Kosovo and Metohija is unique and every country of our modern age is being judged there. Simple and coerced solutions are a sign of moral debility and weakness, not of strength, a sign of trust in the use of force as the ultimate method for resolving human disagreements and conflicts, not in God, God’s justice, and the human justice upon which the world rests. Both America and Europe know this, but their rulers don’t.


Peaceful protest march between the National Assembly and St Sava Cathedral


We’ve belonged to this Europe from the very start of our self-knowledge, historical maturity, and we desire community with its people in dignity and equality. If the price that the EU, as a community of interests, asks is that we renounce ourselves, our historical memory, the Kosovo covenant that is by its nature a New Testament sealed not with ink but with the blood of our people… this, we can’t accept. As a people we’ve never accepted, neither before Prince Lazar, nor after him until 1941, nor today, such blackmail and such calls to trample on our dignity, but, on the justice that upholds states and cities. To trample on the dignity of all the countries and peoples of this world is something we can’t allow ourselves. Today, we are here for the same holy purpose… to defend not only our own honour and reputation, our freedom and dignity, but, also the dignity of a humiliated Europe. For Europe has never been more humiliated than it is today. The USA has never been more humiliated than it has humiliated itself today with such injustice against an honourable people and its dignity.

As we stand before God, before this holy shrine, let’s stand upright, and as it was resolved in 1941, and as it is written in our Kosovo choice… if we’re to live, let’s live in freedom, and if we’re to die, let’s die for freedom, not just our own freedom and the freedom of our Kosovo and Metohija, but for the freedom of every honourable person and people on the face of this earth. May God return reason to the powerful leaders who today by their decisions are casting shame on their peoples, trampling justice and honesty. And may God grant us loyalty to our Kosovo covenant, our human and national dignity, loyalty to the holy reliquaries of the Archbishops of Peć, the Holy King Stefan of Dečani and the holy Great-martyr Lazar of Kosovo. Through their prayers, O Lord, strengthen this people in its sense of justice and everything that is good and enlighten all persons and people that they may live in justice, peace, and God’s compassion.


The entire plateau before St Sava Cathedral and the National Library was filled with many faithful who participated in the Molieben


I’d just like to conclude by asking you to depart in the same peace of God in which we gathered around this holy shrine. Let’s part in peace and let me ask all those who gathered today in this capital to demonstrate that we’re a dignified people, that we aren’t a people that destroys and devastates, but a people that for centuries has built and to this day continues to build its soul with dignity and its future. Therefore, in God’s peace, with a prayer to God that He intercede with us and among us and with the people of this world and accomplish what we mere mortals can’t, that we may show that we are truly the descendants of the Great-martyr Lazar of Kosovo and all those who gave their lives for their dear ones and their fatherland. May God bless you and bestow upon you every form of divine and worldly advancement. Amen, God grant that it be so!

21 February 2008

A beautiful Serbian “spiritual song”

Mp3 recording of the sermon in Serbian is available at Svetigora website:



Snezana de Berthet


Communiqué of the Holy Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church on the riots after the protest against the UDI of Kosovo

The Holy Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church after yesterday’s public protest and the Molieben for the salvation of Kosovo and Metohija appeals on Serbian Orthodox people to intensify their prayers for protection of our people in Kosovo and Metohija and for peace amongst us and the entire world.


SOC as well as numerous representatives of the political and public life in Serbia strongly condemned yesterday’s riots of hooligans in front of foreign Embassies and the streets of Belgrade, particularly the setting of a fire in the US Embassy


Let’s not allow ourselves to be driven by any worldly interests and do anything which is unworthy of the People of God, anything inhuman. Let’s beware in these difficult times of all irrational and insane acts of violence, such as those that could be seen yesterday in Belgrade to our great regret and shame. One can say that most probably these acts were provoked by a great injustice inflicted on Serbia and the Serbian people by proclaiming of an illegal state on the Serbian territory or find other excuses. However, such typically orchestrated acts of thieves and mafia-oriented individuals and groups which use the national catastrophe as an alibi for their unlawful and indecent acts deserves our regret and every condemnation.

A spiritual song from Serbia


A magnificent and prayerful assembly of people was tainted by acts of these irresponsible individuals and criminal groups. They showed by this that they don’t really care about Kosovo and Metohija, but only about chaos, looting, and disorder. This is not the way to defend the right and justice neither of the Serbian people nor of Kosovo and Metohija, but, essentially, such acts undermine such efforts. In fact, these acts inflict undeserved shame upon the Serbian people, its justified struggle for preservation of its holy sites, its identity, dignity, and national and state integrity. The Serbian Orthodox Church hereby expresses its regret and sorrow for such shameful and irresponsible acts of individuals and groups towards the public order, the property of our Capital, and the Embassies of some countries. We appeal to our people to preserve national honour, justice, and dignity as our national values and eternal values of humanity.

Holy Synod of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church

22 February 2008

Information Service SOC


Attempting to restore peace and order after riots of isolated groups of hooligans, the police intervened in several locations in Belgrade. Dozens sustained light injuries, among them several policemen. Besides sporadic incidents and the attack on the Embassy that deserves utter condemnation, the vast majority of people expressed their protest in a dignified way, concluding the rally with a molieben at St Sava Cathedral.



Massive rally against the UDI of Kosovo held in Belgrade:

Hundreds of thousands of Serbians gathered today for a protest against the UDI of Kosovo

The rally, called by the country’s top officials in protest of the Kosovo Albanians’ unilateral declaration of secession, started at 17.15 CET, with a choir singing the national anthem, Bože Pravde (God of Justice). The stage background was a huge Serbian national flag and a banner reading, “Kosovo Is Serbia”.

The plateau and surrounding streets in front of the Parliament Hall were filled with protesters, who were first addressed by Prime Minister Vojislav Koštunica, followed by the deputy leader of Serbia’s largest opposition party, the Radicals (SRS), Tomislav Nikolić. President Boris Tadić was on a one-day visit to Romania today and didn’t attend. MPs from G17 Plus and the Liberal-Democrats (LDP) were also absent. Mr Koštunica told the crowd that Serbia will never recognise the unilateral declaration “for as long as it exists as a state. For as long as we live, Kosovo is Serbia, and our brothers in Kosovo aren’t alone and forgotten! While we reject ultimatums and accept friendship, Serbia’s free! The pledge has been made, and the whole world has heard it. And everyone knows the value of a Serbian pledge”, the prime minister said.


He continued by saying that Serbia isn’t alone, and that it won’t forget the friendship and principled policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The mention of Putin’s name drew loud cheers from the crowd. “Kosovo… this is Serbia’s first name. Kosovo belongs to Serbia. Kosovo belongs to the Serb nation. This is how it’s been since the dawn of time. This is how it will be forever. There is no force, no threat, no punishment severe and horrible enough to make any Serb, anywhere, ever say otherwise but… Kosovo is Serbia!”, the prime minister said. Mr Koštunica also said that Serbia mustn’t resist under pressure to recognise Kosovo’s independence since that would mean it gave up on its very identity. “They’re asking us to forsake our brothers in Kosovo. They’re telling our brothers in Kosovo that they have, without leaving their homes, their fields, gone to another state. They haven’t and they never will! They tell them we’re separated. We aren’t and never will be”, Mr Koštunica said.

He added that Serbia did not break any human, divine, or European law, but that it, instead, reached out to everyone, “and yet, this wasn’t enough. It’ll suffice, they say, that you Serbs accept to be humiliated. To sign your own humiliation. No one will ever win a mandate from the Serbian people to accept such an ignoble trade-off. Never, and no one!” Mr Koštunica told the rally.


He also said Serbia will seek its place in the family of nations under the same conditions guaranteed to other countries. “You can deal with us, Serbs, in a friendly manner, but you can never deal with us by force. This is what we inherited from our ancestors. If we agree to succumb to force and fear, every sacrifice of everyone who created Serbia will have been in vain. If we accept this violence, each battle won by our ancestors, will be lost by us today”, Mr Koštunica said. He repeated that Serbia has annulled and will continue to annul each act of the illegal and false state on its territory. Koštunica ended his speech with an exclamation, “Kosovo is Serbia!” to cheers from the huge crowd.

His speech was several times interrupted by chanting of, “Kosovo in the heart of Serbia”, and, “Russia”. “I won’t rest until Kosovo and Metohija is under Serbia’s control”, Tomislav Nikolić said as he started his speech. “On behalf of all the citizens of Serbia, I promise I won’t rest until Kosovo and Metohija is under Serbia’s control. Hitler couldn’t take it away; these nowadays won’t be able either. We owe it to ourselves and our children”, he said. “We grieved for two days only, and on the third, Serbs set outposts on fire, on the fourth, they organised a rally such as that Serbia has never seen before”, he continued. Mr Nikolić added that Serbia will remember who recognised Kosovo’s independence, but also those who didn’t, and urged Europe to reconsider and return to the path of friendly relations with the Serbian nation.

Marija Serifovic singing her 2007 ESC winner Molitva (My Prayer)… she was threatened by the ESC for her Serb patriotism, but she hung tough… oh, those godless creeps mistranslated the song as “Destiny”… THAT’S what we face, kids



“Serbs know how to forgive, but they better not prompt us to show how we fight for Kosovo, they don’t want that. They better not force us to go to Kosovo to hold a rally like this”, he concluded. Students and deans from the universities in Belgrade and Priština also addressed the mass rally, as well as RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik. The famous Serbian tennis player Novak Đoković spoke in a previously recorded message, to say that he and his family are with Serbia in this difficult time, and that Kosovo belongs to Serbia. The Serb people are ready only defending what’s their’s, Đoković said. He regretted not being able to be with the protesters and added he thanked everyone who came to show the world that “Serbia isn’t small, that it’s united and that we’re ready to defend that which belongs to us”.


“Kosovo is Serbia and it must remain this way forever”, Đoković ended his address. A number of other well-known athletes and actors also addressed the crowd. After a speech given by film director Emir Kusturica, the choir sang Vostani Serbie, (Rise Up Serbia), a song from the country’s 19th century revival, after centuries of Ottoman occupation.

Vostani Serbie… sung on the tenth anniversary of the NATO terror bombing of Belgrade… spare a prayer for the innocents killed in cold blood by the godless West… we have nothing to learn from such heartless and self-absorbed hedonists


The mass of people, which according to estimates numbered 250,000, then proceeded toward St Sava Cathedral, where a molieben interceding for the safety of Kosovo Serbs was held.

21 February 2008



26 February 2008


Editor’s Note:

To think that American news outlets covered only the action of less than 500 drunken football yobs, whilst ignoring the massive and peaceful protest against American high-handedness and arrogance. Americans aren’t bad people; all too often their president, his officials, and news agencies such as CNN misinform them. Is this July 1914?



19 Albanian Policemen injured as a result of disorders in Kosovo

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19 Albanian Policemen were injured because of disorders in Kosovo, according to information revealed to the Tanjug news agency by Veton Elshani, press secretary of the Kosovo Police. According to his version of events, Serbian reservists left the Kosovo border only after the appearance of KFOR troops. The Serbian side reported that Kosovo police units used force to resist the attempts of Serbian reservists to enter Kosovo. This has been the first direct confrontation of Serbians from the central provinces and Kosovo Albanians in the last several years. According to the Beta and B92 news agencies, Serbian border police didn’t stop the passage of the reservists into the neutral zone between the border posts because, as they put it, “they didn’t see anything and they weren’t looking at the other side (of the border)”. At the same time, protests are continuing in the northern city of Mitrovica against Albanian rule. The demonstrators are demanding that all former Serbian officials in place in 1999 be restored to their positions. In addition, a rally by Serbian youth was held in Mitrovica in honour of the memory of Zoran Vujovic, a young Kosovo Serb refugee killed in the disorders in Belgrade last Thursday.

26 February 2008

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